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I am certainly not an expert when it comes to sports like hockey or football.  Fan?  Yes !  Expert?  No !!  That being said however….I still like to share my opinion, (both on and off the air) on what I “think” may be wrong with a team.  Not that it’s rocket science mind you….

The Winnipeg Jets are sadly lacking on the power-play front.  What is the stat now?  O for 25?  (or something close to that)  Again….no genius remark….just an observation that all can see.

The Bombers?  Well….think they’ve got a couple of problems lately.  Where is the “O” line?  And, what happened to Swaggerville?  If we have any hope of getting beyond the first round of the playoffs, (or beating Montreal for that matter) these guys gotta pick it up a notch.  Buck, (my boy) isn’t being protected enough….and that’s not good.  We need him healthy !  And our punter needs a little work….

Listen to me……..better quit while I’m ahead. 

Go Jets Go !!!

Go Bombers Go !!

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