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That’s really the only place this game should go – to be immediately relegated to the dustbin of history.  This one was ugly with a capital “UG” from just about the get-go.

Brad Mills hit a wall in the third inning and saw the A’s score six runs before an out was even made.  From that point, it was a procession of ineffective relievers who somehow managed to allow just one earned run the rest of the way despite the fact that Oakland didn’t have a single 1-2-3 inning in the game and the six Blue Jays pitchers (including Mills) combined to throw a grand total of 225 pitches in the game.

Offensively, there was nothing doing on the Toronto side.  The highlight was J.P. Arencibia’s opposite-field home run in the 7th inning.  It was J.P.’s 19th big fly of the season and put him just one homer away from John Buck’s single-season record for a Blue Jays catcher – and this as a rookie.  Adam Lind hit the ball hard three times, settling for a ground-rule double; he was robbed by a great catch by Ryan Sweeney deep in the right-centrefield gap and again by a nice Brian Fuentes snag on a comebacker.  Aaron Hill brought back fond memories with a line-drive double to the right-centrefield gap in the bottom of the 9th and Brett Lawrie drew his first big-league walk.

In the overall, though, just a stinker.

The Blue Jays will welcome Vernon Wells and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for a three-game set that begins Friday night with a battle of good, strong righties in Brandon Morrow and Ervin Santana, each of whom is in search of his 9th win of the season.

Here’s hoping Wells comes back to the ovation that he deserves.  I have said many times that Wells’ name is all over the Blue Jays’ record book, and here are some examples:  Vernon is the Jays’ all-time leader in at-bats. He’s second all-time in home runs, RBIs, hits, runs scored, doubles, extra base hits and total bases.  Wells is third on the list in games played and fourth in slugging percentage and sac flies.  That’s a pretty impressive list.  He’s also 10th on the all-time list in triples, stolen bases and batting average and, believe it or not, sixth all-time in walks.  

We’ll be on the air at 7:00 PM Eastern for a 7:07 first pitch – join us, won’t you?

No JaysTalk today, owing to the weekday day-gameness of it all.  But we’ll have the opportunity to talk after Vernon’s return on Friday night!  I’m sure a lot of the talk today might have been about the fact that Adeiny Hechavarria got called up from AA New Hampshire to AAA Las Vegas, where he’ll spend the next four weeks or so until the minor-league season ends.  After that, we may see a September call-up to the big club, though I wouldn’t necessarily hold my breath.  The 22 year-old can already play big-time big-league defense, but the bat only recently appears to be coming around.

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  1. 1.

    Glad the bad games tend to happen during the day while I am at work. The Jay’s have really struggled with afternoon games this season. The emotional rollercoaster that is the Blue Jay’s continues. No building on momentum after Lawerie hits his career first grand slam and the Jay’s put on a show the night before to be absolutely brutalized the next day. It is hard on the fans so many ups with so many downs. I hope Vernon gets a standing ovation tomorrow, he was a stand up player never turned his back on the fans ala Alex Rios. Hope the Jay’s win the series but I do hope Vernon has a good series and gets the proper recognition he deserves.
    Go Jays Go…

    MW: Rios never turned his back on the fans, either. The reception for Wells was terrific. You’re killing me with the unnecessary apostrophes.

    - Hapless Jays Fan
  2. 2.

    Hi Mike

    I couldn’t watch the game today but saw the box score. I know the pitching was terrible – nine walks! yikes!

    For the hitting part with the Jays, was this a case of Oakland pitching being really good or jays hitting being really pathetic?

    MW: Neither? I wouldn’t say three runs scored is really pathetic.

    - francis
  3. 3.

    Mike just reflecting on the Colby Rasmus trade, I think it was really good for the Jays. Kenny Williams really came out of it looking good. Zack Stewart is probably the key, Jason Frasor can be kept for another yr if they want and Williams saved a bunch of his bosses money dumping Mark Teahen contract. All this for a rental, although pretty good starting pitcher. I guess Edwin Jackson was the guy the Cards really wanted. You were so right about Brad Mills, he did nothing but help wear out almost the entire bullpen today with his perfomance.

