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A 6-1 homestand was a fine way to finish up the home schedule, with two walk-offs and an eighth-inning come-from-behind thrown in to boot!

Now all the Jays have to do to avoid a 90-loss season is go 2-4 on their trip through Boston and Baltimore.

I’ll be off tomorrow to observe Yom Kippur, so I point you back to Friday night’s “remodel” post for your comments, with one change – it turns out that while Prince Fielder is under contract for one more year, he’s actually under control for TWO more years, so the rental isn’t as short-term as I’d thought.  And that means the price has to go up.  And THAT means that instead of Marc Rzepczynski or David Purcey, the Jays will have to put Ricky Romero in that offer in order to secure the Prince.

Here’s Saturday afternoon’s edition of The JaysTalk, for your listening pleasure:

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See you Tuesday!  Rational, reasonable comments are always welcome!

40 Responses to “The Saturday Afternoon JaysTalk”
  1. 1.

    Get your facts straight. Fielder is under contract through 2010 only.

    MW: Perhaps a greater understanding of the MLB collective bargaining agreement would be of some help to you. A player is eligible to file for free agency after he has compiled six years of service time. That won’t happen for Fielder until after the 2011 season.

    - Gerry
  2. 2.

    Not sure if I’m the first to post this…I’m sure you’ve seen the comments made by Gaston about BJ Ryan where he pretty much said he saw Ryan’s downfall coming. If that’s the case, why would he allow Ryan to start the year as the closer?

    Second question, I’ve read that Beeston has said that revenue has gone up this year despite the lower attendance. The question is, where did the increase in revenue come from? Private boxes? Concessions? Parking? Other events at the RC? Corporate sponsorship?

    MW: 1 – Good question. It’s not as though upper management told him to use Ryan as the closer, because they’ve certainly told him not to play Kevin Millar so much and to get Randy Ruiz in the line-up. 2 – As far as I know, it’s mostly about cutting back on comps.

    - Pramit
  3. 3.

    Mike, what you have proposed, while thought-provoking, makes me recoil in horror. It simply requires the Jays to give up way too much! And what happens if/when Fielder gets hurt, or, has a horrible year like Wells has had? Where would the Jays have been this year if they hadn’t had all those young pitchers to, er, step up to the mound?! Throw in Ricky Romero? No way. He is the new face of the franchise.

    MW: No, he’s not. You have to give up something to get something.

    - Shari
  4. 4.

    Man I am getting real tired of the blather coming from soon-to-be departed J.P Ridiculously..

    Didn’t he know the Jays were in the AL East before he took the job?..It was like “oh crap, the Jays are in the AL East?” ..

    He will play the family card in the near future mark my words and note the day..No way this guy and his massive ego will allow himself to be fired..He is just to good for us all..I wonder what he may feel when the Jays get a real GM and make the playoffs without him..

    I’m sure he’ll have an excuse for that too…

    MW: He has been playing the family card since 2004. Please note the payroll disparity in baseball when he took the job.

    - ray b
  5. 5.

    Why didn’t Lind start this afternoon? Isn’t 109 RBIs going into today enough to earn a start against a lefty?

    MW: Nope. Neither is the fact that he hits lefties MUCH better (.275/.318/.461) than Kevin Millar (.252/.333/.397).

    - Zack
  6. 6.

    I like most of your ideas. I think though that it would take more than just adding Romero to get Fielder though. I think you’d have to also add Arencibia and/or Dopirak.

    I wouldn’t go for Hernandez either. Going for Hernandez costs too much (i.e. Snider)and I don’t think it would happen anyway.

    Instead, I’d go hard for Bedard, and cross my fingers that he could finally stay healthy.

    By keeping not getting Hernandez and keeping Snider, you keep payroll down for Halladay and possibly adding another good arm. And you don’t have to go get an outfielder, such as Teahan.

    Your lineup is:

    Overbay (if you can’t move him and if you can – Ruiz)

    That has the potential to be just ridiculous.


    And you have the potential for…
    to be able to come in and reasonably push for a job

    Yes, there are ifs in that scenario, particularly in pitching, but I think we’ve seen in the last 2 years that a hole in the batting lineup (DH 2008 and OF in 2009) is sometimes just as bad as in the starting rotation.

