11:58 PM Eastern - UPDATE – The Snider Era Begins!

After the game, the Jays designated Matt Stairs for assignment and purchased the contract of Travis Snider from Syracuse.  Stairs will be traded in the next couple of days, my guess is to the Dodgers, and Snider steps in for his first taste of the big-league life. 

It’s interesting that J.P. said just last night that Snider wasn’t going to be a September call-up, and I guess it’s true, he’ll make his debut on August 29th, but it’s still a great piece of the future for the Jays and their fans to get a look at.  As I said back in July, if they’re not going anywhere anyway, they might as well see what the kid can do.  And as I reiterated tonight on the very The JaysTalk that you can hear below, I’d love to see Snider up.  And now I get my chance, and so does everybody else.  I don’t know if he’ll DH or play left, but I’m really looking forward to seeing him play for a month.  The 20 year-old will make his major-league debut in the last series the Jays will ever play at Yankee Stadium.  And he might even get to do it against Carl Pavano!!!!!!

As for Stairs, I wish him luck wherever he winds up.  He’s a terrific guy, fantastic in the clubhouse and the Jays will miss him.  The future, however, is now. 

11:32 PM Eastern

Please, somebody, tell me what happened to Gene Tenace and why he has been replaced by Gary Denbo for the last two games. I mean, since Denbo was everything that was wrong with the Jays’ offense for the first half of the season, he’s got to be back to oversee these last two games in which the Jays have managed a grand total of two runs while going 2-for-12 with runners in scoring position, right?

Whatever happened that brought him back, here’s hoping that he didn’t get on the plane to New York after the game, so we can see more of the team that’s been 12th in the league in OPS since the all-star break. Wait a minute…….I thought the hitting was fixed under the new regime. The OPS is up – .720 pre-break and .749 post – but it’s still pretty dismal.

We had a caller on The JaysTalk tonight who pointed out that it was sad that four of the Jays’ top six home run hitters have fewer than 350 at-bats, but I didn’t think that was as sad as the fact that not a single Blue Jay has hit as many as 15 home runs this season. Even post all-star break, after Cito and Tenace had had three weeks to try to implement their system, the Jays are 12th out of 14 A.L. teams in both home runs and total bases. The hitting still leaves quite a bit to be desired, as we saw in Tampa Bay.

The Jays had a legitimate chance to go into St. Petersburg and sweep away the first-place Rays – they limited them to just six runs in three games – but the hitting fell astoundingly flat. We can blame last night on The Matt Garza Magic (patent pending) , but what about tonight? The only thing that stands out about tonight was that in the 6th inning, when the Jays had runners on the corners and nobody out and Lyle Overbay at the plate, Overbay simply scorched a line drive up the middle. Right at a perfectly placed Jason Bartlett . Rod Barajas popped up on the next pitch and that was the rally right there.

I guess it should have been apparent that this wasn’t the Jays’ night right away. Eric Hinske may well have made the best catch of his life to rob Joe Inglett of a double down the left-field line leading off the ballgame. Not only did he chase the fly ball down at the line, but he dove, and as he reached the apex of his dive, caught the ball in the very tip of his glove just before he and the ball both hit the ground. It was an incredible catch, and the guy in whom no major-league team was confident enough to offer a guaranteed contract in the off-season continues to impress in a Rays uniform (Rays as adjective there – dig me!).

Jesse Litsch was fine. Unspectacular, but good enough to win. He’s going to give up home runs, and he gave up a pair of them tonight, but so long as he can do his best to make sure there’s no one on base when he does, he should be ok. As long as he’s backed by an offense that’s close to average, that is, and he wasn’t tonight.

We had a David Eckstein sighting! He came in to pinch-run for Barajas after The Captain doubled in the 3-2 run in the 8th. Eck might be on his way out – there are rumours that the Angels are getting more desperate to beef up the middle infield. I hope for his sake that he does get traded. I think it’s been terrible the way that the Jays have treated him since the regime change. There’s absolutely no reason that MVPco Scutaro should be getting so much more playing time than Eck.

I’m wondering where Scott Rolen was tonight. The Jays activated him off the disabled list before Tuesday’s game, even though Cito said Rolen wasn’t going to play that night or the next. Weird. But he wasn’t in the line-up tonight, either, which raises the other eyebrow. Hopefully, he’s ready to go in The Bronx Friday night, otherwise what the heck is he doing here?

