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The “Are You Ready 4 Kids” 5 task Test

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Can you ever be fully prepared for parenthood?  Probably not, but these 5 tasks will give you a better understanding how your life will change.

5 WAYS TO TELL IF YOU’RE READY TO HAVE KIDS:• Smear peanut butter on your sofa and curtains; place a fish stick behind the couch and leave it there all Summer.• Obtain a 55-gallon box of Legos and spread them all over the house. Now put on a blindfold and try to walk from the bathroom or kitchen.• Borrow one or two small goats and take them with you as you grocery shop. Try to always keep them in sight and pay for anything they eat or damage.• To simulate dressing a child, get a large, unhappy, live octopus and try to stuff into a small net bag, making sure that all the arms stay inside.• Buy an ice cream cone and put it in the glove compartment; leave it there. Get a dime and stick it into the USB port. Run a garden rake along both sides of the car. There … perfect!If even after readying this you’re still interesting in offspring, go ahead, start baby making.  Good luck.

For decades David Lee Roth has carried the reputation as being the strange one when it comes to Van Halen singers, but that abruptly changed thanks to Sammy Hagar’s chat with MTV to promote his autobiography.

Hagar admits it may make him sound like a crazy person but beings tapped into his mind through wireless connection.  So aliens have wi-fi.  That’s cool.  Looks like we’re on the right path of technological development to build our own saucer for inter-galactic travel.

“It was real,” Sammy reiterated.

Read it for yourself via this link: Sammy’s abduction story.

So now the rankings of wierdest Van Halen singers looks like this:

3. David Lee Roth

2. Sammy Hagar

1. Gary Cherone (simply based on his hiring; the strangest one of all)

Who is the best live band you’ve ever scene?  Everyone has an answer to that question, but does your answer match any of the ten provided below?

Rolling Stone magazine has provided a list of the 10 best live acts of all time:

10. KISS – they are showmen so no argument from me.

9. Grateful Dead - is it the band that’s awesome or is it the drugs? 

8. Pearl Jam – they opposite of KISS in that they keep the show simple with little flare, just straight ahead rock n’ roll, well rehearsed, extended jams, and massive set list alterations from night to night meaning you can see them in back to back concerts and it won’t be the same show you saw previously.

7. Queen – many people either rank Fred as either the greatest or 2nd greatest vocalist of all time.  When you have a theatrical performer like him, the result = being on this list.

6. U2 – like KISS, they are showmen, using props and various stage setups including a giant twirling lemon on the Pop tour.  Bono knows how to rock the worlds of U2 fan.  See for yourself June 1st in Edmonton.  Rock 106 will be giving away tickets in the coming weeks.

5. Zeppelin – Often deemed the best Rock band of all time and that wouldn’t be possible unless their live shows rocked as much as their albums.  The only complaint I have ever heard of Zeppelin was that Jimmy Page (like MANY musicians back in the day) turned his back to the audience when riffin’ and rippin’ solos.  The idea was to hide how he was making the magic so no one could duplicate it.  But the magic is exactly what paying customers come to see, hence the disappointment.

4. Pink Floyd – again, was the band that good or did the drugs have something to do with that perception.  Personally, I don’t see how P.F. in concert would be pleasant even mind-altered.  Love the albums, but unless you’re gonna provide me with a couch to lounge in for the full 2 hours, the music just doesn’t mesh with what my vision of what a concert is supposed to deliver.  With that said, many people have told me I’m wrong and I don’t deny that possibility.  I would even be willing to attend a concert because there are times when I love being proven wrong.  Ever sit down to watch a movie and think, “This will be stupid,” but you quickly discover that the movie doesn’t fit your preconceived notion at all – and that it’s awesome?  I love those types of surprises and that’s why I would see P.F. in concert.  Would Security confiscate my low expectations at the door, or just other ‘stuff?’

3. The Who – this is a band I actually don’t enjoy visually.  I like Pete Townsend’s work, but I don’t enjoy his theatrics.  That’s blasphemous for me to admit, I know, but I’m a Hendrix guy and Pete seemed to be at war with Hendrix to out-do him all the time.  What was awesome about Jimi is that his theatrics came natural, as if it were effortless, whereas you can tell Pete is trying hard… perhaps too hard.  So abstain from voting whether the Who belong here or not.  I’ll trust the judgement of those not so personally swayed by the guitar politics of the day.

2. the Rolling Stones – the only fear of attending a Rolling Stones concert is that you’d be too far away to see the nuances of Mick, Keith and co.  Watching them onstage any of their 49 years, it’s the nuances that make you appreciate their live act.  Being in the back rafters wouldn’t be the same as standing 10 rows from the rail, observing the craft each of them bring to the group. 

1. Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band – a man I have always liked and respected but never loved… until I saw him live.  When I had the chance to see Bruce I thought, “That should be enjoyable.  I’m in.”  By the third song of the set you realize, “this guy has to be one of the most endearing and captivating people to ever set foot on a stage.”  That’s when I fell in love with the Boss.  Bruce doesn’t hold back in his music, showmanship, or anything else.  It may have been one of the shorter concerts I have attended, yet you didn’t leave dissatisfied at all.  While that Bruce concert may not be my favorite concert of all time (tie between Pearl Jam ’05 and Iron Maiden ’08), I have no problem with Springsteen topping this list.  In fact, when I saw he was #1, I wasn’t even surprised.  I nodded my head and thought back to the performance he put on for us in Edmonton nearly a decade ago. 

In total, I have seen 3 of the acts on this list.  How ’bout you?  Also, what’s the best concert you have ever been to?  Was it by a band not listed above?  Do tell by joining the discussion at the rock106 fan-page at

WARLOCKS Upset at Charlie Sheen

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Man-witches.  I thought those were really meaty sandwiches.  Turns out a man-witch is another term for Warlocks.  It also turns out that Warlocks are ticked off by Charlie Sheen’s recent rants where he portrays Warlocks to be aggresive and angry.  In truth, says one man-witch, Warlocks are peaceful and enlightened.  They have the ability to communicate with the dead and learn from them.  There is no aggression or anger taught.

From what I hear, Warlocks from the World of Warcraft aren’t that friendly at all. 

In my research I have discovered that Warlocks are former arcanists – or in the case of orcs, former shamans – who, in pursuit of ever-greater sources of power, have cast off their studies of the arcane or nature magics and delve deeper into the darker, fel-based magic of shadow.

To be honest, I didn’t understand ever word in that above definition, so I can’t say if it contradicts an alleged peaceful nature or not.

Yesterday members of the witch community held a ritual to send positive spirits in Sheen’s direction.  I think it worked.  The last I heard, Charlie Sheen said he was, “Winning.”