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Lets go crazy on this one, feel free to comment as much as you’d like, we’ll keep this going all afternoon…

Just to update, it’s a 1 year contract for Bertuzzi worth $1.95 million. Also, I have to give credit to Calgary Puck, they had this rumour last night!

Calgary Flames General Manager Darryl Sutter announced today the signing of free agent forward Todd Bertuzzi.

“Todd is a proven scorer with the ability to play both wings,” said Sutter. “He expressed to us that he wanted to play in Canada and that desire along with signing him to a one year deal was important to our philosophy. He wanted to play on a good team and it fit our money. Additionally, our captain, Jarome Iginla, was a strong supporter of Todd and wanted him on our team.”

Bertuzzi, a native of Sudbury, ON, has amassed 793 games over the course of his 12 seasons in the NHL. During that period, the 6’3”, 231lb forward has accumulated 580 points from 240 goals and 340 assists. Last season with the Anaheim Ducks, Bertuzzi recorded 40 points, including 14 goals in 68 games. He has recorded 50-plus points in six of his last eight seasons including a 97 point performance in the 2002-03 campaign. The 33 year old has played in at least 68 games in six of his last eight seasons.

Originally drafted by the NY Islanders in the first round, 23rd overall, in the 1993 NHL Entry Draft, Bertuzzi has been chosen twice to play in the NHL All-Star Game (2003 and 2004) and was named to the NHL First All-Star Team in 2003. He has twice represented Canada and the World Championships (1998 and 2000) and also wore Canada’s colors at the 2006 Olympic Games.

Todd and his wife Julie have two children: daughter, Jaden (8) and son, Tag (6).

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  1. 1.

    I am so dissapointed in the Darryl Sutter and the Flames for bringing such a goon like Bertuzzi to a classy organization like the Flames.
    It will be very hard for me to support the Flames with this signing this season.

    PS: Michael, I think we’re going to hear a lot of that the coming days here. To me, that’s not my worry…his off-ice stuff is immaterial to me. It’s all about his play on the ice, and that hasn’t been stellar the few years, I don’t know how he fits on the ice.

    - Michael
  2. 2.

    Don’t like it!!
    How is Sutter gonna sell this to the fans. I’ve had season tickets for the last 13 years and always look forward to booing Bert at the Dome. He gets the loudest Boo’s I’ve ever heard in the Dome and they carry on for the WHOLE game. Disappointed is an understatement.
    Don’t like it!

    PS: He is one of the most hated opponents of all time…and unlike a player like Darcy Tucker, there aren’t very many people out there who put Bertuzzi in the “hate him on the other team, love him on ours.” I don’t get this at all.

    - Rah
  3. 3.

    Calgary has always been referred to as a classy organization when spoken about in the media. Classy is no longer the case. A desperate attempt to shore up a floundering line up. Sad when you no longer care who or what your organization represents. The organization from the owners down should be walking around today with their heads hanging low. Pathetic.

    PS: This is going to be the overwhelming theme today, which I understand. Again, it’s all about on the ice for me, and that’s where it’s really disappointing to me.

    - Don
  4. 4.

    Bush League move to bring in this bush league player. Couldn’t wait to replace the last Bush player Owen Nolan?? Can’t stop bringing in retreads from the day they are no longer capable to perform in the new NHL? Getting some youth and speed looked good a week ago, now back to the same routine. Sutter should be fired if they don’t win with this slacker deteriorating the moral of the team. He is nothing but a worthless, soon to be convicted criminal. So what if Iggy made a slip and said he gave his blessing. Package him with a couple of the other retreads and get us a real player!! Oh, and hey Darryl this guy isn’t from Alberta. He isn’t one of the good old local boys. Aargh!

    PS: I just don’t know how you justify this move from an on-ice perspective. You criticize Nolan, but Nolan was a major contributor last year. I am skeptical Bertuzzi can be as big a part of this team…and not only from a points perspective. Nolan was a leader, he did the little things on the ice that just made you nod your head and smile.

    - John Davidson
  5. 5.

    Bertuzzi’s a thug, he’s a disgrace, he’s an embarassment and shouldn’t be playing hockey in a civilized country. Never thought I’d say this, but today I’m ashamed to be a Flames fan.

    PS: To this point, I’ve heard 1 positive comment and the rest have been extremely negative. I’d love to play devils advocate and hop on the positive train, but I can’t…don’t like the move purely from a hockey standpoint, like it even less when everything else is taken into consideration.

    - Ross
  6. 6.

    His performance has dropped off even before the goon play with Vancouver but we basically got rid off Nolan, who skated occasionally and got 16 goals, for Bert at 14 goals and saved over $1.5 million by comparison. Hey, Keenan will have a project and who knows, he may respond. Might as well be optimistic, he’s here now!

    PS: I’ll say this…Nolan wouldn’t have gotten $2.75 million here, and probably didn’t deserve that kind of coin. But to me, Bertuzzi is a guy who hasn’t played good hockey in years. I am not optimistic that that changes on a 1 year contract in Calgary.

    - Bob
  7. 7.

    I echo the sentiments of everyone else who has posted before me. This organization has always prided themselves as being one of the classiest in the league. This signing tarnishes that record.
    I was a life long fan of the Flaming C and attended as many games as I could during the season. I will not spend my money at any Flames games next year, nor will I cheer the boys on. If Sutter signed Bertuzzi without ownership input, I suggest it is time they consider replacing Darryl!

    PS: And Barb, you’d have to imagine Darryl took this kind of reaction into consideration before making this move official. He believes it’s worth the risk, but I feel you’re risk is far out-weighing the reward here.

    - Barb
  8. 8.

    Well i guess one thing the Flames fans can be satisfied with is that fact this is only a one year deal and if he doesn’t produce on ice he simply won’t be back. It’s not like the Flames have signed this guys to a long term deal so I think the fans can relax a little. Many people disagreed with the Nolan signing at the time but that turned out pretty well. We will have to wait several months before we can really honestly judge this signing

    PS: I will say this…I didn’t like the Nolan move at the time, and I ate my words. But I don’t know if lightning will strike twice here.

    - Wayne
  9. 9.

    I am not a Bertuzzi fan, and anyone who is a fan of humanity, can claim the same. Having said that the first time I doubted a move that Darryl Sutter made was when he brought in a no-name goalie by the name of Miika Kiprusoff. Ever since I have always given Sutter the benefit of the doubt. I hope, as a Flame, Bertuzzi finds his goal scoring touch from years ago and I also hope he goes to jail for what he did to Steve Moore. If it all happens in the same season, even better. Darryl has a job to do…and it isn’t to make friends. It’s to win THE cup. Anything short of that is considered failure. Bertuzzi just might be the missing piece of the puzzle. Guess we’ll see if Sutter made a smart move come June 2009.

    PS: Yeah, but Mike, does this move help the Flames win the Stanley Cup? The question now with seeing all the negative feedback…is it worth it? I don’t believe it will be…however I will say this. I didn’t like the Nolan deal and it worked…the negative outpouring is much more with Bertuzzi, but it COULD end up surpring. I’ll go on record and say I don’t like the fit and I don’t believe it will work…but who am I?

    - Mike
  10. 10.

    For as much respect as I have for Iginla that is how much I dislike Bertuzzi. How can Iggy support this guy? Why didn’t Sutter sign Chris Simon and Sean Avery so we could have all Three Stooges? I think it is quite obvious that Sutter does not have to run this pass anyone as I do not think that Harley Hotchkiss would support such a move. You can tell that Sutter was expecting a backlash from this in the fact that he made the statement that Iginla supports Bertuzzi.

    PS: Sutter has calculated this down to every detail…he has Iginla to make a conference call at 2 pm to go on record to endorse this, so Darryl was ready for the backlash. Anyone loosely affilliated with the organization is taking flak right now…will it be worth it is the question.

    - Fred
  11. 11.

    Accidents happen. He’s paid the price already. If he plays well for the flames I’ll will support him. As for off ice support, I hope he come to terms with Moore.

    PS: My objection has nothing to do with legal stuff, attitude stuff or anything else. I just don’t like the fit on the ice at all. It’s not a good fit in my books.

    - chanaka
  12. 12.

    What a joke! I’m sorry Mr. Sutter, I’ve supported you since you got here, but this time, no chance. You let Nolan to go to a Division rival and then sign the most over rated, over hyped, washed up, media circus in the league??? I used to breathe, eat and sleep hockey til the last lockout. Since then, I just keep losing faith in our game, and now our hometown team. I have NEVER liked Todd Bercheapshotuzzi and I’m certainly not about to start cheering for him now. And for the first time, I’m actually hoping one of Sutter’s moves does NOT work out. At least he didn’t go out and bring in Tucker too.

    PS: Darryl Sutter clearly believes the negative backlash from the fans is a price to pay for Bertuzzi’s play…it’s now on Bertuzzi to make sure Sutter isn’t hung out to dry here.

    - Kelly
  13. 13.

    Great signing– hope he bashes Hemmersky and the waterbugs on the Soiler lineup Also will be great to hear the reaction in vancouver/Needle City

    - John the Moose
  14. 14.

    I honestly didn’t think the Flames were this desperate. Even if Bertuzzi was still effective, the baggage that comes with him is just something no decent team needs to worry about. Does this “put us over the top’ in terms of getting to a cup? Not a chance. So why bother?…. All I can think of is “desperation”!

    PS: Yeah, that’s pretty much my exact sentiment Shawn. His on-ice contribution won’t be enough, in my mind, to make everything else worth it.

    - Shawn
  15. 15.

    Looks as though Burt has his work cut out for him in a flames jersey. It will be interesting to say the least, I think his experience is an asset and we now have that big body in front of the net. He has played with some good puck moving forwards as of late ie Perry and Getz and that may benefit guys like Lombo. I don’t really mind having Bertuzzi in red and I think when we see him in the battle of Alberta, people’s minds will change. Sad to see Nolan go but not at the 2.75 mil price tag. Great job by Sutter by again making the unexpected happen. What does that put our total Cap at now?

    PS: With the $1.95 million price tag, the Flames still have a few million to play with. Certainly it’s on Bertuzzi to make this move make sense.

    - Chris
  16. 16.

    I liked the Nolan signing last year and was hoping he’d sign with us again. But signing Bert doesn’t make any sense. He hasn’t been producing on the ice with teams like Ana or Det and they dumped him. How does he fit the Flames and what is expected. Sutter keeps talking about young and fast, does he fit the mold? I don’t understand the logic … if anyone can explain please do.

    PS: Yeah, that’s where I’m at. You can’t go into this expecting Bertuzzi to score 80 points, but even still, I don’t like the fit. I really thought the youth/speed movement was the way to go, this doesn’t really fit that mold.

    - Rah
  17. 17.

    Way to give yourself even more credibility Sutter.

    PS: Best part is? He doesn’t care!

    - Hard2beFlamesfan
  18. 18.

    I don’t know what to think.

    Personally I’ve never hated the guy like most others have. He did something stupid and despicable, but I think he has punished himself enough, never mind the treatment he receives from everyone else.

    He’s certainly a better deal than Nolan for 2 years, $2.75mil/per. He fills in that 2nd-line RW spot we sorely need (Dustin Boyd is not ready for 2nd-line duty, at least not yet). He had some chemistry with Iginla for Team Canada, he might come back to life.

    But he’s been Public Enemy No. 1 to many Flames fans. He can be a locker room cancer. He might be too old, too slow, too beat-up and could lack the emotional drive to produce.