    - douglas mccallum
  4. 4.

    Hi Mike,

    How come there is no Jays Talk on weekday day games? Jays talk is the second best program on Fan590 (next to the actual ball game) and there should be an extendo Jays talk after EVERY game!

    Let me be clear that I do enjoy many of the other programs on Fan590 as well–especially when you are getting attacked for trying to recruit Zaunie for your team, hilarious!–but there should be Jays Talk after every game and ideally a super extendo Jays Talk after every game.

    Keep up the great work Mike!

    MW: Thank you! Talk to my bosses, make your feelings known!

    - Eric C
  5. 5.

    Does Brad Mills really have what it takes to be a consistent and successful starting pitcher? Right now I am thinking Jessie Litch to the rotation and Mills to the pen–atleast for now.

    MW: Mills has the stuff to succeed in the majors, I”m just not sure his stuff plays in the AL East.

    - Brian Horton
  6. 6.

    hey Mike,
    ” I think your anger is misdirected – maybe you should find out why your local cable company has decided not to carry Sportsnet One.”..

    this was your reply to my complaints for missing that great game the other night… but Rogers is, (or was) my provider.. i already payed for one Sportsnet, and i refused to pay for an other so that Rogers can be all things to all people all the time, (for a fee of course).. Again, they own the team, venue and rights, there is no reason why any subscriber should miss even one moment without having to pony-up more money..(and if they insist on showing other events at the same time, then they should sell those affected games to another station).. But after an embarrassing and offensive incident yesterday at the Rogers outlet, i have ended our relationship.. In fact, i’ve decided to ignore the rest of the Jay’s season, and to erase all things Rogers from my screen.. i’ll get used to living without the Jays, in fact i’m already planning on how to spend the 3 extra daily hours to what’s left of my east coast summer..

    i grew up living with a succession of disrespectful Expo owners, and was deeply disappointed as they destroyed the team and the baseball experience back home,.. now for similar reasons, i am righting the Jays off too..

    Thanks Rogers for helping me with my baseball problem..
    and thanks to you Mike, for all you do! Really, you are one of the best and i do hope a more professional organization recognizes that and snaps you up.. i am also going to resist the urge to post my thoughts here too..

    thanks again. i’ll miss you… have a great rest of the summer…

    - eastcoast ball fan
  7. 7.

    I am torn on VW. As a player, I enjoyed his play most of the time. As a man he was well spoken and thoughtful. But he was the poster child of a Blue Jay era which I found frustrating. Big contracts given to Frank Thomas and B.J Ryan. A player over the hill and play which many believed to be an injury risk. Big long-term contracts given to VW and Rios which meant that competing depended on them living up to those contracts. And why? Because Toronto was sold that it could not attract players or keep players at market value and had to over pay.

    It may have been unfair but when most Canadians are earning less than $75,000 a year it is hard to sympathize with an under preforming player making more in 1/2 a season that most of us will make in a lifetime.

    I understand why Wells took the money, I would have too. But for fans, it is not hard to make the leap to seeing that money as coming out of our pocket.

    When you pay top dollar for a ferrari anything less is going to disappoint you. It is a shame that the two can’t be separated but such is the nature of professional sports. To truly appreciate the pure athletic performance for the sake of the performance we need to turn to amateur sports.

    - JamieWine
  8. 8.

    How about this batting order tonight:

    Johnny Mac ?


    #1-Most fans want to see Lawrie and Bautista hit ..
    #2-Also it might help Jays to score first.

    Do you see Hechavarria as a future replacement for Johnny Mac?

    I wonder if Drabek might request a trade if he stays buried in Vegas?

    MW: I don’t know that Lawrie has earned that spot in the line-up just yet. I think Hechavarria has a chance to be a better offensive player than McDonald. Drabek can request as many trades as he wants, the Blue Jays still control him for another six years after this one- he has no leverage, and he’s not buried in Vegas at all.

    - Bert C.
  9. 9.

