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So, I asked my “partners,” if they wouldn’t mind me taking over the blog again today.  Usually we like to take turns on writing, but, I’M SO ANGERED this morning, I feel I need to write again.

As you may have seen, or heard on the news, the sewage plant in south Winnipeg, has had issues now for a few weeks.  Apparently, the micro-organisms which are used to treat the water before it gets turned loose into the Red River, have been mysteriously dying.  But, even though that knowledge was known, the city kept on dumping the sewage into the Red.

Now the Red River is “dirty” on the best of days.  Sadly, you can find everything from shopping cars to bodies in it.  But now SEWAGE TOO???!!

Here’s my beef with all of this……..why did it take 3 weeks for this information to get released?!  And what’s up with the frickin double speak ?  In one breath, officials are saying, there’s really nothing to worry about.  But then, they go on to say that if you even TOUCH water from the Red right now, you should wash your hands thoroughly.  And when it comes to fishing???  Okay, here’s where I get really angry………..

Officials are saying that all fishermen and women, should WASH AND BOIL their catches before eating them !!!  Well if you’re a fisherperson, you know that for the past few weeks it’s been Greenback season.  (pickerel)  This is one of the busiest times on the Red, as those fish are great eating.  So, the knowledge of the spill and boil advisory would have been nice to know BEFORE the fish were caught and eaten.  The Dude came home with gorgeous pickerel last weekend….fortunately, we didn’t eat them right away and rather froze them.  Now, they’re going right into the garbage.  But, what if we had eaten them?  What would have happened?

Shame on you city officials……..

Howbout takin pride in not only the city…but our rivers too !!!

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