    However, barring a trade involving our prospects (Irving, Keetley, Backlund, etc.), he was the only real option we had. Especially if Sutter is committed against the buyout option (which with the Bourque signing, he looks like he is).

    But at least it’s good to hear that Jarome supports the move.

    PS: The fact that Iginla supports the move says a lot. Again, I don’t like the fit, but more and more I’ll say wait and see. I’m TRYING to go into this with an optimistic view.

    - Tony
  19. 19.

    These responses are almost comical. Todd Bertuzzi is a lightning rod for controversy but these posts calling him a “worthless convicted criminal” and he shouldn’t be playing hockey in a “civilized country”, are so over the top that people are not looking at the actual result of this move. Todd Bertuzzi is a younger, faster, cheaper version of Owen Nolan with the potential to have a impact if he’s healthy. He is coming to a team with one of the best leaders in hockey and has a chance to redeem himself in a tough hockey market. If he doesn’t fit, he can be waived and the flames can move on but if he plays his role he can definitely help this team, especially on the PP. I just don’t see how the Flames lose on a deal like this?

    PS: 40 points in 68 games…that’s not terrible. But here’s where I weigh in Travis…Nolan did so much on the ice points-wise, but also in terms of the little things. Can Bertuzzi do that? I’m not sure.

    - Travis
  20. 20.

    For anyone who says that Bertuzzi hasn’t been producing on the ice he had over 40 pts last year with Anaheim in 68 games with very limited ice time and has been a Flame killer in the past. Nolan had 32 pts last year in 77 games. As much as I am not a Bertuzzi fan, this signing makes a lot more sense at 1.95 million for one year for a 33 year old than 5.5 million for 2 years for a 36 year old with less up side.

    I think Bertuzzi could fit in well with the Flames system if he stays healthy and definitely fills a need at right wing on the second or third line.

    I think it could prove to be a good fit if the fans give it a chance.

    PS: As the day has gone by, I’m giving this move more and more of a chance. Look back at my comments! I hated it to start, and now I’m trying to be optimistic. He is NOT going to be an 80 point guy, but he could end up being pleasantly surprised.

    - Luc
  21. 21.

    Other than this being only a 1yr deal this is the only thing that’s good about it!

    Darryl Sutter just last week stated we’re going to be younger and faster team and then signs Big Bert!

    I cannot see Bertuzzi being beneficial from a PR standpoint what a nightmare….too much extra baggage. Todd was a goal scorer…keyword was a goal scorer now he’s a player who only plays when he feels like it….slow and unmotivated.

    PS: The on-ice fit is where I still object…the Flames had a real chance to go in a new direction. Young, fast, energetic…Bertuzzi is not young, nor is he fast, so in that respect, I am critical of the move. The best part is, he can prove me wrong real easy.

    - Gary
  22. 22.

    The Bertuzzi incident is 4 years old now, time to move on . As a flames fan Bert is the exact type of player I feel we need , Big Strong and will park himself in front of the net on the powerplay , something no-one has done for the last 2-3 years. List other players available for 2 mil who are a lock for 20 goals -40 points . Flames needed another top 6 forward and if Bert can drop the baggage and just play the game I think we may be surprised with his contributions.

    PS: The one question I ask Wes, is…overall, not JUST points, does Bertuzzi replace Nolan? I say no. But Nolan didn’t sign back…but I really believed the Flames would be much better served to go with the speedy youth movement, and this doesn’t fit into that. Darryl likes vets, and he has his vision.

    - Wes Papp
  23. 23.

    I guess Sutter just has a hunch that the bigger and slower we get the more competitive we’ll be …

    PS: Sutter knows what he wants, but with what Sutter wants, the Flames haven’t got past the 1st round the past 3 years. Does this get them over that hump? I say no.

    - Hard2beFlamesfan
  24. 24.

    I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt but his character or lack of just leaves to much to be desired. Sutter is really sticking his neck out on this one.

    If Bertuzzi is smart (doubt it) he gets to the media quick in Calgary and says all the right things. Specifically that he’s here to play hockey, will keep his mouth shut, tow the line in the dressing room, and promise not to be a distraction.

    Then if he matches last years numbers “maybe” he’ll get the benefit of the doubt.

    Hopefully the team being booed in every arena with Bert on the bench will stoke the fire and not interfere with their focus.

    PS: You make a good point, Sutter really is sticking his neck out here…he is putting himself on the line, because if this backfires it’s on Sutter. Luckily, Jarome is the captain and he runs a pretty damn tight ship.

    - Grouch
  25. 25.

    I love the thought of having Todd Bertuzzi in our city we
    are a city of good people who love the game of Hockey let’s just see what he has to bring to our game and fine city
    Remember the spirit of Calgary that also includes
    Hockey Go Flames Go…..

    PS: More and more positive comments to this…still lots of negative, but the more optimistic the fan base is, the more of a pleasant surprise this can be.

    - KristyLee
  26. 26.

    Nolan was great for us last year, especially in the playoffs. I was hoping Sutter would make a move for Bert once he was let go by the Ducks, but there wasn’t room if Nolan came back. I (10 year season ticket holder) am excited that Sutter found a replacement and I think Bert will be a bigger contributer during the regular season than Nolan was.
    I hated Bert when he wore the orca on his jersey and put up killer numbers against the Flames. I initially laughed when he got suspended for the Moore incident. But he has paid a huge price for his mistake and I hope that the Flames fans will offer him support rather than ignorant booos. Perhaps even the media will try a different story line than Steve Moore questions.

    PS: Can Bertuzzi still be an impact player on the ice? Mmmm maybe. 40 points last year…but I think he’s a better fit on another team. On this team? I don’t think it works as well.

    - Classy
  27. 27.

    todd bertuzzi made a mistake. like you never made a mistake. probobly not a big one like that but still cut this a guy a break . hes a flame now and hees going to do a very good job. hees back in a canadian city and i wont be suprised to see twenty plus. this will fill a very big whole in our depth chart. i like 90 % of calgarians are VERY exited

    PS: I don’t know if 90% of Calgarians are excited, just take a look at the comments on here. More people are being optimistic about this, granted, but there is still a ton of negative backlash.

    - tyler
  28. 28.

    I am so disappointed and have a sick feeling about this. Anyone want to buy my tickets for next year? I’m not sure if I am going to use them, sell them or donate them.

    PS: There is going to be a contingent of hockey fans who will feel this way…I believe Bertuzzi deserves a second chance, and deserves a shot to prove people wrong.

    - Suzette Pereira
  29. 29.

    Thanks Duane.
    You are making me look good.

    - Kevin Lowe
  30. 30.

    I was shocked when I heard about the signing. I dont like Bertuzzi but I’m willing to learn. I think he is still capable of putting up 60 points in a season if he can stay healthy. If he lives up to that expectation, then I have no problem with him.
    He will be a big body infront of the net. When you combine that with Phaneuf’s booming point shot you have a recipe for a lot of power play goals.

    PS: In theory, there is a lot of potential in a good way. In theory, there is a lot of potential in a bad way. The fact that it can swing either way is where a lot of people have problems. Off-ice issues are a non-starter for me, I’m not a proponent to this deal from a strictly hockey perspective.

    - Jordan
  31. 31.

    I thought that Bertuzzi should have done time for the Moore incident. That being said, I’d rather have him on my team than have to play against him.

    PS: That used to be my sentiment, but I’ve seen him as far too much of a perimeter player as of late. But he can still play.

    - Dan
  32. 32.

    As a Flames fan, I like the move. Bert is younger than Nolan, and cheaper. Nolan was inconsistent all year last season. I was the biggest Bertuzzi hater in years past, mostly because he played for Vancouver. He is not the same dominating player he used to be, but let’s wait and see what happens. He is very capable of being one of the top six. Put him along side Jarome and Lanks, then you have a Lombo, Cammalleri, and Glencross second unit, not too bad. As for people saying they are never going to a Flames game again…you obviously weren’t a real fan.

    PS: People are entitled to think whatever they want, and it doesn’t mean they are or are not true fans…I don’t buy into that. Fans are fans. However, I’d rather have Nolan on this team than Bertuzzi at this point.

    - Lee Snowden
  33. 33.


    Donate your tickets to Kids up Front’s a good cause.

    - Hard2beFlamesfan
  34. 34.

    Hey Duane, There was a time back in the 80′s where I made a little trade that a few people did not like. Don’t worry though I am still loved & adored all these years later.

    P.s. Kevin says, hahahaha

    - Peter Pocklington
  35. 35.

    I’m confused as to why Bert would want to come back to a market where the fans and the media will rip him apart.
    I’m going to guess he wants to prove that that one inncident is behind him, and change how he is looked at when he exits the game. If he decides to turn himself back into the player he was when playing with Naslund then I’m all for it.
    For the price I don’t mind the signing.

    PS: Bertuzzi still loves hockey, clearly. So he’s coming back to a hockey-mad market…he’s going to get booed, and if he stinks up the joint, he’s really going to get booed. Just imagine how much of a topic this could be if he doesn’t play well…Sutter is really putting himself out there on this one.

    - Fauser
  36. 36.

    To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of this move – I’d like to think the Flames weren’t that desperate as to pick up a guy whose very name = scumbag in most every fan’s mind across the League. If you look at just the on-ice potential, sure he could be this year’s Tony Amonte/Owen Nolan whatever but the chances are that he won’t be. He couldn’t thrive in non-hockey markets like Anaheim or Sunrise (Florida)where the glare of the media and public weren’t really on him…how will he do better in a rabid hockey market like Calgary? It says a lot that Iginla backs him – but I don’t think Bertuzzi’s the kind of role model I’d like my kids to follow. Granted, it’s past time to get over crucifying the guy for the Moore incident, he’s paid/paying for that enough without a bunch of non-involved bystanders weighing in but you just have to wonder if a) he’s ever going to get past it and b) how much of a distraction will it be to the team in the room? This is just such an insane signing…..

    PS: Yeah, I agree that I don’t think he’ll be a great fit. I’d much rather see Nystrom or Moss get a shot on the second line, and I don’t see the value on a 1 year deal for that very reason. Very curious move to me.

    - JerzeeGirl
  37. 37.

    I just called the Flames ticket office.

    I have canceled my season tickets.

    Lower bowel. Give them a call.

    PS: Wow, kudos to you for sticking to your guns.

    - FormerFlamesFan
  38. 38.

    Relax people, I’m no fan of Todd Bertuzzi but I cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey more than the names on the back.
    Suzette, if you’re serious about selling your season ticket rights please let me know.

    PS: It’s clearly a polarizing move. There are tons of Flames fans who will be able to accept this, but there are lots who won’t. I’m not objecting to bringing him here for his past…it’s just the on-ice fit I don’t like.

    - Bart
  39. 39.

    Isn’t he still suspended, I thought I had taken care of that

    - Gary Bettman
  40. 40.

    I’m not sure why you think it is a bad deal from a hockey perspective?

    I am reminded of the last time I saw bertuzzi playing in a game the really meant something, it was against the flames in the ’07 playoffs. It was frustrating seeing him manhandle Dion and even Robyn Regehr in the corners.

    If anything, the physical, forechecking game the flames play if a good fit for his skillset. His production is much higher that Nolan’s, in terms of points.

    PS: Here’s why…I thought the Flames were moving in the right direction. Camalerri, Bourque, Glencross all speedy guys…Lombardi given an increased role, same with Moss and Nystrom. I really believed a youth movement based on speed was the way to go…Bertuzzi doesn’t fit that mold. That’s why I disagree.

