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Ashton Kutcher isn’t going without while on the set of “Two and a Half Men.”

Production on the new season is underway and Ashton spends his time in between scenes in this massive, double-decker mega-trailer. 

My wife and I have a 950 square foot home and even that seems more than enough for us.  In contrast, Ashton’s trailer is 1,200 square feet. 

He’s got his master bedroom, walk in closet, full kitchen, hot tub and 6 flat screen TVs.  It’s all decked out in leather, oak and marble.  It’s 5 star luxury.

Allegedly, CBS is paying out $8,750 a week for Ashton’s home away from home. 

Will Smith had a similar trailer while filming Men In Black III except his was the “deluxe” version with a recording studio, a sound booth for voice-over work and a chess room. Also: a wireless touchscreen remote to control heat, AC, lighting and blinds.

For the base-price of $2million, you too can have your very own mega-trailer.  Or, become a star and have your bosses pay for it like Will and Ashton have done.

Costume Too Sexy for Comic-con

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

She is Adrianne Curry, 1st winner of America’s Next Top Model, and her Aeon Flux costume was deemed to be too much (actually, too little) for the San Diego comic-con this year. She was kicked out of the comic-con, and with good reason. Look at her:

Thank goodness her behind is covered up in that picture. But not this one, look:

That pic actually only shows her side, thank goodness, more than her butt. Not this one, however. Look:

Terrible, obviously. Butt this isn’t the first time she’s shown skin at a comic-con. I submit into evidence exhibit A:

…Exhibit B…
…and exhibit CC:
It’s inappropriate and something had to be done. Thankfully the San Diego Comic-con security guards had the gumption to start doing that something by removing her from the venue. And until behaviour like this is eradicated completely, I will do my part by posting photos just like those above and chastising such actions.  That includes this costume: