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It seems as though the Blue Jays’ hitters have been abused by the opposition most of this season without even a hint of retaliation, but that finally stopped tonight when Jesse Carlson threw behind the rear end of Jorge Posada in the 8th inning after two more Blue Jays had reached first base the hard way.

The fact that the Jays’ retaliation for hit batsmen didn’t actually involve a pitch that hit anybody is pretty much par for the course for what’s gone on this season, but at least they tried.

Leave it to the man from New Britain, CT to make things happen, and leave it to Posada and his Yankeefied sense of entitlement to get so out of sorts that he took a few steps towards Carlson after the pitch, then elbowed him going by as he scored on a Brett Gardner double.

Seriously, and you wonder why the Yankees inspire so much hate?  They hit two Blue Jays, after having hit a Jay IN THE FACE the last time the two teams played, and Jorge Posada – a 13-year veteran who has seen plenty of baseball’s give-and-take – reacts like a high school bully to a pitch that wasn’t even ribcage-high?  Please.  Wouldn’t want to offend the delicate genius.

Good for Scott Richmond, for throwing himself right in there, and better for Rod Barajas, who was an absolute maniac.

I know we’ll hear things about “coming together” and “character-building” and team unity and all that, but I don’t believe that this was the event that will make all these guys see how much they need to band together and form that “us against the world” attitude that will lead them to a championship season next year.  I do think, though, that it was nice to see them not take it lying down again.  Hopefully they do the same thing the next time one of theirs gets drilled.

I expect Posada to get a five-game suspension that he’ll appeal down to two or three, using the backwards logic that one of tonight’s callers to The JaysTalk used – “Carlson was at home plate, so he was provoking”.  What an enormous load of crap.  Sure, Carlson shouldn’t have been as close to the plate as he was, but saying that act means Jesse “started it” is like saying that it’s OK to pound on a guy because he looked at you.

It was nice to see a couple of second-deck bombs by Travis Snider, and also good to see Edwin Encarnacion’s second home run in as many games.  Are people starting to think that maybe this guy is worth a look now?

Here’s tonight’s editon of The JaysTalk, for your listening pleasure:

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And, as promised yesterday, here’s Saturday night’s:

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Rational, reasonable comments are always welcome!

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    Love the show. I’m just wondering why we continually group the Yankees and Red Sox together. No doubt the Yankees have an inherent market advantage, whereby they will do well regardless of on the field performance.

    Is Boston’s market inherently that much bigger than the Jays, or is it only bigger because Boston is spending money and winning (and has been since the introduction of the wild card).

    If it is the former I stand corrected. If the latter then it seems disingenuous to compare with Boston’s payroll and market share as the Jays could theoretically do the same thing.

    Furthermore, if Boston has an inherent advantage in the past few years because of how they managed and marketed themselves in mid 90′s (building up a strong fan base), then again there is nothing to say the Jays couldn’t have theoretically done the same thing, in which case they have no-one to blame but themselves. I’m not saying that is how it is, I just want your thoughts.


    MW: The Red Sox and Yankees are grouped together because they’re the two teams that have decided that they’ll spend what they feel they must to win and they win on a regular basis. The markets aren’t close. Boston is only has about 650,000 residents, and even though the “Red Sox Nation” extends throughout New England, well, “Blue Jays Nation” could be all of Canada if they did things right. The Jays could, theoretically, do the same thing – without question.

    - Carson
  2. 2.

    Is Rios playing everyday in Chicago? What are his stats compared to his days with the Jays this season

    MW: Rios isn’t quite playing every day in Chicago and statistically, he’s been an absolute train wreck. With the White Sox, Rios is hitting .140/.156/.215. He has one homer and three walks and has struck out 23 times.

    - Snowman
  3. 3.

    You are correct Mike, it was good to see the Jays fight back last night. In all my years as a Blue Jay fan, I cannot remeber too many incidents where things got out of hand like that did. In spring training 1989 they had a fight with the Mets (Jesse Barfield, Jeff Musselman and Darryl Strawberry were the central figures in that one)and in the mid 1980′s they had the infamous fight with the Red Sox when George Bell charged Al Nipper and tried to karate kick him. Todd Stottlemyre was always a favorite of mine because of the way he’d brush opposing hitters back and defend his team mates.

    MW: It was Bruce Kison who Bell famously charged.

    - Jim in Ohio
  4. 4.

    I would love to see the Jays in the Central, just like the caller said tonight…but the only way that’s going to happen is through expansion, the only thing is where do you put a team on the east coast that could fit into the AL East? Put a second team in Philadelphia? Put a team in Hartford? Raleigh? Bangor? Where’s the balanced schedule…

    MW: I’m all for putting a team in Bangor – Brian Butterfield would be all over that. I think the best thing to do is just balance the schedule and get rid of the divisions entirely.

    - Ryan
  5. 5.

    Dude – from “Yankeefied sense of entitlement” to “Wouldn’t want to offend the delicate genius” you absolutely NAILED this.

    I’m gonna jet before I make a grammatical error that will inspire your journalistic sense of entitlement and offend your delicate genius.

    But seriously – this post says what we were all thinking. Great job!

    MW: Thanks!

    - REAN
  6. 6.

    Mike. I heard a caller to the show last night and proposed the Jays moving to the Central division. I agree with something you’ve said all season long, and that there shouldn’t be divsions at all, just the way it was from 1900 to 1968. But for some reason, MLB wants the divisions because Fox and ESPN like the rivalries, especially Yankees-Red Sox. That, unfortunately, won’t change as long as Bud Selig is still in charge. Thanks.

    Peter, St.Catharines

    - Peter
  7. 7.

    I totally agree with your comments on the Yankees.

    But to me, what has gotten lost in all this “fight” talk is the fact that Posada was thrown out of the game BEFORE the fight began.

    The Umpire saw the elbow and threw him out immediately.

    I think that, on its own, warrants a suspension.

    Then, he started a fight, but at that point, he was an ejected player who came back onto the field to start something.

    I think the suspension should be way more than 5 games.

    But you are right, no matter what the “official” suspension, it will only be 2 or 3 games in the end.

    Keep up the good work Mike!

    MW: I’m actually surprised that the official suspension only wound up being three games. Posada never actually left the field. and I’m not sure that the fact he had already been ejected should matter, since it was really all part of the same continuous “play”.

    - James
  8. 8.

