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There are about 100 comments that I still have to get to from Sunday’s post, and I’ll do that tonight, and the September call-ups have been announced (Marcum, Richmond, Wolfe, Thigpen, Mench, Wilkerson) but I didn’t want to wait until after the game to remind everyone of the following:

VOTING IS UNDERWAY FOR THE FORD C. FRICK AWARD for the broadcasters’ wing of the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

Fans don’t actually vote for who wins the award every year, but the top three vote-getters are assured of being placed on the final ballot of 10 that goes to the Frick committee, which makes the final decision.

Please, please, please, please – cast a ballot for Tom Cheek today and every day in the month of September.  I’ll even give you a link at the bottom of this post.

Tom was baseball on the radio in Toronto, the voice of summer, and had a dramatic effect on my love for the game growing up and I’m sure, on a lot of yours’.  If you’re too young to remember him, then talk to your parents, they’ll fill you in.  No one will ever forget “Touch ‘em all, Joe, you’ll never hit a bigger home run in your life,” but that was only the tip of the iceberg that was  Tom Cheek, Voice of the Blue Jays.

He deserved this honour while he was still around to enjoy it, and the longer his family (and by extension, us, his family of listeners) has had to wait for him to be honoured, the more shameful it is on the part of the keepers of this great game’s history.

Everyone is allowed to vote once per day, for up to three broadcasters.  I’m asking that you vote everyday, but vote for Tom and only Tom.  That way, his name will show up even more strongly among his peers.  I know that close to 100,000 people check in on this blog every month, and I’m exceedingly grateful for that.  I would be even more grateful if we could get Tom even close to 100,000 votes, which would be the highest total everywhere.  Heck, why don’t we try for a million?

You’re already online, just click over here and vote – it’ll only take a minute, and a great broadcaster and an even better human being will be put in a position to get an honour that he so dearly deserves.


OK, so you have to cut and paste – I’m still not sure how to insert a link, but I’ll try hard to find out.

I’ll be posting this with a reminder with every blog post for the rest of this month.

Thank you.

74 Responses to “Vote For Tom Cheek – Start Today”
  1. 1.

    I voted for Tom Cheek of course, but why do we have to give out so much information?

    MW: You’ll have to ask the Hall of Fame.

    - Jay Money
  2. 2.


    MW: Good. Do it again tomorrow, and every day for the rest of the month!

    - slobberface
  3. 3.

    He got my vote…He was the best and only voice I can remember growing up..

    MW: Keep it up!

    - gump
  4. 4.

    Thanks Mike, I couldn’t agree with you more that this award is long overdue!

    A couple of JaysTalk back, you said that you have had 6 or 7 concussions in your lifetime…could I ask how you got so many?

    MW: A couple playing baseball, a few playing hockey, one playing with my kids.

    - Marlin Lichti
  5. 5.

    I grew up listening to Tom on the way to, from and at the cottage, where I grew up in the summer months. I don’t know if Tom or Jerry made the call, but there was one time when Erine Whitt hit a grand slam to cap a 10 run come back. I was so exicted I got out the car i was sitting in to listen to game to let my father know who was salmon fishing in a near by river. When i did so it excited the dog and she sat on the door lock, locking the whole family out of the car. I had to squeeze through the sun roof to let us back in or we would have been stuck in the middle of nowhere for a while.

    To make a boring story short, I’ve already voted and will continue.

    MW: That’s one talented dog!

    - JW
  6. 6.

    Mike – thanks for the link. Tom Cheek was certainly THE best voice to have ever called a ball game (no offense to the current guys intended, but the truth is the truth). I just want to point out that it looks like you do have to fill out some info in order for the vote to count. Take the time. Fill it in. We all would love to see Tom get into the Hall.

    MW: Yes!

    - Daniel
  7. 7.

    If he dosen’t get in, it would be a shame! He is one of the greats of his kind not only in baseball, but in all of sport. He deserves to be there!

    MW: Rock the vote!

    - Mitch Labonte
  8. 8.

