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I’m reporting to Spring Training on Thursday morning, one day after the ailing Scott Podsednik, and so that there’s something new and entertaining for you from this side of things, I have started up my very own Twitter account!

You can find me @InTheWilnerness, a name inspired by the great John E. Lott, fine scrivener for the National Post.  I’ll be twooting on a regular basis on all things Blue Jayic, as well as some items of a more esoteric nature, most of which will likely have to do with what song is stuck in my head at any particular moment in time, a recent triumphant Word Mole outing, the excitement of an impending Birthday Chang’s or whatever else strikes my fancy (that I think will be entertaining or amusing).  I was thinking my first twoot would be “what is it with all these television commercials nowadays?” but I’ve decided against it.

That first one should have led you here, but I still have to figure out how to do that.  Have faith, and feel free to follow me and get lost in the Wilnerness!

Now, onto the final pre-Florida mailbag – all questions are actual unedited comments from actual readers and listeners:

When will you and Jerry begin airing spring training games? Feb 26? Say yes…



Yes – how’s that for service!  And don’t forget Alan Ashby!  We’ll be broadcasting every weekend game along the Blue Jays Radio Network, and once a week there will be a game on mlb.com for your enjoyment, as well!


hey mike really happy to see the jays lock up bautista for a while i have a question about something else though, why was rajai davis available to the the jays it seems they didn’t give up too much to get him, i mean like how many guys in the majors can steal 50 bases?



It’s all about timing.  The Blue Jays wouldn’t have been able to acquire Davis at such a low price a year ago, when he was coming off a terrific season.  But he didn’t play as well in 2010, was getting more expensive, and the A’s outfield got a lot more crowded over the last year with the acquisitions of David DeJesus, Josh Willingham, Conor Jackson and Covelli Crisp.  That said, Danny Farquhar and Trystan Magnuson aren’t exactly chopped liver.  They paid a higher price to get Davis than they did for, say, Cory Lidle, may he rest in peace.


This could be a stupid question, Are non media people allowed to walk onto the Blue Jays spring training complex, to watch the players? on non game days.


- Mike


I’m pretty sure the answer is yes – though you can’t walk on the field or anything like that, and that only applies to the Bobby Mattick complex, not the actual stadium itself, which is closed to the public on non-game days.  And there are no stupid questions – or something like that.


Hey Mike,
Is there even the slightest, uber-remote chance that Lawrie’s spring forces the Jays’ hands into having him start at 3b and moving Bombo Rivera to DH? And what of Corey Patterson. Does he have any mojo left? He was once so promising in every way as a 5 tooler back in the Cubs days.

- Andy


Yes, there is the slightest, uber-remote chance, though if Lawrie makes the team, I think that Rivera would move to the bench and Edwin Encarnacion would stay as the primary DH.  I will say, though, that the chance of Lawrie breaking camp with the Blue Jays is less than 1%.  As for Patterson, he’s coming off a decent year with the Orioles and can still play a terrific centrefield.  I would have said he was a long shot to make the team before Scott Podsednik’s plantar fasciitis flared up, but then Scott Podsednik’s plantar fasciitis flared up.  Patterson has never had the ability to get on base with any kind of regularity as one of his tools, though.


Hey Mike, Do you think Mcgowan will get into the rotation?

Thanks- Dave


I’d love to see it, but I have my doubts.  I’m rooting hard for Dustin to succeed, but I’d say it’ll be nearly impossible for him to break camp in the rotation.  If he keeps progressing and stays healthy, though, we could see him in there at some point this season – which would be incredible.


Havent been following the blog too closely so i apologize if this question has been done to death: What is going on with Chad Cordero? I was excited to hear we signed him but have heard/read nothing since. Loved him on the Nationals, before he got hurt, and hes a first round Expo pick so you know AA loves him. Whats the deal?


Chone (or something),

Cordero has come up with a bit of a sore shoulder, so his long shot to make the team has become quite a bit longer.  He’s a terrific no-risk reclamation project, but I don’t know that it’s fair to assume that Alex Anthopoulos loves him just because the Expos drafted him in the first round.