And yes, Jose Bautista was allowed to hit for himself with the tying run at second and two out in the 8th, against a righty, with Matt Stairs, Gregg Zaun and Rolen all on the bench. The only thing I can think of, other than something was wrong with Stairs, is that Cito was thinking that if he sent Stairs up to hit for Bautista, he would have been intentionally walked to bring up John McDonald. So I’m guessing that Cito liked the Bautista/Balfour match-up better than Zaun/Balfour.

Here’s tonight’s The JaysTalk, for your listening pleasure:

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Rational, reasonable comments are always welcome!

102 Responses to “Gary Denbo Rears His Ugly Head – UPDATE!!!!!!!!!”
  1. 1.

    Didn’t read anything in the blog about Stairs being DFAd today, Snider called up to play LF/RF/DH according to Cito Gaston and the Jays official site.

    Hope to hear something back on here or your opinion on your show tomorrow night.

    Have a good one Mike!

    MW: See the update!

    - Andrew
  2. 2.

    Matt, you go to bed? Matt Stairs DFA’d. Travis Snider a september call-up? Eckstein traded to the Angels? What’s the word!

    MW: Eckstein traded to the Angels? I didn’t hear that one.

    - Renegade
  3. 3.

    Mike, its been awhile… been hanging out quite a bit with my brother Moses and haven’t had access to the interweb.

    Question: Has Stairs been waived or traded? I am hearing rumblings that he will be in the next 2 days and Snider may be up.

    Also, now that the Jays are out of it, any chance they will move Burnett who was seen as a key piece to the playoff drive just a few weeks ago?

    Dwight S.

    MW: Stairs has been designated for assignment, and the plan is to trade him before Sunday’s deadline for playoff eligibility. I wonder if Burnett has cleared waivers, or if a team would be willing to pony up to get him now.

    - dwight
  4. 4.

    Hey Mike, Im sure you have already heard what Im about to tell you but I just read on the Jays website(after I read your blog first of course) that the Jays designated Matt Stairs for assignment and his replacement is Travis Snyder.

    MW: Snider, but yeah, I heard, and updated the blog accordingly.

    - Chris
  5. 5.

    JP said that we will not see Travis Snider this season plain and simple. Not that I’m complaining, because I think it’s a good move, but even you have to admit Mike that it’s hard to take JP at his word. This definitely is not the first time he’s lied to us.

    - Jay Money
  6. 6.

    What is Sniders #?

    I need to get his jersey asap…

    MW: 45

    - Chris
  7. 7.

    A couple of things.

    First, I’m glad for Stairs that he gets to go to a contender. He’s never won a championship in his career, and it’s definitely one that is winding down quickly. It’s also a good trade by the Jays as they get rid of Stairs’ final year on the contract (though I’m assuming that they’ll probably pick up some of it for the other team), freeing up some money for FA spending in the winter.

    And then the major news, Snider being called up. As much as I’m excited about this, I can’t help but feel that JP is rushing him. He’s only 20 years old (outside of Kershaw, would that make him the youngest player in the majors right now?), and he hasn’t even had full seasons at the AA or AAA levels. He wasn’t even doing that well in AA (.807 OPS) for that matter. Is this an effort by JP to show his star prospect with one last-gasp effort to save his job? Will it come at the expense of Snider’s development? I had this same argument with you a few months back, Mike, and I still have the same opinion. Can you help me change it?

    MW: First to Stairs, and I’m happy for him, too. He’s only going to make a million dollars next year, though, so it’s not like there will be any kind of significant savings for the Jays next year. As for Snider, I don’t see how this hurts his development. Either he’s ready or he’s not, and if he’s not, what better time than now to find out? If Snider folds up like a cheap suitcase under the pressure of playing in the major leagues, then the Jays have learned something very valuable about him. I don’t see the logic behind thinking this is a move by J.P. to save his job.

    - Steve
  8. 8.

    Just read the news about Matt Stairs. Hopefully the trade goes ahead and he will be ” playing meaningful games in Sept. “. Also, I’m glad Travis Snider is finally up with the Jays. Hopefully he does well and lives up to the enormous expectations everyone has of his abilities. If he doesn’t, how long do you think it will be before J.P. is run out of town on a rail ?

    MW: Why would a 20 year-old failing in his first look at the major leagues in his second season as a professional mean that Ricciardi should lose his job?

    - Kim
  9. 9.