    I need to rant Mike.
    I can’t believe some mlb.com fraud (and many other people) thinks the MVP is going to Adrian Gonzalez.
    There is a difference in OPS of .117 which is HUGE.
    It’s the difference between a .300 hitter and a .183 hitter.
    Throw in the fact Bautista has more steals, plays gold glove calibre defense in RF, plays above average 3B it should be a cakewalk. On the other side, Gonzalez plays frickin 1ST BASE.
    Now, lets talk about what the word MVP means. Most Valuable Player. Meaning the team cannot function without that player. Please, Boston has so many other good hitters, hell Jacoby Ellsbury has more power than Adrian Gonzalez. If Toronto lost Bautista, there is NO ONE even close to as good as his bat.

    Realistically though, all the people that vote in my opinion have little knowledge and only look at meaningless stats like RBIs and batting average. They also like to pick players that are on a playoff team which makes NO SENSE. What does MVP mean? MOST VALUABLE PLAYER.

    I’m done ranting, but it’s just disgusting that they’re even considering giving it Adrian, or even Granderson. It should be a unanimous decision of Bautista for MVP.

    MW: I hate to tell you this, but Adrian Gonzalez is probably going to be the MVP. The word “valuable” is the sticking point for a lot of writers, who use it as their reasoning to vote only for players whose teams are in playoff races. After all, the Blue Jays won’t finish close to the playoffs with Bautista, and therefore they wouldn’t have finished close to the playoff race without him.

    - Robert
  10. 10.

    People will booh Vernon, just as they did last year. Very sad, really, very very sad.

    Yesterday’s game WAS ugly, but what do you expect from the team’s #7 starter (I would put Litsch, Drabek, and Villanueva in front of Mills)? I watched him play in Reno and he stunk out the place with a 9 run four inning debacle where his fastball slowed to 81. His stuff doesn’t fool anyone.

    This is okay, as it is a building year, folks. Just remember that… it’s a building year… I mean really, Drabek and Litsch were supposed to be the #4 and #5 starters and they aren’t ready, so you have to bring up a couple of spot starters.

    I do want to talk about the anemia of the starting lineup after the all-star break. Let’s take a look:

    Aaron Hill: .203 / .270 / .266
    Adam Lind: .196 / .234 / .324
    Eric Thames: .209 / .239 / .349
    Colby Rasmus: .231 / .259 / .365
    Rajai Davis: .231 / .322 / .308
    Jose Bautista: .205 / .355 / 342.
    JP Arencibia: .178 / .241 / .521

    Yunel and Edwin are carrying the team. The 2-3-and 4 spot in Thames, JoeyBats19 and Lind are having quite an outage. Arencibia’s batting like a DH (lots of Ks and homeruns).

    Yet the team is doing okay. But it should be able to score more runs against Oakland, Seattle, Baltimore and Kansas City. Losing a series against Oakland is as blasphemous as say, losing a series against Houston (wait a second…).

    - Tim in California
  11. 11.

    It’s silly how some media says Alex A. fleeced St. Louis in Rasmus deal .

    St. Louis just gave up on Colby, don’t you think ?

    MW: Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive. The Cardinals may have given up on him (or the manager may have demanded he be traded), but they still seem to have given him away for less than his worth.

    - Mort
  12. 12.

    Not silly at all because it is true…

    - Matt
  13. 13.

    Do you think with Vernon coming in ,
    and Brett Lawrie’s drawing power,
    the Jays could draw 100,000 this weekend ?

    Who do you consider the best MLB manager ?

    Which Jay- Arencibia, Rasmus or Lawrie- do you think will have the best career ?

    MW: No, I don’t. Good question – I really don’t study guys’ tendencies enough to know and I would hate to go on reputation. And I have no idea.

    - Paul B.
  14. 14.

    Meant to post this yesterday, but when I was at the game Wednesday night, Batista and Rasmus almost collided catching a ball. I know this happened before, and you commented on it. Is there a problem here? Does Jose just assume that everyone should back off when he’s called for a ball?

    MW: I think he might, but hopefully he’s learning that things need to change before someone gets hurt.

    - Jeff
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