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Who did you think you were hiring, Disney?

Thursday, October 28th, 2010


Disney is said to be cutting Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards from the upcoming 4th instalment of Pirates of the Caribbean because Keith admitted to doing drugs in his new memoir “Life.”

Good to see your crack staff did their research to preserve your squeaky Micky Mouse clean reputation prior to Keith’s appearance in PofC: At World’s End in ’07.  It’s not something Richards has been keeping secret.  Just the opposite, in fact.  You have to go out of your way to not know ‘Stones and drugs went hand and hand once upon a time.

Memo: to Disney… If those are the rules you are going to play by, then you must remove Johnny Depp from the next picture as well.

In truth, Disney should welcome Keith because his tale is that of a man who used to abuse drugs.  Now, he’s clean and has helped other bandbates and friends get sober as well.

2nd Memo: to Disney… Get your head out of Mickey’s butt and live in the real world. 

Should that happen, expect Keith to return as Johnny Depp’s dad in May of 2011.

This is for real?

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Can you imagine going to a championship final and winning a ring even if you lose?

Bengie Molina can do just that.  His Texas Rangers face his old squad – the S.F. Giants – for the 2010 World Series.

The rule is, if you play over half the season before being traded away from the eventual World Series winners, you get a ring for your contributions to the club.

This rule shouldn’t exist in any sport, but especially baseball. 

The MLB regular season is 162 games a year meaning any player traded after 82 games is elligible for the ring even though his team can potentially play 80 games without him.  A lot can happen in 80 games and in a league where only 8 teams make the post-season, I would say NO player can contribute that much in 82 games to warrant such a rule. 

If one sport could make an argument for it, football could do it (NFL = 16 game season; CFL = 18 game season)… but they don’t. 

It potentially compromises the spirit of competition.  Molina can essentially quit on his teammates because he knows he’s getting a ring either way.  99.9% of atheletes would never let that happen because their egos wouldn’t allow it.  You play to win, unless…

There’s now a conflict of interest for Molina.  What if Molina decided he’d rather see his old teammates win over his current teammates.  Potentially he could sabotage an critical at-bat and spoil the win for the Rangers.  Is that highly unlikely?  Of course, but not impossible.

Teams could start using this rule to their own advantage.  Let’s say the Boston Red Sox approach a player and say, “We’re sending you to New York so you can sabotage their season and help clear our path to the World Series.  If we win, you’re getting a ring.”  That is a hundred times more far fetched than the previous scenario I gave you BUT the fact is it could be done… and therefor there’s a conflict of interest and proof that this rule interferes with the integrity of the game.

You play for one team.  If you team wins, you win.  Why does that concept not exist in MLB?

With all of this said, if I were Molina, I’d be stoked!  Good for him.  He didn’t make the rule; he’s simply reeping the rewards of it.  Congrats, Molina.  You are already a World Series champ.  Now go help you Texas teammates earn the same distinction.  Or don’t.  Then you can get a World Series ring from S.F. and a pennant championship ring from Texas – 2 rings in 1 season.


Monday, October 25th, 2010

0% of Rock106 Reward Club poll takers carpool on a regular basis.  But that # might boost to 1% or higher now that has been launched.

The City of Lethbridge celebrates the Inaugural Carpool Week (today through Friday) and now helps drivers find carpool partners.  By signing up, you can also win prizes like ipods.

Carpooling has many environmental, community and personal benefits.  Will it also help you find love?  No.  There’s another website for that: (as introduced today on the Vince N’ Rosie show… see the Rock 106 facebook fan page for details).

Because THIS is What the World Needs

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Would eat more celery if it was red rather than green?

Apparently it tastes the same as green celery, but this stuff from a Florida produce company has a red hue.

I’m glad scientists took a break from curing cancer to come up with red-coloured celery.  (note extreme sarcasim).

Now kids can hate two different colours of celery instead of just one.

One day into my P90X training and I discover that there’s a nutritional guide to go along with it.  That’s good and bad.  It’s good because it should help provide the results I’m looking for, but it’s bad because my friend who let me borrow his P90X discs forgot to include the nutritional guide.  So, before I officially begin the training, I have to wait for him to dig it up, dust it off and put into my possession.  Once that happens, I promise I will suffer through any pain or injury incurred to complete the 90 day training program to conclude whether it’s a great system or not.

