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Always a great time in Vegas! Always great to get back home and rejoin the morning show too!

Some observations about Vegas that hold true every time. If you buy one of those drinks in the containers shaped like everything fromĀ  a long bong to a guitar, that are so big, they come with a shoulder strap, you will not feel great the next day! At the same time, you won’t care much, cuz you’re in Vegas and everyone had one yesterday anyway, so you’re all on the same wavelength.

If you pass by a beer tub and some young scantilly clad girl is shouting out 2 for 1 Buds, you will pay the full price for 2 beers every time. The 2 for 1 deal has about a 2 minute window. Again though, you won’t care, cuz it is ice cold and you can carry it down the street with you as you’re enjoying it!

Your money will last a lot longer if you play table games like blackjack and bet conservatively than it does if you pump it into the slot machines. Either way they’re coming by giving you free drinks all the time anyway, and you lose track of what you’re losing, and once again, don’t seem to care!

However much a ticket to a show costs will dictate how good the show is probably going to be. It’s worth paying for the good ones, like the Circ shows. Afterall, you’ll win the money back after the show in the casino right?

Oh, one last thing, everyone you meet is in a great mood andĀ  very friendly(may have something to do with those big bong drinks!) You’ll make lifelong friends whose names you won’t remember tomorrow.

Actually one more last thing. No matter how much you may win at some point during your trip, you will come home with 3 American dollars and be very proud of that!

Great to be back home!!

Catch you in the morning.


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