    MW: Yes, it is. I think Bedard is too big an if – the guy simply can’t stay healthy. I would add Dopirak if that’s what it took to get Felix, but I think Snider and Cecil would be enough on the top-prospect end. Also, I’d break up those lefties 3-4 – go Lind-Bay-Fielder-Wells.

    - RM
  7. 7.

    MW: It should be noted that Carter came to the plate with 542 runners on base that year.

    are you sure about that? that seems like an astoronomically high number no? he only had 634 ab’s in 1990. so in almost every ab there was a runner on? where did you get that number from? he only had 190 ab with risp so the most runners on with risp would be 570. so that would mean almost every time he came up with risp the bases were loaded! but he only had 21 ab’s with the bases loaded. I dont believe your number is correct.

    MW: I’m sorry you don’t believe me, but it is. Carter came to bat that season with 253 runners on first, 175 runners on second and 114 runners on third for a total of 542. Just another number that’s readily available at baseball-reference.com!

    - wallace
  8. 8.


    Happy Yom Kippur.

    Despite not being called up Adam Lowen and Buck Coats got some more playing time at this year’s Baseball World Cup. And congrats to Canada for getting it’s first ever 3rd place finish.

    2 questions sort of related.

    Why do they have this World Cup and also the Baseball World Classic?

    Also, does MLB do much to help promote the game in the Latin American countries where they love the game? (Except Cuba, of course.)

    MW: Congrats indeed to Canada on the big bronze! They have the World Cup and the World Baseball Classic for the same reason that they have the World Hockey Championship and the Canada Cup/World Cup of Hockey/NHLers in the Olympics. Most MLB teams have a baseball academy somewhere in Latin America, and MLB runs a Dominican summer league.

    - Uncle Ben
  9. 9.


    Interesting remodel, but sadly we all know nothing remotely close to that will happen. It’s kind of sad we have to invent our own imaginary GM world to derive any pleasure from this franchise. Question – why would Seattle trade their best young pitcher? Isn’t young starting pitching a commodity that a rebuilding team needs to keep?

    MW: Yep. I don’t know why Seattle would be interested in dealing Hernandez, but word is he’s on the market. Ours is not to question why – ours is just to get the guy.

    - Dan
  10. 10.

    Hear about the guy who got tossed out of the game on Sunday for throwing the Mariners home-run ball back on the field?
    Ive been saying it for a loooong time. Something needs to be done.

    MW: Fans in every stadium get thrown out for throwing home run balls back on the field.

    - slobberface
  11. 11.

    I was really surprised by 2 things: 1) the lack of coverage you guys got from the 2020 updates, the 3pm the raps media day was mentioned in passing last news AFTER ARGOS AND LEAFS RESTING NEWS, with no clips and nothing. 2) your questions were so generic nothing new as a listener to all the interviews done i have learned nothing new about players or their game. Finally Id like to thank you for the amount of players and effort put into this. But all in all it wasn’t zesty.

    MW: I apologize for the lack of zest. My questions of whom?

    - nik
  12. 12.

    If you mention Travis Snider and Brett Cecil for ???????, you will have every GM in Baseball listen intently. But if you mention Ricky Romero or Marc Rzepczynski (you need to keep one for the team) without another Top Value you won’t do a deal you’ll like. Snider, Cecil, Romero, Rzepczynski are your Stud Values. One Of The Following isn’t good enough unless it contains 4 of your Top 5 prospects. The Hernandez deal might go through. The Fielder/Hardy deal will not.
    I agree that this team can get BIG & BEST your way, only the trades must be better.
    P.S.: Brad Mills was not cloned.

    MW: Yes, he was. I’m surprised you haven’t been told. I think six years of Ricky Romero would easily be worth two years of Prince Fielder to the Brewers without much at all having to be added.

    - Richard
  13. 13.

    I never really though that the Jays could pull off a trade like that for a guy like Prince Fielder… nice try though Mike

    - Daniel
  14. 14.


    I was listening to the game tonight and it occurred to me that much of what Jerry and Alan say goes against what you preach on your show and on your blog.

    1. Team chemistry being important
    2. Experience being important
    3. Wins for pitchers
    4. HR and RsBI for hitters
    5. Rod Barajas having a good year hitting

    I could list many other examples.

