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Lethbridge East MLA Bridget Pastoor did what is considered by many to be political betrayal.  Bridget is no longer a Liberal after “crossing the floor” to join the rival Tories. 

Bridget insists it’s the right thing to do - she’s doing it for her constituents.  Her constituents aren’t ready to thank her yet.

Rock listener Brent Poole says, “She got elected with a liberal set of values behind her.  Didn’t she used to be a nurse? Now she’s with a party that want’s to gut out the system and replace it with a for profit setup.”

Some will argue it’s more difficult, nearly impossible even, to achieve goals from the opposition position.  When you’re surrounded by that many Tories in the legislature, yes, of course that’s true.  But is jumping ship the answer?

Another Rock listener, K.E.McIntosh was more empathetic and perhaps optimistic: “ I think it’s the only valid move for Liberals beyond her. Their leader is a conservative whereas (Prem. Alison) Redford is likely the most left the Tories will ever have in leadership.”

When dealing with the devil, to get something you have to give something up.  For your new political power, do you not have to surrender the general ideologies that got you elected in the first place?  Are the Tories suddenly interested in helping you achieve your Liberal-branded goals?  Doubtful. 

A 3rd Rock 106 listener, Ralph, declared that Bridget Pastoor was, “throwing democracy in the face of the people.  It’s unacceptable.  It goes against what the intent to vote is all about.”

So, is this political betrayal?  Ultimately, Bridget Pastoor’s actions will be the answer.  If she delivers on the promises that got her elected, does it matter what political flag she’s waving while doing it?

It’s a lot of trust to ask of consituents.  Too much, perhaps.


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