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And in honour of the day for Dads, there will be no bloggage today.

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    Hey Mike. Ok a baseball rule question. Is it possible for a manager to make a triple switch with the umpire and if he does, can the manager re-arrange the batting order if those three players are batting along side each other in the batting order?… or even if they arn’t batting beside each other? I couldn’t sleep last night and I came up with this in my head. Also… what do you think about removing a pitcher from the mound and replacing him with a position player, so the manager can re-replace the pitcher… uh back on the mound for later use in the game?

    MW: A manager can switch as many players as he wants, and so long as they all come in and the same time, any can bat in any vacated spot. I like the idea of moving a pitcher to first or right field so that he can relieve himself later on.

    - Matt from BC
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    Happy Father’s day to all you dads out there. Having a wonderful father is the best thing one could ask for. You know that when you mess up there’s an old man beside you to save your butt. Thanks dad for saving my butt on so many occasions. Here’s to many more.;) CHEEEEERS!!

    - Beburg
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    - Dan
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    I thought this was some of your best writing.

    can MW take a joke? or will he decide not to post this?

    only time will tell…..

    - B Carter
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    the best thing about the Nats series?

    Those two guys in the first row behind the plate in their ump outfits. No wthat’s funny!

    MW: Sheesh.

    - john Morris
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    Happy Fathers Day to you Mike.

    I know you’re probably enjoying the day, but I came across this article re: a biopic movie that was to be made about Oakland’s GM Billy Beane. Thought you might be interested.


    MW: I have heard tell of this.

    - Jason D.
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    Don’t we even get the Jays talk?

    MW: There wasn’t one.

    - Ian
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    Hi Mike, Hope you have a great father’s day with your family!
    Was hoping to have a chance to share this story with you on air.
    When the Jay’s started back in 1977 my dad took me to my first Jay’s game. It was raining when we arrived at the EX. I am positive my dad was more devasted then I was.
    Just before game time the sun came out, and we sat through a three hr. game in the sweltering heat.
    We had a great time and dad got us great seats on the third baseline. My favorite player at the time was Roy Howell.
    For as long as I live I will never forget that moment!
    Walking into a major league game for the first time with my dad. My dad introduced me to the great sport of baseball and I will always be grateful for that!
    When I spoke to him today I reminded him of that great day. Thanks Dad!
    And Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers and sons and daughtrs that have these same memeories!
    Happy Fathers Day Mike! Dan

    - dan harrison
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    Gotta get home to the kids huh? Happy Fathers day and enjoy the off day tomorrow.

    How much do you think Vernon Wells breaking his wrist last year has to do with him not making the catch yesterday? If he makes that catch there’s a good chance he goes glove first into the wall.

    I Know it wont happen for a while but the Jays need to get Overbay hitting higher in the order. It’s almost criminal that el capitano is hitting behind him. The Jays best hitters for the last little while are batting 6th and 7th.

    Thanks Mike, great job that’s all for today.

    MW: I don’t think the wrist had anything to do with the Wells play. He didn’t gator-arm it, he dropped it.

    - Chris Thompson
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    I read the other day that the Redo Sox have the longest average game length in the Majors…. my question is where can I find the game time stats?
    I don’t see it on baseball-reference and have no idea where i would even look to on mlb.com.

    Any suggestions?

    MW: Actually, no. I wouldn’t know where to look for average game time.

    - Greg W
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    Hey Mike, what do you think Carlson’s chances are of sticking around when Downs returns (whenever that is). He has been pretty bad since mid May (WHIP of 1.66 in May/June). You think he could go?

    MW: He could, I guess, but I don’t think he will.

    - Pramit
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    Mike Happy Father’s Day
    I like the move of brining up Adams for a second look. The Jays need to upgrade the bench in some capacity. Inglett was not hitting Dellucci is not playing well enough at AAA to warrant a call. Randy Ruiz is another bat i think the Jays should seriously consider calling up to DH instead of Millar and Batista who are both batting at the 250 clip. Ruiz has hit 16 HR, 63 RBI in 69 games. I know these are AAA numbers, but isn’t he worth a look?

    MW: Remember, too, that they’re PCL numbers. I don’t think the Jays want to move Millar or Bautista off the roster – Cito loves what Millar brings, and Bautista is valuable as a bat against lefties and a relief glove at several positions. Ruiz will come up if Millar gets hurt, but they like having Millar around, he’s not likely to go anywhere.