    So on one hand you criticize and correct callers and bloggers, but yet you claim that the radio crew is “very good”

    This confuses me. I thing they’re both dinosaurs and are very annoying to listen to.

    I know you can’t confirm this in a public forum, but I think you feel the same way.

    MW: I don’t. But I do think experience is important (not as much as Jerry does). I don’t think they value wins and RBIs as much as you think (HRs are very important for hitters) and I think Barajas is having a good power year, but that’s it.

    - GregP
  15. 15.

    jerry howarth is amazing. he was on the rain delay show and he didnt pull any punches. he said JP’s time is up just like ash’s was and he criticized the rios and wells’ contracts. he said given the weak revenue stream the jays have, why lock them up for 7 years? what happens if they declined you would be stuck with them. he doesn’t make any excuses and he doesn’t worry about any blowback from the jays and this is why fans respect him so much.

    - jerry
  16. 16.

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for a great year. We were at Sunday’s game so I missed your pregame chat with Vernon. What did he have to say? It was interesting at the game as there were no boos for him. It seemed the fans cut him some slack & realize he is a human too. I can’t imagine Vernon had a great summer himself although I bet his bed is more comfy than mine! Either that or he’s been hot enough lately to escape the wrath. What do you think?
    Should be an interesting winter in Jayland. If nothing else we can look forward to Pujols & Lincecum visits next summer.

    MW: Maybe Lincecum. I’ll be replaying the Wells interview on the pre-pre-game show on Saturday night, but you can likely find it here on the website.

    - dave huband
  17. 17.

    Well, the Jays are half-way there to not losing 90 games with their win last night. I was afraid of Richmond throwing home run pitches in Fenway but the BoSox pitching was substantially worse. I doubt that the BoSox will get beyond the first round with the way they are playing but there is alot of luck in that first round.

    Has your opinion changed on Bautista yet? He’s bursting in September with an OPS of .927 (Lind is .866) with 6 HRs — a very pleasant surprise.

    I happened to be listening to the “rain delay” edition last night. Jerry Howarth’s commentary on the Jays was very bang on and thoughtful… the best commentary on the Jays that I’ve heard in a very very long time, especially with the remarks about the uphill battles in the AL east, the future of JP and the senior management at Rogers, and his thoughts on Wells and the rest of the team. It made me feel quite optimistic about the team and where it may be heading. He hit the nail on the head when he said that most team’s payrolls are such that they can’t screw up a signing or two where the Yankees can just spend and sign someone else if a prospect doesn’t work out. MLB certainly needs to work out the payroll inequity situation and maybe a cap system will be needed or the schedule needs to be more balanced: maybe 14 games inside the division (total = 56) (16 for the AL West), 10 games against each team outside the division (total = 90), and 16 interleague games (14 for the AL West) for the 162 games.

    Is there any chance that an league alignment may occur and a team like the Colorado Rockies goes to the AL West and Houston realigns from the NL Central to the NL West? Then all the divisions in all of the leagues would have 5 teams each which would be only fair.

    MW: But then there would have to be interleague play every day, and that’s not happening. How did what Jerry said differ from what I say? I talk about the uphill battle in the AL East, the fact that JP’s likely not to be back, that Wells will have a bounce back season and the Yankees’ and Red Sox’ abilities to outspend their mistakes. Just doesn’t sound as good coming from me, huh?

    - Tim
  18. 18.

    what’s up Mike, long time reader of your blog & listener of Jays Talk. Just to comment on the last post because I was late. It’s not that people think you can’t change your mind on things, it’s that when you do or if your wrong on things, you don’t normally acknowledge it. If you don’t acknowledge it, it comes off as your arrogant & think you know everything when that is probably not your intent. The only time that comes to mind when you did acknowledge your wrong prediction was when the Jays let Rios go & you came on your blog & on radio saying that you were wrong on that call, that there was no way the Jays would let Rios go for nothing. Respect for you for doing that because I don’t think it’s done as many times as most listeners would like. That is why listeners think you are condescending at times on Jays talk when I believe you don’t mean any harm. There are many times you were wrong on predictions but many times you don’t mention it & mention the things you were right numerous numerous times..Or make your wrong predictions sound right in hind sight. I do recognize that you work extremely hard & do do a great job with this blog. I know most Fan 590 sportscasters have a blog but I think your the only one that responds to them. So, excellent on your work this whole season even though it’s been hard after the Jays were pretty much out of it in July.

