Billie Corgan Attempted Suicide

October 17th, 2012 by ryancrits

  The Smashing Pumpkins lead singer has been doing a lot of interviews lately, and he has been revealing a lot about his life

He recently said that he tried to commit suicide 4 times in his life. He even had notes written and everything. To watch the video click below:

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Mick Jaggers daughter recently posed nake with a dead fish

That is a real dead tuna. What the hell?

  Well apparently it is to raise awareness about the dangers of over fishing. well, mission accomplished. It is definitely raised. Awareness that is.

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Proof Nerds Can Get Chicks (Big Bang Theory News)

October 16th, 2012 by ryancrits

You know Dr. Koothrappali from Big Band Theory?

Well it turns out the actor who plays him is married the hottest girl in India. Literaly. He married Miss India 2006. This is what she looks like.

Good Job Koothrappali!

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Watch Fearless Felix Fall Faster Than A Jet

October 15th, 2012 by ryancrits

Sunday afternoon Fearless Felix jumped from 120,000 ft. and fell faster than 1300 KM. Another way of putting that would be: he jumped from 5 mount everests high and fell more than twice as fast as a 747 jet.


Here is the link to watch the video if you missed it:

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Weird Leafs Memorbillia For Sale

October 12th, 2012 by ryancrits

How would you like to own the Maple Leaf Gardens dressing room toilet?

Or how about a giant maple leaf from the side of the building?

Or what about the Zamboni or the actual bench that Franch Mohovlich, and Mats Sundin, and Tim Horton sat on during their career?

All this can be purchased in a online auction of all things Maple Leaf Gardens.

you can also get cool stuff like the Bill Barilko retired jersey banner


If you are rich you can bid here:

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October 11th, 2012 by ryancrits



Available on iTunes today and November 12 on the stones new album “GRRR!”

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Timmins On Dragons’ Den

October 11th, 2012 by ryancrits

Last night two groups of people from timmins were on Dragons’ Den to pitch their products!

Lori Larocque and Joanne Lachance from Lorijo Fitness where on to pitch their child seat for the stationary bike, and Rick Dubeau and Dan Keizer were to pitch their invention “The Stove Minder”.

The Stove Minder shuts off your stove if left unattended and will not allow to stove to be turned on by a minor.

Rick and Dan walked away with a $200 000 deal and 5 percent royalties for life!

you can watch the episode here (both are near the end of the episode):

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Peter Kriss Tried TO Kill Himself

October 10th, 2012 by ryancrits

The KISS ex-drummer has a new book coming out on the 23rd called Make Up To Break Up

Here is an excerpt from his book:

“Have you ever tasted the barrel of a .357 Magnum that’s halfway down your throat? It’s a really unforgettable sensation, like a piece of iron dipped in oil, with sort of a coppery aftertaste. I got my first and (hopefully) last taste of one on January 17, 1994, sitting on the floor of my debris-strewn bedroom in Los Angeles.

Just twelve hours earlier I had been lying in bed, watching TV. It was around three A.M. and I was cozy under the covers when I feel a little tremor. I’d been through quite a few “shakers” in California. Chandeliers rattling, traffic lights swaying. But this was different. The tremors started getting more frequent and I started to hear a rumbling noise, so I sat up in the bed and all of a sudden the whole place shook big-time and the TV flew off the dresser, tumbled down, and blew up. I was like, “Motherfucker!” Then the lamps fell over and I was like, “Holy shit!” Turned out this was the beginning of the Northridge earthquake, a massive catastrophe that killed thirty-three people and injured more than eighty-seven hundred.

I’m a Brooklyn boy: I knew about cockroaches and rats and zip guns, not earthquakes. So I started to panic. I heard glass shattering in the bathroom. I was hearing all this devastation, and just then another big jolt came, and my bed collapsed and the huge wooden armoire started dancing across the bedroom and then tipped over. Behind the armoire, on a nail, I had hung a bag that was filled with $100,000 cash. That was all the money I had to my name. I wasn’t going to put it in a bank – didn’t trust them – and I was in trouble with the IRS then, so I figured I’d keep the cash nearby and if someone was going to rob it, that’s a big piece of motherfucking shit to move. But now the huge armoire was lying on the floor and the bag was hanging from the nail, exposed.

My fear of death set in. Lamps were flying through the air. I got up and ran into the living room and I saw all my KISS gold albums falling off the walls and shattering. I also had a full cabinet of Steuben crystal that I had managed to pry from my ex-wife’s hands, and all that precious crystal busted up. All of a sudden, the couch flew through the air, the armchair went over, and I got thrown into the bathroom wall. I was thinking, “Jesus, I’m going to fucking die in some shithole apartment in Hollywood. I just don’t believe you’re going to take me this way.”

So I found my .357 Magnum, tucked it under the waistband of my sweatpants, threw my bathrobe on, pulled on some sneakers, grabbed my bag with the cash, and ran. I knew enough not to take the elevator, so I rushed down the steps. It was still dark out and people were screaming, running half naked out of their apartments into the street. Outside, it looked like a war zone. Cars were overturned; a water hydrant had blown up and there was water gushing out into the street. People were running around screaming that it was the end of the world. Then, like in a movie, I heard a rumbling sound and I saw the tar separate and the street crack open. Everybody was panicking, but suddenly I got strangely calm. I was scared, but once I had my footing and my money and my gun, I knew no one was going to take them from me.

I just kept walking around in circles; I didn’t know where to go. By then the sun was coming up and there was an aftershock and everybody screamed again. I had circled back to the front of my building, where hundreds of people had congregated. All the windows of the health-food store on the ground floor had shattered, and the food was all over the ground. Our underground garage had collapsed and lots of cars got totaled.