    - crazy_eoj
  41. 41.

    I guess Sutter thought Calgary didn’t have enough low lifes in the city. This signing is an embarassment to a formerly classy organization not to mention a real black eye for the city.
    Bertuzzi is a classic examle of a pampered athlete who does something really stupid because he knows he will never be held accountable. The only remorse he has ever shown is how sorry he is he screwed up his own career, no remorse for his victim. Makes a great role model for kids.

    PS: However, he deserved a second chance and to this point hasn’t done anything to make people believe giving him that second chance was a mistake.

    - Rich
  42. 42.

    I like Bart’s comment in regards to cheering for the Flaming ‘C’ rather than the names on the back. Problem is it gets tiresome when the crest has only made it past the first round once since 1989! Sutter set the bar in 2004, and just like the 88 Olympics, Calgarians are not letting go anytime soon. Our expectations are high. There have been many comments about the class of the organization. Guess we are just fortunate that Chris Simon didn’t have his meltdowns in Calgary…because maybe those comments would have less weight today.

    PS: And here’s where I weigh in on that…I don’t believe THIS move gets them past the 1st round either? With the loss of Nolan and installing Bertuzzi, I see them being at about the same level as last year.

    - Mike
  43. 43.

    I consider myself a LOYAL Flames fan. There have been more than a few Flames that have caused us to do a double-take, (Simon, Nieminen, Amonte, Friesen) but all seemed to have won over the fan base.

    I don’t know if Bertuzzi will be able to provide the offense that Nolan did last year, but consider that Calgary let their current enforcer, Godard, go – you replace Nolan and Godard with Bertuzzi and I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad swap.

    It will definitely make the season interesting if Bert can stay healthy.

    PS: Friesen doesn’t belong with the others, IMO. Bertuzzi certainly adds some toughness, but he hasn’t been the same player since the lockout, so he’s not the same intimidating force he was.

    - Kendall
  44. 44.

    Settle down I don’t believe that this is a bad thing.I think he will be a good fit on the second or third line.who would u rather have nolan at 2.7 mill or bert at 1.95? I would take bert every time. He will take the heat off of iginla and the others because the media will be all over him. And if any of u want to give up your season tickets I will gladly purchase them from u. Good signing mr sutter don’t listen to the rest of these uneducated hockey fans, they prob don’t even no how to skate.

    PS: I completely disagree…I’d take Nolan every time. That being said, I’m still going to wait and see. Right now don’t like it, but it’s very easy to prove that line of thought wrong. Very easy.

    - matt
  45. 45.

    What happened to Darryl’s committment last week to becoming “younger and quicker”? Bertuzzi is neither of these. He is 33-34 years old, unmotivated, out of his prime and brings a poor attitude and work ethic. NOT A GOOD FIT FOR THIS TEAM! I did not like the Nolan deal and this one stinks far worse! I cant believe all these people who say Nolan worked out so well here! Do they realize he only contributed 32 pts! If he was such a MAJOR contributor last year then the flames would have tried harder to sign him again……..All I can say is I am (for the first time) disappointed in Sutter. I will however remain a Flame fan because the flames are about alot more than Todd Bertuzzi……Sutter will have to somehow redeem himself to regain my trust.

    PS: Young and fast is why I was so excited for this season! Bertuzzi is not in that mold. Not a good fit. I’ll disagree with you on the Nolan front. Yeah, he didn’t have astronomical point totals, but he lended so much to this team elsewhere…it’ll be tough for Bertuzzi to bring that.

    - Kurt
  46. 46.

    … is Lindros still available? :o )

    - Hard2beFlamesfan
  47. 47.

    Wow all I can say having to pull for Bert is really hard to do. But I guess I will have get over it Daryl I hope you know what you are doing.

    PS: If this backfires, Darryl is the one to blame. But if it ends up working well, Sutter will get the credit.

    - Randy
  48. 48.

    So you say Bertuzzi deserves a second chance. How about Moore’s second chance? Why does the perpretrator always deserve a second chance while the victim is left high an dry?

    PS: It’s a good point, Moore has been abandoned, but that doesn’t mean Bertuzzi doesn’t deserve his second chance.

    - Rich
  49. 49.

    Only time will tell if this is a good move or not. There have been a lot of cheap shots done by players but Todd Bertuzzi happened to break someones neck. How many other players would we put in the same category as Bertuzzi if they had seriously injured the guys they went after? I don’t think Bertuzzi intended to do the damage he did but he will pay the price for it even just by the backlash he still faces. I look forward to seeing what Betuzzi can do with the Flames this year.

    PS: Wait and see…I’m in a straight up wait and see mode. I don’t like it hockey wise right now, but I didn’t like Nolan either.

    - Erin
  50. 50.

    Wow… there’s no forgiveness in the hockey world. He was punished by a criminal court, deservingly vilified in the media and now he’s defending a civil action from Moore and his family. He’s apologized a couple times. What more do people want from him?

    Bertuzzi does give the flames a lightning rod; this team seemed a little too nice at times. My concern is over the supposed youth movement on the wings. I was hoping for a quick skating team this year. Although they’re faster in some areas, I’m sure Bert helps. I do hope Sutter and Keanan get him on a strong fitness program. So would this put Moss on the third line?

    PS: That’s the main problem I have DQ…I really wanted to see what a guy like Moss could do given a bigger role. Sure, he’ll still have a bigger role, but I really believed Moss could be a 40-50 point guy on the second PP unit. Maybe it will still happen, who knows.

    - DQ
  51. 51.

    Bertuzzi = bye bye season tickets.

    I had the money in the bank and was ready to buy season tickets. I guess that money’s going to a new big screen so I can watch the NFL. I don’t have the heart to cheer for a team other then Calgary, but I DESPISE Todd Bertuzzi. After the Steve Moore incident he should of been put in jail, I can’t believe he’s still in the league. I’ll have no part in helping pay a criminal.

    Darryl Sutter was awesome coach and he belongs behind the bench, he had a good start as the GM but he’s blowing it now. One of the statements that Sutter made was that Todd has a history with Mike Keenan … Who Cares ? Mike Keenan is a horrible coach, his tough love method is not working here, it’s obvious to me that there is a direct connection from Kipper’s poor performance to Keenan. Let’s stop making a Keenan Flames team, a Keenan Flames team is a losing Flames team. We should be paying the Oilers or the Canucks to take him off our hands.

    If I can manage to put my hatred for Todd Bertuzzi aside I still don’t get this move. Olan Nolan was a player well out of his prime, and the same can be said for Cutis Joseph. However they both brought something to the team. No they weren’t what they used to be so a lot of people say they stink, but the fact is for the roles they play their points are still fairly average, but they add a lot to the team and help boost the performance of the other players. Bertuzzi doesn’t add anything to this team but another thug. Sure his points in the past sound decent, but that Todd Bertuzzi is long gone. The whole teams morale is going to take a hit when it’s own fans feel this disappointed in the club.

    I’m buying one ticket this year, the home opener so I can be there to hear the sea of red Boo Bertuzzi like never before.

    Go Seahawks !!

    PS: The fan breakdown has been kind of weird…lots of positivity, lots of on the fence, and then a strong contingent of people absoutely dead set against this.

    Oh, and go Bucs!

    - Nick
  52. 52.

    At first I was shocked but I think this is a great move. In my opinion this guy is dominate around the net with his size and strength. The flames have been lacking a big body to park in front of the net. Sutter just makes good hockey moves and I like that he is not that concerned with the PR, especially after reading all the crying on here.

    Go FLAMES!!!!!!!!


    PS: I’ll hold off on “great move”, I’m still not sold on it. I’ll be the first to eat my words though if it turns out be successful, I just at this point don’t really believe it’s the best direction for the hockey club to go in.

    - Guy
  53. 53.

    ummmm.. Amonte and Friesen won over the fan base?? I guess I missed that…

    PS: Yeah, especially Friesen goes down in the “not so good move” category.

    - Kelly
  54. 54.

    The move is a good hockey move and certainly good fodder for all the prima donna’s that are spouting off!

    PS: It certainly is a good topic to talk about! Again, I won’t sit here and say “he doesn’t deserve to be in the NHL”…to me, he deserved another chance, and he has been a model hockey citizen since then. I ONLY object because I don’t like the fit. That’s all.

    - Nick H
  55. 55.

    Oh and for those santimonious cretins that want to turn in their tickets, buh bye! You wno’t be missed by the fans or the franchise and in fact you just opened up a space for another fan.

    PS: Fans have the right to their opinions, I don’t know if it’s sanctimonious here.

    - Nick H
  56. 56.

    I have to think there are younger, better potential, less controversial and less risky options out there than Todd Bertuzzi……(ie, Stillman, Vyborny, Clowe, Peca, Bernier, Ryder)…….I dont get it…..How do we choose Bertuzzi over some of these?

    PS: That is exactly where I come in on this. Better options, better directions. Still…wait and see.

    - Kurt
  57. 57.

    We have to realize that this signing all started with Iron Mike. If he is going to trade for him in a package sending away Mr. Luongo a couple years ago, then he still beleives he can get the best out of him to help this team. I like the deal. Even after 4 years of media and fan scrutiny, let alone being booed everywhere he goes, he has the guts to come to a hockey crazed market where the microscope will be even more intense, then maybe he has something to prove on and off the ice. 40 points will be surpassed this year easily I predict.

    PS: You’ve gotta give Bertuzzi credit in that regard…he’s taking a big risk, because he will get booed. Sutter said the Bert-Keenan history had nothing to do with the move.

    - JD
  58. 58.

    First, Nolan was way over-priced at what he just signed for. As for Bert, give him a chance. we hated him when he played against the Flames and for good reason – he beat us! He’s probably going to score 20-30 goals and we finally have someone who will stand in front of the net. If he works hard and succeeds, fans will cheer, if he plays poorly, fans will boo him just like anyone else. He’s going to play a lot tougher than Juice and won’t disappear when the going gets tough.

    PS: No question Nolan got too much. None at all, but I don’t know if Bertuzzi gets 30 goals here. He’d be a better fit on other teams, IMO.

    - Peter B
  59. 59.

    PS….do you really mean that you will sell your impossible to get season tickets? I don’t think so!

    PS: I do find it crazy that people would do that, but some people really feel that strongly.

    - Peter B
  60. 60.

    I like the deal, what most people are discussing is the off ice stuff that happened 4 years ago. He will bring good balance to this team. I would like to see any team remove this guy from the front of the net. The bottom line is when I go to a flames game all I want is to see them win and not get beaten into the ice. This won’t happen with Todd, I can’t give a rat’s behide for what he did all I care about is what he’s going to do. The Western Conference is going to be a tough division, I feel better watching him on our team than him beating Dion…..Way to go Daryll!!!

    PS: He adds toughness, and in theory, the PP might be formidable. The off-ice stuff I’m not thinking about…I would still rather see a younger guy in the same spot, that’s all I object to.

    - John
  61. 61.

    Where are all the Flames FANS!!!

    Leave the hockey decisions up to those that have many more years of experience, knowledge and respect in the league than any of you commenting on this blog (including myself).

    You are the same fans who whined for 7 years of hockey without playoffs. Darryl Sutter has not missed the playoffs since coming to Calgary, except for his 1st season which was already lost before he got here.

    We were the first to cheer when we got to the Cup final, and are now the first to bale when he signs a player that isn’t a model citizen. Ever stop think Darryl doesn’t give a rip about what you think? That’s why he’s the GM and not you.

