Thanks to Club Q Rockstar Judy for today’s Last Laff…         
Judy wants to talk numbers…  She has determined that if you’d purchased $1000 worth of Nortel stock a year ago, it’d now be worth $49.  So would the same amount of Delta Air stock.
For a $1000 Enron stock investment a year ago, that would be worth $16.50.
WorldCom would be worse…for the $1000 investment you’d have $5 in stock.
Judy knows her stocks.  But then I wondered…what if you’d bought $1,000.00 worth of wine one year ago.  You drank it all…and then recycled the bottles for the refund.  That investment would be worth $214 today!
So Judy and members of the jury, I would humbly suggest that based on the evidence, the best advice would be to drink heavily and recycle!
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