    - Jeff G.
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    “I like the idea of moving a pitcher to first or right field so that he can relieve himself later on.”

    Good one. Me, I’d rather not see the pitcher relieve himself. Though I suppose if he had to, the right field corner might provide a little more privacy than first base.

    - Jason
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    Happy FD to you Mike. I heard you talking about your 1st ever Jays game in ’78 vs the Twins. I too saw the Twins for my 1st game and I will never forget the absolute awe I felt seeing real live baseball players and that magnificent ballpark. Ok well we grew to dislike the Ex eventually.

    I thought maybe my game was the same series you mentioned but I realized mine was Aug 11 1977. I still have the ticket and news article. I can recall staring at Rod Carew and hardly beleiving that I was in the same place he was. He was my favourite player then. He got 2 hits and helped the Twins win 7-3. I recall Gene Mauch lost it in an arguement over a ball hit down the left field line by Bob Bailor for a double that hit a policeman. Turns out that “authorized personnel” are in play.

    Come to think of it I have among my ticket stub collection, games including other strange occurrences. I was there when Winfield killed a seagull, and when George Bell charged the mound to deliver a flying kick to Bruce Kison and the benches cleares. Ernie Whitt followed the scrum with a HR to take the lead and I will never forget Ernie glaring at Kison the whole trip around the bases.

    MW: That’s pretty awesome. I never grew to dislike the Ex, I still miss the place.

    - Rez
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    Hey MIKE a nice job from Ricky today and also from Cecil the other.. The Kids are Alright.. A little Who for you.. Mike, just a quirky baseball 101 question.. When scooter bolted for second after the walk.. I was wondering if the ball is live ,when the cather throws the ball back to the pitcher and also does a runner have to go back and touch his base after every pitch .. Thanks..

    MW: The runner only has to tag up on a foul ball, not on every pitch, and even on a foul ball, once the next pitch is delivered there’s no longer an appeal allowed. The ball is very definitely live when the catcher throws it back to the pitcher, unless it’s a new ball being put in play after the ball leaves the playing surface.

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    Great game from Romero today! He showed us a lot today. First, he gutted out a good quality start on a day when he didn’t have his best working; mind you, that’s easier to do staked to the early lead. Second, a couple of good start’s in a row shows he’s got his mojo back after his dl stint. have to admit I would not have been shocked if his first 3 starts had turned out to be a ‘flash in the pan’.

    Am I correct in believing he’ll be held to about 160 innings?

    As well, could you please endeavor to find out about Sean Marcum’ status? Any tentative timetable for him to begin throwing in the minors?


    S. C.

    MW: It seems as though I get the question about Marcum’s status every couple of days. It hasn’t changed since last week. I think they’re looking at no more than 180 innings out of Romero.

    - Sean Charles
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    Nothing wrong with a 4-2 road trip! Ater all the Jays have been through of late to still be single digits out of first in their division and 1 game back of a wc spot is excellent.

    Not sure why some think scoring runs with two outs is considered just lucky. Many a rally starts with two out and with good reason! Having two outs with runners on base is most often a very good thing. Just as those of us who ever play or played the game were taught! At the “crack of the bat” your off and running, and at that point anything can happen.

    Had a great Fathers Day afternoon playing a little “soft toss” with my Son and Grandson, smell of the BBQ and the Jays game on the radio – ahhh baseball does it get any better!

    Thanks Mike – good for you on the Fathers Day Blog!

    MW: Who says scoring with two outs is lucky?

    - Bob from Burlington
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    Hello Mike

    Pretty good road trip I would say. Tough loss in Washington and the Jays aren’t the only team having problems with Washington and Florida.

    I am also happy for Russ Adams. He didn’t do too bad in his first at bat either, did he, nice swing, quiet hands – and apparently, he has been hitting .333 with man on scoring position. Maybe the jays can use him to pinch hit as opposed to getting Bautista there. Bautista has been slumping but really, I think he is just getting back to reality if you see his career numbers.

    Two questions for you –
    1. Do you think we ever see Castro this year in the majors? He seems to be pitching too well not to be called up.

    2. What about having Alan Ashby as guest in Jays talk some time, or even have some of these character players like Millar or Barret on the show?


    MW: 1 – I do think we will. 2 – It’s not a bad idea at all, though I don’t think I’ll be able to get any players on the show.