    I vote for Tom Cheek

    MW: Keep it up!

    - Domenic Caputo
  9. 9.

    Thanks Mike. Only browse the blog rather than comment, but I’ll try and make sure to vote daily. I remember back before the days of 150 televised games a year (or maybe just back before the days I got more than 3 channels) and Tom was the voice of the team. Definitely hoping he’s able to win this.

    MW: I hope so, too, but let’s make the vote total so overwhelming that they won’t have a choice!

    - TransplantedCaper
  10. 10.

    You’re a good man Mike!

    MW: Tom was a better one.

    - SpiderSilva
  11. 11.

    Still don’t know how to vote for Tom Cheek

    MW: Copy and paste the link I gave you in the post. Check Tom’s name. Fill out the info and click submit.

    - Tom Lum
  12. 12.

    Thanks for the link Mike. Lets get Mr. Cheek in the HOF!!!!

    MW: Yes, let’s!

    - Dave J
  13. 13.


    I’m a gigantic Tom Cheek fan and I’m getting upset it hasnt happened yet.

    But don’t they only give it to one guy each year, and wont Skip Caray of Atlanta be a slam dunk this year, even though Tom should have got it a couple years ago?

    Anyway, I’m glad you have adopted this as your little project. This is the best thing you do in my opinion.

    MW: I adopted it years ago, and it’s my honour to be able to do so. If Joe Nuxhall wasn’t a slam dunk last year, Skip Caray won’t be a slam dunk this year.

    - Prokopec
  14. 14.

    I voted!!

    Just a quick question, Mike: Since Marcum was not on the roster as of Aug. 31, if the Jays were to miraculously make the playoffs Marcum would not be able to be on the roster, right?

    Wouldn’t that be something, as unlikely as it is, if the Jays went on an amazing run and got into the playoffs, and they had Marcum go 5-0 this month to help them get in, yet he would not be allowed to pitch in October.

    MW: Glad you voted, do it again tomorrow! Marcum would be eligible to pitch in the playoffs if the miracle happened, because having McGowan and Janssen on the DL gives the Jays post-season roster flexibility.

    - Randy
  15. 15.


    MW: I wish I could, but you have to do it yourself.

  16. 16.

    Has he made it to the top 10 in the past?

    MW: Every year.

    - Shmuel Yitzchok
  17. 17.

    MW: I like this guy.

    Thanks Mike, I like you too! Glad you appreciated my sarcasm (unless you were also being sarcastic). I’ll try not to keep doing that, as it could old very fast, but I may have to keep calling Doc “Ray Holiday” just cuz. Hmm, no, I probably won’t.

    Sorry for my first post a week or two ago in which I wrongfully accused you of slacking on the Tom Cheek voting thing. I wanted to mention it to make sure it was on the front burner, but it’s not as if you would’ve forgotten it. Anyway, I just put my first Tom vote in and urge anyone reading this to do the same, if they haven’t already.

    It looks like JP truthed about not having any surprises among the September call-ups. I think the whole Snider “lie” thing (What a horrible controversy! How will the world ever recover?) is either, like you said, because he simply changed his mind, or possibly, he did lie, because JP wanted Snider to focus on the games he was playing, and not on chasing the dream. If Ricciardi said something that could be construed as a maybe, even a no comment, word could get back to Snider, “The boss said on the radio you have a shot this year”. And if he says Travis might come up, then he doesn’t, that may not be the best thing for a young player’s confidence. There was no reason for JP to say any other answer. Just my personal speculation.

    I like the Stairs and Eckstein trades, for reasons that you’ve pointed out. Good luck to both of them and I hope The Billie and all the other kids out there had a good first day!

    Thanks again for the time and space. Go Blue Jays!

    - Dilly in Dundas (not the street)
  18. 18.

    You can vote three times:

    Other Blue Jays notables include:

    Jerry Howarth, Don Chevrier, Fergie Oliver, Tommy Hutton, Tony Kubek, and I am sure some others that I missed.

