TH/VS is starting their centenial celebrations this year. In august they will have a Homecoming. Generations upon generations of students will make their way back to the highschool they once attended.

But at highschool reunions now days we face something we havent in the past. We have to look our old highschool friends in the eyes, ask them question about their life and pretend we don’t already know the answers.

Chances are we have already facebooked that information.

And that right there is my biggest problem with facebook. It has ruined high school reunions.

Think about why people go to reunions…
Its because you want to know… Who got fat, Who got hot, and did that chick/dude who dumped me do anything with their life?

All of those questions can be answered in a matter of minutes on Facbook.

But I hope I’m wrong… I hope you head to the reunion at TH/VS, or whatever highschool you went to in whatever town your from, and you see that Timmy got fat and that debbie got hot and that the person who broke your heart has done nothing with their life – and I hope it makes exponentially happy.

But I garuntee.. before you walk out the door that night you will have already facebooked all of the people you plan on talking to.

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