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Last week, while watching our Canadian juniors take on the Russians in the Gold medal game, the person calling the game mentioned that Steve Yzerman stopped by to lend some advice for the young hockey players. He told them that if they were able to control their emotions, they’d succeed. Then it hit me, Steve Yzerman is preaching the ways of the Jedi to the players…. could this in fact be the secret way championship teams play? I started thinking of famous championship coaches who never let their emotions show. How about NFL coach Bill Belichick, he’s won 3 Superbowls and he nevers seems to care whether they win or lose. Then there’s  former Yankee skipper Joe Torre, he won numerous World Series titles with the Yanks and was the manager to pull them out of their championship funk in the 90′s all while being as interesting as wet sock.
It’s all starting to come together…. but wait… then there’s guys like infamous college basketball coach Bobby Knight. He won National Championships while acting like a 10 year old boy after drinking a pot of coffee.  It would seem my theory is flawed or maybe I’m a 31 year old Star Wars geek…. most people would lean towards the latter.


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