By Tom Parisi

With new of the divestment of the ONTC, northern mayors are perparing for a long battle wit the McGuinty government.

Timmins Mayor Tom Laughren is one of the mayors belonging to FONOM who will look to change the governments mind.

“We feel there need sto be a lot of lobbying in an effort to try and rectifiy this tragedy the government as commited.”

Councillor Michael Doody gave an inspired speech saying, he feels the government has abandoned Northern Ontario.

“Almost 1000 jobs will be lost in the northeast alone, I’ll be backing this council and the mayor in any endeavor we take on to try and get this essential service back on track.”

Doody added, it’s not just big businesses who will lose money but the small ones who depend on rails to get the job done.

“The Ring of Fire is one thing but what about the small businesses depending on rail exports, what are they gonna do. I can’t imagine this news will sit well with the company looking to settle in nortehrn Ontario for the Ring of Fire and the new Ferrochrom plant, this is an ill advised move.”

Laughren aggreed and said we need to take action.

“I’ll be meeting with the other mayors shortly and hope to resolve this issue sooner than later, because it’s not going away and this should’ve never happened.”

The mood around the council table echoed the mayor’s sentiments with all of them in agreement to take further action.

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