    I agree with you Mike. I was so pumped when the brawl started because I felt the Jays should have hit some batters for a while now. The Jays have absolutely nothing to lose and honestly, their season was done 1.5 months ago so I’m surprised it took them this long and so many Jays being hit before doing something about it. If I were a pitcher on the Jays, I would honestly hit at least another Yankee playing today. Just get League out there for a few “pitches”.

    - Joachim
  9. 9.

    Hey Mike,

    Not all Jay’s fans sit on their hands. I am the one who starts a lot of cheers in my section, usually the only 1 who cheers consistently.

    I think that hooliganism plays a part in the “tfc” crowd (as does most soccer games), where as the natural fast pace of hockey does create a loud leafs game (minus of course the corporate types).

    The main reason Toronto fans aren’t loud in baseball, is because we don’t have as many die-hards there cheering consistently like myself. The casual fan cheers when something good happens, or else they sit on their hands, because baseball does have a lot of transition time between exciting actions with which to cheer.

    - paolo
  10. 10.

    Jorge Posada is the biggest whiner in baseball. The Yankees have some classy players on that team – Rivera and Jeter come to mind – but Posada is a big whiny baby and always has been.
    Encarnacion is starting to look like a very interesting acquisition for the Jays. He’s still young, not yet in his prime, and he’s already had a season in which he hit 26 homeruns. If he can recover that form the Jays will have one less question mark heading into next season.

    - Scott Shepherd
  11. 11.

    How does a team in a pennant race look so not disciplined? That was a bit nutty for sure. The last thing you want to do is kick a guy when he is down – that’s what the Yankees did to the Jays last night. Not a matter of a Jays team banding together as much as it was a chance to get rid of some frustration they have had built up over the last month or so.

    I believe Suttaro is having some effect from the hit in the head a while back. It is not uncommon for a guy in his position (contract wise) having a career year not to admit to post concussion like symptoms for fear it would take him out of the line-up for some time and/or effect his off season chances of landing a decent contract.

    I hope Rogers soon realize that investing in their MLB club as they do the communication and cable business will in fact show a huge return on investment with respect to fan support.

    Blue Jays fans have shown in the past they can very well support an MLB team in Toronto by coming out in droves to the games. All those sell-outs in the 90′s were not just about the new domed stadium.

    The Halladay deal with Boston is not dead yet. There is more than a good chance he will be dealt there during the off season. The so called rumour deal before the trade deadline was far from being a rumour. If the Jays don’t deal Doc, they are not re-building. The Texas deal was a no-no for Doc from day one. He doesn’t like working in a furnace and it gets mighty hot in Texas. Ever notice how much Doc sweats in a game!

    Keep up the good work Mike, your making the end of the season worthwile with some good reading on the blog and in the comments. Looks to me like the rational and reasonable comments are winning out over the idiotic ones. Thank you.

    - Bob (from burlington)
  12. 12.

    Hey Mike,
    did you happen to see Burnett in the scuffle? or even Halladay for that matter?

    MW: No, I didn’t.

    - a.j.
  13. 13.

    Couldn’t have said it better “About Fricken Time”. It would’ve been good to see some other Jays get into the dust up (maybe it’s the hockey mentality in us) but Vernon sure would’ve scored a few points if he got right in there and yanked the Yankee off Barajas. As it stood, it was the skipper trying his best (kudos to Gaston). I personally believe the Jays should bring in League and have him hurl one of his 100 mph fastballs at A-roid or Jeter, but that’s just me. The season is a lost cause anyway, at least it’ll send a message to the Bronx Bombers that they can’t take these liberties all the time.

    - Bobby
  14. 14.

    Hi Mike; 2 comments…

    1. As everyone has said, it was great to see someone on this team finally have some pride and stick up for his teammates. And to do it in New York was even more of a bonus.

    2. I was watching the news/sports highlights last night on that broadcaster that used to own Sportsnet… and after a 10 minute salespitch on the new hotdogs being sold at the ACC, they mentioned something about the Jays playing in New York, with a banner that read, “Halliday on the Hill”… Roy’s one the best athletes this city has ever had, yet our news networks can’t even spell his name properly.

    - arj
  15. 15.

    I’ve had a “hate-on” for Posada ever since I saw a Yankees/Jays game several years ago, on TV, in which he hit an early inning HR off a Jays starter (can’t remember which one). The broadcast cut to the in-dugout camera (with “live” mic), and as Jorge was getting high-fives all-around….he emphatically screams, “…c’mon guys let’s go! This guy f****** sucks!”

    Mike….do you think I’m being too sensitive as a Jays fan, or is that kind of sportsmanship/gamesmanship par for the course in baseball and most sports in general???

    MW: I think you’re being a little too sensitive – NOTHING is off-limits on a major-league playing field or in a dugout.

    - Jason Cohen
  16. 16.

    I think Travis Snider needs to learn to foul off pitches. I know that sounds stupid, but not every strike is ‘your’ strike when your a power hitter, something which Lind has obviously learned over his first 3 seasons. Snider has a huge swing, and I’d love to see how often he swings and misses.

    Last night was a perfect little picture of how good he can be when he gets a mistake and turns on it, and when he hits the pitchers pitch.

    Does contact rate usually improve for a hitter from age 20 to age 25 or does it stay relatively flat?

    MW: I don’t know. Good observation, though – Snider tends not to “just miss” too often.

    - Greg W
  17. 17.

    Win or lose, it seems to be very entertaining at least to watch the Jays lately, especially against the Yankees.

    I thought it was a good brawl last night and I was happy to see the Jays not taking any bull. Posada clearly overreacted. I am sure Carlson would have said a few words to Posada walking by even if he didn’t bump him. That’s just the game.

    You’ll get the unity reaction from me as well. Who knows exactly what goes on in the clubhouse… maybe this battle will spirit the team up a bit. It seems to work sometimes for hockey… why not for baseball? Maybe someone will have to find a stat for a team’s record after a brawl… and when I look at it this way, baseball is so much about individual performances that I don’t believe much of a correlation will be seen. But if the Jays go out and win today’s game and sweep the Rays maybe there’s something there.