It seems that the Pacific coast league is not desirable as a training ground for Blue Jay prospects. Can the jays ditch L.V. as their AAA affiliate after 2012? What AAA teams are going to have contracts run out? What teams would you consider to be ideal affiliates for the Jays?

- Cresswell


I agree with you, the Blue Jays would likely rather have their AAA affiliate somewhere else.  They’re stuck in Vegas for at least another two years, though, as when the music stopped in 2010, all the other chairs were taken, just like in 2008.  They can indeed move after 2012, but there has to be an opening.  I think Buffalo is the absolute ideal place for a Jays’ farm team, but they have the Mets and there’s no reason to believe they’re unhappy with that set-up.


Hi Mike,

A couple friends and I were having this discussion last night and I was wondering if you wanted to weigh in.

Last Season both Jose Bautista and Shaun Marcum emerge as leaders in the club house. Both are liked and respected by the other players. However, they moved Marcum and kept Bautista, in keeping Bautista they stressed not only his work ethic like they did with Marcum, but also his Character.

Are we right in concluding that though Marcum worked hard and was considered a leader in the Club house that he was not the kind of Character Leader that the Blue Jays (Anthopolis) was looking for on his team?



No, I don’t think that’s a reasonable conclusion to make at all.  Marcum and Bautista are wholly different players with different pros and cons to keeping or moving them attached.  The Jays have a surplus of young pitching, Marcum was the oldest and most expensive of the bunch, and he landed them a top young hitting prospect.  Where they’re short is in players who can hit for power, get on base and defend.  That – far more than character – is why they kept Bautista and moved Marcum.


Well, that’s it!  The next you hear from me will be Thursday with a report from the Jays’ first intrasquad game in (hopefully) sunny Dunedin, Florida!  Unless you come across something InTheWilnerness first!


2 Responses to “Into The TwitterVerse! And A Mailbag”
  1. 1.

    john lott you say? when you mentioned his name here, i had to look it up.
    i went to journalism school at centennial college (scar. campus) back in the early 80′s and he ran that dept. at the time. i do remember him as being a noted baseball fan indeed.
    he was an american up here as i recall. from pennsylvania he said if i’m not mistaken. told us he was a draft dodger actually.
    looked up a recent photo of him on the internet as i read you referencing him in this post. this is the weird thing. the picture i saw does not look at all like the same john lott i remember. so that’s a bit confusing but has to be the same guy.
    funny thing too michael, for my entrance exam i was to write a paper on any subject i wished and i did a toronto blue jays upcoming season type review analyzing the team position by position. pitchers, position players etc… probably would have been for the 1982 season i’m thinking.
    in hindsight, looks like that might have helped me get in based on his love of the game as it turns out. funny.
    i never finished the 3 yr program as he (at the time) painted a pretty clear picture that after graduating (if we did) we were probably going to be working in somewhere like thunder bay for a small community newspaper for $18k per yr. for a bunch of yrs. until something significant broke for us if at all.
    i guess he did his job if it in fact was his intended purpose. my interest going forward waned no doubt with that reality michael. pretty much scared me off in truth.
    he was tough but fair is my memory of him. i just wasn’t ready to take up the cause at the time.
    i also remember him calling me out back then. my dad at one time, a very long time ago (he’d be approx. 90 now if he were alive & long since deceased actually) as i’m 10 yrs. after the 4th child in my family to help explain that a bit.
    anyway, he was invited to a detroit tigers training camp as a pitcher at one time which is true. i told lott about him & that he pitched a few games for the tigers. of course he put his journalistic investigative instincts to work looked into the matter (which would have been even then many yrs. previous) & told me it wasn’t so. shoulda known right? hilarious.
    but that’s my john lott story michael if we’re talking about the same guy..
    and you don’t need to post this just wanted to share that with you is all…..

    - darrell bishop
  2. 2.

    “What is it with all these television commercials nowadays?” CRTC always prided itself as a regulator in the interests of the people. Recently (well, five years ago), it eliminated all time restrictions on TV commercials. Pressure from the private broadcasters? Nowadays, TV in Canada looks like TV in the USA: For every hour, there is 38 minutes of content.

    - Anonymous
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