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He won millions… & he’s already broke

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

 Christopher ShawThat looks like a Stanley Cup winning smile.  The first thing he says he wants to do is go to the dentist and get two front teeth for his mouth.  A paycheque to paycheque gas clerk had only $28.96 to his name, yet sold a lotto ticket to himself.  Good idea – that ticket won him a $258M jackpot.  However… in the U.S. the government taxes all winnings so that’s HALF of his cash gone right there.  Also, it turns out this toothless casonova is just that – a ladies man.  He has 3 kids from 2 different women.  He’s married to neither of those women so ‘child support’ will certainly be pursued.  He does have a girlfriend who has two teenage sons of her own.  Make the total 5 children.  Not cheap.  He won hundreds of millions, yet if my math is correct he’s practically broke already.  Looks like he may only end up with one new tooth from the dentist.  -Vincent

Check out my shoes

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Iron Maiden at the Saddledome June 27th.  I’m a huge fan; I have the shoes to prove it.      Iron Maiden vans pic #1     maiden-shoes-pic-2.jpg  I’ve got two extra tickets and I’m taking 2 Rock listeners with me.  Keep listening to win!  BYOShoes.

Just wanted to share the results of my attendance of the Motorcycle Course offered at the Lethbridge College.  Thanks to my instructors Steve and Jackie and the reviewer Lance, I passed with flying color (not colors; just one color but it was definitely flying).Two days is all it takes to learn not only how to ride a motocycle, but how to do it safely.I was the only one in class with zero experience.  The bigger surprise = ALL my fellow classmates had motorcycles already.  In fact, two students rode their motorbikes to class.  Thought I accidentally signed up for an advanced course.I leave you now with a photo of me in my gear and motorcycle from this past weekend:

EARTH DAY SONG – the Remix

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Hope everyone had a great Earth Day.  It was uneventful in the Vincent household simply because my wife and I celebrate Earth Day moreso on Earth Eve where we wait unitl midnight, then gather around the ficus and open our presents from each other as we sing Earth carols.What do you give your loved one for Earth Day?  Well, Earth, of course.  Yes.  Dirt.  Planting soil is probably preferred over random dirt dug up from the yard so that it’s not infested with insects.As for my gift to YOU… well, you may have heard this on the Vince & Rosie show for Earth Day but that was just me and the 12-string yamaha.  I present to you the remix.-Vincent

I apologize to all you Scott Stapp crunchers out there.  True is the statement: love is blindness.  If you love Scott Stapp you will truly be blind to how much his newest song reaks of cheese.  Before you rush to his defense, watch the video.

10 Tips To Get Your Motor Runnin’

Monday, April 19th, 2010

As I prep for my motorcycle at Lethbridge College this coming Friday, I’ve been doing days of research.  I like being the prepared before endeavoring new adventures.

Chatting with a few of my friends at various dealerships here in town (Lethbridge Honda, Harley Davidson, New Way Motorsports) they all say the same thing: “Sales have been great.”

Whether it’s for fun or fuel efficiency, here are 10 tips I came across for new motorcycle riders.

** Courtesy of

1) You don’t drive a motorcycle, you ride it. Although it seems obvious to anyone who has watched a rider on their iron steed, most motonoobs are not aware that in order to turn left you not only lean into the turn but very gently turn the handlebars to the right, and vice versa! This action is extremely light and almost imperceptible, but is a technique which should be mastered by anyone wishing to safely operate their motorcycle. Learn to ride from an expert and ride defensively! The alternative is three months in traction or worse.


2) Keep your bike in just one part of the lane. The center of most lanes is slick with oil and grease that has deposited over the years. The part of the lane where the most traction is usually available is on the sides where the car tires go.


3) You won’t necessarily get better mileage. If you’re parking your Chevy Aveo and jumping on a Suzuki Hayabusa, you’ll likely be losing MPG, not gaining them. The truly economical motorcycles are usually the 125 to 250 cc models which not only make superlative commuters and around-town bikes, but can return up to 90 MPG. If you have a lot of highway cruising that you want to do, then a 500 cc class motorcycle will take two adults anywhere they want to go and still return 50 MPG or more.


4) Don’t blip the throttle at stops. It doesn’t impress anyone, doesn’t keep your bike from stalling out, and just makes a lot of useless noise and uses up fuel.


5) Maintain your ride. Motorcycles are far more finicky about being kept in good mechanical condition than cars. You can likely drive a car for 20,000 miles and do nothing but change the oil on it, while a chain driven motorcycle may need tensioning every 500 miles. Make sure that you are aware of the mechanical requirements of your motorcycles and that either you or your mechanic are equipped to perform that regular maintenance.


6) Look like a Xmas tree. Plunk on extra lights front and back, wear fluorescent clothing and do everything possible to make sure that the drowsy driver behind the wheel of that 1974 Coupe De Ville can see you.


7) Watch out for the sudden left turners. It’s the leading cause of death for motorcycle riders.


8) Where should your bike be during heavy rain, wind, hail or snow? In the garage.


9) Where should you be after a couple of drinks? In a taxi.


