Thanks to Club Q Rockstar Greg for today’s Last Laff…
Three neighborhood kids have been told by their parents never EVER to go near the old deserted house at the end of the street.  At night, strange creepy things happened…so everyone stayed away.
But one night they decide to find out for themselves the mystery of that old house, so they go to the end of the street and open the old hanging gate.   As they approach the disintegrating front porch, they stop!   There’s something coming from the house, but it’s so faint they can’t make out what it is.
One of the boys pushes open the front door…and they go into the dusty cob-webbed front hall.   They can now hear clearly the sound coming from upstairs!   “rap…rap…rap”.   Scared to death but wanting to find out what’s making the noise, they climb the creaky staircase and stand outside the door at the end of the hall.  Inside that room….the sound is MUCH louder.  “Rap…Rap…Rap”
Two of the boys turn to run, but the third says they came to find out the secret of the old house and that’s what they were going to do.  He pushes open the door….and in the middle of the room is a deathly black box.   From that box … is where the now deafening sound is coming from.   “RAP!   RAP!   RAP!”
The bravest boy approached the box…..and pushes open the lid.
3 pairs of eyes slowly peer inside the depths of the box…..and you know what they saw?!?
Wrapping paper….
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