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I am 31 years old now and it seems that time is catching up to me. It wasn’t long ago I could go out, have a few too many drinks with the boys and feel no ill effects the next day…. how things have changed. This past weekend I was in the States for our annual Beer Olympics (Triathlon). The name says it all, it’s a day of pounding brews and competing in events. The event was Saturday, it is Monday today and I’m still hurting. Stomach churning, head pounding, memory not re-calling any events from Saturday… not good! 
Where has time gone? 5 years ago a Saturday like that was just par for the course, now I’m struggling to think straight. I think it may be time to hang up the Beer Olympics jersey, my body isn’t what it use to be.  I’m told at 31 it’s time to slow down and start being responsible…. well until Summer is here and patio season begins!


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