My apologies for the delay.  Until then I’ll be blogging about the other importantly worldly things like red celery (next blog entry).

And so it begins… P90X… Day 1

Monday, October 18th, 2010


For those who don’t know what it is, it’s an extreme home fitness program.  For me to explain it further wouldn’t do it justice, so hear it from the man Tony Horton himself by clicking here.

For those who do know what it is and you’ve wondered whether it actually works or not, perhaps in 90 days I can tell you.

I’ll be keeping a journal of the daily exercises and my physical and psycological well-being throughout the process.  The only interuption in my program will be in mid November when I’ll be in Vancouver for Nationals for Taekwon-do.  Until I depart for that adventure I plan to stick to this program.  Upon returning from Nationals, I plan on resuming the program right where I left off (assuming I’m not physical disfigured and brutalized from the tournament).

I don’t think you’re necessarily eager to see me with my shirt off so I’ll spare the ‘Before’ pics.  If good results come from the program, then I may display the before and after photos.  Ultimately, I’m trying to help inform you whether this product delivers what it promises.  For me to do that, I promise to complete the 3 phased, 90-day experiment and let you know how dedicated I was or in what ways I strayed from the program.

Tomorrow, I’ll report on Day 1.

- Vincent

I love quoting movies.  Apparently so does Randy Moller, the play-by-play announcer for the Florida Panthers.  After every goal he tosses in a pop culture reference, be it from movies, commercials or songs.  There’s nothing more ear catching than hearing, “He scores!  And that, my friend, is how you get pink eye.” 

Hear him in action via these links:

These are the ones you heard on the Vince N’ Rosie show and

Below are youtube links that have photos of what Randy is referencing:

Moller goal calls part 1

Moller goal calls part 2

Moller goal calls part 3

Moller goal calls part 4

This ISN’T News to Me

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

I’m confused by two stories this week.

Yesterday I read the headline: “the original actor of Back-2-the-Future revealed.” 

Without reading the article itself, you may know (as do I) that the answer is Eric Stoltz.  He was Marty McFly for 5 weeks before the roll was recast with Michael J. Fox.  Not everyone knows that bit of info – and it is cool trivia – but all I’m asking is you (print-media) don’t pretend this information has never been available.  I’ve known it for about a decade.  Others, I’m sure, have known longer.

Story #2 also came from yesterday’s headlines:  “Stars Wars fans shocked to learn Princess did coke on set.” 

Again, this has been public knowledge for about 10 years.  Carey Fisher has a new book where she talks about snorting coke on the snowy Hoth planet from Empire Strikes Back.  The installment was the only detail of the article that did surprise me.  I knew she was a coke head back then, but I thought it was on the set of the original Star Wars: A New Hope.  Clearly you’d have to be high on something to pin your hair up into cinnamon buns. 


By Return of the Jedi her addiction got so bad that, to get a hit, she sold herself into slavery at Jabba’s palace. 


Sad ending; wonderful costume.

Both of these stories are interesting to fans of the franchise, but here’s a memo to print-media: your gimicky approach is insulting.  It’s bad enough that print-media attempts to shock us with info we don’t know, let alone info we already know. 

The only good that has come of it is the opportunity to once again showcase Leia in her Slave Girl outfit.  We love you, 1983 Carey Fisher.

“Jack Sparrow” Visits Kids At School

Friday, October 8th, 2010

One day Johnny Depp received a letter from a 9 year girl that read:

At Mertdien on old Woolwich Road we are all a bunch of budding your pirates.  Normally we’re a right handful but we’re having trouble mutinying against the teachers!  We’d love it if you could come and help!”

Johnny Depp responded by showing up at the school dressed in his full Jack Sparrow garb from Pirates of the Caribbean

The girl, Beatrice, said that when Johnny showed up he told her, “May we shouldn’t mutiny today ‘cuz there are polise outside monitoring me.”

That’s incredible – someone under the age of 70 is named Beatrice!

                              That fuzzy white spot is Tiger’s golf ball milliseconds before smashing into the camera that snapped this picture.  It sort of looks like the camera guy stuck his mug out of the gallery and impeded the path of the ball to get this picture when in truth, the camera guy was exactly where he was supposed to be.  Tiger simply duffed the shot to the right and THWACK.  What’s even more incredible about this picture is the smiling dude with the cigar on the right side of the frame.  Who smokes with both hands in their pockets?  Amazing!