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Valentine’s Day! Whether you love it or hate it, it’s a great excuse for a date night and maybe even some wild & crazy loving. This morning, Tom, Joe and I played cougar cupid and tried to make two fantasies come true this Valentine’s by finding our feline some man meat.


Arrayl was chosen, at random, from our amazing pool of wanna be Winnipeg cougars. (Though, she says she’s more of a panther. She hunts for sport.) She’s a body builder and a hot, open minded country gal who’s looking for a man who can keep up with her.

Bachelor #1: Bryce is a carpenter. He likes snowshoeing, snowboarding & soft ball.
Bachelor #2: Richard is a tradesman. He likes golf, ultimate golf, baseball & outdoor sports
Bachelor #3: Jordan works in a body shop. He likes classic cars, video games & beer drinking.

We sequestered our lucky three boy toys, sight unseen, in our board room so Arrayl could ask them the important, telling questions to decide which of the youngsters might make a try on the hunting grounds.

  • If she’s a cougar, what animal would they like to be and why:
               Bachelor #1: An antelope…because he’d be chased and eated by cougars
               Bachelor #3: A liger – half lion, half tiger. Unusual but awesome.
  • If she was Santa and they were a little boy on her lap, what would they ask for?
               Bachelor #2: A tamdem bicycle, so they could enjoy it together.
               Bachelor #1: Well, I am still a little boy!

Arrayl asked 10 questions. The guys got to ask her one each. Give a listen to the full “Bachelorette: Cougar Edition” here. Then it was up to Arrayl to decide who she was talking to the Jets vs. the New York Islanders for a Valentine’s date….

You guys were all over the place over which Bachelor she should pick. One liked #1 for what kind of car he said best describes him; Norine, on Facebook, said #2 ”is the most sweetest, caring and amazing guy!! He knows how to treat his ladies right!!” Actually, #2 was a big front runner with both Arrayl’s daughter, Sam, and best friend, Laurie, who called to say she HAD to pick him.

In the end, Arrayl went with her gut instinct and chose Bachelor #1, our 24-year-old, 6’6″ carpenter.

Ttomorrow morning, just after 7, we’re going to find out how the Jets date goes. If it went well, she could take Bryce out again, to dinner at Brooklynn’s Bistro, the Deep Purple concert and maybe even spend the night in one of  Mariaggi’s Theme Suites! If there just isn’t that spark, well, there’s two other bachelors to choose from.

;)   nesta

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