    In addition to Tom, I had to vote for Don Chevrier and Jerry Howarth — but I think I will throw some votes to Fergie Oliver because I will never forget his TV call in 1985 when I was a little kid: “How about those Toronto Blue Jays! They’ve done it!” He was also good in “Just like Mom”. Where is he now?

    MW: I don’t know where he is now. As I wrote in the post, it would make more of an impact on the committee if you only voted for Tom, but you’re obviously free to do whatever you want.

    - Jim B
  19. 19.

    Cast my first vote yesterday. You have to wait 24 hours to vote again.


    MW: Good job!

    - SteveW
  20. 20.

    I’m not a big fan of this call-ups. Kevin Mench and Brad Wilkerson are not of a significant use to the team, as all they would do it take away playing time from Lind and Snider. Marcum, Wolfe and Richmond are a good pitching selection, but I would have expected to see J.P. Arencibia, who’s hitting .298 in the minors this season, and Scott Campbell who hit .302 this past season.


    MW: No need to put Arencibia or Campbell on the 40-man yet.

    - Jonathan
  21. 21.

    I will vote everyday and inform people at my school of it.

    MW: Good!

    - Jake Roth
  22. 22.

    For the life of me I can’t understand why you would bat Bautista in the #2 hole. And if you are going to start him there, why not ask him to bunt after the lead-off man gets on? After all, you did that on the road.

    Instead it was the predictable double-play.

    MW: So predictable. That happens all the time.

    - Jim B
  23. 23.

    Once again baseball (in this case the Hall of Fame) has to take something that could be so simple and turn it into a chore.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but does a person have to fill out that form with name, address, city and phone number everyday??

    Ridiculous. I guess the idea that you want to vote for a Frick candidate means that you must automatically be interested in receiving commercial e-mails (and even text messages) from mlb.com on who knows what. If you don’t want that happening BE SURE TO UNCHECK THOSE BOXES that they have been so kind to mark in the affirmative by default.

    And on a related note, why are at least half of those names on there? Fergie Olver?! Dan Shulman? Chip Caray? Shouldn’t tenure and longevity be a prime determinant in the nomination of these candidates? Shulman, Caray – perhaps – but not yet.

    - Rob M
  24. 24.

    Guess I wrote a little too early about Bautista. Guess he is a solid number #2 hitter!

    MW: Aaahhhhh, the life of the fair-weather fan.

    - Jim B
  25. 25.

    Rod Barajas is now hitting .229/.244/.391 under Cito’s watch. I was all for giving him more playing time, but the extent to which Cito has taken it (and batting him so high in the order) continues to amaze me.

    - Ari
  26. 26.

    When Jays started in 1977, Uncle Sidney was 35 so he has a lot of memories of Tom Cheek. He was upset when Tom didn’t get into the HoF the last couple of years, so this year Uncle Sidney is determined to vote for him everyday and he’s also forcing his friends to do so. Long Live Uncle Sidney, R.I.P Tom Cheek.

    - Beburg
  27. 27.

    Touch em all Joe, I stil get goose pimples when I hear that call….

    I voted for TC

    Thanks Mike

    MW: Keep it up!

    - tom stewart
  28. 28.

    Thanks for the info Mike. My wife and I will vote everyday for Tom. We were at the game sitting front row just outside of 3rd base,where they had set up the podium,when Tom got his name up on the wall. Not a dry eye in the place that night. A great announcer, and a wonderful person.

    MW: The most difficult thing I have ever had to do in my entire broadcasting career was simply throwing to commercial after that speech without falling apart.

    - mike dickie
  29. 29.

    Sorry this is off-topic, but I was a way for a few days. I see on the web that the player to be named later in the Jose Bautista trade is Robinson Diaz. Why would the Jays trade Diaz away for someone who has to this point been a fairly mediocre utility player? Diaz is not yet 25 years old and his stats in the Minors indicate he is a good hitter, and the Jays have essentially never had a consistently good hitting catcher.

    MW: You have to read back a couple of days if you want the answer.

    - Blair
  30. 30.

    You might be tired of answering this question but I’m an eternal optimist, so I hope you will be patient with me!

