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A husband and wife are golfing. Her first shot slices right and smashes the window of a mansion just off the first tee. “Og great” says the guy. “Now we have to go apologize and find out how much THAT’s gonna cost”.

They knock on the big oak doors and a pleasant voice says “please come in”. Immediately they see the broken glass everywhere and an antique bottle on it’s side broken. There’s a man sitting on the couch. “Are you the people who just broke my window?”

“Yes sir” said the husband sheepishly. “My wife’s a lousy golfer. She’s really sorry…”

“Actually I want to thank her. I’m a genie who’s been locked up in the bottle there for three thousand years. Now that I’m free, I have 3 wishes. I’ll give each of you one and keep the third for myself…seem fair?”

The husband’s eyes bugged out. “Hell yeah! I want a million dollars and a free golf membership every year for life!”

“Done” says the genie. “And you young lady?”

“Could I get a home in every country in the world?”

“You got it, and they are all fully insured so nothing to worry about. Now…for my wish. Well I’ve been in that bottle for 3 thousand years without a woman. I think I’d like to be with a woman again…and I choose your wife”

The couple whisper back and forth about how lucky they’ve been and agree it’s a fair request. So the genie and woman head upstairs for an afternoon of lovemaking. Three hours go by…and the genie is insatiable. Finally he stops and looks into her eyes.
“How old are you and your husband?”

Catching her breath she says “we’re both 35”

“Amazing. 35….and you still believe in genies…”

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