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Nuff said about yesterday, though it doesn’t seem to have affected them much in looking to take the series with a win today.

Here’s yesterday’s edition of The JaysTalk with Zack Cooper and Jerry Howarth, for your listening pleasure:

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I’ll put up today’s The JaysTalk later on this afternoon, and remember to tune in at 7:00 PM Eastern tonight for The Blue Jays This Week!  I’ll be hosting it (since I can do that from home) and we’ll be hearing from Ricky Romero, Rod Barajas and maybe Cliff Johnson.

Rational, reasonable comments are always welcome!

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  1. 1.

    The strangest things pop into your head whilst listening to an afternoon game…

    One hears a lot about players and their superstitions regarding bats, and the effects of their bat weight and length choices. One also can witness players who obviously covet their helmets – they would be the helmets all covered in pine tar and other less attractive stuff…

    I can’t recall ever hearing about how often MLB players tend to go through gloves, or how they break in new gloves, or anything about their gloves frankly.

    Any insights, Mike?

    MW: I know that players have their favourites and their back-ups, that they break in new gloves during BP, and that those who are superstitious about other pieces of equipment likely have those superstitions translate to their gloves, as well.

    - James (from the Church of the Double Steal)
  2. 2.

    It didn’t affect them much? I guess not since Rios and Wells continue to have zero knowledge of the strike zone. Russ Adams being our best pinch-hitter off the bench is pretty sad.

    MW: Huh?

    - Halycon
  3. 3.

    O.K. Mike, I am man enough to apologize. I thought Victor Martinez was Angel Martinez at one time.
    Just want to clarify what I was trying too say on Fri.
    Victor Martinez switch hitter,can catch and also play firstbase.
    Gonzales power hitting firstbaseman.
    Derek Lee power hitting firstbaseman.
    Paul Konerko same as above.
    Regardless of what side of the plate they hit from, all would be a big help too this team.
    Again I do apologize! Hope you are well soon!! Dan

    MW: Vic and Gonzalez would be great gets for the Jays, but I really don’t think the Padres are at all motivated to deal Gonzalez. Lee doesn’t do much for me, especially seeing how his numbers have plummeted since 2005 and Konerko’s OK, but for the same money, I’d rather have a left-handed bat. And even if you thought Victor Martinez used to be Angel Martinez, why would you refer to him as Angel when everyone knows him as Victor?

    - dan harrison
  4. 4.

    Hi Mike,

    Hope you’re feeling better and looking forward hearing you on Tuesday.

    Just curious…why does the network leave 1/2 early? What programming could they possibly have that is better than Jaystalk?

    Exciting game today but sure a tough way to lose. There’s got to be a better pinch runner in the system than MacDonald (I’m thinking of leaving Inglett strictly as a pinch runner and perhaps part ways with John or leave him at Vegas in case of an injury to Marco S.)

    Whatever happened to Wednesday’s with J.P.? It was nice hearing J.P.’s calls with the fans the past couple of years

    MW: The network doesn’t leave early, we stay on locally longer. It was a tough way to lose it, but the Jays had lots of chances to win earlier than McDonald getting picked off. J.P. decided he didn’t want to do Wednesdays anymore.

    - Joseph
  5. 5.

    sacrificing aaron hill in the bottom of the 9th…an absolutely straight forward no brainer that only 1 manager in the majors wouldn’t do…

    MW: Again – why would you ask arguably your best hitter to get out on purpose – especially against a pitcher who hadn’t gotten anyone out yet?

    - Jay B
  6. 6.


    Hopefully your recovery is going smoothly.

    I can assure you, if I were sick, seeing that first pitch to Aaron Hill called a strike wouldve made me feel even worse. That pitch almost hit the dirt! I couldn’t believe when the ump called that a strike.

    I feel bad for Mcdonald. He was just trying to move up to 3rd for a struggling hitter and instead he got caught up. He’s such a great guy, and always goes 110% and he hit well yesterday and is the BEST defender in the league in my opinion. Mike, do you think the Jays will give Mcdonald some more playing time which I truly think he deserves despite his miscue today?