    Save your comments until next April and see where this team is. If this move gets us past the 1st round of the playoffs, I’d call it a smart move. If Bertuzzi gets hurt and doesn’t help the team much, well that’s no different that the problems the other 29 teams in the league face.

    Leave the hockey decisions up to the professionals. If you want to moan about the type of person Bertuzzi is, maybe Iginla has the right to moan about what type of fans you are.

    PS: That’s a good attitude to have Kendall, and if the majority of Flames fans take this stance, the move will most likely pay off in their eyes. You cannot come in with 80 point expectations and you can’t come in waiting for Bertuzzi to fail.

    - Kendall
  62. 62.


    You would rather watch guys like Pac Man Jones, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss and wait for it….Ray Lewis.

    I can see your justification for the big screen, at least you can see real murderers and not just neck breakers.

    I hope Bert lights it up this year!

    - Chris
  63. 63.

    There are a lot of people who are pretty high on their horse.

    What he did was wrong, but it was 5 years ago already – no matter how short you feel the suspension was he didn’t qualify for a lifetime ban.

    from a hockey point of view – he is only 33, he is a reclamation project and his upside could be great. He might be the best bang for free agent dollar spent this off season.

    PS: He does have some upside, I don’t know if he’s the best bang-for-buck. We’ll see, but at this point, I think Bertuzzi has been far too much of a perimiter player as of late. He’ll need to change that on this team.

    - Dave Martin
  64. 64.

    To Kendall:
    Are you seriously comparing us fans to Bertuzzi ?????? We all (as Pat said) have a right to an opinion on the events that transpire with the team we cheer for. Just because Mr. Sutter is the GM doesnt mean we dont have the right to question what he does as a GM.

    PS: And opinions on a subject like this will never be the same. Some probably believe I’m an idiot cause I am willing to overlook the off-ice stuff but don’t like the on-ice fit. It’s just the way it is with a subject like this.

    - Kurt
  65. 65.

    Listen to some of you people…bandwagon fans. I’m sure if you are true to your convictions and want to sell your tickets there will be plenty of decent fans lining up for them. I think Bertuzzi is a steal for the price and will be a great body on the powerplay. Go Flames Go!

    PS: The whole bandwagon thing gets tiring…fans are entitled to their opinions, and yours is that it’s a steal.

    - TheBens
  66. 66.

    Great signing by Sutter!!! He is way better than Nolan for less dollars. Way to go!!


    PS: I was just chatting with Boomer…he’d take Bert over Nolan. I go the other way, I’d take Nolan over Bert.

    - Shaune
  67. 67.

    Could spell the end of the Sutter era with the Flames if they don’t win a round or two.

    PS: No question Darryl is taking a mega risk with this move. If it pays off, he’s a genius. If not, there will be people calling for his head.

    - KW
  68. 68.

    I agree that what Todd Bertuzzi did to Steve Moore was a reprehensible, there is no argument on that. Having said that, this is a hockey move and not a popularity move. The fact that Jarome Iginla ( our beloved and trusted captain ) endorses Bertuzzi is enough for me. Trust me there are worst goons in the NHL (ie Derian Hatcher, Chris Pronger)who are still playing and seemed to be coated with teflon. Time will tell on this signing.

    PS: The fact that Jarome endorses this goes a long way for me, an objective Flames watcher. It shows that the team is behind the move.

    - Bill
  69. 69.

    So, maybe since Bert’s signing has so many folks up in arms, I may actually be one of the Seasons Tickets waiting-in-line people that finally gets a chance to purchase same? I say give The Bert to Iron Mike and let’s just see what happens. Sorry to see Nolan go, he was that feisty Irish that was fun to watch, but it all comes down to money it seems.

    PS: Nolan got way too much money, that’s clear.

    - Dawn
  70. 70.

    It’s clear this issue will be controversial throughout the summer and the regular season. We’ll just have to wait and see. And I’d like to say good job Pat, it’s been a busy day for you on the blogs

    PS: I LOVE the move from a media perspective! We’ve got stuff to talk about all year long! Thanks for the words Wayne, it’s been fun, lets keep it going!

    - Wayne
  71. 71.

    Great move!! Somebody to stand in front of the net,good for the powerplay,he’ll get 25 goals this year!!As for all the Flames whiners give me your tickets I’ll take ‘em.What’s done is done give him a chance!

    PS: I’m certainly going to give him a chance, I don’t have high expectations, but I won’t wish or wait for him to fail. An optimistic attitude serves well here.

    - kevin
  72. 72.

    From a money standpoint, statistical stanpoint, and a potential stanpoint this move makes total sense. For the money Nolan received we are saving 800,000. Bert managed to outscore Nolan last season by 8 points in 9 less games, and Bert is 3 years younger with the potential of being a 50 point guy (or better) given a full season with good linemates. Don’t approve of his actions but I think from a hockey stance it is a good move and a steal

    PS: COULD be a steal. Could be another 1 year thing that doesn’t work out.

    - ben
  73. 73.

    All of you season ticket holders with lighters in hand need to relax.
    I’m not unlike most people when it comes to Big Bert. I loved to boo him every time he touched the puck, but Sutter doesn’t make decisions based on anyone’s opinions (Simon, Marchment, etc), and he has a definite logic in terms of the types of players he brings in.
    He has gone a little younger, but needed to balance that out with some grit and some scoring touch.
    Nolan wasn’t going to sign for less than two years, and Bertuzzi fits that mold for less money.
    From a hockey standpoint it makes sense (someone to crash the net and win some battles on the walls, and with Iginla behind it, this might even be a move that galvanizes that locker room.
    Everyone is going to ride the guy until he fixes Stortini like Nolan did, and then theres gonna be a lineup for #44 jerseys at the Fanattic.

    PS: If Bertuzzi starts well, a lot of the fan backlash will subside no question. Interesting you make the point about balancing some of the new youth…I still believe guys like Iginla, Langkow, Aucoin, Regehr are enough to balance that.

    - Raff
  74. 74.

    Obviously this is a Nolan replacement move and I like this signing!! From an on ice perspective Bert had 40 points (14 goals and 26 assists) compared to Nolan’s 32 point output (16G, 16A) and he did it playing 9 fewer games. Add in the fact that he is much less expensive and younger than Nolan and it makes sense to me. The guy still has the tools and can be a pleasant suprise as long as he stays healthy. I’m excited!!

    PS: The fan split is starting to even up a little bit, there are a lot of people looking at this in a positive manner. Again, he’s cheaper than Nolan, but I don’t know if he brings the same things Nolan did. I was a huge Nolan fan.

    - Ryan
  75. 75.

    I find it kind of funny we’ve all managed to forgive Fluery for the things he did so let’s give Big “BERT” the benefit of the doubt.If he’s good enough for Iggy he’s good enough for me!

    PS: Again, the Iginla Indorsement…I’m proud of that one…means a lot. I think it ends up being the biggest saving grace here.

    - Kevin
  76. 76.

    Bertuzzi…are you kidding me. What we couldn’t land a class act like Sean Avery. I’m torn between staying away entirely and going to every game so I can Boo this jerk whenever he steps on the ice!


    PS: I ask you this though, Steve…if Bertuzzi ends up with a good season and helps the Flames, would you think about changing your tune?

    - Steve
  77. 77.

    I think this is a great move I was thinking of this when o Nolan didn’t look like he was coming Back the reason I like this we haven’t had someone of his size to stand in front of the net. I think we should all give Bert another chance he has paid for his inddiscretions now let’s let him give his all for the Flames when he wasn’t playing for us I didn’t like him but let’s welcome to the friendly City of Calgary

    PS: If there is a locker room to make sure all the off-ice stuff don’t become a distraction, it’s this one. That being said, the direction of the team for next season is unclear to me now with this move.

    - Jack Fitzsimmons
  78. 78.

    As a season ticket holder I am extremely disappointed with this move. The Flames have shown they support a player who ended another player’s career with a back stabbing sucker punch to the head. The most classless act I have seen in hockey, Chris Simon cannot compare. If Bertuzzi were to score the Stanley Cup winning goal for the Flames, I still would have no respect for this man. This really makes me re-think the commitment I have made to the Flames.

    PS: I’m still of the opinion that he made a mistake. It was a big one, but a second chance is warranted I believe.

    - Rick
  79. 79.

    I am a loyal Flames fan and will continue to be one. I don’t like ever single player and no fan ever will. I despise him for what he did just as much as the next guy BUT I would rather have him on my team than have my guys play against him.

    PS. I will admit I hoped the Flames would go after him the moment I heard he was up for grabs.

    PS: And that’s the sentiment among many others…he’s now playing for your favorite team, so they’re willing to try and accept that.

    - Hank
  80. 80.

    worst flames move ever. I have been a season ticket holder since 04. When I heard I wanted to vomit. I am going to post my tickets for sale as my wife and I cannot bring ourselves to support such a classless player. Way to go Flames announcing it while your office is closed for Stampede shows the type of class as the one of the player you just signed. As for the money their paying for this guy it’s insane not even worth a third of that, hasn’t done squat for years why else would the Ducks buy him out. Sign Straka that would make more sense than this slug.

    PS: Again, I urge you to at least give the move a chance from a hockey perspective. Your personal feelings probably won’t change, but if you come at it from a wait-and-see perspective, he might surprise you on the ice.

    - stephane soucy
  81. 81.

    At first I had mixed emotions about Bertuzzi playing for the Flames too… I have cheered for them since they came to Calgary and thus far only have one cup… Maybe Bertuzzi can bring some intensity and heart to the Flames other than Iginla… What he did was definitely wrong, but he has been punished enough for his actions that were 4 years ago… Hockey is a game that is played with passion and at times I have done things while playing hockey that I wished I wouldn’t have… I believe the media should justlet it die and let him do what he does best and play hard nosed hockey and scores points…
    Enough said about Bertuzzi and what happened 4 years ago…

    PS: Unfortunately Dan, the media can’t let it die for one simple reason…Bertuzzi still has lawsuits pending, legal things pending that could cloud his future. And remember, it’s very hard to forget what happened…Bertuzzi’s attack on Moore was one of the most memorable things in hockey history, for the wrong reasons. So it’s a little unrealistic for everyone to forget that, even if some are able to do so.

    - dan heyland
  82. 82.

    I can see all of us transplanted Canuck fans wearing a little smile today, to see that Todd has come to Calgary. I have been a Canuck fan for life and the flames have become my second team. But now with the retirement of Trevor Linden, the loss of Marcus Nasland and now the Flames Signing of Bertuzzi, omg I just may buy a Flames jersey and heaven forbid, could I really cheer for the Flames when the Canucks are intown. If Todd has a conscience, and I hope he does, Darrel Sutter will look like a genius, and if Todd plays like I saw him play at his peak in Vancouver, i gurarentee you will see more of the Flaming Red #44 shirts, this is a risk Darrel had to take, the “Up side” is incredible.


    PS: There is some upside, and there is some downside to this move. I still think it’s not a great fit, but I’m willing to give it a chance here.

    - Graham
  83. 83.

    “Bad karma” are the first words that come to mind, however, since Jarome is a proponent of this deal, it may very well push both of them to another, hopefully higher, level. It has the potential to be amazing. Although i would love to boo Bertuzzi and pick another team to cheer for I have been a Flames fan since Nelson Skalbania brought the Flames to Calgary in 1980. Fortunately for me at the time, i was a Leafs fan and in search of another team to cheer for. It will not be easy , but i’ll try.

    PS: Iginla’s backing says a lot to ME…Iginla is all class, so him going out on a limb for this guy says something. Iginla pushed for this it would seem.