    MW: I admit when I’m wrong a lot more often than you seem to think – but at least you think I do it more than most do, so that’s something.

    - dominic
  19. 19.

    In Baseball America, so far one Jays prospect in the top 20. Look at how many Red Sox and Yankees prospects. JP is right, we can’t compete with them. So embarrassing.

    - Danny from Maple
  20. 20.

    Mike….I’ll surely give you your due, for you kept a level head when the Jays were 27-14 while many others were pricing playoff tickets. But putting aside for the moment yours, mine and the guy next door’s predictions, do you recall there being a lot of talk of unbalanced schedule and the unfairness of having to play N.Y. and Boston 18 times annually after sweeping the White Sox on Victoria Day to put the Jays at the aforementioned high-water mark of 27-14?

    MW: No, but a whole lot of people were saying “yeah, but they haven’t played the Red Sox and Yankees yet”.

    - chris m.
  21. 21.

    hey mike;

    havn’t posted in a while, but watched almost all the blue jay games this year and attended 7 games to boost attendance with friends, so here goes a littney of comments;
    firstly, the jays need to sign barajas-maybe 3 yrs @ 7 million since jeroloman and the other catching prospects are injured, bring back johnny macdonald- 2yrs@ 2 million- he’s hitting better and is cheap- forget scutaro and take the two compensation picks, as he will command way to much money and may not reproduce this years numbers ever again, give jp a chance to finish out his contract, albiet not re-sign him to a new contract as he has wasted too much money, eg wells and rios contracts, bj ryan and frank thomas contracts and letting ten game winner randy wells leave for nothing and not put him in the rotation when we needed pitching this year, oversights that preclude him from a contract extension. if the jays need anything, it’s more hitting like a bobby abreu or adam dunn and his 40 hr’s would have helped the jays win some of the 27 lost games by one run! and put us in contention for the wild card this year. Give ruiz a chance to play first bast and re-sign k millar for backup, trade overbay-not needed and re-sign jose bautista-he’s better than rios, better arm and bat for much less money. Give cito a break one more year and bring back gillick to fix the current conundrum; Finally sign halladay to a 100 million dollar extension to let him retire with dignity in a toronto uniform, if attendance is bleak now, wait to see it without halladay. thx mike, great blog as always.

    MW: Wow. I’m not sure I agree with any of that.

    - robert.s
  22. 22.

    Hey Mike,

    Back when John Gibbons was with the Jays, I remember a caller asking you what would merit a firing of the manager and you said something along the lines of, “Not doing the things to put the team in a position to win” (ok, it was definitely more eloquent than that but nonetheless..). If that is indeed what you generally said…do you think Cito deserves to be let go? NOT pinch hitting for Raul Chavez and John McDonald when you’re down by one run, with Travis Snider on first base and a plethora of better power options on the bench to knock one out and win the game SCREAMS incompetence and/or ignorance to me and therefore he should be relieved immediately. I don’t care if your team is out of contention or not. You should still try to win every game you can, out of respect to the fans, your team and even the team you’re playing, no? (the game in question was a week or so ago.. sorry, haven’t had a chance to vent about it just yet) Thoughts?

    Also, I read an article about Cito “POSSIBLY”(!) moving the order around next year to put Lind/Hill in the 3-4 spots. Possibly?? Is he insane? Seems like a no brainer to everyone with half a brain doesn’t it? Does he think these guys are really that fragile? Really? One more thing: There is lots of talk about Lind in the 4 hole and Hill in the 3 hole. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Don’t you want your best all around hitter batting third (Lind)? Hill’s major flaw is not getting on base enough so again, doesn’t it make more sense to put him in a spot to capitalize on his aggressiveness (fourth)?

    Thanks Mike!

    MW: I would put Hill 5th in an ideal world, if he can maintain this level of power or close to it. Yes, though, I’m with you – Cito doesn’t put his team in its best position to win far too often.

    - Scott B
  23. 23.