    Another question I have is if you would have tried a double steal with Mcdonald and Scutaro with Hill up because in the worst case scenario you have a runner at 2nd and 1 out and if you can steal successfully than you have 2nd and 3rd with no one out for the best contact hitter on the Jays.

    MW: Actually, the best contact hitters on the team this year have been Rolen, Scutaro and Wells. Then Hill (forgetting the small sample size arguments of Adams, who hasn’t struck out yet, and Chavez). I couldn’t believe that strike call, either, and Lidge got it again on Wells. I don’t think that today’s mistake will factor into Johnny Mac’s playing time at all.

    - Warren
  7. 7.


    Just wondering on the statuses of Jenkins and Paxton in terms of signage. Any word at all from the Jays? I can only imagine what dealing with Mr. Boras would be like.

    MW: Haven’t heard anything yet.

    - Daryl
  8. 8.

    No disrespect to McDonald but Scutaro has 1 error all seaso n, making play after play in the field…he has hit, been on base, and run the bases well. That is the sad reality of who gets to play regularly and who doesn’t.

    MW: There’s nothing sad about that reality.

    - val
  9. 9.

    WOW! I guess I am the only person on the blog or on Jay’s talk too ever make a mistake!!! The Host Included!!!!!!! Dan

    MW: Considering you just made at least two more in this post, I wouldn’t get too upset.

    - dan harrison
  10. 10.

    Hey Mike,

    Last we spoke, I got on the air and asked you about possibly getting an offensive catcher from Texas on JaysTalk. I was just heading to a Halladay start followed by a Saturday game which I was getting paid to go to (work with kids with autism, taking them to the game)…..last words you left me with were “All’s good in Ryanland”….unfortunately all that followed was anything but good…..Doc went down, Jays lost on Saturday and I had to leave in the top of the 9th in a one-run game…then was randomly attacked and stabbed 9 times! (dramatic ending to that story i know)….but I’m doing fine and watching the Jays in the hospital and now at home kept me involved. But now that Doc is back and I’ll be able to hear you on Jaystalk….things are once again good in Ryanland. My first real day out in 2 weeks…will be the game Monday. I figure Roy going down was the beginning of my bad luck…so it’s only logical that I go see Roy in order to come full circle and turn it around.

    Hope you’re feeling better Mike.

    MW: Randomly attacked and stabbed nine times on the way out of the ballgame? Holy crap! Glad to hear that you’re OK. Man. Wow. Enjoy the game tomorrow.

    - Ryan S.
  11. 11.

    Hey Mike,

    Do you consider Jamie Moyer a hall of famer?

    MW: I don’t, but if he gets to 300 wins he’ll get in.

    - Adam
  12. 12.

    Mike…Watching the Phillies at home takes me back to the Friday night between Games 5 and 6 of the 1993 WS…I was at a buddy’s stag and there was a draw for Game 6 tickets behind home plate and there were two left. So one guy who I didn’t know bought one and I got the last one…Well I watched on T.V. and he got to see Joe “touch ‘em all” live. The ultimate “close only counts in horshoes and slow dancing.

    - chris m.
  13. 13.

    “MW: I don’t understand what you have against Aaron Hill as a defensive second baseman. He has also disproven time and again over the last week your contention that he can only release the ball over the top. Cecil is a 22 year-old with ace potential. Four great pitches and command of them all. He’s also under control and under-market through the end of the 2015 season. Would you trade that for a year and a half of Adam Dunn? I hope not. Who is the third talented young lefty? Mills? Rzepczynski?”

    For the record the nickname guy who called Russ Adams, Russ “Kazmir” Adams is referring to the fact that J.P. drafted a undersized, average speed below par hitting shortstop who can’t throw the ball across the infield (Adams). The very next pick was Scott Kazmir (he’s look nice in our rotation wouldn’t he). Kazmir is a left handed pitcher with “ace of the staff” stuff. For some reason we thought Adams was a better choice.
    I know a lot of the staff in Blue Jays Baseball operations and I have an idea how that happened but I’ll keep it to myself so as to not offend anyone.