    I gotta think that Wells’ woes this seasons are related to pressures that are outside of his comfort zone: hitting against left-handed hitting (he can’t see the ball), hitting with RISP (pressure) and hitting at home (pressure). Maybe a few trips to the team psychologist will help him more than practise in the off-season. We’ll see how he does for the final homestand but it is good to see him hit again. He has potential and if he comes around for next year, then we might have a heckofa 1-4 punch (Scutaro / Hill / Lind / Wells). Put Snyder in there and leave Ruiz on the bench or at 1B to ding a HR here and there. That leaves 3B, C, and an OF to resolve. Encarnacion is getting better at 3B, Barajas/Chavez works, and I really like Bautista out there in the OF. I was thinking there were a couple of assists that Bautista would have got if he was playing LF (Snyder’s throw to 2B on A-Rod for example). If he can up his BA a bit he would be viable as an everyday player.

    So maybe the pieces are there even if the Jays leave the payroll as is. But it would be good to add a Figgins or Bay as has been widely speculated.

    MW: I don’t think the pieces are there if you’re asking Bautista to be your everyday right fielder or Wells to hit clean-up. And I don’t get that Wells can’t see the ball against lefties, but he can against righties.

    - Tim
  18. 18.

    Hey Mike, so happy to see Carlson take action against the big bad wolves.

    I wonder if Towers was thinking about knocking out A-Roid, lets not forget he threw at A-Roid when he was a part of the Jays staff.

    Back to on field performance I wonder if this is something we should get used to with EE, his fielding has been pretty dynamite lately plus some big time shots, I didn’t want to give up on him before and last night I think it was Alan saying EE was being brought down by wrist injury this season but when hes back to 100% he can do this regularly.

    - Sleepy
  19. 19.

    Good on Carlson for finally standing up for the Jays. It was a long time coming.

    There’s a good post on Travis Snider at Batters Box today: http://www.battersbox.ca/article.php?story=20090916025021367

    I am starting to come around on E5. You can see the talent this guy has, both offensively and defensively. He’s got a lot of easy pop in that swing, and he’s blown me away at third. I was expecting someone who couldn’t handle 3B, but he has all the physical tools. He has great range over there and a strong arm, it’s just slightly erratic.

    - Flaming Moe
  20. 20.

    what a ballgame. halladay pitching, (numerous) zenith shots out of the park for the good guys (& 2 by young snider) bench clearing(s) plural, an actual brawl & a good to honest thrashing right in the bronx… it was a beautiful thing indeed….
    wanted to mention it in my post yesterday to you but got on to other items.
    but you mentioned it above as he did it again…) ee at the hot corner with another magnificent hr swat.
    i’ll tell you, that is absolutely a very nice looking hr stroke that young man has no doubt.
    i’m sure you noticed, both of those went out & landed in almost the identical spots in the 2 parks. long & high both of them.
    you can obviously see micheal where those 26 hr’s came from a season ago.
    those were mighty impressive.
    certainly not the same leather as we had down at 3rd. nor the batting average but everyone seems to clamour for power down there & it sure looks like he can at least bring that to the party.
    that’s definitely a major league hr stroke from what i can see….

    - darrell bishop
  21. 21.


    I can’t see Blue Jays coming north next year with both Encarnacion and Bautista…can they rid themselves of a contract and get something in return Ii.e., is there any value there)?

    If one is to go, who is your preference…and why?



    MW: Bautista is my preference if one has to go, simply because he doesn’t bring the offensive potential that Edwin does. I love the arm, but that bat doesn’t carry to be the every day rightfielder or the every day third baseman.

    - Mel Norton
  22. 22.

    Good to see some fire, and for Carlson not willing to take the bush league elbow.

    2 nice shots from Snider as well.

    Do you see the Jays starting the season with Ruiz as the DH? Or if they pick up Bay (or another OF), then Lind is back as primary DH and continuing to work at 1B defence to replace Overbay when his contract is up?

    MW: Why would the Jays start the season next year with Ruiz as the DH if they can’t even get him in the line-up here in September when they’re 26 1/2 games out? I think Lind will be the DH next year and will likely move to first after 2010, unless David Cooper comes up huge.

    - Aaron Ker
  23. 23.

    About time is right. After hitting 6 batters in the 4 game series in Toronto and two more last night I can’t believe Posada didn’t see this coming. You can’t hit the pitchers, so the next best thing is the catcher. And Posada didn’t even get hit. Imagine how mad he’d have been if he got plunked by a Brandon League fastball in the ribcage. No surprise he got all tough on the 160 pound Carlson. It was good to see Barajas, Richmond, Purcey and Dwayne Murphy get right in there to try to defend the 10 man swarm of Yankees who actually came out throwing punches. If it were up to me Damon should get plunked the first time up to the plate tonight for not allowing the already unfair fight of Carlson and Posada to be one on one.

    MW: Well, Barajas was there, too.

    - scott
  24. 24.

    Must be getting close to hockey season. I clicked on the 1st blog on the FAN590 lsit and it was about Leafs lineup for some hockey game !? Opps Miked Up is down the list now.

    1) I totally agree with your views on the brawl. I had slo-pitch playoffs so missed the game – watched the clips on Jays website. The Yankee colour man actually said after the pitch went behind Posada, something like “unless there is some history, or maybe something happened in Toronto, I don’t know the reason for this”. Pul-eeze.

    2) How cool was it to see Johnny Mac go straight for Mark Tex and haul him away ?

    3) Carlson did not go to the spot behind the plate on purpose. If you watch the reply he took 2 crow-hops to 1st base after the hit which put him way too far from the plate. He was making his way to the plate when Posada swiped him. You can say he made a mistake not going directly behind home to start but I would certainly dispute any suspension for him as an instigator on that specific play.

    4) Mike if you were at that game as a fan would you have the guts to wear a Jays jersey ? I went last July and chose not to as I would not feel comfortable in the Bronx in “ememy” colours. Could you imagine someone in Jays jerseys trying to leave after that game ??? Yikes.

    MW: You have to wear your colours with pride! I’ve heard from many fans that they were their Jays shirts to Yankee Stadium without incident.

    - Rez
  25. 25.

    I’d like Bautista and Encarnacion as bench players next year, since both are flat out athletes, as is Ruiz. I’d really like to see a versatile bench, and no complaint of payroll restrictions can be made for not having one.

    As for last night, I think the fans do gain respect for a team that doesn’t roll over to the Yankees and the Sox when they go so far as to throw at your players. Whether that will be realized in attendance is hard to say, but I do think it goes toward putting a winning team on the field. Let’s face it, these are two perennial playoff teams that have been teeing off on the heads of Jays players. By doing this, they’re saying you can’t compete with us and, not only that, we don’t respect you as players or your organization.

    MW: I don’t think that’s what they’re saying at all, but I do expect teams to retaliate when things get ridiculous, and it took the Jays too long to even do that. And Ruiz is a flat out athlete?