    Wilner -

    Rumors are spreading that Stephen Drew might be available via trade this offseason. Does this information change your ideal scenario for the Jays plans?

    MW: Not really – though I’m led to understand that the Brewers wouldn’t do Hardy for Encarnacion, so we have to re-think that one. Drew’s defense worries me a lot.

    - Geoff
  24. 24.

    mike, how did red sox get 4 picks in 2005? they got bucholz and ellsbury. jays got romero.

    also is bautista a free agent? what are the jays supposed to do with him now that he is pounding out home runs?

    MW: Bautista’s not a free agent, he’s arbitration-eligible, but he’ll be expensive and doesn’t hit enough to play right field every day. The Red Sox actually had FIVE first-round plus sandwich picks in 2005 – I guess they lost a few good free agents the winter before.

    - jerry
  25. 25.

    Hey Mike :

    If you had one, who would get your vote for AL Cy Young? Doc has pretty much dropped out of contention, but with CC, King Felix and Grienke, it should be a tight race. Even Verlander has to get consideration if he picks up win #18 in the heat of a pennant race tonight.

    MW: Good question. My vote would go to Greinke, but I think Sabathia wins it if he gets to 20.

    - rick
  26. 26.

    I’m sure this has been suggested but I can’t find your answer in the archives.

    Would it be an idea to trade Encarnacion, re-sign Scutaro, play him at 3rd base where he doesn’t have to do quite as much running, and re-sign McDonald to play short-stop with Aaron Hill at 2nd Base? Then sign Chone Figgins if possible and play him in the outfield.

    This is probably a really stupid idea, and you’ll shoot it full of holes, but it seems to me that our offense isn’t the only thing that needs shoring-up. Our defense is nowhere near as good as it used to be and could use help. And McDonald is as good as it gets. He doesn’t hit well, but he’s not hitting so incredibly badly that he can’t play, and his presence on the field must save us a run at least every other game and possibly every game. Scutaro could clearly benefit from less running in the infield, and this way the Jays get a really good defensive infield. I’m all for hitting the ball, but an excellent defense can save a lot of the one-run games we’ve lost of late…

    MW: Yes, it can. It’s not a really stupid idea, but you need to get more offense from your infield as a whole if McDonald is playing everyday. He is hitting that badly, by the way – .242/.252/.364 going into Tuesday’s game.

    - isabella reyes
  27. 27.

    Pretty embarassing to see Cito leave Camp in there to give up 5 runs. Really tired of his terrible ‘managing’.

    - Renegade
  28. 28.

    What Papelbon was class-less and disgusting. Should be suspended for a few games; or at least Halladay needs to put one in Pedroia’s ribcage tomorrow.

    - Renegade
  29. 29.


    I caught something odd at the end of tonight’s Sox-Jays game… In the 9th, Vernon caught the Pedroia fly ball in CF, then rather than throw the ball in to the infield himself, he flipped the ball awkwardly to Bautista to throw in. There were people on base as he did this. It seemed like he wanted to throw it in, then thought better of it. Is Vernon’s shoulder an issue? Did you catch this? Am I making something out of nothing?

    MW: I did catch it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with his shoulder, but I’m thinking he realizes that Bautista has a far better arm. However, it sure was a weird time for him to do that.

    - Kevin A.
  30. 30.

    MW: He is hitting that badly, by the way – .242/.252/.364 going into Tuesday’s game.

    Better than Rios…178/213/287 with the Sox. And Rios is considered a premium hitter. McDonald won’t get better in the batter’s box if he doesn’t bat very often.

    In other news, I would really like to see a Jays pitcher drill the sh*t out of Dustin Pedroia tomorrow. Why Pedroia? No reason. I just don’t like him… But if not Pedroia, then Youk would work. Or Ellsworthy, or anyone really…

    MW: Ellsbury, but I get your drift.

    - isabella reyes
  31. 31.

    Mike….Of course a lot of things point to Papelbon hitting Lind on purpose, but playing the other side for a moment, why would he eager to put a potential insurance run on base after his team came roaring back to within one run in the bottom of the 8th?

    MW: When there are two out and nobody on and you hit a guy who has just hit three homers with the first pitch, you’re not really disguising your intentions.

    - chris m.
  32. 32.