    First of all Aaron Hill has not disproven anything. To say that he only throws over the top is me just making the point that he doesn’t posses the ability to throw/release the ball from where he catches it. So yeah…maybe if his body positioning is such, he MIGHT release the ball at a 3/4 arm angle once in a while but he certainly has not disproven anything. This shows up all the time when he’s involved in double plays. as a pivot man it costs him the chance to get rid of the ball in time and he is unable to cut down runners allowing them to bear down on him. As the feed man it takes him way too much time to get the ball to Scutaro forcing him to rush when he shouldn’t have to.

    And for the record he is out of position on a regular basis. When he should be back on the grass he’s three or four steps in and balls are getting through when they shouldn’t be. I know most people don’t notice but watch close and you’ll see it. Balls get by him and he’s still 2 steps in from the grass line. I know you mentioned once that Butterfield positions the infielders but that is like blaming the third base coach when a guy gets thrown out at the plate. He’s a major league player. He should have an idea where he needs to be.
    My problem with Hill as a defensive second baseman is simply what I’ve been saying to you all along….he’s just not that good. I imagine he’s a likable guy and I understand that at least when it comes to baseball Toronto fans have a thing for undersized undertalented players that hustle (even if they don’t produce….Zaun, Eckstien, Towers). But it bothers me that we even begin to talk about Hill in the same sentence as someone like Robbie Alomar. In fact the majority of second basemen in the Majors right now are better defensively than Hill.
    Now I appreciate the fact that you made the distinction that I only criticizes his defensive play. I’m still not convinced that he’s a great hitter. I’m not saying he’s not…I’m just saying that he’s only been hitting this well for half a season. If he keeps it up all year and can repeat with a similar performance next year I’ll be sold on his hitting.

    About Dunn for Cecil…The third talented left handed pitcher i was referring to is David Purcey.
    I understand that Cecil HAS A CHANCE to be a good pitcher and he MIGHT be a number 1 or 2 pitcher one day but that’s all hope. Dunn IS a dangerous legit power hitter and will be next year too. The reality (and you know this) is that you have to give up something to get something. If Dunn’s presence helps the Jays make the playoffs this year and next year then yes I would be willing to give up Cecil (and his bright future). Are you saying Dunn in the cleanup spot next year and a healthy pitching staff (including Marcum and McGowan) does not sound like a playoff/world series contender? If we are a playoff team with Dunn maybe we can convince him to re-sign (If it means we have to boot Riccardi I wouldn’t complain about that either). Trading affordable long term potential for short term proven talent has been a common move for playoff teams for a long time (See David Cone for Jeff Kent or any number of other similar trades)
    So you ask if I would trade Cecil for a year and a half of Adam Dunn. If it equals playoff baseball in Toronto this year of next then yes I would

    MW: You continue to really need to tone down the rhetoric. We’re all glad to hear that you know people in the Blue Jays’ front office. There is no universe in which Aaron Hill is “not that good” a defensive second baseman. At the very, very worst, he’s a good defensive second baseman and I have seen him make great plays many, many times. Some of which were only possible to complete because of the powerful throwing arm that you so deride. He’s not like an Eckstein, a Zaun, a Towers or even a Reed Johnson – he’s actually a very valuable player at his position with both the bat and the glove. I wish I could find up-to-date stats on Defensive Runs Allowed or Defensive Plus-Minus or Defensive Net-Per-Touch, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to see those under the end of the season. As far as the Cecil for Dunn thing, when’s the last time a team had to deal it’s top pitching prospect to get a trade done at the deadline? Those kinds of players don’t have to be dealt. And yes, Kazmir would look awfully good on the Blue Jays’ disabled list right now.

    - RealityCheck
  14. 14.

    Anyone that thinks hill should have bunted in the ninth should really look deeper into the situation. Aside from the fact that hill is arguably your best hitter (certainly today he was) is the fact that he bats infront of someone named Wells. Wells is hitting in the 170s with runners in scoring position. He is hitting in the 220′s with men on base vs 280′s with none on base. He has stated he is having trouble picking up the ball with the pitcher in the stretch. do people really want it left up to him over Hill right now?

    The real problem is the order. if lind or rolen were batting third, it would likely have been a different story.

    lastly, for all the fabio castro lovers out there, he got roughed up again last night. his strikeout numbers have been nonexistent in AAA. He’s not the savior

    there is only one savior for the jays this year (besides doc) and that is nick johnson. time to package something for him.

    notice that werth reached base safely ten consecutive times this weekend? hmmm.thats two weekends in a row where a player reaches safely ten times against the jays…very very odd.