    - Will, Oshawa
  26. 26.

    Hey Mike,

    Quick question about the off-season. Given how negative people are on the long-term, expensive deal given to Vernon Wells, do you think that, even if the payroll were raised high enough, JP (or whoever the GM is) would have the freedom to go sign another long-term, big-money contract? For example, if the payroll were increased, is something like Jason Bay on a 5-year, $100M or so deal likely to be off-the-table?


    MW: Jason Bay isn’t worth $20 million a year, but yes, I think it would be problematic to give a guy a long-term deal for huge money based on what’s happened in the past. Now, a four-year, $55 million deal for Bay is another issue altogether.

    - Brett
  27. 27.

    Mike when I think about retaliation, I remember Todd Stottlemyere thowing 2 pitches in a row over the head of Wade Boggs. I think at that time he would have rather fought than ate though. I hope the Blue Jays never get to the point where they are as arrogant as the Yankees are, as Posada showed. I havent been able to read and listen to your stuff lately so I may be repeating but is Vernon Wells Sept hitting a possible sign of him coming out of what ever slump/injury or whatever happened to him this yr? I see Rios numbers in Chicago are kinda scary bad.

    MW: I think Wells’ September hitting IS him coming out of his year-long slump. It’s way too late, but a good sign nonetheless. I’d like to see more power, though.

    - Douglas McCallum
  28. 28.

    Hello Mike….Iam certainly pleased with Carlsons truculence……Posada has always been an idiot and should be dusted off every game………but the one Yankee who should be drilled in the ribs is Jeter….if the Yanks are going to throw at Aaron Hill than Jeter is the one to go after….also Jays management will be happy for the first series the Yankees play in Toronto next year you can almost predict attendance will be up dramatically and unfortunatly on the flip side the fans will be ugly!!

    MW: You don’t think the fans will actually remember this by next June, do you?

    - Mark from Thorold
  29. 29.

    if the jays hav a brawl everyday
    more fans will come back.

    MW: Yippee.

    - TheSunkenZealot
  30. 30.

    OH YEAH!!!! What a game. What a fight. I was just rolling over to sleep when the benches first cleared, so I was naturally excited and was still awake when the whole thing broke out. Thank you Jorge Posada for costing me an hour of sleep. (Totally worth it!)

    People have been talking this year about how soft the Jays have been, and I am in agreement with that. I am not condoning beaing a guy for the sake of it, but a little fight hear and there can go along way.

    That tenacity has to start with Cito. Not once have we seen him go off like he used too. Back when the hat got turned sideways, you knew you were in for it. I have been waiting painfully since last June for that hat to be turned and as of yet, have not seen it. C’mon Cito, you gotta have onions for your team to have onions.

    Kudos to Johnny Mac (again) for holding back the $181 million dollar man during the scrum. Kinda funny to see Texiara being stopped by the greatest teammate ever.

    Great for Snider to hit those bombs, but I think Lind’s wallburner was cooler.

    I say give Edwin Encarnacion a look provided Scutaro doesn’t come back, but have him on a short leash. That leash should be especially short if the Jays sign either Figgins or Hudson.

    Thank again Mr. Wilner for your blogging and please don’t leave me hanging for days on end again. I was having withdrawal symptoms.

    MW: Why does Encarnacion get a look only if Scutaro doesn’t come back? You’re not saying he should play short, are you?

    - T.J.
  31. 31.

    Hello Mike, one of the most exciting games of the year yesterday & I’m not being sarcastic. But I would say the Halladay/Burnett at the beginning of the year was better & one of the reasons because they were in first place. I wonder why the Jays don’t get into these brawls more often. I can’t remember the last time they got into one. Not that I condone these acts but I think it’s actually good for these Jays to stop letting teams take advantage of them. I wished it could of happened in that first series in Boston where they got swept & wake them up or anytime during that 9 game loosing streak. Now, I think it does build character but I’m not gonna say that has anything to do with winning. This is not hockey.

    Anyways, I think you mentioned early in the year that the Jays home attendance would be around the same as last year at season’s end after they play all the Boston’s & New York’s. I wonder what the attendance is to date in comparison’s to last years because I haven’t heard it anywhere. They do have a few more series & I think they would probably be in that neighborhood. Also the Jays record in a season. Keep up the good work Mike.

    MW: The Jays’ season attendance record is 4,057,947 in 1993. They won’t approach last season’s attendance this year – they’ll probably miss by about half a million.

    - david F
  32. 32.

    Hi Mike,
    I am not convinced that Encarnacion is the answer for next year at 3rd but I am not ruling him out by any means.He has not looked bad in the field so if he can regain his form from 2008 at the plate he would be fine.Let’s just see more of him this year ans see what happens.If both he and Wells could bouce back it would solve a lot of problems.

    - Paul
  33. 33.

    Hey, Mike

    Can I be the host of Jays Talk because your going to be the present of the Blue Jays soon! I promise I’ll have you on every Wednesday’s with Wilner!

    MW: You need to learn a lot more about baseball first – though spelling doesn’t count on the radio, so you’re OK there.

    - Raps Fan
  34. 34.

    1. why retaliate after scoring? why not directly after the HBP? i dont get that.

    2. you say the yanks take the longest time in delays to strategically win. but theres no skill to wasting time. why cant any other team in the major leagues step out of the box every pitch, or throw to first base twice with david ortiz running. its that easy. if it helps them THAT much, then every other team in the majors should use that strategy. but they don’t. explain.

    3. mike you gotta hav a shorter leash on some of your callers. some of them ramble and ramble, and they end up going into 5 minute circles.

    MW: 1 – Posada never got hit by a pitch, and when he did have the ball thrown behind him, he took a few steps towards the mound and everyone got all angry and stuff. He retaliated after he scored because, evidently, he’s a jerk. 2 – I can’t explain it. If it works, they should all do it. 3 – Yeah, I do that sometimes, it’s true.

    - TheSunkenZealot
  35. 35.

    Finally agree with you completely (although you’ll probably figure out some way to disagree with me completely).

    MW: I disagree.

    - Ken
  36. 36.

    Most entertaining game of the year, and not just because of the fight. Little bit of everything: long balls, close plays at the plate, great pitching.. and they didn’t let the Yanks walk all over them. In your opinion, did they hit Hill on purpose? In my mind, it didn’t matter either way right? The fact is they hit Encarnacion, Hill, not to mention Ruiz (last time they faced them. Retaliation HAD to happen. Posada is THE biggest cry-baby CHUMP in the majors. SUCH a CHUMP!

