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You know, in all my years of following this great game, I have never seen a no-hitter live.  It would have been just my luck to have Ricky Romero throw one while I was on the DL.  Romero fell short, but he dazzled again.  He’s been phenomenal in every single one of his big-league starts with the exception of those first two after he came off his stint on the shelf.

I’ve answered a few more comments and put them up, and I’m leaving a spot here for last night’s edition of The JaysTalk, with Alex Seixeiro.  I told Alex that he’s a lot nicer than I am, I would have been pretty rough on that first caller who said he’d found four good left-handed bats that would help the Jays – and two of them were Derrek Lee and Paul Konerko!

Here it is, for your listening pleasure:

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OK, well, time to go lie down again.  Only three more days to go until I can be activated!

Rational, reasonable comments are always welcome!

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  1. 1.

    Great game last night. Alex did a good job last night but the callers were a bit tough on him. We need you back!

    All this talk about the 500 level home runs and we got the first one today in 5 years. You’re jinxing the team!!!

    Maybe the Jays will hit one later today.

    MW: I know – weird that we’ve been talking 5th deck shots so much lately!

    - Tim
  2. 2.


    It’s not a free article by Joe Sheehan but this quote is from the free “preview” section. It is a discussion of the AL East and their dominance over the rest of the major leagues.

    I suspect you of being in cahoots with Sheehan! (Please take that comment as intended and don’t pick it apart to the tune of the people who proved Rolen didn’t jump 16 feet for that catch.) Hope you are able to rest properly and recover soon.

    “The Blue Jays have put together so much pitching depth that they’ve been able to survive the complete loss of a rotation. That is a credit to a GM, J.P. Ricciardi, who I’ve frequently criticized. The Jays may, over a three-year period, be one of the top five teams in baseball, and nevertheless end up with absolutely nothing to show for it.”

    The complete article for those with BP memberships can be found here:


    - James (from the Church of the Double Steal)
  3. 3.

    I cannot believe Raul Chavez is our starting catcher right now. His specialty is rolling over to third base on the first pitch. Also, Millar and Bautista do not deserve to be on this ballclub. Finally, what’s with the Jays lack of confidence in Richmond? What more does the guy have to do? I’d much rather have ‘Doc Lite’ starting over a guy that gives up 9 runs in 4 innings pitched.

    MW: What does Mills starting today have to do with the Jays’ faith in Richmond? Scott pitched on Wednesday, did you want them to throw him on two days’ rest?

    - Renegade
  4. 4.

    I’m not going to get too worried about today’s loss. But the 5th starter is kind of a black hole at the moment and I don’t see how that can be improved without giving away all the prospects. Which leaves the free agent route and Pedro Martinez. I’m not a fan of signing another superannuated superstar to make a matched pair with the late and by me unlamented Frank Thomas.

    I have a totally unrelated question for you–probably answered via Scott Carson. I seem to remember back in 1985 the Jays were playing at (I think) Kansas. They were quite a few runs down going into the top of the ninth and–if I remember correctly–scored 11 runs with 2 down in the top of the 9th to win the game. Am I hallucinating or did this happen?

    MW: You’re only kind of hallucinating. They were in Seattle, and I remember that they scored 11 in the top of the 9th, then the Mariners scored four or seven or something in the bottom. I’m going to check………..ok, turns out it was July 20, 1984. The Jays were down 3-1 going into the 9th and they scored 11, but not with two out. Lloyd Moseby led off the inning with a triple, and the Jays didn’t make the second out until Moseby was on base a second time in the inning. Seattle scored four in the bottom and the Jays won 12-7.

    - isabella reyes
  5. 5.

    Hi, Mike:

    You are missed, indeed!

    Further to the Lefty bats (who hit right-handed) — the caller also mentioned someone called Angel Martinez, from Cleveland. Since mlb.com doesn’t list an “Angel” Martinez, with Cleveland or anyone else, I’m assuming he meant Victor Martinez, who would indeed be a good addition for the Jays, as a Switch Hitter.

    I’m wondering if the reason Alex was “kinder” doesn’t have more to do with a lesser level of familiarity with the players in question than you have. This is not meant as a criticsm of Alex, simply stating the fact that your level of knowledge is pretty much “unsurpassed” (at least IMO).

    Get well quickly!

    MW: Nah, Alex knows his stuff. He’s just nice.

    - Norm
  6. 6.

    Hang in there Mike!

    MW: Doing my best, thanks!

    - AG
  7. 7.

    So I saw Aaron Hill start a spectacular double play on a hot smash from Ryan Howard. HOWEVER…. I will contend that I can’t name a major league second baseman that would not have been able to pick that ball (I’m not saying it was easy…I’m just saying we’re talking about major leaguers). Once the pick is made… it’s should be an easy double play based on how hard the ball was hit. Once again however Hill made a circus out of it. Scutaro had to throw while jumping over the base runner and I’m pretty sure that runner was not Usain Bolt. How was that runner able to bear down on him on that?