    - General Zod
  15. 15.

    I appologize for the timing of this question because it has absolutely nothing to do with J Mac getting picked off today, but why do we not have a “track star” type guy on our roster for pinch running situations alone? A guy with a tremendous steal % would vastly increase the team’s ability to score runs in tight games.

    MW: They’re not deep enough to waste a spot on a guy who can’t do anything but run. Even though they do seem to be wasting a roster spot as it is.

    - Macky
  16. 16.

    Hey mike

    remember when jose calderon of the raptors asked to be benched for the betterment of the team

    do you think vernon being the guy he is might tell cito they team will be more sucsessful if I move down in the order?

    MW: No.

    - John terry
  17. 17.

    Why is it so difficult to throw strikes? Walks killed them today, and will continue to factor into the losses. The Phillies bungled an inning-ending DP, giving the Jays a chance to put some runs on the board…nothing.
    I think that running hot and cold relegates them to also-rans. They will have a tough time competing with NY, Bost, and TB without the tools.
    Could be what’s affecting attendance…..d’ya think?

    MW: No, I don’t think. They’re two and a half games behind the Yankees and today is the first time all year that they haev been behind Tampa. Wouldn’t that mean that those teams are running about as hot and cold as the Jays are?

    - Jack
  18. 18.


    Tao of Stieb calls Romero RR Cool Jay, and between the round face and the flat brim on the hat, it kinda fits, I think.

    MW: He does look a lot like Cool James.

    - Greg W
  19. 19.

    Hello Mike. Hope you feel better soon. We need you back on Jaystalk as it is not the same without you. One quick question… What is the real status on Marcum and McGowan? Are they with the team or in Florida? Is there a chance that McGowan will never pitch in the majors again? Everyone originally said McGowan would be back in May. It is now almost July. Was the surgery not a success? We could use Marcum back. I think Cecil needs more seasoning. Romero could be the real deal…


    MW: Sorry, I’ve answered this same question at least three dozen times in the last two months.

    - Terrence
  20. 20.

    i’m suprised no one mentioned Rolan’s decision to attempt a double play (second to 1st) rather than take the force at third and throw to one to get their catcher for the double play in the 4th. That decision cost then another 3 runs.

    Also, enough patience with Wells. he’d be sitting in AAA if he were down there right now. he looked lost all day again today.

    - Sheldon
  21. 21.

    MW: Actually, the best contact hitters on the team this year have been Rolen, Scutaro and Wells. Then Hill (forgetting the small sample size arguments of Adams, who hasn’t struck out yet, and Chavez). I couldn’t believe that strike call, either, and Lidge got it again on Wells. I don’t think that today’s mistake will factor into Johnny Mac’s playing time at all.

    Alright, even though Hill isn’t one of the best contact hitters, would you have tried the double steal? As I said worst case scenario is runner at 2nd and 1 out for Hill and best case is 2nd and 3rd with no one out. I think it’s a risk that should have been taken

    MW: I think it’s too big a risk. You’re talking about John McDonald, as opposed to a Rios or someone else with blazing speed.

    - Warren
  22. 22.

    In response to number 8,

    I agree with that, and Scutaro is one of the best as well, but Mcdonald covers more ground and Scutaro doesn’t make a lot of plays that Mcdonald can make.

    I’m not taking a shot at Scutaro, I just think that Mcdonald covers a bit more ground and deserves a bit more playing time. Right now hes the benchwarmer. Scutaro is on a slight slump now. Do you think a start tomorrow would be appropriate for Johnny Mac?

    MW: Scoot is in a bit of a slump right now, 1-for-his-last-16 with only two walks. He hasn’t had a day off yet, and I don’t know if Cito will give him one. There’s an off-day Thursday, after all.

    - Warren
  23. 23.