    - ronald...
  84. 84.

    I have never been a fan of Bertuzzi. I remember what he did and did not do in Van. Only hope he can at least match the production of Nolan. Not that Nolan was overly productive. I would like to see Keenan give him a shot beside Iggy and see what happens.

    PS: Regardless, Bertuzzi has an opportunity to up his production.

    - Dennis
  85. 85.

    I love this move…we finally get the “classy organization label” REMOVED!!! Remember, nice guys finish last and the testament of that is the last 3 first round exits in the playoffs. Remeber when we had Ville that pesky rodent that drove opponents and perhaps his own teammates crazy…look how far they got into the playoffs. Get off your high horses Calgary “this is a classy organization” wahwah! Lets give Bert a chance everyone is entitled the benifit of the doubt. I think he still has a lot of hockey left in him and yes, he is a thug that can play more minutes than Godard!

    PS: That’s the first I’ve seen reflecting THAT opinion. I would imagine being called a classy organization is always a good thing, and doesn’t have anything to do with the lack of playoff success.

    - Hank
  86. 86.

    I am appalled that the Calgary Flames would sign the most hated player in the NHL. I have been a Flames fan since day one, however I cannot support a team with Bertuzzi on it. Announcing the signing of Bertuzzi when the Flames office is closed for the Calgary Stampede only delays the barrage of complaints the Flames will receive on July 14th.

    PS: They’re receiving the complaints anyway, as they still have access to email. The complaints are coming, but they were ready and Sutter doesn’t really care. He’s going to do what he thinks is best, regardless of what you or I think. That won’t change.

    - Christine
  87. 87.

    I dislike Bert. That said, his points and age are an improvement over Nolan (maybe not his leadership, but this team has plenty of that in Iginla and Regher).

    Yeah, Sutter said he wanted younger and faster. But he’s younger than Nolan and maybe faster (I don’t remember him being unable to keep up with Naslund).

    What the Flames have lacked for a while is a big presence behind and in front of the opposing net. Bertuzzi could be that player.

    PS: Again, I really thought Moss could be that guy in front of the net. That being said, Bertuzzi might be able to rock it pretty well, so I’ll wait and see.

    - pylon
  88. 88.

    Get out of the kitchen and smell the horse crap Christine and to all you whiners out there.

    Go watch syncronize swimming, that will cleanse your palate. Boo ho!

    PS: Again, fans are entitled to their opinion.

    - Hank
  89. 89.

    I just finished reading all 80 messages… To the Flames fans who are forgiving and want to see Bertuzzi and his family get on with their lives I applaud you… Nick H and Kendall well spoken… As for you people who are fortunate enough to have season tickets to watch the Flames (Steve, Rick Stephanie and Suzette) and are sick to your stomachs and want to get rid of your season tickets becuase of the sigining of Bertuzzi… Do the right thing and give them to Kids Sports or other charitble organizations and go cheer for the Leafs or Oilers… Sutter is being a methodical GM by saving money for February to maybe get a more skilled player for the final run… Bertuzzi is a deal for the Flames…

    PS: I also think some of the “burn the tickets” calls are a little premature.

    - dan heyland
  90. 90.

    While I understand some of the anger and venom that people have for Bertuzzi, lets be realistic here. This is strictly a hockey move with tremendous possible upside and reasonably limited down. We can debate the merits of bringing in Bert with all his baggage but if he can regain some of what made him so dominant we win as Flames fans. Remember folks we all love and trust Iggy and his leadership in that room, for him to back this move tells me all I need to know. This is a room with solid leadership and some nastiness and toughness has been missing. We all loved Nolan but at 2 years and well over two mil per year it was way more risk than the Flames were willing to take on.

    The hope is a line of Langkow BETWEEN Iggy and Bertuzzi has the potential to be scary good. Remember this is about what happens on the ice. If we manage to salvage a career it’s will be a bonus.

    I am willing to give it a chance and I think Flames fans while very concerned (and possibly with good reason) should take a wait and see approach. Remember another odd move to get a then unheard of goaltender????? I would say that Kipper turned out pretty well.

    Hopefully when all is said and done and we are watching the Cup parade downtown this will be all water under the bridge

    PS: Clearly this is a hockey move, Sutter doesn’t care about anything else, he said as much today. It could be one of those good Sutter signings, or it could not. The fact that it could go either way is the most intriguing part to me.

    - Nelson
  91. 91.

    Great move by Sutter. Bertuzzi is the classic reclamation project and I really think he gets his career on track in a hockey city.

    I don’t understand the repeated reference to the Flames getting away from youth and speed. They added speed and youth to replace slow veterans and tough guys on the 3rd and 4th lines. But those young, fast players (Bourque, Boyd, Glencross) are not good enough (yet) to play on the top two lines.

    What the team needed was an experienced top-6 guy to replace Nolan. Nolan was no speed merchant and Bertuzzi is younger and at least as fast as Nolan.

    The rest of the top-6 has plenty of speed with Lombardi, Cammallerri and Iginla. And Langkow is a decent skater as well. The third and fourth lines will have much more speed this year, so the Flames have not gotten away from their plan of youth and speed at all. They simply have replaced one power forward with another.

    Joe Bachmier

    PS: True enough, it’s a fair point to make…I still was hoping we might see Nystrom or Moss play bigger roles, as I think it’s a situation where they can take a big step in their career.

    - Joe Bachmier
  92. 92.

    No doubt Darryl and others in the Flames organization thought no one would notice the signing of Bertuzzi during Stampede week.It is a big topic today and I have yet to hear one positive reaction. The Flames must be totally desperate for players to have to sign this goon. I find it interesting all the discussion about giving Todd another chance-who in Hockey has give Steve Moore another chance? Bad enough we Flame Fans have put up with Friends Of Darryl who did nothing for the Flames.Now we are signing Friends Of Mike–what really has Mike done for the Flames? It is no secret Darryl does not like or care for the media and now I know what he thinks of the Fans in Calgary. Note to the Flames Owners–it will only take so many stupid moves by your management to be back to 12,00 paying Fans.

    PS: I don’t know man, if you look at the comments on this blog there are lot of positive comments about it. This is a hockey move, and that’s what Darryl is paid for. I don’t like the move for hockey reasons, but he didn’t do this to spit in the face of the fans, he did it because he’s paid to try to win…and he believes this is the way to do it.

    - Lyall Nash
  93. 93.

    before we help him get his career back on track, i have one question for mr. bertuzzi: what have you done to help steve moore?

    PS: I’d say his career is on track though…had Calgary not signed him, someone else would have, and just because he’s not an 80 point guy anymore doesn’t mean his career is in shambles. The Steve Moore stuff is valid…he’s been abandoned by the hockey world, which is too bad.

    - m. e. robinson
  94. 94.

    I’ll gladly take your tickets Lyall…

    PS: And that’s just it…as many fans this move has pissed off, the building will be full every game next year.

    - Hank
  95. 95.

    I really dont even know what to say anymore…. the reason I dont like it…..I have hated Todd for so many years when he was a canuck that to have him wear the flaming C really does not sit well.. I can promis that I wont still boo him… just out of habit.. I usually trust Darryl’s decisions…and even Iggy’s.. but i just cant wrap my head around this one… it gives me a quizzy feeling in my stomach…. this will be quite the season…

    PS: Give it a chance, because if he ends up starting strong, there will be people that he has won over. Wait and see is what I’m going to go with, because there is potential.

    - Courtney Potts
  96. 96.

    I am not happy with this move, as I said before because I feel there were better options out there for the team however, I am willing to give Bertuzzi a second chance but I think the chances of this turning out to be a flop are alot higher than him being a 30 goal/ 70 point contributor to this team…….He will never gain the respect back that he once had before the Moore incident nor will he be even close to Iginla’s level of class on and off the ice… but I do give him credit for having the go-nads to climb back into this type scrutiny to play hockey…….I, like many others will remain very skeptical and will question this move by Sutter until such time judgement can be passed…..Im thinking Jan/Feb?

    PS: Yeah, it won’t be until at LEAST midway through the season that we can judge this deal…it could end up being a bargain or it could not work. It’s a 1 year deal, so if it doesn’t work, no real harm done. Wait and see, wait and see.

    - Kurt
  97. 97.

    I thought Bert should have been kicked out, at least while legal matters weren’t decided.

    However, the NHL decided otherwise and there is not much we can do about. I will say I’d rather have a healthy, confident Bertuzzi on my team, rather than against him.

    PS: And that has been the overwhelming sentiment of late…rather have him than play against him. I don’t think he’s a great fit, but proving me wrong is something that happens fairly often!

    - Andrew Doyle
  98. 98.

    Can’t you see what he is doing m.e. robinson, he is playing so that he can pay for Steve Moore for the rest of his life! That is the answer to your question!

    - Hank
  99. 99.

    WTF?? Did Darryl have one too many at the beer gardens?

    Bundle up, everyone. Hell just froze over, folks.

    PS: It certainly is something I never saw happening. I didn’t even believe it when I saw it on Calgary Puck last night. It was a rumour and I said “ah, that’s not going to happen” and then bam, here we are.

    - Mabelle Carvajal
  100. 100.

    What has Bertuzzi done to help any of the teams he has played for and what’s Darryl smoking. It’s bad enough we’ve had to put up with some of Darryls’ friends stinking up the ice, now this.

    PS: Bert contributed at times in Detroit and in Anaheim, but you’re right, he hasn’t been the same player since the lockout.

    - Waldo
  101. 101.

    Everybody knows about Big Berts past, but as for him in a Flames jersey next season at 1.95 than Nolans 2.75. I’d take Bertuzzi. As much as I liked watching Nolan, he is looking for a contract that leads him to retirement. Bertuzzi is only 33 years old so one can assume he can produce still. I’m not going to expect a goal per game from him, I just hope he holds his own and fits in with will what be one of the most hated teams along side Phaneuf. As well as Iginla in coversations and Bert saying Iginla being 100% of the reason of coming here, back to Canada, I cant see anything wrong with that… Cant wait for training camp!

    PS: The fit is where I am skeptical…I don’t know if it’s the best one. He can still produce, but I would have liked the fit better in another city.

    - Chris
  102. 102.

    Could someone please enlighten me? Many are saying that Bertuzzi has apologized and should be given a second chance. According to the Canadian legal system if you wish to get paroled or pardoned for a crime you must first acknowledge responsibility for the crime. I am unable to find any case in which Bertuzzi accepted responsibility for ending Moore’s career. In his carefully staged press conference he stated that he was sorry for what happened on the ice but never once made any reference to being responsible or referred to Steve Moore by name. My question is what was he sorry for? More than likely he was sorry for screwing up his career and apologizing to himself. I have noticed that in all interviews I’ve read or seen Bertuzzi was very careful to not taking responsibility for his actions. I challenge anyone to find an instance in a public statement where Bertuzzi has accepted responsibility for his actions.

    PS: I don’t know, I don’t see the press conference quite like that man. He seemed genuinely sorry for his actions, and not from a selfish standpoint. So I disagree there.

    - rick
  103. 103.

    So I was out and about today, didn’t get a chance to listen to my favorite radio station, so I go to the Fan960 homepage and literally had my jaw drop. Bertuzzi is a Flame?

    You know, I kept looking for the punchline, waiting for someone to say April Fool, or that this was an Eckland rumour, but it never came.

