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Toughest Sport of all Sports

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Talked about this on the show and of course it was tough to run down the entire list of 60 so here is the link to the full list of sports ranked from TOUGHEST to LEAST TOUGHTEST.

Keep in mind, the ‘tough’ doesn’t necessarily mean muscular and good at fighting. They didn’t calculate the list by analyzing who would win a fight between a tennis player and a bull rider, for example.

“Tough” for this list means “difficult.” ESPN break it down to 10 specific categories and skills. So when you scream out loud, “How is Tennis tougher than Rugby?” the categories of evaluation will be the answer.

For the full list of 60 sports listed from MOST DIFFICULT to LEAST DIFFICULT, click here.

As for your bonus code, while I would like to make it the sport that finished first or even dead last, that would be ruining the surprise so instead we’ll declare it after the people responsible for today’s blog entry… “ESPN”


The Last Time The Riders Won…

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Riders WIN the Grey Cup of 2007. And the Rider Nation is partying like it’s 1989, the year they last won the championship.

Ah yes… 1989.

The Simpons was a brand new show. Movie goers were excited about Batman, Back to the Future II and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Or maybe you were geeked out to see Ghostbuster II.

In music, the Seatle grunge hadn’t exploded yet. Pearl Jam didn’t yet exist. Nobody knew who Kurt Cobain was. In ’89 Madonna was queen, The Bangles still had a career, Paula Abdul was making music rather than judging it, and my girlfriend loved the New Kids on the Block.

The new President of the US was George Bush… Senior.

I remember that was the year that the USSR pulled out of Afghanistan. The USSR, you ask? That’s right, the last time the Riders won, Russia wasn’t a country yet, they were apart of the the Soviet Union.

That reminds me… the last time the Riders won there was a Cold War. Germans in East and West Berlin were dismantling a wall that had been dividing the city

Here in Canada, we were still 2 years away from paying 7% of a Government Sales Tax.

The last time the Riders wond the Grey Cup, Nintendo began selling the Game Boy in Japan. It hadn’t reached North America yet.

I could go on but I’d rather ask you – what do you remember about 1989? Click the headline above to post your message.


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