    MW: Again – why would you ask arguably your best hitter to get out on purpose – especially against a pitcher who hadn’t gotten anyone out yet?

    because it’s baseball, and there’s a 65% chance that he makes an out anyways, so why not at least increase the odds that it’s a productive out? having the go ahead run at 2nd, and the tying run at 3rd with your 3rd and 4th hitter coming up with one out is an absolutely beautiful situation to be in, and worth sacrificing your best hitter for…not to mention, a pretty strong case can be made that the # 4 hitter is currently their best, so setting the table for him wouldn’t have made sense to you? johnny mac made all that moot, but your logic seems flawed to me…

    the fact that the reliever had gotten no one out actually speaks to my argument more than yours, too…the winning run was at first, and if you’re so confident that he doesn’t have his stuff today, don’t you feel comfortable with the winning run at 2nd with 2 outs to work with on the guy with the struggles? we didn’t need to blow his doors off, or play for a big inning, so giving up outs really isn’t the big issue…

    on a side note, thank god johnny mac isn’t alex rios, cause my goodness there would be some filth on these boards about him…

    MW: Couldn’t agree more on that side note – but that’s the first time it’s happened to McDonald, and it wasn’t because he wasn’t paying attention. Yes, there’s a 65% chance that Hill gets out if he doesn’t bunt. But what are the odds that he’s successful getting the bunt down? It might be 70% – as opposed to the 95%+ that most people seem to think (maybe not you). Hill, Rolen and Lind are the guys who give you the best opportunity to win the game. Ask Hill to bunt and you’re likely taking the bat out of the hands of two of them.

    - Jay B
  24. 24.

    I have to agree with JB on the bunt situation. The only reason why you would not do that is if Hill was a horrible bunter. As a 300 hitter you are going to succeed 3 out of ten times and yes I recognize that runners might move up on a long fly ball (or at least the one on second). The bunt should succeed at least 7 out of 10 times (if it doesn’t the team has some work to do). If the runners move up the dynamic changes completely as the infield must move in and the pitcher(yes I know this the major leagues) is less likely to throw breaking balls. The Phillies would have the option to walk Wells but quite frankly I think I would prefer Rolen to be up in this situation. Bottom line, you must put pressure on the defense in this situation anything else is wishful thinking and statistically not worth the gamble.

    MW: I’m glad you’ve come up with the ultimate, inarguable solution. You do realize that walks, ground balls that move runners, hit batsmen, errors and stuff happen too, right? A hitter who only succeeds three out of ten times is a pretty poor hitter.

    - mike glatt
  25. 25.

    All Jonny Mac does for this team right now is pinch run. He has the one of the worst bats in the majors. He has great defense but who cares if he’s not out there using it. I guarantee we’d have a few more wins this year if we had a high quality baserunner in tight situations. I hope for other teams’ sakes we are the only team in the majors who has a primary pinch runner who can’t run.

    MW: It’s unfortunate that McDonald’s primary purpose has become pinch-running. That’s certainly not what he’s supposed to be here for.

    - Macky
  26. 26.

    Hey, Mike. I was wondering if you could tell me why Scutaro wasn’t standing on second base after Johnny Mac was tagged out in that rundown? A runner in scoring position changes a lot in terms of the rest of Vernon’s at bat. Was Murphy not saying anything to Marco, while the rundown was taking place? I was baffled.

    MW: McDonald didn’t get far enough away from pursuit, nor far enough away from second base, to allow Scutaro to advance there – in my opinion. The worst thing that could possibly have happened there would have been for Scoot to get nailed trying to go into second after they’d tagged out McDonald.

    - Jamie Adams
  27. 27.

    Easy there Mike, asking Hill to bunt isnt taking the bat out of anybody’s hands except Hill. Cito was put in a tight spot b/c how do you ask a guy with two dingers on the day to bunt? However, Cito was probably kicking himself afterwards, and I bet he asks Hill to bunt next time.

    MW: Easy there?

    - Jamie
  28. 28.

    For the bunt to be successful in that type of situation, Cito has to issue the bunt every single time, no matter how hot the hitter is. If he starts guessing whether or not to bunt…bunting sometimes and letting them swing away at other times…the bunt isnt going to be as successful as it should be.

    MW: Why is that?

    - Jamie
  29. 29.

    Mike I’ll tell you something…
    I don’t agree with you on all sorts of things….but I respect you. Good blog, good radio show.

    MW: Thanks, I think.

    - RealityCheck
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