    - francis x
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    Hi, Mike:

    Here’s a belated Father’s Day “challenge” for you & your readers — can you name the six Major League Father/Son combinations who have a historical link to the Blue Jays (i.e., either dad or son played or coached with the Jays)?

    Answer in the next post.

    MW: That’s really not enough time for people to think about it.

    - Norm
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    Answer to the Father’s Day “challenge”:

    Barfield, Josh & Jesse
    Matthews, Gary, Jr. & Sr.
    Mayberry, John, Jr. & Sr.
    Fielder, Prince & Cecil
    Grilli, Jason & Steve
    Speier, Justin & Chris.

    Hope I didn’t miss anyone (the total list of 24 such combos came from Scott Miller’s “Short Hops” column dated June 19 — I checked the ML careers of all those I wasn’t sure about, but might have missed a coach or two).

    MW: See? You gave the answer too fast!

    - Norm
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    Happy father’s day, Mike. I was going to take my daughter down to DC to see the Jays this past weekend, but the drive was too long so we ended up hanging out in Rochester. We went to see a AAA Red Wings game (Twins) and I would highly recommend going.

    The stadium has awesome food vendors (crepes, mac and cheese, delis, all kinds of different sandwiches, pizza, burgers, different kinds of hot dogs) and it made me think that the old Rogers Centre and most other ball parks can do much better. A 20 oz pint of labaat’s is only $6.50!

    Anyway, a great way to spend Father’s day.

    Looking forward to reading your blog Wednesday morning.

    MW: I went to a game in Rochester back in the late ’80s/early ’90s. I can’t remember much, other than it was at the old Silver Stadium, I met Josh Lewin, who was their radio guy at the time, and Floyd (Honeybear) Rayford, who was coaching for the Red Wings, had to be activated and I think DH’d that day.

    - Tim
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    Hi Mike
    belated happt father’s day
    I have an interesting observation (at least it is to me). Vernon Wells appears to have chnaged his batting stance this year. His lead foot is flatter on the ground. I noticed in previous years he had his lead heel off the gound and the toe rotated inward…it looked strange but seemed to work for him. He doesn’t do that this year. Could that be the trouble with his lack of power this year?

    MW: I have always seen Wells tap that lead foot a few times while the pitcher is in his motion, I guess I never really noticed how the foot was rotated.

    - Richard from AR
  23. 23.

    “And in honour of the day for Dads, there will be no bloggage today.”

    That’s a bit of a non-sequitur.

    MW: And?

    - Flaming Moe
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    so is my guy down at 3b scotty r. going to win an al batting title or what?
    .329 and climbing my friend.
    not too bad at all….

    MW: I’ll be stunned if Rolen wins a batting title, but I wish him the best of luck.

    - darrell bishop
  25. 25.

    I dont understand when you say that a pitchers record does not mean much and no big deal if a guy is a 500 pitcher i dont know any great pitchers who over their career were 500 pitchers. good pitchers win no matter what the situation is. look at the great pitchers in baseball they had winning records on losing teams.

    MW: Not all of them. Nolan Ryan was a great pitcher, no? He had eight losing seasons, and had a career .526 winning percentage. Pitchers have no control over their wins and losses.

    - elliott
  26. 26.

    Hey Mike
    In honor of Father’s Day , many people accept the best baseball film ever made was field of dreams with Kevin Costner. conversely what is the top three worst baseball films ever made in your opinion.

    Jon siemko

    MW: The three worst baseball movies ever made? Hopefully I haven’t seen them. The one with Joey Tribbiani and the monkey is probably at the top of the list.

    - Jon siemko
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    Hey Mike I saw the episode of the grill room. Nice job. I heard on the show that you think Phil Mickelson is a jerk. Have you met him?

    MW: I didn’t say I thought Mickelson is a jerk, I said that I have heard that he is a jerk, from many reputable sources. I have never met the man.

    - KJD
  28. 28.

    It will be interesting to see if Cincinnati lets Micah Owings bat for himself against the Jays in an AL park. It would make sense considering he has been hitting better than pitching recently and he has even been used as a pinch hitter in his career.

    MW: Not a chance (and that’s before I saw the line-up), because then you have a pitcher batting late in the game once Owings hits the showers.

    - Scott
  29. 29.

    ” I like the idea of moving a pitcher to first or right field so that he can relieve himself later on”

    We can assume you don’t mean they do so in a Manny-at-Fenway, sort of way, correct?


