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Now then……..if Kyle Drabek had had a little help from his friend behind the plate in John Buck, his final start of the season might have turned out quite differently.  Drabek throws hard, and features a nasty curveball in the dirt that gets swings and misses, but those swings and misses are tremendously inconsequential if the catcher isn’t going to get down and dirty and block the ball.

By “get down and dirty” I mean anticipate a breaking ball in the dirt, drop down to both knees and smother the ball as it bounces off the ground so that it remains right there in front of you as the catcher.  Think back to Pat Borders, the best I have ever seen at consistently getting down and blocking balls in the dirt.  He had to deal with incredibly nasty stuff from guys like Juan Guzman and David Cone, and he was fully committed to getting down and taking balls off the chest protector to prevent runner advancement.

Fast forward to 2010, where we have seen Jose Molina stab at balls in the dirt with his backhand or bounce up as balls hit the dirt and try to corral them, and where tonight we saw John Buck either come up or fail to get down on a Drabek pitch in the dirt three times over the first three innings, costing the Blue Jays two runs.

In the first, Buck didn’t block a great slider in the dirt on which Nick Swisher swung and missed for strike three, and Derek Jeter scampered down to second base.  Jeter then moved to third on a single and scored on a sacrifice fly by Alex Rodriguez.

In the second, Buck again failed to get down on a slider – this time Curtis Granderson swung and missed for strike three.  Buck did manage to keep the ball close enough to him to root it out of the dirt and throw to first, but his wild throw allowed Granderson to go to second.  Granderson didn’t score, though, as Buck got a big piece of strike three in the dirt to the next hitter, Brett Gardner, and threw Gardner out at first.

In the third – forgiveable.  Drabek threw a 96 mile-an-hour fastball in the dirt.  A catcher can’t anticipate that, and is pretty much dead meat if that ball doesn’t make it to the plate.  Buck didn’t display good form in getting down on that ball, but that was because he was way late – because it was a 96 mile-an-hour fastball in the dirt.  Nothing you can really do about that except get lucky, and Buck didn’t.  Jeter, who had led off the inning with a walk, went to second on that wild pitch.  Swisher then bunted him to third and he scored on a Mark Teixeira sac fly.

In the fifth, after a leadoff triple by Gardner, Drabek got Jeter to hit a ground ball to third and Edwin Encarnacion came home with the throw.  It was a good throw and the ball was there in time, but Buck left Gardner a big enough piece of the plate that he was able to slide in before the tag.  If that’s Gregg Zaun, Gardner doesn’t score.  Any good block of the plate gets you an out there.

So instead of a 1-1 tie through six innings and Drabek coming out of the game with a fantastic start against the defending World Series Champions back on which to look over the winter, he comes out of the game having allowed three earned runs in six innings and winds up 0-3 in three major-league starts.

It has been a season-long problem, catchers being unwilling to block balls in the dirt on a regular basis, and it must be addressed for next season, especially if Drabek is going to make the team.  He, Ricky Romero and Brandon Morrow are not easy to catch.

I say unwilling rather than unable, by the way, because I have been listening to Alan Ashby all season.  The man caught 17 years in the major leagues, and caught exceedingly difficult pitchers like Mike Scott and J.R. Richard, and insists that it takes no talent at all to block a breaking ball in the dirt, just commitment.  Either you’re committed to getting down and blocking that ball or you’re not.

Travis Snider continued to show well as the season grinds to the end.  He had two of the Blue Jays’ three hits tonight, a laser-beam home run to right and a line single over a leaping Teixeira, both off Cy Young candidate CC Sabathia.  Snider is on a 10-game hitting streak over which he’s produced to the tune of .350/.381/.625 with three of his 12 homers this season, on his way to a very strong finish. 

J.P. Arencibia got another start today, and you have to feel just terrible for him.  Here’s a rookie trying to get his feet wet in the big leagues, and he’s made just four starts in the month of September, only one of which was behind the plate.  In those four games, he has gone 0-for-12 with six strikeouts.  The pitchers he has started against?  Felix Hernandez, David Price, Jon Lester and tonight, CC Sabathia.  I mean, seriously.

Here’s tonight’s edition of The JaysTalk, for your listening pleasure:

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And here’s the transcript from tonight’s “Miked Up LIVE!”:

5 Responses to “With A Little Help From His Friends (Or Not)”
  1. 1.

    Hello Mike, I usually go anywhere between 17-22 games a year. This year I have yet to go to any. Rogers has not invested the money they dumped by letting Rios go & trading Rolan. In addition, previous years, the payroll was around 100 million. Even with this payroll, they finished fourth. For fans like myself, the main thing is for the owner of a sports franchise to put out a large payroll to try & win. Even, if they fail trying, at least they are trying. At 50 or 60 million this year, they are obviously not putting the budget they should to try to win in my opinion. With how big the Rogers empire is, that is an insult to Jays fans & Canada’s team. Not only that, they are cutting back in marketing & givaways. Having just a little(probably cardboard) thank you ticket for Cito tonight proves it. They are so cheap, that they can not at least give out a T-shirt?..Even Buck Scholwalter had a T-shirt night in Baltimore & he’s only been there a few months! They say if Anthopolus & Beeston asks for the budget, they will get it. Well, I have to see to believe it. I hope next year will be different & the Jays do go for a few major players this off season.

    Having said this, I am going to my first game tonight. I expect to be more than 20,000 this game. Cito deserves to have a great send off & I hope they show more appreciation than the years he got tonight. It is also the last home game of a season that has been a success in a way where the key young players have stayed healthy & progressed. So, I hope Jays fans come out tonight for the support &

    - David F in Etobicoke
  2. 2.

    Appreciate your defense of Snider and Arencibia. Both are going to be stars, and both have been shown little respect from Cito and fans alike.

    - Will
  3. 3.

    Frankly, this Fan590 full court press on Cito is becoming nauseating..To suggest Cito deserves to be in the baseball hall of fame is an insult to the game when much more deserving managers like Ralph Houk aren’t in..It’s well past time for the Jays to spend time, money and effort promoting the future and lay the past in it’s place.

    - Gerry
  4. 4.

    shame about drabek last night. had marvellous stuff on tap last night and definitely got some bad breaks from his catcher as you mention and a general lack of run support.
    it certainly was not going to be easy as those damn yankees had their ace on the hill and them really needing/wanting the win but envisioned young drabek going 7 or 8 maybe leaving with a lead or perhaps a 1-1 or 2-2 type game. oh well.
    so good bye to cito tonite. bittersweet no doubt. honest & honourable man that cito is. immense fortitude there for my money.
    and i guess you heard as verified by a.k. with the man himself down at the station. you and mccown aren’t going with him to hawaii to golf at season’s end or any upcoming fishing trips.
    but surmising you kind of already knew that….

    - darrell bishop
  5. 5.

    Mike…wondering if you can help me out here. I’d love to cast a couple votes for the late great Mr. Cheek, however I’m having a bit of trouble with it. I have no access to the internet (I know, shameful!) Anyways, I do have a blackberry and am a member of facebook however I’m unable to figure out how to vote on the facebook page. I see people talking about the “poll” tab but I’m unable to locate it. So I guess my question is “is it possible to vote for Tom from my blackberry?” I hope you or someone else can assist me with this.



    MW: Sadly, I have no idea.

    - Nathan
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