    MW: I don’t know if they hit Hill on purpose, I don’t know why they would. But with two out and nobody on in a blowout, you have to wonder. But yes, it didn’t matter either way. The Yanks have out-HBPed the Jays 8-0 this year.

    - Scott B
  37. 37.

    Mike…Even without last night, I always considered Posada a powder keg ready to blow. He always seems to be the head chirper, when chirping is deemed necessary, from the NY dugout. I know he has the WS jewelry and is a great player no denying that, but his style just rubs me the wrong way..Any thoughts Mike?

    MW: See above.

    - chris m.
  38. 38.


    Question: If you were involved in an onfield brouhaha, which three or four current Jays would you prefer backing you up?

    MW: Barajas would be at the top of the list, followed closely by Scott Richmond. I think I’d also want Travis Snider in there with me, as well as Vernon Wells.

    - Ken
  39. 39.


    Are the stalling tactics used by the Yankees new under the Girardi era or is it something they’ve always done?

    MW: Joe Torre was the master.

    - Uncle Ben
  40. 40.


    I’m wondering if by now even you must objectively admit that this is now the lowest point in Blue Jays history and that over the last 7 years JP Riccardi has failed in the majority of the elements expected of a successful GM. Granted not all of it is his own fault but he has been the GM and must stand by his actions. It’s time for a change Mike. Surely even you as a fan/commentator/observer of the Blue Jays must see this. JP’s only saving grace (and his defenders such as you) the last few years is that the Blue Jays have glossed over their overall failure at playing a meaningful game in September…(and by meaningful I mean where they are within 2 or 3 games of a wildcard midway through the month…) by coming on strong in the last month or so to make it at least respectful and basically padding their stats and getting people to say oh wow their on the right track. The fact is they aren’t on the right track. 12,000 fans for Halladay. It’s pretty sad and disheartening.

    MW: I don’t think this is the lowest point in Blue Jays history at all. They’re not on ANY track right now, but that doesn’t have much to do with J.P.

    - cory
  41. 41.

    Hi Mike. Why doesn’t the network always stay with JaysTalk until the end? What’s the rush? Not being in TO, I find it frustrating that I have to go to the Internet. I’d rather listen to as much of your show as possible instead of that American stuff they go to afterwards.

    MW: You have to complain to your network affiliate. The network rules are as they are – that’s not up to me.

    - Terry
  42. 42.

    Hey, Mike!

    Jack. Armstrong said you have all the answers when you have Jays talk! And I complety agree with that! So, Mike how do you come up with all the right answers (in my opinion) with so, little time!

    PS. Eric, said that you should be the GM or present of the Jays and not Cito and I agree with that too!


    MW: So little time? And thanks for the support – even though I wouldn’t want to be present or general manger of the Jays, it’s the thought that counts.

    - Raps Fan
  43. 43.

    Hi Mike,

    Encarnacion’s defense seems to have improved since he’s been with Toronto. I did a little amateur stat checking and his RF/9 is 2.68 with Toronto compared to 2.33 this year with the Reds. I don’t know if that is a significant improvement but, for what it’s worth, it’s the highest since his short rookie year and now almost exactly league average.

    Do you think working with Butterfield has had an impact on his defense, and if so, is it a reasonable idea to hang on to him for next year?

    I think his offensive potential makes him worth it if he can play even league average defense. Of course, I’d love to see Chone Figgins but I’ll believe it when I see it.


    MW: Figgins can play five or six positions, so bringing him in doesn’t mean there’s no room for Encarnacion necessarily, and it’s not as though the Jays can just walk away from the $4.75 million they’ll have to pay him next year. I know Butterfield has been working very closely with him since he got here, but it’s hard to imagine he could make that much of an impact that quickly.

    - Roddy
  44. 44.

    mike, the reason that seattle has a high 1 run w/l record is because you need 2 things, a base stealer and a closer. they have both. the jays have neither so no surprise they have a poor w/l record. yankees will prob win tonight because of gardner. case closed

    MW: That’s pretty simplistic, don’t you think? And for those who think Kenny is some sort of clairvoyant – this was posted after Gardner had already reached in the 9th.

    - kenny
  45. 45.

    How do you feel about Carlos Delgado on a one year contract this offseason. I could picture him in maybe a platoon-like situation with overbay with a chance to reach incentives and become the full time starter. Your thoughts?

    MW: He’s a guy on whom I would take a low-risk flier and from whom I wouldn’t expect anything. He’ll be a 38 year-old with a bad hip.

    - Evan
  46. 46.

    Yeah, you have to wear your colours on your sleeve! I’ve been at Yankee stadium where I stood up & cheered after a Jr. Cruz homerun, and the Yankee fans around me muttered or chirped. But, it mattered not, as my Jays just took the lead. My friends were cowards, tho.

    Also, it’s been another game where Ruiz is glued to the bench. I realize that Gaston prefers veterans. It has served him in the past. It’s his way. I get it. But, shouldn’t the GM say something?

    I think Ricciardi should be insisting that Ruiz gets a look. It should happen behind closed doors, of course. How hard is it to say, “Look, Cito, Bautista & Millar won’t be here next spring. And, we need to know if Ruiz should be. DH him for the remainder of the season.” I don’t think Gaston is so egotistical that he would oppose such a proposal.

    Colangelo did it with the Raptors. Sam Mitchell had Bargnani riding the pine, until the GM said, “we need to know what he can do. Start him.”

    Has JP even tried something like this?

    MW: I don’t know if Ricciardi has tried something specifically with regards to Ruiz, but I do know he has tried other things. At this point, he doesn’t have the power to force Cito to do anything.

    - Rome
  47. 47.

    “Sure, Carlson shouldn’t have been as close to the plate as he was, but saying that act means Jesse “started it” is like saying that it’s OK to pound on a guy because he looked at you.”

    wow…for a guy who hates those ‘leaps in logic’, this is as bad as we’ve read on this site…i agree with the underlying sentiment of what you’re getting at, but is the hyperbole really necessary?

    MW: What hyperbole?

    - Jay B
  48. 48.


    I logged on to the FAN590 website a few minutes ago at 1:22 AM on Sept. 17 and I was shocked at what I saw. Right there on the top of the page as the top story was this headline…

    “Cervelli Walk-Off Gives Yanks Mini-Sweep Over Jays”

    Ummmm.. can you explain this? I copied and pasted that directly from your homepage. Did someone not tell the staff at your website that the Jays crushed the Yanks in game 1 of the series on Tuesday? How could something like this slip through the cracks?