    I’m a little sirprised with the Snider call-up! Does this mean his clock starts a year earlier than JP had hoped? Also, Would there have been any difference if he promoted him as a September call-up instead when it comes to the 40-man roster or his service time?

    MW: I don’t believe he would lose an option year if he was just a September call-up, but service time is service time. If Snider makes the team out of Spring Training next year, this won’t affect his arbitration clock one bit.

    - Dean
  10. 10.

    it’s clear that JP is not in control of this team anymore. the first reason i say this is because of the way he acted last night (he knows he is on his way out) and about the snider not coming up comment. this guy is out of touch with reality.

    MW: You’re going to have to explain how you have to come to this conclusion. You know, other than the fact that you don’t like anything J.P. does or says.

    - dannyt
  11. 11.

    Hi Mike,
    Why wouldn’t the Blue Jays call up some of the young prospects in Sept? We will not make the playoffs so is it because:

    a) there’s no point;
    b) it takes playing time away from the regulars;
    c) they don’t want to traumatise them if they have a rough time;
    d) they don’t want to publically admit defeat to the fans;
    e) they are afraid there’s too much expectations on these guys to be great immediately

    Otherwise…why not “blood” the young guys?

    MW: Snider’s already here, so the young guys to whom I assume you’re referring are J.P. Arencibia, Brett Cecil and maybe Scott Campbell or Brian Jeroloman or both. The Jays are being very careful with Cecil’s innings, and he’s scheduled to throw in Arizona this fall, so if he comes up, he’d just be here to sit on the bench. There might be some playing time for Arencibia and/or Jeroloman, not so much for Campbell given the 37 middle infielders currently on the roster. I’m not a huge fan of bringing guys up in September to not play, though there’s something to be said for demystifying the major-league experience.

    - Oz Rob
  12. 12.

    Didn’t JP say earlier in the season that Snider might be call up ? Can’t they make up their mind or was it done before to lower his expectations ? How will this affect his service time ?

    MW: See above for the service time thing. I don’t know why so many people care whether Snider is eligible for arbitration after 2011 or after 2012. Ricciardi said earlier in the season that Snider might be up, and said more recently that he wouldn’t. I think that the 2-4 record against the Red Sox and Rays changed his mind.

    - tom
  13. 13.


    Why do you think that JP lied to us about Snider?

    MW: I don’t think he lied.

    - Scott
  14. 14.

    Long time no comment Mike.

    My problems with some of the arguments AGAINST JP Ricciardi:
    *Warning* I am not a JP booster, but some people are just clueless trying to argue against JP

    - Baseball America Top Prospects blah blah blah: it’s a nice recognition, nothing more. People buy SO MUCH into their writings and what not. Seriously, some people need to get off BA glow.

    - Looking at the general 7 years without actually figuring out the specifics over the 7 years.

    - Giving up on 23-25 year old no-MLB-experience ppl immediately (ie. Ricky Romero)

    - Grit and personality over the actual production (ie. Reed Johnson > all + i told u so, etc.)

    - And also buying so much into some of the stats (there are stats that are not be-all-end-alls)

    - Troy Tulowitzki

    - Ridiculous assumption about salary make-up of the team next year and beyond


    - So-called “excuses” are invalid rationales somehow (ie. AL East, # of injuries)

    The Eckstien to Angels thing came up on LA Times by Mike DiGiovanna yesterday when they had an article about Angels needing a backup SS. It said they “targeted” McDonald, Scutaro and Eckstein.

    As far as the DH situation goes: I think it’s great to see Snider up. I’m just curious to see if this will turn out to be Maybin-like MLB start or Bruce-like MLB start.

    MW: If Snider’s September resembles Cameron Maybin’s first call, the chants for Ricciardi’s head will get even louder.

    - BK
  15. 15.


    Just a general baseball question. If a player is traded to another team during the season, are those players’ stats taken off the teams season totals? So for example, when Matt Stairs is traded will his homeruns,RBI’s, etc, just carry over to his new team?


    MW: No. It’s not fantasy baseball. Stairs accumulated those statistics as part of the Blue Jays, so they’re part of what the Blue Jays team did in 2008.

    - Josh
  16. 16.

    Why is it everytime JP says something, hes full of bs. I thought that Snider wasnt going to play for the Jays this year? He stated that about a month ago and then he brings him up out of nowhere. From BJ’s fake injury, to the Adam Dunn fiasco to saying Johnny Mac was the starter and then giving the job to someone else. Man on man, public relations sure isnt this guys strong suit. But I would like to see him have one more year on the job though. He deserves it.