    Is there any shot for the Blue Jays in making the post season this season?

    By the way I appreciate Kitchener’s 570News being part of the Fan Radio Network for Blue Jays games so I can listen to each and every game!

    MW: Any shot at all? Sure there is. REALLY not much of one, though.

    - Matt Young
  31. 31.

    This is a technical question re the broadcast. Sometimes when listening to Jays Talk, it cuts out on the MLB feed and I can go to the fan and hear it. Some times I go to the fan and you aren’t on there but prime sports is.

    Why can I hear it sometimes and on the fan590 and not others? Thanks for any help and by the way, I have already voted for Tom and will do so each day.

    MW: Thanks! The answer to your question is human error. Sometimes the engineer forgets to cut the feed to mlb.com after the game, and sometimes he forgets to cut the blocking of fan590.com.

    - sandy
  32. 32.

    I don’t know why this has to be done this way. Surely there is a better system… I guess, like democracy, its what we’ve got so we better use it! Surely just the length of time he served Toronto baseball and the Blue Jays must account for something. To wait and wait seems to be an injustice.

    I was not a fan of the Jays growing up and never was a loyal fan of their broadcasts either. I followed the Expos then with Dave Van Horne and many of the eastern US teams on late night radio… sigh, the good old days…

    However, you have to respect Tom, and Jerry too for that matter, for their history. They always seemed like a perfect fit for Toronto, dare I say even for Canada…

    MW: Indeed.

    - Ron E
  33. 33.

    Why didn’t you post my question, Mike? I don’t think it was a bad one!

    I asked about whether or not Marcum would be eligible for the post season roster if the Jays were to miraculously make the playoffs, since he wasn’t on the roster on Aug 31 but he was for the majority of the rest of the season.

    MW: I posted it. Sometimes you just have to be patient.

    - Randy
  34. 34.

    I voted for Tom today, and will continue to do so daily. I agree with other posters, the HOF is asking for way too much info for a simple vote. only thing they don’t want seems to be social insurance #. I am 40 now, and basically grew up listening to Tom from my first game I attended in ’79 until his passing. I sincerely hope he gets selected for HOF this year, he is most deserving of the recognition. Good job urging everyone to vote! keep up the good work Mike.

    MW: Thanks! And keep voting every day! I know they ask for a lot of info, but Tom is worth it.

    - bob
  35. 35.

    Hey Mike,

    I was listening to the Jays Talk tonight and you mentioned that you would like the Jays to sign a middle of the rotation starter to add some depth, especially with the health concerns of Dustin McGowan.

    I was thinking instead of re-negotiating a contract with Burnett or signing a Ben Sheets or CC, that the Jays should try and sign LHP Oliver Perez from the Mets.

    Perez has electric stuff. I have MLB Extra Innings, so I’ve watched some of his starts, and when he’s on he has unhittable stuff. He has posted back to back solid seasons with the Mets and I think he has a lot of potential to take his game up to the next level. Plus he’s a southpaw.

    Perez this season so far in 28 starts has gone 9-7 with a 3.90 ERA, 1.35 WHIP in 161.1 innings, allowing 134 hits and registering 146 K’s. He reminds me of A.J. Burnett, someone with amazing stuff though has never really harnessed his stuff consistently.

    Perez had a magnificent season in 2004, so he has shown baseball of what he is capable of.

    Also, Perez has owned the Yankees throughout his career. In 6 starts, Perez has gone 5-1 with a 2.61 ERA and a 1.11 WHIP.

    What do you think are the chances in which the Jays would sign Perez? Also, do you think he would be a good fit with the Blue Jays?

    - Silvio
  36. 36.

    The last 5 or so years of Tom’s broadcasts, neither he nor Jerry were in the booth together. Was there animosity there? I prefer the way Allan and Jerry broadcast now with lots of interaction.

    No disrespect to Tom and I’ll vote for him again, but he’s no Vin Scully.

