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Sunday was such an unbelievable day for all of Winnipeg and Manitoba!

Have you ever felt that much energy and positive vibes from everyone you saw?

I sure haven’t! It was so much fun walking through downtown early in the afternoon and then hitting the Convention Center for the game and the social afterward. Three of my sons and many great friends joined us for a rockin time from 3pm right through the end of Blue Rodeo’s set at around 11pm. Thank God Monday was a holiday!!

Everywhere you went there were high-fives from everyone wearing their Jets gear. Even the cops patrolling inside and out front and on the streets were lovin it! Although Joe didn’t believe me, I did share a high-five with one of Winnipeg’s finest outside the convention center!

Sure the Jets lost the game, but with all the hype leading up to the first puck drop for an NHL game here in 15 years, and all the pressure on the squad to come up with a win after a 9 day layoff, it was almost too much to ask. No one really seemed to mind, and hundreds more joined us at the convention center after the game to carry on the party as Blue Rodeo really rocked the stage all night.

Every game day is going to be special, but this one will be remembered forever by all of us, no matter where we celebrated the return of our beloved Jets!

As always, thanks so much for tuning in and remember, we’ll have a chance for you to win tickets to the ‘hockey games’ all season long!

Catch you in the morning with Joe, KK and Bubba.


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