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The new $50 garbage charge!! Now that’s garbage!!

No more Mormar! Say it three times fast. Have some fun with it…ha ha. We asked on the Citi facebook page who should be the next target and some said Sam Katz! Guess they really don’t like that garbage levy.

The Leg started a new session today…it will go til Nov 1st! That’s about 7 buisness days if you don’t count them leaving early on Friday. Boy, they should get a lot done. Next session in the spring!! Nice winter break if you can get it.

Blackberry, yeah it’s Canadian, but I need to reach people and vise versa. I’ll stick with my Iphone. It’s only the 3, but it get’s the job done. I’ll wait til the rush ends to look at the 4s.

If your kids have been bugging you about a certain concert this weekend, we’ll have a shot at a solution for you tomorrow morning. Listen in for details and check out the Citi Facebook page after 6am.

It’s a 4play weekend special. Get your 4 favorite pics into Frank through the ‘music features’ icon on our webpage. Looking forward to hearing your pics!!

Occupy Wall Street/Winnipeg……..don’t get what they think will actually come out of all of this?? And it’s getting too bloody cold at night to camp anyway!

Have a great night. Go Jets!!

Hear from you in the morning.

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