    MW: That comment made me smile.

    - Dave Brantford
  17. 17.

    So far the news on Aaron Hill has not been good. Do you think he will be healthy and ready to go out and play at the beginning of next year

    MW: I do.

    - Zach S
  18. 18.


    In the midst of all this, I’d like to ask you something different. One of the Rays’ blogs made a claim that the Rays’ resurgence season is only due small part to the high draft picks they have had. The writer contend that only Longoria, Upton, and Baldelli are first rounders and that only Garza (for Delmon Young) was traded for another first rounder. Other than that, Crawford was a second rounder (52th overall), Shields 16th, Sonnanstine 13th, Hammel 10th. Other role players are cheaply signed (Hinske, Pena), or traded with the Rays giving up not significant parts (formerly FA Danny Baez was used to get Edwin Jackson; we all know about Scott Kazmir, acquired with formerly FA Victor Zambrano). You can read the rest here:
    (note: they made a mistake on the three-way trade in which the Jays got Justin Speier, not the late Joe Kennedy, but still I want your opinion on this)


    MW: I’d say that Longoria, Garza, Upton and are pretty big building blocks for a team to have. You’re right, though, it’s not a team full of top-5 picks. What it is is a team with some high picks, some VERY good trade acquisitions (including Jackson, Kazmir, Navarro) and some lightning-in-a-bottle guys (the bullpen, Pena, Hinske, Floyd).

    - Jaybird
  19. 19.

    How long before the League decides to add more teams to the playoffs?
    Not happening anytime soon I would assume but do you know if they are seriously considering making a change?


    MW: I hope not.

  20. 20.

    I know this sounds crazy, and I am a HUGE fan of his, but why don’t the Jays make a trade involving Roy Halladay? Certainly a team would be willing up to give a large piece of their future for a playoff run that will be much easier with his addition (Cubs, Dodgers…). Do you think something similar to a Hanley Ramirez- Josh Beckett trade would be the value for Doc on the trade market? If so, I think it is foolish to keep on treading water at .500 when we could trade our big assets, stink for a year or two and have some more great talent to complement our young pitching staff and bright hitters in the system. I would hate to see him go but would forget all about it when we can play some October ball!

    MW: The Blue Jays aren’t going to stink for the next two years. Unless a Halladay trade would make the Jays better in 2009 and 2010, they should keep him.

    - Eli
  21. 21.

    Hey Mike,

    I am a huge fan of the show and of course, read your blog daily. I have a couple of questions for you. 1. Where do you see Brandon League fitting in next year? Personally, I would love to see him as the set-up man and Downs as the closer. If they could move B.J. Ryan’s contract, they would give themselves more off-season flexibility. 2. With a plethora of pitchers retunring to the Blue Jays next year, do you see Jason Frasor returning?


    Jake Roth

    MW: I think Frasor is a likely non-tender in December, and I see League being a piece of a very strong bullpen that will have Janssen and Accardo back. Ryan could very well be dangled, and if he is, the Jays could do a lot worse than using Downs as the closer (or any of League, Accardo and Janssen for that matter).

    - Jake Roth
  22. 22.

    Cito is sort of baffling to me. For every point he scores by giving players opportunities to succeed, he loses them by sending overmatch players doomed to failure out into the battle ground. example last night when inexplicably john macdonald is not pinch hit for in the seventh inning down by a run. i dont think anyone can provide me a reason for that one that will satisfy me.

    and honestly, id rather have zaun vs. balfour than bautista vs anyone. baustista appears to have a nice slider speed bat since he was way behind wheelers 87 mph gas last night so why would he be able to hit the balfour declaration and his 95 mph heat?

    suffice to say..thats cito..he’s great for guys like lind and inglett…guys he decides have a chance to make it..and he’s kryptonite for guys like zaun, eckstein..guys he doesnt think can cut it. why on earth did they keep eck on this roster when they were never going to play him?

    lastly..for JP to defend his acquistion of Bautista last night by saying he was the Jays leading home run hitter at 12 was flat out disingenuous. to imply he was brought here as a power bat is laughable and only fox news is allowed to distort reality like that and get away with it. in fact, someone should have told JP that bautista has fewer homers than wells..you would think he’d know that by now.

    by the way..JP is done..we all know it..tick tock..tick tock.

