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Well, for the first time in 9 games, the Calgary Flames left the ice with 2 points…and for the first time in the 29 year history of the Battle of Alberta, one team won every single meeting.  That being the Flames, who finished off the provincial series with a 6-1 win on Saturday night.  Fact of the matter is, it’s a win and the Flames needed one…we can start analzying things other times.

I say that because I don’t really know what to take from this game…the Oilers are unbelievably bad, and because of that it’s tough to get a true indication of where the Flames were.  Give Calgary credit, they did more than enough to win this game…but when you’re playing that team, you have to temper your excitement I think.  Now lets see what happens Monday at home to Philly and make some judgements then…but the Flames did what they needed to do, they won, and with 9 straight losses prior…I think that’s really all that matters.

Jarome Iginla lead the way on this night, with 4 points and a +4 rating…he was pretty darn good.  He dropped the gloves, he was an offensive force, and had his second multi-point night in 3 games.  For Iginla, he said following that his fight with Sheldon Souray was already predetermined and they dropped them as soon as they had a shift together.  In Iginla’s words, they were just “getting it over with”…but it’s funny, many believe that this all stems from that hit Iginla delivered in Edmonton way back.  If that’s the case, I think Iginla has answered the bell more than enough…he’s fought Moreau and he fought Souray.  For Sheldon, well, not great news…he fractured his hand and didn’t return.  As for Iginla, one of his four points was good for the 900th of his career.

The Oilers are now just 1 game off from tying a franchise record for games without a win…they’re now 0-11-2 in their last 13 games.  The Flames play Philly on Monday night.  Follow me on Twitter at

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    What I saw Saturday was an ok team beating the stuffing out of a really bad team. But that was exactly what Calgary needed. I feel they needed this game after the 9-1 loss. A slump buster. A guy whose striking out everywhere and all the time needs to go to the bar and pick up the easiest, drunkest, close to the ugliest girl in the bar and go to town. That is what Saturday was. The Flames in a slump, and the Oilers just to damn drunk, and ugly to leave alone. Slump busted? Yep. Now lets see what happens from here.

    - Ryan
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