    On another note… Romero looks really good. you mentioned that you would not trade Cecil for Adam Dunn (still don’t know why). You have to admit our best trade move would involve one of our three talented young left handed pitchers. Do you agree? What trade possibility would you suggest?

    MW: I don’t understand what you have against Aaron Hill as a defensive second baseman. He has also disproven time and again over the last week your contention that he can only release the ball over the top. Cecil is a 22 year-old with ace potential. Four great pitches and command of them all. He’s also under control and under-market through the end of the 2015 season. Would you trade that for a year and a half of Adam Dunn? I hope not. Who is the third talented young lefty? Mills? Rzepczynski?

    - RealityCheck
  8. 8.

    Hi Mike,

    In your opinion what rookies have impressed you this season? And have really contributed to their clubs? Also how much potential do Cecil, Romero, and Mills have?


    MW: In the overall? I’m really not in the best state of mind to think back about all the rookies I’ve seen. J.A. Happ impressed the heck out of me yesterday, and guys like Vin Mazzaro, Dexter Fowler and Andrew McCutchen have looked pretty good. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a ton of people. I think Cecil and Romero have the potential to be top-of-the-rotation pitchers, and Mills could wind up being Jamie Moyer.

    - Brad
  9. 9.

    Hi Mike

    The fact you have not done a write up for todays game, makes me think you are not having a good day, keep up with the fluids.
    Well it looks like I jinxed Mills by saying I hope he plays better today. Oh well it was a nice day for a ball game. Of course the bats did not do anything either. Was so happy to see Johnny Mac starting and getting two hits, the highlight of my day at the ball park

    Be Well

    MW: Thanks!

    - Anne
  10. 10.

    Hi Mike,

    Hope you’re starting to mend. The boys are doing a good job without you, but it’s just not the quite the same.

    My question is about the is about the first hit Romero gave up yesterday. I know it was clean hit and Millar gave it a valiant effort, but do you think there is any chance that Overbay makes that play?

    MW: Yes, there is, although it was a shot. Overbay is quicker and more importantly, has his glove on his right hand. It still would have been a very, very tough play to make.

    - Clint Gibbons
  11. 11.

    When is Castro going to get the call up, Mills is not ready…. Cecil doesn’t appear to be either.. but definatley better then Mills..

    IMO Jays should give Castro a shot… what’s the risk when there is still a starter spot to be filled? his Triple A numbers are way better then both Mills and Cecil and he has 30 appearences in the majors…

    MW: They chose Mills over Castro this time because they weren’t happy with Castro’s walk rate. Castro will probably be the guy they call the next time they need a starter, but right now they seem set with Halladay/Richmond/Cecil/Romero/Tallet.

    - Sheppard Strip
  12. 12.


    JP has been virtually invisible this year. Do you have any contact with him for information, questions, etc..?

    I just wonder if he feels a sense of vindication for drafting Ricky Romero, since he’s taken so much criticism for drafting him over Troy Tulowitzki?

    Keep on truckin’.

    MW: J.P. hasn’t been invisible at all. I see him at every home game. I’m sure he feels vindicated because of the criticism, but I’m just as sure that he knows that 10 starts do not a career make.

    - Uncle Ben
  13. 13.


    Someone here mentioned nicknames. Well, I have a couple that I use that I will throw out there (with the caveat that I may have heard them somewhere before, so I will not claim copyright)

    Jesse “Skeletor” Carlson
    Brandon “3 Outs” League
    David “Bigfoot” Purcey
    Shawn “Summer” Camp
    Brad “General” Mills
    Adam “Lindiana” Lind
    Aaron “A-Ron” Hill
    Brett “Righty” Cecil
    Russ “Kazmir” Adams

    BTW – I LOVE Caveman for Rolen. It’s perfect!

    Convalesce quickly!

    MW: Righty? Kazmir?

    - Darren in Carleton Place
  14. 14.

    MW: I’ve said many times why I don’t think Vernon is a #3 hitter – he gets out too much. The guy who hits third is supposed to be the best you’ve got. Ideally he can hit close to .300 with an OBP close to .400 and has 30+ homer pop.

    Vernon has hit .300 or more 4 times, has hit 30+ home runs 2 times, he has knocked in over 100 runs 3 times and once stole 17 bases. The fact that his OBP is not close to .400 says he is not ideal, but the other 4 attributes put him there.
    As far as today’s team is concerned, he is the best we’ve got.

    MW: I don’t think that’s true. At this point Hill, Rolen, Lind and Overbay are all better fits for that spot.

    - Cito Man
  15. 15.

    Hey Wally Pipp

    MW: I deleted the rest of your comment because, well, let’s just say it takes a special kind of scumbag to revel in another person’s illness, and you just joined that club.

    - Chris
  16. 16.

    Hey Mike,

    Miss hearing your voice on the radio. They keep talking about 14 balls hit into the 500 level at the Rogers Centre. Is there a list posted somewhere? I’d like to read it through.

    Get well soon!!!

