Today’s Last Laff comes from Big Al in Verner!

Their was a farmer that had a horse that could not get up the farmer ask the vet to come and look at him.

The vet checked him out and said if he does not get back up in three days he’ll have to be put down!

The pig on the other side heard this conversation.

The first day the horse did not get up. On the second day the horse tried to get up but could still not get up.

The third day the horse tried again but could not get up, so the pig came over and told the horse “hey you better get up today or the vet is going to turn you into glue”!

So the horse gave everything he had and finally got up. W

When the farmer came into the barn and saw the horse up he was so happy that he yelled to his wife……”Hunny call the neighbours and tell were having a pig roast tonight”!


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