    Then again, this is hardly the first time FAN590.com has spit the bit. Remember the infamous “Jays hire Gaston as new COACH” headline last year????

    This one was not as bad as that, but it was still pretty bad.

    MW: Sorry about that, I’ll have the appropriate person flogged.

    - Tom
  49. 49.

    Re: Comment #1

    Maybe I’m just misunderstanding the tone you use. If so I apologize. Having said that it seems to me as though commentators such as yourself make the comparison in a way that implies the Jays are behind the 8 ball against the Sox even before the payrolls are set. But if I understand your reply correctly that is not the case. The Jays are only behind the Sox because the Sox CHOOSE to spend more money, not because there is an inherent advantage that allows them to do so.

    So for consistencies sake shouldn’t two things be done differently.

    #1. Stop grouping the Yankess and Red Sox together. It seems to me the similarities between Boston and New York are as tenuous as the similarities between Montreal and Toronto, or the previous references to Wells and Rios as a single entity. You have so much nuance in all the other areas so why not this one?

    #2 Stop ‘complaining’ (for lack of a better term) about Boston’s payroll. If there were no possible way the Jays could have a similar payroll the ‘complaints’ would be valid. But since they can and are choosing not too, shouldn’t we the fans, and you the media be holding the Rogers feet to the fire. I’ve listened a lot and it seems to me like you have done this a bit, but not nearly enough. Why indulge laments from callers about Boston’s payroll? Why not just have a stock answer of “The Jays could do the same thing and are choosing not too.” To a certain extent this would also help force the organization in the right direction (not that that is your job), by making it common knowledge the team is CHOOSING not to compete financially, instead of the current view I think many people hold which is that the team CANNOT compete financially.

    Thanks Mike. I’m not trying to criticize, just understand.

    MW: You’re making very good points. The truth is that the Red Sox and Yankees have much greater revenue streams than the Blue Jays, which allow them to spend much more on payroll. That’s not to say that the Jays couldn’t have as great a revenue stream if they did better on the field and off, but it becomes kind of a “chicken and egg” question. I can’t stop grouping the Red Sox and Yankees together, because they have dominated the game over the last decade in terms of wins, playoff appearances and spending.

    - Carson
  50. 50.

    Hey Mike,

    It is clear the Jays need some more offense for next year, as you’ve stated.

    What about Dan Uggla? Is it worth sending a few young guys to obtain him this winter? Florida is clearly ready to deal, but will the Jays be involved?

    It seems like he has numbers that are just as good as many DHs available and he can also play second base if you are still in favor of moving Aaron Hill to third.

    One more quick question – Xavier Nady is also available. It seems to me like one of our biggest holes is RF (Cito doesn’t seem to like Snider out there). Is he a good guy to go after? It seems he might be inexpensive coming off an injury.

    I would love to go with your plan of Figgins, Hudson, and I really like Bay. I’m just not sure that Toronto can either (a) spend with the big boys to get these highly-sought-after free agents, or (b) convince them that Toronto is serious about winning, as they are each coming from highly successful teams.

    Thoughts? Thanks Mike – you rock!


    MW: I don’t mind a guy like Uggla, but he’s not a defensive improvement on Hill, so he’s not necessarily a guy on whom I’d set my sights. I’m only really interested in moving Hill to third if the Jays can bring over a guy like Hudson. I’m not a fan of Nady’s at all.

    - Geoff
  51. 51.

    Mike, I heard your discussion last night concerning hitting with RISP, and the question of “0 or 1 for double digits”.

    You were pretty close when you said you doubted it would have happened more than 4 times — actually, the Jays have had 6 such episodes, including last nights.

    According to my records (taken from the box scores posted on the Jay website each day), they are as follows (with the game result in brackets)

    April 18 — 1/10 (W 4-2)
    May 8 — 1/11 (L 3-5)
    May 24 — 1/12 (L 2-10)
    Aug. 26 — 1/10 (W 3-2)
    Sept. 9 — 1/11 (L 1-4)
    Sept. 16 — 1/16 (L 4-5)

    There were also two games where they were 0/9 — June 11 and Aug. 30.

    Note that two on the list came during the 27-14 “magic time”, which ended on May 18.

    The above May 24 game (1/12) was immediately followed by a 1/9 effort — not quite making the list.

    In addition, I found a five game stretch (June 27 to July 1) where they went a combined 1/23 (4 losses), and another 4 game stretch (June 11-14) where they were combined 2/33 (with 3 of the games being “0-fers”).

    Conversely, their best game all year appears to have been on April 24, where they were 9 for an amazing 26! (A Brian Tallet 14-0 win!) Four days later they went 8/17, and on Sep. 6 they were 8/21.

    So much for today’s “fun with numbers”!

    MW: Good research! Thanks!

    - Norm
  52. 52.

    Hey Mike

    What do you think about this line up to finish the season

    DH: Randy Ruiz
    1B: Lyle Overbay
    2B: Aaron Hill
    3B: Edwin Encarnacion
    SS: Marco Scutaro
    LF: Adam Lind
    CF: Vernon Wells
    RF: Travis Snider

    Why doesn’t Cito realize that this season is over so we should develop guy’s that will make an impact next season like Ruiz who was on pace if he played the whole season for around 35 HR’s and use guy’s like Jose Bautista as a pinch hitter role same with all the other bench players.

    MW: It’s as though you’re reading my mind. See the next post.

    - Jason
  53. 53.

    I heard this a number of times but still don’t understand it. Rod Black was saying last night that each batter facing Mariano Rivera knows that he is going to throw a “cutter” but can’t hit it. If the batters know that a cutter is coming, can’t they make some sort of adjustments with there swing to make contact with the ball?

    MW: Evidently, when it’s that good, they can’t. Hitters have been trying to do so for the last dozen or so years with Rivera.

    - Brent
  54. 54.

    HI MIke: I don’t usually like to see fights in baseball, but the Jays really have been abused , and its getting worse. I can’t understand why Josh Beckett was not charged by the umpires. He is a dangerous guy and he got away with hitting more than one of our guys. I say good for Carlson.
    In the paper I read that Jeter held him down. What could baseball do, to punish teams who continually hit baseball hitters?
    When does it stop? Scutaro was very luckyl.
    I say good on Carlson

    - Barb
  55. 55.