    MW: They used to put the list in the media guide, but I’m not sure they do anymore. Here it is, the 14 500-level homers have been hit by (in chronological order): Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire, Joe Carter, Carlos Delgado, Canseco, Canseco, Shawn Green, Manny Ramirez, Raul Mondesi, Josh Phelps, Phelps, Gary Sheffield, Vernon Wells and Jayson Werth.

    - Tim
  17. 17.

    I’d like to see team records the day after they call these team meetings to stop losing streaks like the phillies did before Saturdays game. Worked like a charm for them today

    MW: I’ll bet it’s about .500.

    - dave_12
  18. 18.

    How many swine flu mentions have their been?

    MW: On the blerg? Just a couple.

    - dave_12
  19. 19.

    Hope you feel better soon. A little song from Seinfeld for you.

    “Get Well, Get Well Soon, We Want you to Get Well.

    Does the Fan require you to do a rehab show in Las Vegas? A little 51′s talk maybe?

    MW: I could handle that.

    - David
  20. 20.

    MW: “I would have been pretty rough on that first caller who said he’d found four good left-handed bats that would help the Jays – and two of them were Derrek Lee and Paul Konerko”! LOL

    And I can name two right-handed starters who’d help the Jays even more – C.C Sabathia and Johan Santana.

    MW: They sure would!

    - Beburg
  21. 21.

    Hey Mike!

    Try some raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Use about two teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and mix it in a bottle of water, though sip it slowly. It will strengthen your immune system and help you fight off your flu very quickly.

    Anyways, what do you think of the Mark DeRosa deal? I think its a great deal for the Cardinals to help them make a push for the playoffs this season.

    Also, what do you think of OF/3B Jake Fox from the Cubs? When Ramirez returns from the DL, the Cubs might find it difficult to get Fox regular at-bats. Do you think Fox would be a good fit for the Jays? If so, what do you think the Cubs would look for in return? He would be a better option at DH rather than Millar, Bautista, or Adams in my opinion.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!

    MW: Actually, I take apple cider vinegar every day, it helps deal with my GERD – it’s really miraculous. Hasn’t helped with this, though, or maybe it has and that’s why my flu has been so mild. I like Fox, but I don’t love him. We’d discussed him earlier – if he hit left I’d be all over the idea.

    - Silvio
  22. 22.

    Hi Mike! I guess being down with the flu has affected your hearing!!
    If you want, go back and listen to my call again from Fri. night. I am pretty sure I stated “I have identified four players that could possibly help the Jay’s. I did not say they were specifically lefthanded hitters.” A lefthanded bat is the most logical. With that being said both Derek Lee and Paul Konerko have been proven run producers over there careers.
    We as Jay’s fans should not get our hopes up, a baseball trade too make the team better would be too much too ask!!!
    We await the next lefthanded releif pitcher that will be claimed on waivers!
    As you have said on your show before. “if you are going too be critical of someone, have your facts straight.” Dan

    MW: What you said was (and I just went back and listened) “If the Jays are serious about adding a left-handed bat they don’t have to just look for Nick Johnson, umm, but a name that pops out is especially Derrek Lee in Chicago…….”. I’ll appreciate your apology whenever it comes. Also, Angel Martinez?

    - dan harrison
  23. 23.

    Get not unwell soon, Mike!

    The Silly – I always seem to have a cheesy nickname or two in my comments here, and the topic has been coming up a bit lately, so…

    I totally see the Caveman thing, just hope it isn’t taken the wrong way. It seems to be doing alright so far, judging by comments in here. Someone not long ago asked about another name for Scoot. Because of his aggressiveness on the basepaths, I thought maybe Marco Mookiero or EightBall. Seriously, who steals a base on their own walk? You can’t do that! I love that! Allass, I’m going to go with Smooth ‘Zualan. Someone also asked about young pitchers Brett and Ricky. All I’ve got is Keycil and Romerowitzki. I never claimed to be good at this, but I might come up with a gem one day.

    The Really – I mentioned before that it’s stupid for Mommy Ramirez to be allowed to play AAA. I’ll expand a little. What is to stop a guy from juicing if he’s close to making the majors, but isn’t quite there? If he gets caught, he can just play AAA anyway. Or, if he has to drop down a level while suspended, like WoManny did, it would still be worth taking the chance. The only way around this, that I see, is for MLB to admit that there is a double standard, that only a star would be allowed to play while he’s suspended from playing. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Just Bud being Manny?

    The Dilly

    MW: You want MLB to admit a double standard? That’s a good one. You know, I actually don’t mind Romerowitzki.

    - Dilly in Dundas
  24. 24.

    MW: Righty? Kazmir?

    “Righty” because he is actually right handed – he only pitches left handed (how cool is that?). Think of it as short for “I am actually a righty”.

    “Kazmir” because that is who was drafted right after Adams. That said, not drafting him is not even in the same universe as the trade the Mets engineered. Yowsa! To be honest, I just could not think of anything else. I am also struggling with Romero….not sure what would be a good nickname for him.

    MW: Get back to the drawing board.

    - Darren in Carleton Place
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