    I’m in shock. Bertuzzi should be in jail for what he did to Moore. It was just dumb luck that Moore isn’t six feet under right now, and Moore definitely knows it. The fact that Bertuzzi didn’t get suspended for a season or two for his actions is a black eye on the NHL, one that we’ll now have to be reminded of with every Flames game.

    I don’t know if I can cheer for this team after this. It’s going to take a long while for this to sink in.

    PS: You’re definetely in a big contingent of fans man…the past is the past in my mind, so I don’t have a problem with this move from that perspective.

    - Alexis Roman
  104. 104.

    I’m not very excited about this deal as well but this is a one year deal people. Owen Nolan wasn’t going to get signed…Bertuzzi is a tough presence and will come in very handy on the power play. From the human angle I wish he wasn’t part of my team but from a hockey perspective this is a great aquisition for one year. I remember a lot of people jumping off bridges about a year ago when Keenan was sign on to be our coach, remember people? Anybody still lining up to jump off that bridge? Didn’t think so.

    PS: 1 year deal, if it doesn’t work, no harm done! Again, i think the fit is less than stellar, but even if I turn out to be right, it’s only 1 year. Very short term.

    - Mike 5'11" Blue Eyed Blonde
  105. 105.

    Is it possible this is a bitof a mentorship role? Think about it, Sutter has signed a couple of young guys that are big with good hands. Bert has been described this way in the past and I believe that Moss could use a little tutoring. Now I am not sugesting that Bert is an ideal role model, but could this be a benefit to the young guys?

    PS: It might very well have played into the decision…I do know that Darryl thought this through extensively.

    - wade
  106. 106.

    Yeah, I never liked Todd; however the guy has been punished by the media and fans more than Chris Simon, Steve Downie, and others that could have ended player careers. Yet, Bertuzzi has done his best through and through to bury his past and desires to play for a market that has shown their displeasure for him (Rightfully so).

    It is time to forgive a guy who has truly shown remorse for a terrible incident. It seems that their are players on the Flames that are thrilled to have him as a teammate.

    It will take some time for some of us fans and others maybe disgruntled a bit longer. But, at the end of the day the Flames have someone who will not cost a multi-year deal and is cheaper than Owen Nolan. And it is fair to say that Bertuzzi has more offensive upside than Nolan at this point.

    Some people will challenge the class of this organization because of this questionable signing. However, I view this as a classy move because the Flames would like to win and give a guy a break… and maybe it is time for Todd to get that break.

    Go Flames Go!

    PS: That’s an interesting way to look at it…classy for the Flames to bring in a guy with baggage. Never thought of it that way, and it’s a valid point.

    - Skip
  107. 107.

    Good job Mr. Sutter by going out and getting someone to create havoc in front of the net and shame on anyone who jumped ship. Go cheer for Vancouver, now that’s a team that is looking great this upcoming year.

    PS: I don’t know if Van looks great next year;)

    - Wesley Hegg
  108. 108.

    Hey Pat what do you think would have been worse.

    a) not getting a top 6 forward.

    b) adding 20 goals in Bert.

    I understand peoples complications with Bert but Flames fans were complaining for the past week for Sutter not adding a top 6 forward and now he adds one and they complain even more?

    PS: It’s true, but obviously this guy was going to draw the ire of some fans. Can Bertuzzi score 20 here? Maybe…

    - Jason S.
  109. 109.

    There are some guys out there that you just hate unless they come to play for your team…Bertuzzi is one of those guys you just hate, period! I hope this decision does not come back to haunt the Flames. I’m all for giving people second chances but the fact remains that what happened with Bertuzzi is still following him around. IT is still being dragged through the legal system and will be for some time…I worry it will be a distraction for everyone involved, which now includes the Calgary Flames franchise.

    PS: Bob, that’s the one thing I don’t believe will be a problem…the Flames seem to be able to block things out like that, and it’s a pretty tight locker room.

    - Bob in the Abbey
  110. 110.

    Interesting that people keep bringing up the Iginla endorsement as a reason to like this… of course he’s going to say he likes it, he’s a team guy.

    Bertuzzi is a lousy fit on and off the ice, a known thug, and doesn’t deserve to wear the Flames uniform. Or any uniform, for that matter.

    PS: The lousy fit on the ice is the only thing I’m concerned about…but he could prove us wrong Dave.

    - DaveC
  111. 111.

    I am sorry, but this man should be able to make a living playing hockey, and it is most disappointing that what was my team, has stooped this low.

    The only way I would even consider it is if he would settle immediately with Steve Moore, offering at least 3 million in front cash AND getting meaningfully involved with some sort of charitable organization where he can learn what it is to work with disadvantaged people. Perhaps working with the mentally ill, or victims of violence, or brain injured people would all be a start.

    After 10 seasons working with the Flames in concessions, I am going to have great difficulty to offer my services any longer.

    PS: I still believe he deserves a second chance Ron…he’s got it in fact, and hasn’t done anything to make me say it was stupid to give him that second chance.

    - Ron Reinhold
  112. 112.

    I think Todd has had his problems in the past and he will pay for them. Who the hell are we to Judge him when we all have done harsh crap in the past that we would like to forget. For Bert he can’t because we won’t let him. Everyone deserves a second chance.EVERYONE! And to all the haters…you need Jesus!

    PS: He’s got his second chance, lets not forget, he’s been playing for 3 years since the Moore incident happened. And since that time, he’s been a pretty model citizen, so the second chance is warranted I think.

    - BIG BILL
  113. 113.

    Lousy move, and to pay him just under 2 mil a season absolutely rediculous. He is more of a detriment in the dressing room. We should left him to Brian Burke the two of them deserve each other

    PS: Richard, a lot of people believe this is a bargain. I have no problem with the money…if he puts up 40 points, the money is probably worth it.

    - RIchard
  114. 114.

    TERRIBLE MOVE. TERRIBLE KARMA. TERRIBLE EVERYTHING. There are no positives here – even if he score 90 goals it is still bad news because the guy is a clown. This karma is going to bring the team down – like maybe Iginla blows a groin or Kipper blows a knee. Worst signing in Flames history, period! Has anything positive happened since Keenan arrived??

    PS: I don’t know, I think Bertuzzi is a better signing than Friesen!

    - Denis H
  115. 115.

    I meant to say this man should NOT be able to make a living playing hockey…

    - Ron Reinhold
  116. 116.

    First of all I must say I am not a Calgary Flames fan period. What makes me sick listening to these callers and one of the reasons I could never be a Calgary Flames Fan is they aren’t true fans. These people are the type that put those stupid flags on after a winning streak and then take them down when they are losing. “Maybe I will be flames fan now?” You bleed them or not at all. These people hate Bertuzzi as an opposition, but now flip flop? Give me a break. Like a previous caller said they are drinking Sutter Cool aid. Sutter is the problem. Just imagine if he didn’t have a tender that could stop 35+ shots a night. This GM would o been fired a long time ago. You bring up the good players he signed? It doesn’t matter because you can put 15 35+s out there and as long as you have Kipper, you will make at least the playoffs. Sutter should be gone next year. Alberta quit drinking the cool aid. Out..

    PS: Interesting take. Very interesting.

    - Matt
  117. 117.

    I am not a fan of this deal at all but will keep an open mind. But one thing i would like to point out to people is that bert got bought out so he is still getting 2.7 mill from that deal plus the 1.95 from the flames so stop comparing it to nolan because he is making $3.65.

    PS: Nolan is making 2.75, but that’s semantics, you’re right…they’re getting a price cut for a guy that could end up contributing more.

    - Jordan
  118. 118.

    Really disapointed that we’d lower our teams image with Bertuzzi coming here. He should NOT have be playing at all after the incident.

    PS: Why not? He did everything that was asked of him by the justice system and the NHL…it wasn’t his fault the NHL levied a less-than-adequete suspension. You know what I’m saying? I think he deserves the second shot.

    - Ross Benedict
  119. 119.

    I thought that Bertuzzi’s attack on Moore was despicable. However some fans are saying that he hasn’t paid enough of a price.
    I know from making some atrocious mistake myself in my 20s that no matter how lightly I got sentenced for those mistakes that nobody but myself or in Todd Bertuzzi’s case, he knows how much of a price he actually has paid. It’s not our job as fans to judge his process. So for those who say he hasn’t paid enough they should get out of judgement and hopefully that will make it easier for Todd Bertuzzi to leave this dark cloud that has been hovering over him to finally dissipate and then the Flames and their fans can benefit from the success that this willingness to turn the page to a new chapter in the life of Todd Bertuzzi, hockeyplayer and not Todd Bertuzzi, pariah.
    Almost everybody: Crawford, Bertuzzi, Granato, Moore, and Naslund have seen downswings in their careers since that fateful day. The only teflon man has been Brian
    Burke and maybe now he’s starting to pay.
    Hopefully for the sake of the Flames, this is a rebirth for Todd; and the fans of Calgary can reap the benefit of that and for those hardheads unwilling to let the past be the past they can learn something about the benefits of forgiveness and non-judgementalness. Go Flames.

    PS: Even if you don’t believe Todd Bertuzzi served enough punishment for his actions, what else do you want the guy to do? I 100% believe he shoud have been given a MUCH longer suspension, but he wasn’t…that’s not his fault! If you believe he should have served jail time, that’s fine…but you can’t blame Bertuzzi for that. He’s done everything that’s been asked of him.

    - Thomas Belford
  120. 120.

    We keep talking about the Flames getting younger and faster. I think they will be better in that respect this year and although Bert doesn’t fit that bill, he will truly create room for the younger faster players as when he goes to the net it takes two defencemen to deal with him most nights.

    I know you keep saying you would have liked to seen someone younger on the right side – anyone 6 or 7 years younger than Bert would mean you can add 2 million per year based on the salaries negotiated since July 1. That is cap room the Flames do not have right now because Daryl made some excellent decisions when it comes to Iggy, Kipper, Dion and Regehr which used up cap space but will be proven to be money well spent and well thought out. They are actually over the cap slightly after today but that will change by Oct 1 once they make decisions on Nilson, Eriksson and Warriner.

    I think this was the next best solution for the next year or two until they can develop some of their younger talent and draft picks.

    PS: I guess I was just hoping Moss might get a shot there, I really think this kid has what it takes to be a second line guy right now. But Sutter and the Flames like to bring the young guys along a little slower, so the fact that he brought in a veteran isn’t surprising.

    - Luc
  121. 121.

    Big Bad Berts off ice problems are irrelivant, and like it or not Bert is here for the season, If he is able to return to any kind of pre lock out form the flames win. I also agree with one of the previous statements that with B.B.B. in the line up it will take away a lot of the media pressure focused on our other stars, Sutter knew exactly what he was doing in signing Bert. So whether any of us like the signing or not, all any of us true fans should have to say is… GO FLAMES GO!

    PS: Man, I’m more in the line of thought that if he puts up 40-50 points the Flames win! He’s under 2 million dollars! Mike Commodore just signed for almost 4 a season! A caller brought up the point on Overtime that Bertuzzi could give a few extra feet to Jarome on the ice…if that happens, that’s scary.

    - Rob G
  122. 122.

    I’m personally looking forward to seeing what Big Bert has to offer. Yes I hated him in the past but that’s it. The PAST. I’m geared up for a great season and we need all the help we can get. Bring on Bert baby!!

    PS: I’m excited for the media circus! Ha, but I’m also kind of excited to see if this guy is going to live up to a lot of fans expectations, cause there are some with high ones.

    - Tyler
  123. 123.