    MW: I don’t know where you heard that about Tom and Jerry, but it’s not true. For the last three years of Tom’s career I was in that booth, and the were most certainly in there together. I’m amazed you can state a fact that’s so completely wrong with such authority.

    - Neil
  37. 37.

    MW: I adopted it years ago, and it’s my honour to be able to do so.

    Oh, I know, I remember listening to an excellent interview you did with Joe Garagiola a couple of years ago. It was during the Christams holidays I believe and right around the ill fated Orlando Hudson trade.

    Anyway, I know I am biased but I’d rather listen to Cheek than Vin Scully any day.

    MW: Me, too.

    - Prokopec
  38. 38.


    One more thing about Tom Cheek.

    On October 5, 1985 I met him outside the Blue Jays clubhouse. He was champagne drenched and as ecstatic as I about the Jays clinching the AL East moments before. I shook his hand and he spoke to me like I was as important as anybody else in the room. I knew he was a great man.

    This admiration however, did not stop me from following behind Tom and his sons and unbeknownst to them posing as Tom’s bigger bushy haired son as they walked inside the clubhouse.

    I got by Jeff Ross who wasn’t sure who I was, and met a group of Jays seated with Paul Beeston. I froze up and couldn’t follow Tom and his kids any further and then Bill Caudill asked who I was with. After several moments of silence, bullpen coach Johnny Sullivan commanded me to “get the F*** out!!!”.

    I was wisked out, was direced through a door and boom! Tom Henke was standing in the doorway by himself soaking in the passing crowd. We spoke and shook hands. I later met Jesse Barfield and finally the late Billy Martin outside his bus.

    So really, Tom Cheek is at the centre of every great Jay memory I have, and for this reason alone he must get into Cooperstown!!!

    - Prokopec
  39. 39.

    Everyone needs to help out with getting Tom in the Hall. I think we all have memories of Tom.

    He was simply the best. When I was young my Grandfather and I would sit out in his backyard and listen to the games on the radio and the thing about listening to Tom and Jerry you never thought “they are really good at this” instead you were too busy smelling the ballpark hotdogs, hearing the crack of the bat and seeing the expression in the pitcher’s face as he looked in for the sign. They just put you in the park. I actually get tears welling up thinking about how great my experiences were during those summer days.

    Please vote and share you memories of Tom.

    MW: Thanks for the memory.

    - Aaron - from Hamilton
  40. 40.

    I never listened to him, but hes a Blue Jay so I’m going to get him in.

    MW: Not the ideal, but I’ll take it.

    - Coreu
  41. 41.

    MW: I was going to respond to this, but you’re one of those “hear what you want to hear” people. I’m sure that if I said that, I put it in a context, a time-frame like “since Cito took over” or something. And I’m amazed that you would consider someone getting a number wrong as “lying”. Rational, reasonable comments, remember?

    no mike, there was no context. ok please explain where you got that number from? you know mike, when we have your OWN VOICE SAYING IT ON YOUR OWN SHOW there is no debate. just play the link and you can hear yourself say it. why you are trying to deny saying it is beyond belief. if you made a mistake ok, then just admit it but denying you even said it? cmon! you see mike you keep making these “mistakes”, not sure how since you are looking at the stats just like I do on the internet, and these mistakes usually occur when you are bashing a player for some reason you do not like, as in barajas and inglett. yes rational and reasonable comments are welcome, you are not exempt!

    MW: What don’t I like about Joe Inglett? And I like Barajas, I just don’t like how much he gets out. I don’t know how much attention I should pay to your complaint, because you’re not nice at all and don’t seem to be worth my time, but tell me at least when I said it.

    - chubby
  42. 42.

    I was reading the posts in the previous blog entry, and every time somebody posted something annoying it was the same person – ‘chubby’. I’m relatively new to the blog but has chubby always been this annoying? I especially enjoyed the Glaus vs Rolen post.