    - Kevin A.
  30. 30.

    Hey Mike,

    When do you think the rotation will be faced with limiting guys innings ? Brian Tallet, soon to be pitching on 3 days rest, is someone who the Jays are relying on early on, but due to innings pitched last year, probably wont be around in August to help push for a playoff spot.

    Same goes for Romero and Richmond. Do you think this is an issue to be concerned about ?

    MW: Romero has already missed a month, and they’re not concerned about Richmond’s arm. Tallet may be an issue, but there’s no reason to believe he probably won’t be around in August.

    - Dave
  31. 31.

    Mike, a quick question: How is it that Manny Ramirez is not eligible to rejoin the Dodgers until July 3, yet can go down to Albuquerque to “play himself into shape”?

    I thought 50 games was 50 games! When a minor leaguer tests positive, and is suspended 50 games, can he go to a lower level to “work out”?

    (Sorry, I guess that’s really two questions!)

    MW: I have never heard of such a thing before, I’m very surprised that Manny is being allowed to “rehab” at AAA.

    - Norm
  32. 32.

    Mike….I know you said it would’ve been neat to see Lyle Overbay pitch vs. the Phillies..But if Cito allegedly told his pitchers not to swing and run the bases to avoid injuries, couldn’t Lyle Overbay have hurt his arm also doing something he’s not used to doing?..I remember Jose Canseco being called on to pitch years ago and screwing up his arm in the process.

    MW: He absolutely could have. But again, these guys aren’t pieces of glass.

    - chris m.
  33. 33.

    Hey Mike

    I have to admit, that I almost like rooting against the Yankees as much as I like rooting for the Jays.

    It’s pretty incredible that the Jays are only one game back of the Yankees almost half way through the year. Especially when you consider that Halladay, Downs, Litsch, Jannsen and Romero have been on the DL.

    What’s your take on the Yankees this year? How would you rate their big three signings in the offseason? I’m thinking they might not be enjoying paying AJ and CC’s salaries a few years from now.

    Love the show.

    MW: I think that there will be years over the course of both contracts in which they’re not going to get much value for Sabathia and/or Burnett, but when they’re healthy, they’ll pitch well. Teixeira is teirreifeic.

    - James H
  34. 34.

    Hi Mike,first time on your blog so I don’t know if any one else has brought this up.It is in regards to Vernon Wells batting,I noticed in a game recently that a team had played Vernon in shift in the infield,I couldn’t recall ever see that so I went to MLB.com and checked the hitting charts on Vernon and noticed that in 2006 at the Roger Centre he hit balls into right field with some consistency.He hit 5 home runs into rightfield that year.Now if you go forward 2007,2008 and 2009 he is hittting less amd less into right. The only hits into right are bloops.He doesn’t drive the ball into rightfield anymore maybe getting him to hit to right will solve his problem.

    MW: Maybe. I’m sure they’re trying. Actually, I’m not so sure – Cito Gaston has said that he believes a pull hitter should be allowed to be a pull hitter.

    - Kane Ing
  35. 35.

    Way to take advantage of a commercial holiday.

    Joking Mike, have a good time with the family.

    - Corey
  36. 36.

    You are the general manager and manager of the jays.

    you have two choices and only two choices for lefty masher no defense needed player.

    who do you choose? millar or dopirak? dopirak’s numbers the last couple years= scary vs lefties.

    secondly, did u know that since 2002, the LOWEST win total to be the wild card from the AL is 94? that seems pretty damn high to me….but it is the truth. in fact, 99 wins is what it took one year

    MW: It depends on how you define “what it took”. I guess I would choose Dopirak if you made me, but I’d make sure I had Millar waiting in the wings.

    - General Zod
  37. 37.

    Hey Mike,

    Happy Fathers Day. I just wanted to let you know that i am back safely from Washington, at work on very little sleep.

    I wanted to tell you a quick thing about what me and friends did in Washington. We had drawn a big poster of the “Garfoose” for Dirk Hayhurst, his trademark animal. When we saw him at the game we called him over, where he proceeded to get a huge kick out of our attempt of his masterpiece. He proceeded to sign many an autograph and even pose with the garfoose for pictures.

    If you were a Nats fan, you had to name a non obvious jays player to get an autograph from him which was hilarious. And because of my friends drawing, many other players obliged to come over and autograph for us. It was above all, my favourite “Fan Experience”.

