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Songs that Make Men Cry

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Came across survey results of “Songs that Make Men Cry.” 

First off, songs don’t make men cry; memories attached to certain songs certain are capable of making men weep.

“Love Bites” by Def Leppard SHOULD probably make me cry but I choose to remember the good times with Tina Fenton rather than her clawing my heart out.  It will always be our song.

“Indifference” by Pearl Jam, on the otherhand, has jerked translucent solvent once or twice. 

As for this survey, it is from the United Kingdom so really it should be called, “Songs that Make British Men Cry.”  Some tunes you might know but some you definitely have heard.  Has the #1 song made you cry?

Here’s the the top 10:

10. ‘Angels’ – Robbie Williams

9. ‘Unchained Melody’ – Todd Duncan

8. ‘Streets of Philadelphia’ – Bruce Springsteen

7. ‘Candle in the Wind’ – Elton John

6. ‘The Drugs Don’t Work – The Verve

5. ‘With or Without You’ – U2

4. ‘Nothing Compares to You’ – Sinead O’Connor

3. ‘Hallelujah’ – Leonard Cohen

2. ‘Tears in Heaven’ – Eric Clapton

1. ‘Everybody Hurts’ – R.E.M.

None of those songs have made cry and never will.  As for songs that have, ‘Love Bites’ by Def Leppard SHOULD make me weep but I choose to recall the great times Tina Fenton and I had before she clawed out my heart.  It will always be our song.

 ‘Indifference’ by Pearl Jam, however, has probably jerked translucent solvent once or twice.  Sure, you’ll hear it and find nothing moving about it.  That only proves my point that it’s the emotions and memories attached to songs that induce leaking from the eye sockets.  Half the songs of the ‘Wish’ album from The Cure are also a culprit.  No tears are ever shed while rockin’ Iron Maiden, though I may choked up when Bruce Dickinson left the band in 1993.  Thankfully he’s back.

Now YOU can be like Marty McFly

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

You know those self-lacing shoes Marty McFly wore in Back To The Future 2?  Well, the future is almost now.

Nike has seemingly won the race to invent self-lacing shoes and have filed a patent for sneakers with its own lacing system.

The straps on your runners will be loosened or tightened with a button near the heel. 

Is the hover board next?  Someone is working on it but so far it only goes up and down.  

As for a hover board, which was also shown In Back To The Future 2, an artist has been working on one but so far it only goes up and down.  The movie was set in 2015 so there’s still time to make the movie accurate.


Watermellon to the Face!

Monday, September 27th, 2010

You know hard you laugh when you see someone get a football to the groin?  Get ready to laugh 100 times harder.  For those who missed the season premiere of The Amazing Race, I give you “watermellon to the face” (assuming CBS hasn’t already removed it).

1 Year Ago…

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Let me begin with a link to a website that can improve your life: 

1 year ago I decided to do something I wanted to do since the 80s.  Growing up watching mounds of Sho Kosugi movies made me want to learn a martial art.  Three decades later, Taekwon-do has become that art.

I credit Brandi Merritt, the soon-to-be 5th degree Black Belt instructor, for my successes thus far.  Her teaching is the perfect blend of motivation and encouragement which is far easier to respond to than the ‘army drill sergeant’ style of old.

Along with improved fitness (I’ve lost 30lbs), other benefits include self-defense, self-confidence and discipline under the umbrella of strong values such as courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit.

Fall registration has begun and if you think Taekwon-do is for you or your children (or both), come try a free class on Monday’s and Wednesday’s 6:30-7:30pm at the L.S.C.O.

Merritt’s Ultimate Taekwon-do club

Tonight HE Returns

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

It was February of last year when Joaquin Phoenix dove into an ocean of weirdness with an appearance on David Letterman.  If you haven’t seen it, you need to.  Click here

Last week, what everyone speculated for a year and a half was confirmed: Joaquin’s transformation from actor to rapper was all an act for a mockumentary filmed by his bro-in-law, Casey Affleck.

Tonight, Joaquin returns to the Letterman show.  I’m curious to see Dave’s reaction to all of this because it felt like he was somewhat in on it.  It’ll be a far better interview tonight if Dave wasn’t in on it.  I’d like Dave to give him the gears a bit and even go as far as making Joaquin rap.

It’s rare that late night television is must watch for me but I have to say tonight is one of those rare occassions.  With that said, I fear it won’t live up to the hype.  I think it’ll be like finding out the secret to a magic trick in that it’s always disappointing to know the mechanical details.  The mystery is always better. 

I wish Joaquin kept us guessing by returning to the realm of acting and normalcy without ever addressing whether his rap career was legitimate or not.

It was always more fun debating if Pete Rose cheated at baseball.  When Pete confessed, the topic became irrelevant.  Perhaps the Phoenix gag has as well.  In two paragraphs I think I’ve managed to sway my mind; I now feel tonight isn’t must-see.  Perhaps its best to not know the mechanical details behind Joaquin’s illusion.

The Greatest Canadian Athlete is…

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Terry Fox. 