10) Do you have a head? Put the best helmet you can buy on it and leave it there. ‘Nuf said.

This week is…

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Pitch-In Week! 

This is where you walk around town with a trident, stab the trash laying about and stuff it in a garbage bag.  If you don’t have a trident handy, a pooper-scooper will suffice.  If you’re not a pet owner, then your shop-vac will also work (you’ll just need an extremely long extension cord).

One extra game?  That’s all you get for dominating the regular season? 

The Washington Capitals had 15 more wins and 33 more points than the Montreal Canadiens, yet all they get for that domination is 1 extra home game… maybe.  To get that extra game, the series needs to go to a game 7.

The current format is 2-2-1-1-1, meaning 2 games at home for the better team followed by 2 games at home for the inferior team, then single games back and forth until game 7.

This format clearly favors the lesser team.  As we’ve witnessed already in the first two nights of the NHL postseason, there’s absolutely NO pressure on the visiting team.  GMs and Coaches admit this.  The home squad, however, knows that if they lose the opening game their home ice advantage is gone.  How is that fair?

That brings us to the solution: 1-2-1-2-1.  

Keeping the Caps vs. Habs as an example, what I propose is that the playoff series begins in Montreal for Game 1.  If the Caps lose they won’t be worried because now they’ll be headed home for two games in a row.  Then, it is back to Montreal for game 4.  In theory, the worst scenario the Caps should find themselves in at that point is tied 2-2.  They will now have an actual home ice advantage by having Games 5 & 6 in Washington.  

This format, of course, would give Montreal home ice for game 7.  Is that fair?  Absolutely.  If the Caps can’t win 4 games out of 6, they don’t deserve to have home ice for game 7 – give it to the underdogs.

Will the NHL ever adopt this?  No.  The NHL thinks Phoenix can be a viable, profitable hockey market.  Clearly they possess no common sense.

100 Days!

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

We all have our vices.  Some are more socially accepted than others.  Coffee, for example.  Now, imagine going without your daily cup of coffee.  I know.  You’re an addict.My vice = coca-cola.  Not soda pop.  I don’t crave pepsi, sprite, 7-up, dr. pepper, root beer, orange crush or fresca.I love the carbonation – the sting of every gulp.To look at me you wouldn’t say I’m in bad shape.  Internally, though, I’ve been killing my body and bones.  So I quit.That has now been 100 days.  It’s not something I expect you to appreciate unless you have tried to break a vice yourself.  Try it.  Quit something and in 100 days you too will be telling everyone you know because you’re simply shocked at the fact that you lasted that long.First, you’ll experience a week or so of headaches as your body demands the caffeine.  Secondly, you won’t sleep which is strange since you’d think it would be easier to sleep being caffeine free.  This is just your body adjusting to the new lifestyle you’re trying to teach it to live.Yes, cravings will remain but just guzzle a glass of water and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your body and brain forget about the craving.Our society is unhealthy and obese because of one simple error – we ingest beverages and food for pleasure rather than subsistence.  It’s a cultural flaw.  Forget excercise.  If we all just stopped eating for pleasure, obesity would vanish.  Think of ancient cultures.  Who were the fat people?  The wealthy.  And what did they do?  They ate for pleasure.  The commoners, meanwhile, weren’t starving.  They were simply in no position to eat for pleasure.  They fed their bodies with the foods and water they needed.  That last word is key – need.  In our culture, we eat what we want, not what we need.  Because of it, we’re in a health crisis.  It won’t change anytime soon, unfortunately as a whole but you can change it for yourself.Me, I still eat for pleasure far too often than I’d like.  Afterall, that’s how we were raised.  It’s what your television and radio tell you to do everyday.  If you break that habit, that vice, you’re performance parameters of body and mind will far exceed what it’s capable of now.Easier said than done.-Vince


Monday, April 12th, 2010

You ever see a movie on the shelf at a video store and think to yourself, “I should rent that some time; not today, but some day soon.” 

That movie for me has been ”The Warriors” from 1979. 

It took 31 years but I finally watched it this weekend.  It’s about street gangs in New York including ‘The Warriors’ of Coney Island.  They head into the big city where all the gangs have gathered and something goes awry.  The Warriors are wrongly accused and every other city gang wants their blood.   The Warriors have to get back to Coney Island safe but to do so, they’ll have to cross through other gangs’ turf.

Is this movie dated?  Yes.

Does it lack character development?  Yes.

Is it still awesome?  Yes.

The late 70s style is a part of it’s charm.  It even has a tinge of Stanley Kubrick in it, ala A Clockwork Orange.  The concept is what’s really fun about this flick.  My immediate thought after the movie wrapped was, “I can’t believe they haven’t done a remake of this yet.”  Turns out, plans are already in motion.  Set for a 2011 release.  For some reason, however, they’ll be setting it in Los Angeles.  What’s odd about that is The Warriors in the ’79 version are desperate to catch a subway train back to Coney Island; in L.A. there is no subway system.

Warning: upon viewing it you will undoubtably have Pat Benatar’s “The Warrior” running through your head.  So really it’s a win-win.