    I plan to go to Baltimore for the July 10th weekend, another long travel but it will be my second ball park i have seen outside of the confines of the Rogers centre and thus its worth it.


    MW: Oriole Park at Camden Yards is a nice ballpark to hit. I did a road trip there in 1994, sat in the bleachers in left field and saw both Devon White and Brady Anderson pull a home run ball back – in the same game! Nice story about Hey Dirkhurst!

    - paolo
  38. 38.

    Hey Mike, do you watch Eastbound and Down? I think Kenny Powers = BJ Ryan

    MW: Ryan never threw that hard. His greatest successes never came from just being able to throw the ball through people. Also, Ryan never won a World Series.

    - Raj
  39. 39.

    I think it should have been the other way around because of father’s day there is jays talk!!!!!
    see you tonight at the ball game!!!!!

    MW: I don’t have control over the length of The JaysTalk, just the bloggage.

    - shalom
  40. 40.

    Concerning the 2 guys dressed as umps behind the plate. There is an article posted on si.com about them.

    4-2 road trip, and only 1 ganme out of the wildcard. Scutaro and Hill have a couple of games where they don’t get on base, and the Jays can’t score.

    Hope you had an excellent Father’s Day. Let’s hope the Jays and the Las Vegas 51′s ptiching staff can string together some wins.

    - Aaron Ker
  41. 41.

    I’ve stumped you with the game time question? Colour me shocked.

    MW: Sorry about that. Let me try a little harder…………..nope, couldn’t find anything.

    - Greg W
  42. 42.

    Can the Jays send Carlson down to Las Vegas already? He isn’t fooling anybody.

    MW: He actually wasn’t that bad – he gave up a little looper to right field and then two easy fly balls around a hard line drive that was caught.

    - Renegade
  43. 43.

    It seems that recession busters is a hit! (That’s tonight)

    I wondered if we are risking Brian Tallet , pitching on 3 days rest. I hope not, he did well I think.

    Also if a question, if a batter is a switch hitter, what are the rules. Does he have to say how he is going to bat before he does so? If so when?
    And Rios is doing better.

    MW: Tallet pitched on three days’ rest because he only threw 76 pitches his last time out, I think he’ll be fine. Once the batter gets into the box, he can’t switch sides unless the pitcher changes.

    - Barb
  44. 44.

    I’ve heard lots about Halladay being on track for recovery, how about Downs?

    MW: I have yet to hear any update on Downs.

    - Clint
  45. 45.

    Before Raburn’s homer tonight the Tiger’s Win Expectation was only 21.7%, giving his homer as WPA of 0.783, one of the highest values on a single play, and possibly the highest this year.

    Now, for something on-topic: I haven’t heard any updates on Downs. Is he still expected out for 6 weeks?

    MW: See above.

    - Alan the stat geek
  46. 46.

    I was at the game and it was terrific. Except for Russ Adams. I’m hoping Delucci finds his swing right quick, because Adams, unfortunately, is a bit of a waste of space.

    MW: That’s mean.

    - isabella reyes
  47. 47.

    Norm gave the answer too fast because there are one (or two) more answers I can think of!

    Jose Cruz Sr and Jr (the gimme)

    and on the coaching side, Mel Queen was the son of big league pitcher… Mel Queen Sr.

    - Matt
  48. 48.

    Hello Mike….Do you know why the Jays will not give Ruiz a chance at DH…just because he is not a left handed hitter doesnt mean he couldnt give some teeth to the DH position …whats these rumours about Victor Martinez…..that would cost the Jays at least Cecil and Arencibia……wouldnt it be nice to add both Nick Johnson and Victor Martinez to the lineup…

    MW: The Jays wouldn’t trade Cecil and Arencibia for Vic, nor would he cost that much. Ruiz might give some teeth to the DH position, but he’s a right-handed hitter on a team that’s dying for left-handed bats. Funny thing, though, he’s been a better hitter against righties over the course of his minor-league career (.944 OPS to .900).

    - Mark from Thorold
  49. 49.

    Hey, Matt (#47)

    Maybe I didn’t make it clear enough, but the “challenge” had to do with “currently active” players — not history.

    The Cruz and Queen combo’s don’t count.

    Guess I should have waited a few hours before posting the answer — I was afraid I’d forget to do it (Old Timer’s Disease!)

    - Norm
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