    Anyways, I don’t really have a question, and I’m about 99.99% sure you won’t stoop to taking shots at chubby, but I am very disturbed with JP’s recent comments leaning towards the ol’ stand pat crap. It’s just not acceptable, at all. Changes need to be made, if JP’s not willing to do anything other than stand pat then I’ll have to end my waffling and say I think 100% that he has to go. You just can’t roll the dice again. Sure T. Snider might mash next year, but if he doesn’t you’re stuck w/ the same tepid offense, and we’ve wasted another year. Improve the club w/ the money not spent on Burnett, Thomas, etc. If things work out in your favor, make the adjustment then. We need more than the constant throwing of hopes against the proverbial wall and hoping one sticks. In baseball, more often than not, prospects don’t make the impact hoped for. Just ask the Yankees in regards to their rotation this year, not to mention Melky Cabrera.

    MW: I don’t think that Ricciardi plans on handing the keys to Travis Snider. They’ll use the money to go get a DH, improve the pitching staff, and maybe even be aggressive on the trade market. I don’t think they’ll have the same tepid offense next year with a healthy Wells and Hill, with Lind up all season and with Overbay and Rios bound to improve. As for Chubby, I can’t remember him every not being like that. Some people have nothing better to do with their time. See above.

    - Sean Court
  43. 43.

    In reference to post 31, where you said “…sometimes he forgets to cut the blocking of fan590.com.” I live in Alberta, so obviously the only way I’m going to hear the show is if the FAN 960 happens to carry the game/keep the feed up after the game, or use the internet. I generally use the latter either by choice or out of necessity. My point is that the engineer forgets to stop the blocking of fan590.com enough that I think you need a new engineer, or at least train the one you have better, because it’s really annoying not being able to catch the post game show because somebody forgot to flip a switch.

    MW: I didn’t mean to sound flip, I know it’s a serious problem. We have several engineers, so I don’t think it’s one guy who keeps forgetting. I’ll just get back to reminding them every night.

    - Sean Court
  44. 44.

    It’s a shame that Tom Cheek has not yet been voted in …but he will!! Ask anyone who hears “touch ‘em all Joe…”,and even 15 years later, you get goosebumps. As we were all cheering and screaming when Carter hit that infamous home run, Tom, a true baseball radio broadcaster kept his form and said those majic words we will never forget. Thanks Tom and I will vote everyday as well!!

    MW: Good!

    - dave
  45. 45.

    Yes Tom Cheek should be in the “hall” and this shouldn’t have taken so long (still not done)….

    MW: Still definitely not done. He needs our help.

    - tj
  46. 46.

    hi mike i couldnt agre withyou more about tom but to be honest withyou i havent figured out how to vote yet.ill have to ask the wife but i will vote.i just wanted to say that you do a great show.i was wondering ,did you ever play pro ball?you seem to know alot thanks tim

    MW: I never played pro ball, no. As for voting for Tom, it’s not difficult at all. Just copy and paste the link in the blog post, check the box for “Tom Cheek”, click submit, then fill in the info the Hall of Fame requests.

    - tim schofield
  47. 47.

    Love the Jays, love the blog..would love to vote for Tom, but I don’t have a cell phone, so the Hall of Fame won’t except my vote!

    MW: Huh? Give them your home phone, or work phone.

    - Margaret Ferguson
  48. 48.

    where is the link to vote

    MW: In the post. You have to cut and paste.

    - mike percy
  49. 49.

    as a former toronto blue jays bat boy and the lucky one to have picked up dave winfields seagull in 1983 i had the pleasure on several occassions of chatting with tom cheek ..he was a great guy and he is definetly missed on the air. in my opinion he should be in the hall of fame

    MW: He’s definitely missed, and not just on the air, but I know what you mean. So vote for him! And wow – you picked up the seagull??? Cool!!!!!!!

    - Birdy
  50. 50.

    i vote for tom cheek

    MW: Good! Keep it up! Did you vote on the hall of fame website?

    - gino
  51. 51.

    VOTE FOR TOM. Let’s show people around North America that Toronto is a great baseball city.

    - Jason Sinnarajah
  52. 52.

    Mike, please post a link so that I can vote for Tom Cheek. I am a “blog” person and am having troubnle finding the link to the voting.