    MW: I’m sorry you don’t believe me, but it is. Carter came to bat that season with 253 runners on first, 175 runners on second and 114 runners on third for a total of 542. Just another number that’s readily available at baseball-reference.com!

    I’m sorry mike, but you are clearly wrong. do you really think ANY player would come up with 3.3 runners on every game? first there is no category on baseball reference that shows those numbers so I surmise you simply added the categories in “bases occupied” section. but what you did wrong was double count the categories. the section “men on” totals 361 PA which includes every possible combination and equals the sum of the 7 possible combinations. so joe carter came up with 361 total runners on, not 542. what you did wrong was double count the categories. ex –2 and -23 you added to get 1 number, then you added –3 and -23 to get another number then combined the two, but the -23 category you added twice, one for runners on second and another for runners on third. if you dont believe me then add up every combination individually, the total is 361, not 542.

    MW: Go look on the 1990 game log page for Joe Carter.

    - jerry
  33. 33.

    MW: 1 – Good question. It’s not as though upper management told him to use Ryan as the closer, because they’ve certainly told him not to play Kevin Millar so much and to get Randy Ruiz in the line-up. 2 – As far as I know, it’s mostly about cutting back on comps.

    Stupid follow up question, but what do you mean by ‘comps’?

    MW: Complimentary tickets.

    - Pramit
  34. 34.

    Certainly, Adam Lind, and suddenly, everybody else on this team can mash the baseball. One of the other blogs centered around this team has a rule that you should ignore anything that happens in September or April. If that’s true, then i think this franchise needs the shuffle of the deck that you speculated on last post.

    And I like Cito, I really do, but if I were the President or GM, I’d fire him just because he’s really hurting my chances of finding out whether or not Ruiz, Phillips, and Snider have anything to offer at the Major League level.

    But we don’t have a President or GM who actually has the ability to do something as radical as firing anybody, do we?

    MW: A president, yes.

    - Greg W
  35. 35.

    MW: Go look on the 1990 game log page for Joe Carter.

    I see where you get the number mike, but sorry it is wrong. they are making the same mistake I just explained. I emailed the site. I’ll let you know if they fix it. but please dont tell me you still actually believe it?

    just in case you do. I’ll put it as simply as I can



    1+2+3=8 WRONG

    you cant simply add the totals.

    MW: Are you sure that 1+2+3 isn’t 8?

    - jerry
  36. 36.

    MW: Are you sure that 1+2+3 isn’t 8?

    I am trying to be serious. the fact is joe carter never came up with 542 runners on.

    MW: I don’t know if that’s a fact. In fact, according to baseball-reference.com, Carter came up with a runner only on first 130 times, only on second 52 times and only on third 23 times (and only drove that runner in FIVE times, by the way). He came up with runners at first and second 65 times, runners at first and third 33 times, runners at second and third 33 times and with the bases loaded 25 times. So that’s 130+52+23+(65*2)+(33*2)+(33*2)+(25*3) which comes out to 542 in my books, unless there’s some double-counting going on that I’m not seeing.

    - jerry
  37. 37.

    comment #10
    what a load of crap you just typed

    MW: Who, me or the commenter? It says on your ticket that you’re not allowed to throw objects onto the field. Even in parks where tossing back an opposition home run ball is a tradition, the tosser gets tossed.

    - Slobberface
  38. 38.


    I hope that the above link works. If you scroll down to the “Bases Occupied” section you will see that Joe Carter had 634 AB for SD in 1990. 321 were with the bases empty, and 313 with men on base. 188 ABs with one on, 86 with two on, and 21 with the bases full. A total of 423 runners (188+172+63).

    At least thats how I see their numbers.


    MW: Don’t look at at-bats, look at plate appearances. I did the math above.

    - SteveW
  39. 39.


    Why does Jerry and Alan criticize J.P and Rogers Inc. and you always defend their actions.

    MW: I’d have a really good answer for that if your assertion were true. But it isn’t.

    - ROB
  40. 40.

    stop apologizing for the morons in the lime-green windgreakers.
    Nobody gets kicked out for throwing homerun balls back on to the field. Security pretends not to see it. Guess what else happens in every major city? You get ticketed for J-Walking…by loser cops with nothing better to do.

    MW: Only in Seattle.

    - slobberface
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