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You gotta check out the Citi facebook page. All the pics from Live with Tom and Joe are coming in and we’re updating it all day. Lots of cool pics!! Hope you got some pics of your own to win a trip to Vegas. We’ll make that draw this Friday morn.

Another Jets game tonight. Love it!! Can we start a winning streak here?? I think so. The guys are just flying out there. I don’t care what the stats are, this is some of the most exciting hockey the NHL has seen since last year’s playoffs. With our won team now, it feels like every game is a playoff game!!

The same goes with the Bombers! If you were at the game last Sat. did you leave early?? Be honest, many did…..ha ha. Final game at the stadium this friday….should be just rockin’!! Hopefully the foundation holds out one last time with all the stompin and cheerin!!

here from you in the morn


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