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Just found out that reliever Jason Frasor will accept the Jays’ offer of arbitration, which means he’ll be back with the Bluebirds on a one-year contract for next season.

Frasor was a Type A free agent, so the Jays stood to gain a first-round draft pick plus a sandwich pick between the first and second rounds had he left, but that’s all moot now – they’ll try to hammer out a one-year deal prior to the February arbitration dates, or the Jays could still trade him, but they could do a lot worse at the back of the bullpen.

I’ve said many times that a lot of people aren’t comfortable with Frasor because he doesn’t “look like” a closer, that is, he doesn’t project the confidence and strength one is used to seeing from a big-time reliever.  He also takes a REALLY long time to deliver his pitches.  But he’s a capable late inning reliever who gets the job done far more often than not, no matter what J.P. Ricciardi says.

The Jays are still waiting to hear about the decisions of Scott Downs and Miguel Olivo, both of whom are expected to decline arbitration.  Kevin Gregg has already reportedly declined.

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    Way to go Mike! you posted this before mlbtraderumors.com and Ken Rosenthal!!

    - Adam Rock
  2. 2.

    The pace that he pitches, it seems like he may think he is a Yankee or BoSox. HAHA.

    But seriously, they could do a lot worse in the bullpen. I consider it a win-win for the Jays.

    - skippie
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    How many first round picks and sandwich picks do the blueboys have this year?

    - Nick
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    made mention yesterday of tulo out in col.
    signing on with the bo sox foroutrageous bucks & term but turns out to be his current rox as they’re known by some as.
    interesting though on a couple fronts i believe.
    firstly, when i saw the supposed contract amount be bandied about at $163m, i won’t lie i saw rox there in print but automatically just assumed based on that kind of money involved that it was in fact the red sox as it just seems those type of contracts are only consummated by teams like the red sox, yanks etc…
    you just don’t think of middle of the road market teams such as the colorado’s doling out that kind of buckagge.
    so as it turns out it’s actually only $157m or so in the end and over 10 yrs going forward as reported.
    so imagine that michael would you? a team in the mid market range deciding that a youngish core player of theirs that has proven fairly sizeable success thus far should be locked up for such $ & such a term.
    kinda like the blue jays did with the same type within our ranks patrolling cf a few yrs. back no?
    only difference being in my estimation is that the no.’s (on you know who here) we’re actually better than this guy out in the mountains. not to mention gold gloves to boot.
    and except our deal was for even less $ & term i’m pretty sure.
    so apparently not such a ridiculous notion to act upon as it turns out as we see others in the same boat around mlb doing the exact same thing.
    something i suppose for all the 20/20, hindsight thinkers to ponder is my thinking.
    seemed like a good idea at the time.
    but just an observation of course michael….

    - darrell bishop
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    We all know Jason Frasor did not get off to a good start this year. But since July 2nd, he pitched to an ERA of 2.41 and a WHIP of 1.04 in 33 innings.

    - Shakeel
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    If Downs signs elsewhere they will receive a compensatory 1st round pick plus that team’s 1st round pick, unless the team signs a higher type A free agent or their 1st round pick is in the top 15, in which case it will be their 2nd round pick.

    If Gregg and Olivo sign elsewhere they will receive 2 more compensatory 1sts in addition to the one they already have from Buck signing with the Marlins.

    In total they could potentially acquire 5 extra 1st round picks (Downs-2, Buck-1, Olivo-1, Gregg-1) in addition to their own pick.

    - Scott
  7. 7.

    Okay time for another prediction will the Jays Tender contracts to Lewis and Accardo?

    Or will they become Free Agents on Thursday?

    - Jeff
  8. 8.

    it will be interesting to see what they do with hard throwing accardo under the current circumstances.
    i mean, if there was ever going to be an opportunity for him to garner a spot in this team’s bullpen, it’s gotta be now doesn’t it?
    probably capable of being the righty set up guy at least i would think.
    no contract tender whatsoever, you gotta seriously wonder what exactly the bugaboo is with this guy i’m thinking.
    we’ll see soon enough i guess.

    - darrell bishop
  9. 9.

    Do you know what would be great Mike? A new Jaystalk phone-in hotstove discussion every two to three weeks.

    - Lennie
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