Thanks to Club Q Rockstar Dan for today’s Last Laff…
A woman turns 50 and on her big day she decides to treat herself to a face-lift…for $15,000.  On her way home, she stops at a drug store and asks the clerk “how old do you think I am?”
“About 32?”
“Nope…I’m 50,” says the very happy woman.
A little while later she goes into McDonald’s and asks the girl at the counter the same question.
“I’d guess about 28?”
“Nope, I’m 50!”
Now she’s feeling really good about herself.  Standing at the bus stop, she asks an old man the same question.
“You know dear, I’m 83 years old.  My eyesight’s shot.  But when I was younger I could tell any woman EXACTLY how old they were.  All I needed to do was put my hands under their bra”
They wait in silence, nobody’s around.  Finally she can’t stand it anymore.  “Oh what the hell, go ahead and tell me how old I am”
So he puts his hands under her blouse and bounces and weighs each breast.  He pushes them together and rubs them against each other.  Finally she says “Alright already.  How old am I?’”
“Madam, you are 50.”
The woman is stunned!   The facelift hadn’t fooled the old geezer.  “How could you tell I was 50?”
“I was behind you at McDonalds”.
If you have a joke, and it’s funny, send it to us and we will forward them to J. Austin Healey for the Last Laff!  Make sure you listen just before 9 to see if Austin uses your joke and makes fun of you, all at once!

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