    Also, on the telecasts, they keep talking about the Blue Jays T-shirt “contest”. My mom wants to vote but can’t figure that out. Can you help ?

    MW: I can’t seem to get a link going, but all you have to do is cut and paste the link I provide in each blog post into your browser, hit enter and you’re there. As for the T-Shirt contest, it’s a text message thing, I think.

    - Shelagh Wilson
  53. 53.

    Thanks Mike! Voted and bookmarked the link.
    Tom was something special; I still get chills when I read/hear the famous ‘touch ‘em all Joe’ quote of his.

    Keep up the great work on the Fan!

    MW: Thanks for voting!

    - Kevin Freeman
  54. 54.

    It won’t ever accept my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MW: Try a different browser.

    - Pascal
  55. 55.

    I set up a facebook group to help get more attention to this great cause. The group name is Tom Cheek for Ford C Frick award the link is there and lets start getting to those 1 million users of facebook to vote for Tom.

    MW: You should talk to the other guy!

    - Keith
  56. 56.

    Voted for Tom, wholeheartedly!

    He was always the voice that kept us up to date on our Jays. Spent many evenings driving and listening to Tom and Jerry! He needs (and deserves) to be recognized by the Hall of Fame!

    MW: Excellent! Keep it up! The reason he needs to be recognized is because he’s so deserving.

    - Robin Keeling
  57. 57.

    Tom gets my vote and I will do so every day!!!!

    MW: Excellent!

    - Scott G
  58. 58.

    Tom gets my vote eveyday its the least i can do for someone who made the game special for us

    MW: Thank you

    - s hargreaves
  59. 59.

    I vote for Tom every year, it is too bad he is not HOF by now. I also like to see Jerry to get in there. I think he does an outstanding job and he always has a good story to tell with every pitch. It would be a home run for two of the elite baseball broadcasters in the game.

    Yes, sir … Let’s admire that one

    - Payam
  60. 60.

    Done! A pleasure–Tom was the best!!

    MW: He sure was. Keep it up! Every day!

    - Sharon Claus
  61. 61.

    Here is my vote for Tom Cheek.

    MW: Here? It doesn’t count if you vote here.

    - Marriette Bowen
  62. 62.

    as a fan of the blue jays I always enjoyed listening to Tom & Jerry on the radio. The games are just not the same. I understand things change however they worked so well together. That is what I miss about being at the games.

    MW: We all wish that it could still be Tom and Jerry doing the Jays’ games.

  63. 63.

    This is time consuming

    MW: Tom was worth two minutes of your time, no?

    - Marriette Bowen
  64. 64.

    Let us touch his heart as he did ours.

    MW: She’s talking about Tom, and let’s!

    - Madeleine Baxter
  65. 65.

    After some difficulty my vote for Tom was accepted.Will continue to vote for the balance of September

    MW: Way to work hard!

    - warren gregg
  66. 66.

    Mr. Cheek gets my vote.
    tom’s expertise of the game he so much cherished, so aptly explain a seldom made play when it occured.

    MW: Vote every day!

    - Stan the man
  67. 67.

    My vote goes to Tom Cheek for is undieing devotion for the game he loved.

    MW: Keep it up, vote every day!

    - Stan the man
  68. 68.

    I liked the way he called the game,s and his longgevity

    MW: I hope you voted for him.

    - sheldon ridout
  69. 69.

    I’m happy to vote but why do you need a comment?

    MW: I don’t NEED comments, I simply welcome rational and reasonable ones.

    - Lee Brouse
  70. 70.

    he was #1 what else can I say…

    - Gordon McKay
  71. 71.

    my wife and I beleive that Tom deservers to be given the #1 honor, please see that he gets it..thanks

    - Gordon McKay
  72. 72.

    This man deserves to get in more than anyone else so let’s vote often!

    - Ronnie
  73. 73.

    Tom one of baseball best announce ane he derserve to be in

    - sterling Dillon
  74. 74.

    The voice and knowledge, many years of honest broadcasting

    - John Trembath
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