    Hey Mike,

    First we find out that Posada and Carlson both get three games for a fight that was almost entirely Posada’s fault. (I felt for sure Posada was going to get five games, and Carlson, one.) Then, that same very night, the Angels are robbed of a win when a home plate umpire gives the Red Sox the benefit of the doubt on two extremely close calls, allowing the tying run to saunter in.

    I’m not an Oliver Stone conspiracy nut or anything, but it sure makes you wonder if baseball goes out of its way to do all the little things it can to allow the Yanks and Red Sox to succeed.

    MW: I don’t know that the suspensions would do too much to help that theory along. A longer suspension for Posada would probably have been beneficial overall to the Yankees, since they’re not in danger of missing the playoffs and he could use the rest.

    - steve
  56. 56.

    been meaning to ask lately.. got your new remastered fab 4 box set yet?
    it’s a must have… i’m sure you know that.
    and only $220.00. michael. they’re practically giving them away…

    MW: When $220 is practically free, you have too much money.

    - darrell bishop
  57. 57.

    Just listened to the game plan with Jack and Eric and they had a guest on from Chi-Town. Eric Rigers was his name I think. He had a great idea, or he was repeating one.

    Imagine going back to an East and a West division with two division winners and two wild cards. The two division winners would likely be very good teams and then you take the two teams with next best records, regardless of division. This would reduce the changes that a team like Det makes it while a team like Texas sits at home.

    MW: Detroit and Texas are only 2 1/2 games apart, so it won’t be a travesty if the Tigers make it and the Rangers don’t. The only way to make things fair is to get rid of all divisions, balance the schedule and have the top four teams in the league make the playoffs.

    - JW
  58. 58.

    Hi Mike,
    I have a question.I noticed recently a list of the opening day payrolls for MLB and was surprised to see that the Tigers have the 5th highest payroll.Since Detroit is a small market in a very depressed area I am wondering how they do it.Are they losing millions and if not why can’t the Jays spend more in a much bigger market and expect to break even at least?

    MW: The Tigers were actually 4th in payroll in the majors to start the season, about a million and a half higher than the Phillies. I don’t know how much money they’re losing, but I assume they’re losing quite a bit. The Jays can spend much more and expect to break even, if they do things the right way.

    - Paul
  59. 59.

    1. if the brawl was somehow planned, who would come out to lead the charge on the jays and yankees sides?

    2. Are future 50-50 predictions for BJ upton realistic?

    3. Why did the umpire end up leaving the game?

    MW: 1 – No idea. 2 – I doubt it. 3 – A fan threw a bottle and hit the ump in the knee.

    - TheSunkenZealot
  60. 60.

    Mccowan said yesterday they might boost the payroll to 120 mill. If its the case, I hope they dont blow the money on all the 30+ year old past-their-prime free agents of this coming summer. They would be much better served acquiring players in trades (still in their prime) and absorbing the full contracts (thus giving up less in return..ala rios)…guys like zambrano, webb, fielder , david wright (whom we should give up the farm to get)..Im surprised you constantly bring up bay/figg/hudson as targets..its very unlikley any of them stay nearly productive in their 30′s

    MW: If I were the GM, I’d go pretty hard after the guys you have mentioned (but who wouldn’t), but I’m not talking about “blowing” money on the guys I have mentioned. I’m talking about, for Figgins and Hudson, two or three-year deals. And while Hudson’s offensive numbers do appear to be declining (though they weren’t necessarily going into September), Figgins has a career-high OBP this season and Bay has a career-high in homers.

    - jp
  61. 61.

    Hey Mike,

    With all the talk surrounding the Yankees/Sox sense of entitlement, and what I would argue is MLB’s entitling of those two clubs, I wanted to get your take on the end of the Angels-Sox game last night. Do the Angels have a case regarding the “Fenway Strikezone”? Did the Angels cross a line? Does the rest of the league need any more reasons to hate the Yankees and Red Sox? Really looking forward to your perspective on this one.

    (Perhaps fittingly, the anti-spam word for this post is “king”.)

    Thanks Mike

    MW: I have a hard time believing that directives have been sent down to the umpires to give the Yankees and Red Sox a break when they play at home. I have to say, though, that there wasn’t much low about the ball four that won the game for the Sox that line.

    - Branden
  62. 62.

    This a pretty amazing deflation of the Cult of Jeter:


    The Onion, as always, is a lighthouse in the dark and stormy sea that is North American sports media.

    MW: I. Loved. This. Story.

    - Branden
  63. 63.


    You say you think the Jays are close and this is also what you make fans beileve, however nothing could be further from the truth. First of all the legs you are standing on is the fact that Adam Lind has had one good year, Aaron Hill had a career year and Snider shows power at times. Mike there is nothing substantial to show that these guys will have a repeat year. Have you forgotten about all the one hit wonders that have passed through Toronto under JP
    Eric Hinske, AJ Burnett, Troy Glause, Corey Koskie etc.

    I really don’t understand your premise for saying these guys are just a Shone Figgins and a Orlando Hudson away. Have you forgotten that these batters are horrible at hitting with runners in scoring position, so bringing in table setters isn’t neccessarily the answer.

    Lastly Mike I truly think your on air rant alot of nights about Cito Gastons coaching is truly unprofessional. What angers me is that you have a way of enticing fans to do the same. Your famous saying to fans regarding some of Cito’s moves in a game is ,”that is what Cito does, which I find is insulting to Cito and ridiculous. Mike as much as you critic Cito and praise Jp I think you need to think about a few things, 1. Your persistance in saying that a manager does not impact the game. What, all of a sudden with Cito here your philosophy changed. 2. In your ongoing riduclous defence of Jp Why has there been No rant about the lack of good deadline deals, or his lack of ability he has shown to bring guys up from the minors as they have developed ie, Adam Lind, (Jamie Campbell yesterday quoted Adam as saying that he was ready to accept the fact that his career would be in the minors.) Dustin Mcowan Brought up as a fill in, Shawn Marcum Brought In as a fill In. Randy Ruiz, Brought in when the season is over. these are clearly guys that could of helped the Jays in years past As You have responded to question about Cito and his coaching this what I will say to Jp’s flaws “That is what Jp does.
    JP is the Architech of several blue jay teams which have had early exits from a wild card race. Mike you have stated time and time again that A Gm’s position is much more impactful to the team than a coach, which I will fully agree. My question is why are you always slamming Cito and giving Jp a free ride? It’s mind blowing.