On his Marathon of Hope, he litterally ran a marathon (26 miles) day after day after day.  Ask any able-body marathon runner what they do the day after running a race.  “Get up and run some more,” will not come out of their mouth.

With all due respect to Tommy Douglas, the greatest Canadian to me is Terry Fox.

Watch “Into the Wind” in the days ahead on TSN and find out why Terry Fox is not only my hero, but also the hero of Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns.  “Into the Wind” is Steve’s documentary that will not only remind Canadians that Terry Fox rocks, but also introduce Terry to millions of Americans via ESPN.

It’s imparative that his spirit and his mission lives on.  Make sure your kids know who Terry Fox is.  Yes, I still talk as if he exists in present-tense because 30 years after the birth of his Marathon of Hope it still goes strong to find a cure for cancer.

This Sunday, join Rock 106 at Kiwanis Picnic Shelter (Henderson Lake) for the Terry Fox Run.  Walking is very acceptable, and the event is also dog friendly.  Registration begins at Noon; run starts 12:30pm; a draw for prizes will take place at 3pm.

Sensationalism at it’s finest. 

Understandably, McDonald’s is fuming over a new ad launched by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine which is a vegan advocacy group.  The commercial features a dead dude holding a partially eaten McDonald’s burger.  The infamous golden arches make an appearance with the tagline: “I was loving it.”

There are two problems with this campgain.

1. obviously it’s to soley picking on one fast food joint.  Yes, McDonald’s is the biggest chain, but still, that’s irresponsible.

2. does eating at McDonald’s contribute to heart disease?  You bet it does.  Does it cause heart disease?  No, it’s far more complicated than that.  A poor diet combined with sedentary lifestyle would be a more accurate equation.

Again, sensationalism at it’s finest.  Here’s a link to the article which includes VIDEO.  

Mind Blowing Facts about Lethbridge

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

The Economic Development group of Lethbridge launched a “mind blowing facts” campaign yesterday to notify the rest of the province how awesome we are.

I have often of thought of Lethbridge as being the hidden gem of Alberta due it’s southern location and the fact it’s off the main drag (Hwy 1).  Rarely do people come here to pass through, and that’s how we like it.

So to make this gem sparkle province-wide, a list of the great things about Lethbridge has been unveiled.  Some of them include:

-Urban Parks cover 4300 acres of land

-Downtown parking starts at 5 cents

-You can be home in 15 minutes or less

-We get 320 days of sunshine each year (though this year it feels more like 32)

Those are all wonderful things, yes.  However, after scanning the entire list I felt they missed out on a few.  For me, what is mind blowing about Lethbridge is:

-we have rattle snakes.  Yes, that makes me want to live here just like dinosaurs in the badlands makes me want to live in Drumheller.

-we have a waterslide that starts inside the Ramada hotel, exits the hotel, and then finishes back inside the hotel pool.  Genius.

-our water tower holds no water.

-our wind is far more effective than deet when it comes to repelling mosquitoes.

-our city ‘feels’ smaller than it’s population indicates.

-our 100 year old bridge kicks ass

-the coulee valley severing the city is awesome and makes for a great playground for people of all ages.

-location, location, location; we’re close to the states, the mountains, and Taber corn.

These are all just off the top of my head so I know I’m missing some.  The point is, Lethbridge rocks.  If you don’t agree, I’m sorry to hear that; now leave.

Mild Winter, says Almanac. BS, says Alberta.

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

The Farmers’ Almanac is predicting a ‘kinder and gentler’ winter.  Keep in mind this is the same Almanac who predicted an extremely hot summer. 

Hey Farmers’, I had my furnace on yesterday, in AUGUST.  Where’s that hot summer you threatened?  So forgive me if I don’t believe your alleged ‘kinder and gentler’ winter.

Turns out the Farmers’ don’t really believe themselves as they later admitted it could be colder than normal for much of the country with snow.  Yes, if not for the elaborate and very secretive mathematical equation conjured up by the Farmers’, we wouldn’t know that there will be snow this winter.  I hear they also foresee possible rainfall next spring.

How has this organization existed for 194 years?

Hard Rock that puts you to sleep… on purpose.

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

The Beatles, Queen, U2, Guns N’ Rosies, Zeppelin, Nirvana, Green, Metallica, Radiohead, AC/DC and, now, Pearl Jam.

Eddie Vedder and the boys are the latest to have their songs spun into Lullaby Renditions - a series of albums from Rockabye Baby. 

Release date = Oct 26th.  

13 songs that used to feature guitars, bass and drums will now showcase instruments such as glockenspiel, vibraphone, Mellotron, harps and bells.  Those 13 songs are: “Just Breathe,” “Last Kiss,” “Betterman,” “The Fixer,” “Yellow Ledbetter,” “Daughter,” “Even Flow,” “Jeremy,” “Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town,” “Given To Fly,” “Black,” “Corduroy” and “Alive.”

To check out the Pearl Jam lullaby album or other albums featuring Rock artists, visit