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This is a note to those of you who subscribe to this blog and those who check this space for regular news and my opinions as to what’s going on with your Toronto Blue Jays:

You can’t do it anymore.

The blog isn’t ending, but it is moving, and the process began yesterday over at sportsnet.ca, which is going to be the new home of my blog.  I have no idea how you’ll be able to subscribe to it, but I’m going to ask the fine folks over there to see what they can do about that.

I appreciate your loyalty in reading my work, and it’s a pleasure to provide the content for you to enjoy, but from now on, you’re going to have to go to sportsnet.ca and to the MLB section of the website in order to get the blog.  Please keep on reading!

As far as my thoughts on Tuesday night’s Blue Jays win, you can read them here:


Thanks!  And see you over at the new place!


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