    MW: I’m sorry to have blown your mind. I’m also flattered that you think I have such sway over people that I can make them believe things. As for your criticisms, I don’t believe that Burnett and Glaus were one-hit wonders, Hinske kind of was, but the hand injury mitigated that a lot, and Koskie was never really a hit with the Jays at all. That you believe the fact that Jays are horrible at hitting with runners in scoring position is some sort of inherent problem with the group of hitters tells me that we’re going to wind up at an impasse, though. With regards the Cito/JP thing, you’re right – I’m much harder on Gaston than I am on Ricciardi. I think the reason for that is because when I see the moves J.P. makes, I see the logic behind them and I see that almost all of them make sense when he makes them. With Cito, I see what he does and I shake my head, knowing that he thinks what he’s doing is right but that it appears obvious to most observers that he’s not putting his team in a position to succeed.

    - Thomas
  64. 64.

    I wonder if someone can be considered an athlete if they cannot execute a jog to first base from home or a run from the mound to cover first base without getting injured. last year i recall this same unnamed pitcher tore up an ankle fielding a bunt. i think its laughable that you can be a major league baseball player, and you cant run 90 or fewer feet without pulling, tearing, or spraining something.

    MW: You’re exaggerating for effect, of course, but it is pretty amazing how often Scott Downs has gotten hurt over the last year and a bit doing very elementary exercise.

    - General Zod
  65. 65.

    In pondering various scenarios in regards to the inevitable (I hope) shakeup in the offseason, I’d like to get your opinion on Dave Stewart having a role in the organization. Beeston seems to be hinting that the next President of the team would be more facilities oriented but why not have a President of the Rogers Centre handling all that and Dave Stewart as president with Alex Anthopoulos (spelling?) as GM. Sure Stewart has never been a GM but he’s been an assistant and served in other capacities for a long time. You’d have your president and GM focusing exclusively on baseball. Thoughts?

    MW: You spelled Anthopoulos perfectly. I’m not sure what it is that you believe qualifies Dave Stewart to be the President of a Major League baseball team.

    - Sean in Lethbridge
  66. 66.

    I would blame Wednesday’s night loss on Cito. First, batting Snyder who hits .185 against lefties when you have Ruiz and Johnny Mac on the bench (or even Millar) and runners on the corners.

    Second, putting Downs out there three nights in a row. Yeah, he only pitched to one batter in the middle game but the warmup and the actual situation takes a mental toll on you as well.

    The game was over when Gardner hit. Sure enough he steals second, gets sacrified to third. Frasor loses to the 3rd string catcher. This is what the Yankees do so well that the Jays cannot.

    Certainly the quality pitching and clutch hitting helps in the late games with the Yankees.

    AL teams, after 6 innings, records:
    Team (record) winning tied losing
    Yankees (94-53) 63-1 15-4 16-48
    Angels (87-59) 61-9 13-10 13-40
    Red Sox (86-59) 68-5 9-9 8-44
    Rangers (80-65) 68-5 6-10 6-50
    Tigers (78-68) 55-8 14-8 9-52
    Seattle (76-71) 51-13 17-10 8-48
    Twins (74-72) 58-13 11-7 5-51
    Rays (74-73) 57-12 9-8 8-52
    White Sox (72-75) 57-7 8-11 7-57
    Athletics (68-78) 48-7 7-8 13-63
    Jays (66-80) 54-10 5-13 7-57
    Indians (61-85) 43-10 9-9 9-66
    Orioles (60-86) 46-7 8-15 5-64
    Royals (59-87) 46-15 5-11 8-61

    Things to note: (1) Jays have the worst W-L for tied after 6.
    (2) The Yankees, after 6 innings, are 64-19-64. The Jays are 64-18-64. This direct comparison goes to show you just how strong the Yankees are at the end compared to the Jays. The Yankees go on to win 28 more games because they come from behind 9 games more often, blown only 1 game when winning (Jays have blown 10) and have won 9 more games when tied. So, as simplistic as Kenny’s remarks are, when it comes to the Yankees, the remark I think holds true.

    The Angels, Red Sox, and Rangers all have winning records after the end of 6. They have blown just about as many games while ahead as they have come back from behind while behind. This shows a well-balanced team.

    Just goes to show you that you can spend to buy a heck of a team.

    - Tim
  67. 67.


    Not really a jays question but looking at Owings stats do you think if he continues to struggle with his pitching (granted in a hitters friendly park) that he might be more valuable to the Reds as an everyday position player?

    MW: I would love to see Owings get a shot in the field regardless of whether he stays in the rotation. Obviously, he can’t play first with the Reds – maybe the outfield?

    - Randy
  68. 68.

    a couple interesting articles in today’s papers re: the blue jays
    firstly elliott’s column in the sun pointing out that (i think) 6 or 7 blue jay minor leaguers won mvp type awards in their respective league classes this yr. that’s mighty impressive indeed if i read it correctly.
    and in the globe, macleod’s column on adam lind. pointed out a very impressive stat for young lind i thought.
    2nd in all of the a.l. in extra base hits right now. sweet…. that’s a great stat category to be 2nd in, for a hitter i’m thinking…and i’m guessing if you incl. the n.l. he’s probably still at least rounding out the top 4 i bet. i’m thinking he’s a keeper at this point….
    the other thing pointed out in the article was this idea of lind perhaps & inevitably moving over to 1b in short time.
    i’m fine with that but i gotta’ tell you michael i certainly see the need to give him a full time fielding position as opposed to the dh spot but i’m not totally certain that he’s not fine out in lf to be honest.
    i realize that he’s by no means the ultimate defender out there but i can’t really remember any occasions this season or last in which he looked at all deficient. no great gaffs of any kind, not spectactular no, but certainly dependable to solidish.
    what do you think. do you have any problems with him as the starting lf for this team for yrs. to come?

    MW: No, I don’t. He’s not great, but he’s certainly an OK outfielder. But I don’t have a problem with Lind being the DH for years to come, either. As far as the Elliott column, I think you’re referring to the R. Howard Webster awards, which are given to the top player at each level of the Blue Jays’ minor-league system.

    - darrell bishop
  69. 69.

    re: new beatles box set at $220.00.. “they’re practically giving them away.”
    now that was total sarcasm. surely you of all people picked up on that one.
    if not, i’m downloading that facetiousness font right now…
    man you’re killing me here…

    - darrell bishop
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