    Pat , entertaining show tonight. I just don’t get what some of the call in fans can see as a positive about this signing. It’s all about optics. How do you explain to your kids who are playing minor hockey that the guy that ended Steve Moore’s career in that video we have all seen over and over is now a Calgary Flame? If Todd Bertuzzi was the best player available in the NHL and would play for free he still should not be in the Flames organization if they have any integrity. Sad when the almighty dollar trumps integrity. Must be a proud day to be Flames alumni

    PS: Thanks for the kind words Don…I guess you can explain to your kids that Bertuzzi made a bad choice and a big mistake and had to pay for his actions, but he worked his way back in. The whole “second chance” lesson is pretty valuable too…so you’re right, it’s all about optics and how you look at things.

    - Don
  124. 124.

    Hey Darryl, Gretzky took a big chance on this idiot with Team Canada…wonder if he’d like a mulligan?

    PS: In Bertuzzi’s defence, he was completely hung out to dry when Pat Quinn put him on a line with Rick Nash and Joe Thornton. That’s a terrible line on the big ice. Terrible.

    - Steve
  125. 125.

    Everyone is saying Bertuzzi is a replacement for Nolan…if he plays first line he’s a replacemnt for Huselius…and he replaces Kristian’s tendency to disappear when things get intense with energy and competitive fire.
    The more I think about this move the more I like it. Well done again Mr Sutter. ( very probably a better roll of the dice than Nolan or Amonte or Friesen, etc.)
    For those worrying about not really getting into the youth movement, whose had the most success lately: Edmonton or Detroit. A strong mix of youth and proven experience and competetive fire are what works best. Nobody can really question Bertuzzi’s competetive fire can they? Thomas

    PS: Someone on Overtime brought up a similar point, in that he though Bertuzzi isn’t a Nolan replacement, moreso a Huselius replacement. If that’s how much you look at it, the Flames are saving 3 million! You’re point is valid with the Detroit reference, but Edmonton JUST started their youth movement last year and it looks all the more promising this year.

    - Thomas Belford
  126. 126.


    - ALI
  127. 127.

    I was initially put off by this move. Who in their right mind want the baggage that comes along with a player like Bertuzzi? But at under 2mil over a year I think Bert is a risk worth taking. I understand why people hate him, but regardless of what you think he is a good hockey player when healthy. I know I hated when the Flames had to play against him. Sutter did what he is supposed to do – get the best player at the best price. It takes a lot of balls to pick a player knowing the backlash your fans will give you will be harsh. The Flames wouldn’t have taken the chance on Bert if they didn’t think the risk was worth taking.

    Hopefully it works…

    PS: Sutter came at it from a strictly hockey standpoint, and he thinks it’ll help his team. At this point, I don’t 100% agree, but I thought the move was ridiculous when I first saw it…after thinking for a little bit, I’ve come way off that and am now in a “not huge on it, but am waiting to see what happens cause it might surprise me.”

    - Bill
  128. 128.

    Moneys…money,,,love is B.S.
    ever heard that one!! Big Bert will do just fine here.And next year you all will be P.O. when someone else signs him. Our Flames need another power forward. At this price I say good move. As Peter Mar says judge after 20-25 games.I said to my friend last year I
    could see this guy in a Flames uniform. As for the past, I agree with some of you, we all have things we’d like to forget. Hockey is a tough game changing each year,bigger,faster,TOUGHER. These men play hockey for the pastion….tell Trevor
    Lindon he could play a season or 2 more…..The clock ticks for each of these’s men……….. Big
    Bert knows this year could be………….???

    PS: 20-25 games is fair…I might even wait longer than that, just because it’s so tough to thouroughly judge moves sometimes.

    - Bruce Berger
  129. 129.

    I just got back from a run by the park.. A couple of “softball morons” were aguing over a stupid and insignificant call. Forget about Bert… we need an umpire!!! Go Flames!!

    PS: Gotta love softball guy!

    - Scot
  130. 130.

    Good move for the price. Although we won’t forget what happened, let his game on the saddledome ice be up for review…

    I like the theme of overtime; ‘wait and see’

    *I think Iginla and Big Bert will play well together on special teams.

    PS: You’ve gotta wait and see! What if is a fun game to play, but right now, it’s only a game. We won’t be able to judge this move for a while.

    - Curtis Wankel
  131. 131.

    Look at the last 2 teams that Bertuzzi laced ‘em up with. If you armchair G.M’s don’t know who that was, I would encourage you to ‘google’ it. These last 2 teams, as far as I can see, employ 2 of the finest G.M’s in the league (both Stanley Cup winners). They seemed to think Bert was worthy of a roster spot. He deserves at least a couple of games in Flames silks before we criticize performances.

    PS: I don’t know if I’d call Burke classy;) But I hear what you’re saying…and had Calgary not signed him, another team would have, that’s a guarantee, so there are other GM’s out there who believe he is worthy of a roster spot, and lots of fans too.

    - Anthony H.
  132. 132.

    Hey all you whinners. Have any of you ever played hockey before. Stuff happens all the time some good some bad.Hockey is a physical game,its easy to criticize.I love the signing.whats not to like,one year for a big man who can play the corners big deal.Ask Naslund how important Big Bert was to his career. The thing is,if like the move great,if you hate the move to bad he`s here,but all you political correct whinners who are now calling the Flames classless and you can`t support the team anymore give me a break and go away and get a life.You all act as if Bertuzzi was the only guy who has done somthing he regrets.Better here than edmonton.

    PS: The problem, Jack, is that what Bertuzzi did ended someone’s career and could have done much worse. That’s where some people draw their objection…but he’s got his second chance, and so far he’s made good on it. You’ve got to give him credit for that.

    - Jack Stein
  133. 133.

    I personally have no issues with this signing and think it could turn out to be one of Sutters’ better moves when were all looking back at this in a years time. In the “new NHL” these are the kind of moves that need to be made to remain competitive year in year out. Given some of the other contracts signed recently (Darcy Tucker @ $2.25 MM a season after coming off a 34 point campaign last year) then this has to be considered value wise a great signing.

    As to the person…I could care less. He made a mistake, he apologized, and that’s it in my mind. As to our classy organization being tarnished by this signing, well Detroit, the classiest, best run team in hockey didn’t mind having him in their uniform and they’re a perennial cup contender.

    All in all, a one year experiment that at worst will cost us $1.95 MM. My guestimate… He plays 60 games, scores 45 points and gets a 3 year contract somewhere else next season. And for all you haters at least you’ll get to watch him sweat in front of the net while he’s dodging Dion’s bullets from the point on the PP. So cheer up!!

    PS: The fact that it’s a 1 year contract is why I’ve been able to say “wait and see”. If this were, say, a 3 year deal…I don’t know if I could do the same thing. But 1 year, if it works it’s smart…if it doesn’t , oh well. The only way this becomes a problem is if something “off ice” happens to start distracting the team…I don’t think that is going to happen.

    - Aaron
  134. 134.

    If iggy says he wants this that is all I need to hear.and at least he will be visible in the hard hitting games unlike juice.I see him scoring 20 and adding 30 to 40 it!!

    PS: I think putting numbers on what Bertuzzi might do is unfair right now…I’m just letting what happens happens, and then really judging it.

    - matt
  135. 135.

    jerome iginla-classy, ken king-classy, daryl sutter-classy, seems the opinions stated on the radio today is give the man a second chance, if these three first class gentlemen are willing to give him a second chance, why shouldnt the fans?

    PS: Yep, and a couple people have brought up that it’s kinda classy the Flames are willing to bring Bertuzzi in with all the “baggage”…which is kind of valid. Bertuzzi is going to have to fight to win over a segment of the fans, but he knows that.

    - bk
  136. 136.

    I have been a Bertuzzi fan for a long time. I do not tolerate or make excuses for what he did, but there are many others in the NHL that have gotten off with just as bad or worse. Just think back to one who is still in the NHL for driving drunk and killing a team mate. Should be in jail and nobody ever remembers or brings that up.

    Bert is a power forward that can do good things with the Flames. Keenan was good for him in Vancouver and will be here along with Iggy and the crew. Give him a chance and lets see what he can do.

    I welcome him to Calgary and wish him all the best luck and hope he can come with what he had in Vancouver days.

    PS: Bertuzzi did his time, whether you think it was long enough or not, he did it without complaint. He went about all the avenues to return to the NHL, and he’s back. So, whether or not he should be playing is moot…he is, and well within all the rules and avenues. I’m looking at it as a hockey move, nothing more nothing less right now.

    - Rod Archibald
  137. 137.

    There sure are a lot of lazy-boy general managers out there in calgary aren’t there. Put aside the “controversy” surrounding Bert from 3 years ago and i bet fans would love the move. No one is concentrating on the hockey, just apparently on how bad Sutter is and what a poor move this supposedly was. Yah Bert’s numbers have dropped off but hadn’t Nolans. When Owen Nolan is the teams secondary scoring its time for a move and a risky move is even better. The flames are a tough team and guess what Bert’s a tough player.

    The fact of the matter is Iginla can’t win the cup himself no matter how hard he tries and Bertuzzi may be that edge the flames need

    So for all the bandwagon jumpers out there in calgary whine and cry from the recliners and down talk Sutter all you want, before him the flames were nothing. All that go to the games to boo Bertuzzi can stay home and stay off the bandwagon, because everyone knows if he works out you’ll all jump right back on

    PS: The whole bandwagon thing doesn’t have anything to do with this…the fans are more than entitled to their opinion. But you’re right Brett, many people are not looking at this as a hockey move…but that’s what this is from Darryl Sutter…a hockey move. So because of that, I’m judging it solely as a hockey move, and I’m not huge on it right now. However, I’m in a clear wait-and-see mode right now…hoping Bertuzzi proves me wrong. The off-ice stuff is immaterial to me.

    - Brett
  138. 138.

    Good Move, shores up need for a moderate power forward with hands, right price, Iginla wants to play with him, has Nolan like experience. Can help the team..

    Fans need to grow up and look at all the factors that bring him to Calgary. Already putting Bertuzzi on my jersey.

    PS: There are certainly a lot of positives you can point at with this deal…obviously some negative facets as well. If those positives outweight in the end, the Flames end up with a bargain at 1.95 mil.

    - Eldon
  139. 139.

    Looking for a Bertuzzi jersey myself.

    Should give them a top ranked firstline on the powerplay. Just what Iginla needs, not only on the ice but I think off the ice. Take some of the media frenzy off of him andlet him play.

    Brett right, Iggy can’t do it all himself and Bert brings some strenght, skill and lets face it, a big body in front of the net. Remeber, he has been one of the best power forwards in the past and maybe if given the time and the chance, he can bring some of that old game back tohelp the Flames.

    Can’t wait for the season to begin. Keep healthy Bert.

    PS: Keeping healthy is going to be important. A back injury slowed him in Florida and Detroit and then Bertuzzi had concussion issues while playing in California.

    - Rod Archibald
  140. 140.

    I have to admit that this move came as a huge surprise. I think it speaks to life in the new NHL where loyalty is bought and sold. Flames fans, feel fortunate that Sutter has been able to secure long term contracts for Iggy, Phaneuf, etc…

    My take on this is Berts on ice performance will be the litmus test.

    Lets hope that this move fairs better than Air Canada’s latest business blunder. That Bertuzzi isnt considered “extra baggage” and flames fansd are left with the extra surcharge to show for it. Time will tell….

    PS: Ha, nice analogy. This is a tinkering move for Sutter, remember, it’s just the 1 year deal.

    - Jeff
  141. 141.