By late afternoon, they let us back into the building. I walked into my apartment and I couldn’t believe it. Everything I had of value was leveled. I had no bed. The rod in the walk-in closet had collapsed and my clothes were on the floor. The refrigerator had toppled over and all the food was going rancid. The kitchen cabinets broke open and there was sugar everywhere. In the living room, all my records were shattered on the floor. The top of my People’s Choice Award, which I had won for “Beth,” had broken off. My daughter’s pictures had fallen off the wall and smashed into a million pieces. Everything that I used to look at and cherish was destroyed.

I didn’t have electricity yet, so I lit a few candles. I was filthy, covered with the dirt and grime of the streets, but I couldn’t shower because the whole shower had fallen apart. Even if it hadn’t, there was no water. I couldn’t even run the sink and wash my hands. I walked back into the bedroom and sat down on the mattress on the floor. I had to brush away the soil from my flowerpots, which had all broken. It was dusk and a huge wave of depression rolled over me and I almost threw up. I felt like there was a hot poker plunged into the pit of my stomach. I thought I was taking a stroke. I couldn’t even breathe right: The air felt thin from the dust and the dirt in the apartment and the rotting food. The whole room stank from death.

I thought to myself, Why should I keep going? I was in the middle of recording a new album, but fucking whoop-de-do; I was on TNT, a clown label. Then I started talking to myself, like in that Peggy Lee song “Is That All There Is”: “What do you really have to live for? Your two marriages have gone to shit. You hardly see your daughter. You got a hundred grand, but you were worth twelve-some-odd million at one point in your life. If this had happened when you were in KISS, your manager Bill Aucoin would have been there with fifty cop cars, twenty ambulances, and a helicopter. When you’re on top and you’re making everyone rich, they all love you, babe. Life is wonderful. But now you’re really just a has-been. No one cares about you, especially in Hollywood.”

I looked around the room. I once had money to burn. I’d fly to Barbados for the weekend. I lived in a twenty-two-room mansion and had my pick of four luxury cars. And now I was sitting on the floor in the middle of the debris of my former exalted life. It was then that I realized that I didn’t want to live. Life had been just a fucking nightmare, nothing but ups and downs and drugs and fighting, and I was sick of it all.

So I pulled out the .357 Magnum and put it in my mouth. The barrel is about six inches long, and I easily put three inches in. The gun is an inch in diameter, so I began to gag a little. When I hammered the gun back with my finger on the trigger, I started shaking. I knew if I slipped, it was all over. I also knew that I had straight flat-head bullets in the gun, so if I pulled the trigger, my brains would wind up somewhere across the street. I was a lucky bastard: I had cheated death a few times, but that wasn’t going to happen with a .357 Magnum in my mouth. That gun would literally take a man’s head off. If you shot an elephant in the head, it would go down. That’s why Clint Eastwood loved it. It’s the most powerful handgun in the world.

They say that in situations like this, your mind just starts racing, and you see your whole life before you. But for me, everything seemed to be in slow motion. I had cried wolf many times in my life, especially with KISS. I was known for quitting the band a million times. But this was different. This was far from a bluff, because there was nobody there that I was bluffing. Just me and the rubble.

Then I thought about my mother. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t bless myself with holy water and then get in my car and rub the medal of the Virgin Mary that she gave me and say a Hail Mary for my mother. And then I kiss her Mass card that’s right there on the dashboard.”

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What will man look like in 1000 years?

October 9th, 2012 by ryancrits

So if you believe everything science tells you this is how we are going to look in 1000 years

Here is the explanation from The Sun:
“- We’ll be TALLER at 6-7ft because of improved nutrition and medical science. Osteopath Garry Trainer, from north London, says: “The average American is about one inch taller than in 1960.”

- Our INTESTINES will get shorter so we don’t absorb as much fat and sugar — a natural way of avoiding obesity, says dentist Dr Philip Stemmer.

- If male fertility declines further, there will be SMALLER TESTICLES (tough luck, chaps).

- Our most used extremities will change dramatically. ARMS AND FINGERS get longer to reduce the need to reach too far and nerve endings in hands and fingers will increase because of the greater use of devices such as iPhones that need complex eye-hand coordination.

- We’ll have SMALLER BRAINS, maybe because so much memorising and thinking is done by our computers. “Science fiction images show humans of the future with huge brains but big brains are not necessarily the best,” says Chris Stringer, from the Natural History Museum.

- There will be LARGE EYES to compensate for smaller mouths. Cary Cooper, of Lancaster University, explains: “Communication will rely on facial expressions and eye movements.”

- Dentist Dr Stemmer also thinks there could be FEWER TEETH as softer food needs less chewing and biting. He says: “We could even get our nutrition from liquids or pills in the future, which could mean less teeth and receded jaws.”

- Expect people to have QUADRUPLE CHINS. “Our bodies were designed for eating less and using more energy than a modern lifestyle requires,” says Rajiv Grover, a consultant plastic surgeon.

We can expect other dramatic changes too.

- Everyone will have the same shape of NOSE because climate is having less influence on broad or narrow hooters thanks to air conditioning and central heating.

- Central heating and warm clothing means we’ll be LESS HAIRY but there’ll be more WRINKLES as a result of peering at our electronic devices.

We could end up with saggy turkey necks too because extra sun will cause loose skin and baggy eyelids. And there will be darker skin as people move around the planet and races mix. “

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Kiss releases their 24th studio album 38 years after 1974′s “Kiss” on Tuesday. Its called Monster.

They have released 3 tracks off it…

Hell Or Halllelujah

“It’s All For The Love Of Rock And Roll” and “Long Way Down”

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