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Listening to Billy Talent the other morning and the lyric “block my number from her cell phone” made me ponder how technological references can instantly define if the song is modern rock or classic rock.

If Zeppelin wrote a song about phones it would reference it’s rotary dial and how much of a struggle it was to unravel the phone cord that magically tangled itself.

Classic songs sing about writing a letter, whereas modern rock songs sing about posting on twitter.

Soon there’ll be songs about teleportation and sharks with frickin’ laser beams on their heads.  Rock 106 - today’s best rock, tomorrow’s future rock and killer classics.

Prez Obama to Appear on My Favorite TV Show

Friday, November 26th, 2010

President Obama will be appearing on Discovery Channel’s popular TV series (and my favorite TV show) Mythbusters.  Using science to separate fact from fiction, they obviously, bust myths… or confirm them.

Obama announced at a White House science fair event he’d be taping the guest appearance.  Well, that taping is done and ready to air Dec 8th. 

On a professional level, the appearance is to highlight the importance of science, math and engineering since U.S. students rank 25th in the world in math, science and engineering.

On a personal level, he wanted to blow something up.  Obama says that dream didn’t come true so a 2nd appearance in the future could be possible.  Or perhaps it will never happen because the government idealy doesn’t want their president anywhere near explosives, even in a controlled environment.  I’m not sure we covet our politicians in the same manner here in Canada.

Cookie Monster Fired!!!

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Alberta’s Cookie Monster – Steven Duckett – has been fired for his pompous “I’m eating my cookie” confrontation with media last week (see video).  His bosses say that wasn’t the only reason, but that’s insulting our intelligence.

That must have been one helluva cookie.  The good news is Steven has already landed on his feet, having found a new job… on Sesame Street:  Cookie Monster Video

How to spend $226 before 7am on a Sunday morning.

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Welcome to the seminar “How to spend $226 before 7am on a Sunday morning.”

I am your professor, Vince.

Step 1. your wife gently taps you on the cheek at 6am.  She says, “Honey, we have no heat.”

Step 2. look at your furnace, pretending you have the skillset to fix the problem.

Step 3. accept that you don’t have the skill set.

Step 4. call your friendly neighborhood furnace guy.  Because it’s 6:30am on a Sunday morning, instead of saying ‘hello’ he’ll answer the phone, “Cha-ching.”

And that is how to spend $226 before 7am on a Sunday morning.

National Unfriend Day

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel is attempting to declare Nov 17th National Unfriend Day – dedicated to eradicating the people listed on your facebook page as friends but really, they’re not your friends.  Seeing I’m in bed by 8:30pm I don’t watch Jimmy or any other late night shows, but this is definitely something I can get behind.

Since being introduced to Facebook I have always felt it cheapens the term ‘friend.’  This morning I had 120 ‘friends.’  In truth, it was a mixture of people I knew well, somewhat well and barely at all… plus family.  Whatever you use facebook for is your choice.  I see it as a tool of communication.  So I siphoned through my list of ‘friends’ and assessed how many I have actually communicated with via facebook.  Within minutes I removed 50 ‘friends’ including family members.  Is that a reflection of how I feel about those people?  Absolutely not.  And if you were one of those 50, we’re still cool.  If you desire to utilize facebook for it’s communication power then feel free to request my friendship.  Note: once the friendship is accepted, it will be followed by a 30 day trial period.  If being ‘friends’ via facebook doesn’t enhance communication and propel our actual friendship, you will promptly be removed from my friends list.  Don’t take it personal.  This includes family members; let’s face it, just because we’re family doesn’t mean we’re friends. 

All those bannished and unfriended are still welcomed to contact me via the old-fashioined methods of phone and email.

For those who survived the first round of cuts, you are all hereby on a 30 day notice.  Maintain contact or suffer the ‘unfriending’ consequences.

Like a teenager to breaks up with their girlfriend because he heard she was going to dump him, if you unfriend me first just to avoid being unfriended by me, that’s okay – your maturity level isn’t okay, but the fact you unfriended me is because I don’t want to be friends with anyone like that.

Happy Unfriend Day. 

Everytime someone changes their status from ‘In a relationship’ to ‘Single’ Facebook keeps score and has now provided stats to let us know when the most popular time to break up is:  after Valentine’s Day.

Let this be a lesson to you, fellas.  She hates your gift; she dumps you.  That’s why I ALWAYS broke up with my girlfriends 1-2 weeks prior to Valentine’s Day so that I wouldn’t have to get her anything.  A couple weeks later, you reconcile and then you’re in the clear.  

This strategy also works for Christmas.  Don’t break up with them on Christmas Day – that’s classless.  A couple weeks prior to Christmas, however, drop the bomb.  At New Year’s Eve, show up at the same party and you’ll soon discover that she’s not over you and the liquid consumption will most likely result in a reconciliation.