    Can’t say I like the move – I have to question the integrity of the organization a bit for bringing him into the fold. Bertuzzi obviously has little character and respect for fellow players. Now what does it say about the Flames for essentially condoning what happened? He doesn’t deserve a second chance or to still be playing.

    PS: I disagree and believe he does deserve a second chance…and so do at least 4 other teams. On the other side, some believe it shows class on the Flames behalf for taking a chance on Bertuzzi.

    - Dean
  142. 142.

    Well said Mr. Jack Stein…

    Why did I dislike Kenny Linesman or Esa Tikkanen, or Sean Avery or other players like them… Why did fans who didn’t cheer for the Flames dislike Thereon Fluery or now Dion Phaneuf… Because they have intensity and heart to play the game and you hate them when they aren’t on your team… Why becasue they are doing their job and sticking up for their teammates… what Bertuzzi did was definitely wrong, but there are several other people who have hidden behind Bert’s big body that are just as much to blame… To me the real travesty is how the NHL has dropped the puck so to speak in regards to supporting Steve Moore… If I had tickets to watch the Flames I would cheer Bert on for taking repsonsibility for his actions and trying to get on with his life and having the cahoona’s to play in a city that booed him extensively… I look forward to seeing him on the P.P. in front of the net and putting up about 50-60 points for the Flames…

    PS: The whole thing with Steve Moore is unfortunate…the hockey world hasn’t done anything for him, as they’ve completely forgotten about him, and I don’t believe it’s by accident. For Bertuzzi to come here shows some balls for sure.

    - dan heyland
  143. 143.

    Chalk up another terrible Sutter move that has fans drinking from his Kool-Aid. How many free passes does this guy get? Remember when we didn’t sign Gelinas so the team could get younger and who have we seen – Amonte, McCarty, Friesen, Nolan, and now Bertuzzi. Nolan was marginally successful – I guess 4th time is a charm. Bertuzzi might score some goals. Am I the only guy that remembers the lazy penalties he kept taking in the playoffs last year. Career -26, with a playoff career -7. To jump on the Dowbiggon comments – Gelinas is +52, playoff plus 8. Yeah Gelinas is older, but he also has 40 goals in the last three seasons to Bertuzzi’s 17. I know injuries contribute to this, but if you can’t stay healthy you can’t help the team. On top of this washout, we signed or traded for 2 players that neither Chicago or Edmonton (teams in the bottom of the league for multiple years) didn’t want. Doesn’t make sense. To all those fans who think Sutter is so great, how many cups has he won as a player or coach? That’s right ZERO! I can’t wait for the Flames to tank this year and Sutter to be canned as GM, so I can start liking the team again!

    PS: It cannot be questioned that Sutter has a fairly precise vision of the team he wants to see, and he believes it will be successful. He doesn’t care what others think, and if he ends up winning a Cup, that will sit just fine with Flames fans. However, the Flames have had no playoff success the past 3 years…that can’t continue forever.

    - Brad
  144. 144.

    Leaving aside all the controversy that comes with Bertuzzi, I have to say that don’t think this makes sense as a hockey move.

    This is another of Sutter’s “veteran reclamation” projects – Aucoin, McCarty, Amonte, Friesen, Nolan. Only Nolan has worked out so far.

    Add in the fact that Bertuzzi seems to be a bit of a dressing room problem, and I don’t think the Flames will find what they were hoping for.

    PS: I think Aucoin played fairly well overall last year, but I see your point. If you’re able to look past the controversy and look at the move as a hockey move, it lets you see things much more objectively.

    - Paul
  145. 145.

    Great move by Sutter….10 years ago. When will people finally wake up to the fact this guy has no clue how to build a team in the new NHL. He’s living in 1999-2000 and he’s either too stupid or too stubborn to adjust, take your pick. What happened to building a Stanley Cup contender like he claimed. Anyone who sees this team without the Sutter glasses on realizes were hoping to secure a playoff spot as opposed to actually contending for the Cup. Time to bring someone on who actually can evaulate current players, not some joker who obviously only reads the statistics on the back of hockey cards to determine who he should sign. You fail at being a GM, Daryl. Oh, and when is Ken King actually going to step up and fire this clown instead of sitting around munching on cheetos and working on his combover.

    PS: Darryl Sutter deserves a lot of credit for returning the Flames to the playoffs and setting a new mark for consistency with the team. However, it won’t be enough for very much longer for the Flames to make the playoffs and nothing else. The ownership group has committed money to this team and they expect to advance past the first round, and further than that.

    - Jerry
  146. 146.

    The thing I hear being echoed most often throughout these comments is that Bertuzzi will provide a big body in front of the net and that this will be beneficial to the team. First of all, Bertuzzi does not play the style of Ryan Smyth or Tomas Holmstrom where they “park” themselves in front of the net so I do not see the connection here. The only strong part left in Bert’s game is that he can be strong on the puck…..other than that, there are 50 other players in the league that can do what he can do and wouldnt come with the bad attitude, poor work ethic, baggage and injury ridden body like he does. The thing I do not see being fully explored is whether or not there were better options out there……I think everyone is too quick to just trust Sutter in that he did all the footwork in trying to see if he could get other better, younger players with more potential here……..Has he really done this???? I am not convinced at all……..I find it hard to believe that Bertuzzi was the ONLY option left out there for this team……The only way any team should look at picking up this guy is as a last resort considering all the risk and crap that comes with him……..Glad its only for one year!!!!

    PS: The fact that it’s only for 1 year makes it much easier to view with a wait and see attitude. It remains to be seen if Bertuzzi can regain his edge and drive the net as hard as he has in the past. He’s been walking on eggshells, so we’ll see if that changes in Calgary.

    - Kurt
  147. 147.

    Jerry go back to Edmonton where you belong

    - BIG BILL
  148. 148.

    Daryl, I’ve told you a thousand times, quit using that “BIG BILL” alias.

    - Jerry
  149. 149.

    I also ask those fans that enjoy seeing the fighting and the checking and the scrums after the whistle why the hypocrisy?

    It seems people enjoy the big hits and the fighting for the rush. Well I ask what the difference is, in the context of the game, from two men punching each other in the face, or a guy getting slammed into the boards (I am sure no one is consenting to a phaneuf hit).

    Until you change the game from this kind of hockey (which I hope doesn’t happen) you cannot judge Bertuzzi beyond his role as a hockey player. The league gave him a punishment, he served it quietly, and its time to move on.

    PS: Andrew, hitting is part of the game, and it is well within the rules, so players DO consent to a Phaneuf hit. Being gored from behind and driven to the ice is not within the rules, so they do NOT consent to it. Other than that, I agree with your sentiment though…he served his punishment without issue, and he has earned a second chance.

    - Andrew D
  150. 150.

    hey to all you nay sayers. we signed chris simon, brian marchment. maybe they didnt break anyones necks but the played a big role in the last 20 years in slashing to the face and a ton of intentional knee on knee hits. so where were all your moral problems when we got them. sucks that it takes a serious injury before u really judge someone. guess u all have the balls of colie campbell hey. penalize the injury not the act. moore was a cheap shot artist and unfortunately paid the price.

    PS: Well, lets not go labelling Moore here…his hit on Naslund was weak, but he manned up and fought in the next meeting between the 2 teams. He shouldn’t have been on the ice at the end of the game, but that’s no excuse for what happened. Are you telling me you condone the act? Sucker punching isn’t cool regardless of the outcome.

    - Kurt Pears
  151. 151.

    No one has to die for something to be called a ‘tragedy’. I’m not sure where you get your definitions. Something is defined as tragic when it results in great pain and suffering, destruction, or distress. By any measure, what happened to Steve Moore was tragic and I dare you to look at Steve’s wife and children in the eye and tell them it was anything less.

    The story in the Post quotes Daryl Sutter as saying “it happened a long time ago”, and trivializes the event even further by comparing it to getting a traffic ticket. Well, his traffic ticket probably didn’t break someone’s neck and effectively take away that person’s ability to support his family the only he knows how. Then again, Mr. Sutter was never known for his ‘soft side’.

    The people who went on your show proclaiming it was a good move–hockey-wise, are probably right. While that remains to be seen considering his stats of late, I ask those fans who are cheering the move: Is the cup all that matters? Forgive my cornball sentiment but I thought sports was about ‘how you play the game’?–at least that’s what I’ve been trying to instill in my son, who has a ‘shrine’ to Miikka and Jarome in his room. No, they’re not perfect, they lose their cool too, and they haven’t won a cup, but the efforts by these guys (and the rest of the team) to play fair and lose gracefully is a constant source of inspiration.

    No, I won’t be like those guys who say they’ll burn their Jerseys and season tickets. And yes, I will continue to cheer for my beloved Flames because up to this point, they have remained true sportsmen, but I will not applaud Mr. Bertuzzi no matter how much he scores because of what he represents–and what his signing represents. I just can’t help thinking that every time he scores and is applauded, it’s a big slap on the collective faces of Mr. Moore’s family. Yes, I am a die-hard lover of hockey, but I am a human being first. I’m not trying to say those who think otherwise are any less. This is just my humble opinion and am trying to speak from the heart.

    I’m not condemning the man for all eternity—everyone makes mistakes, for sure. But the grave result of that miscalculation in ’04 resulted in irreparable damage–and the consequences are immeasurably high. Obviously, Mr. Sutter, and everyone who’s ever signed Mr, Bertuzzi since ’04, just don’t get ‘how high’. You can’t just apologize and go on your merry way. Say “time heals all wounds” and get on with your life–because obviously, Steve can’t get on with his.

    Hockey, for all its angst and agony, should still draw the moral line somewhere. Because it may well be the only boundary that prevents it from crossing over from being a sport to just plain thuggery.

    - Bob Serrano
  152. 152.


    I am still unsure about Bertuzzi. I do think his upside is certainly better than that of Nolan.

    I understand that the controversy around Bertuzzi is more about fan sentiment than anything. I would like to look at fan sentiment as it applies to Nolan, and this is something which apparently differs wildly from facts or reality.

    I do see you have mentioned a few times here that you thought Nolan worked out here (paraphrasing). Also I have seen a lot of people indicating that of the veteran projects, he worked out as well.

    I watched all but 3 games last season, and there was a disconnect between what I saw and what the sentiment was of a lot of fans. And also a disconnect between the stats and the sentiment of the fans. I understand Nolan plays a gritty game but bottom line, did he give acceptable output for a top 6 guy?

    - Nolan was given top 6 duty on the wing all season long
    - Out of the gate, Nolan was goalless for 15 games and again for 21 down the stretch (!)
    - The year prior, Amonte was 10-20-30 and a failure – people couldn’t wait to ride him out of town
    - Nolan was 16-16-32 last year and a success?

    For comparables I look to the 6th producing forward on the worst teams in the east and west

    Tampa – Michel Ouellet – 64 games – 17g-19a-36p
    LA Kings – Derek Armstrong -8-27-35 in 77 gp (or he would be 7th if you prorate Nagy with 9-17-26 in 38 gp)

    These are top 6 guys on the absolute worst teams, so beyond Nolan being a name you recognize and some character you can appreciate, winning the odd fight against guys like Stortini, what did he do to justify the love he got here? I think intangibles are for 3rd or 4th line players, not a winger on the top 2 lines.

    Look at Conroy – Great team guy, excellent with the media, absolutely solid at whatever role he is asked to play. He outscored Amonte 2 years ago and outscored Nolan last year. He took 1M to stay here. A lot of people wouldn’t mind seeing Conny gone either.

    What the heck is it that Nolan did to get the love here because I really can’t figure it out.

    - Mike
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