    - sammy jalazai
  23. 23.

    Mike, never been a huge Cito fan, even in the glory years. Note his last four seasons.
    He showed a terrible tendency for lack of substitution when pinch-hitters were necessary and sticking with veterans and slumping hitters in key situations.
    He now continues his mysterious ways by not using Zaun and Eckstein. Very noticeable lately not pinch-hitting for Barajas against right-hander pitchers late in games and not using Eckstein in general.
    He definitely should have pinch-hit for Bautista tonight. You worried using Bautista rather than walking him because of letting Mcdonald hit. Well.. pinch-hit for Mcdonald.

    MW: What do Cito’s last four season have to do with the glory years? There wasn’t the opportunity to pinch-hit for McDonald in that situation in the 8th, he never got up, and was removed for the bottom of the inning.

    - Kelly Pfeiffer
  24. 24.

    Quick note: why do callers keep saying that J.P. is annoyed with disgruntled callers. He said he welcomes it. Don’t they listen.

    MW: Most people who don’t like J.P. see everything he does and says as arrogant, and therefore see that angry callers annoy him.

    - Kelly Pfeiffer
  25. 25.

    “There’s absolutely no reason that MVPco Scutaro should be getting so much more playing time than Eck.”

    Absolutely no reason? How about the fact that the only 3B in the AL having a better defensive season than Scutaro is Rolen? Nobody talks about his defense, but it’s been damn solid. Granted, it is a small sample size.

    MW: His defense has been terrific in a very short period. But Evan Longoria is clearly better defensively, as are Mike Lowell and Adrian Beltre, for starters.

    - Ari
  26. 26.

    In baseball, you can be a terrible team and make the playoffs, as long as you’re in the NL West.

    MW: Could be. But remember, last year the NL West had a 90-win team and two 89-win teams.

    - provan
  27. 27.

    Snider alone is enough reason to head down to the SkyDome.

    MW: Or Rogers Centre.

    - Joey Stevens
  28. 28.

    The Snider era… 2 quick questions…

    1) What does this do about how much of his future the Jays will control?

    2) If the kid goes off and tears the top off the ball, that Thomas/Eckstein/Burnett money goes to Ben Sheets perhaps? (or another ‘A’ stuff starter to replace Burnett)


    MW: 1 – Probably nothing. 2 – Doubtful on Sheets, but you never know. One month of tearing the top of the ball (that’d result in a ton of ground balls, by the way) doesn’t make a career.

    - Luke
  29. 29.

    Hopefully Snider can come up and produce this year. It would be ashame it they brought him up and all he could muster is a sub.200 avg. I hope this want too early for him. I think hes only 21 or 22.

    MW: He’s only 20, and if he doesn’t hit .200 over 29 games, I don’t think it’s that big a deal.

    - Brandon F
  30. 30.

    ‘I think it’s been terrible the way that the Jays have treated him since the regime change. There’s absolutely no reason that MVPco Scutaro should be getting so much more playing time than Eck.’

    Mike, I disagree, If I was a pitcher, Eckstein strikes absolutely no fear to me when he is up to the plate, and Scutaro has way more pop in his bat, also last time I checked, Scutaro is way more versatile in the infield.

    In regards to the Matt Stairs trade, Snider promotion, this is something that should have been done a month ago.

    MW: Scutaro is definitely more versatile in the infield, but Eckstein has a higher batting average, higher on-base percentage and higher slugging percentage than Scutaro this year, so while Eckstein might not strike fear in you (not to you) as a pitcher, he’s still the more effective hitter .

    - Mark
  31. 31.

    This is an idiotic move. Now you start the clock ticking on Snider, when you could have waited a few days, brought somebody else up who doesn’t matter much in relation to the Jays’ future, then brought up Snider as a September call up. I know you wanted to see Snider Mike, but you have to admit it would have been more prudent to wait a few days, no? Basically J.P. is trying to hang on to his job, whether he deserves to be in that position or not is another story, and if Snider performs well it’s a, “Look at what I drafted!” scenario.

    MW: What’s the difference in waiting three days? An option year that you’re never going to use anyway.

    - Sean Court
  32. 32.

    Hi Mike,

    Regarding the trades of infielders from the Jays, reportedly the Angels are looking at Scutaro and Eckstein plus Macdonald. I don’t know if my website is reliable but it’s just what I’ve heard. Here’s the site: http://www.fannation.com/truth_and_rumors/mlb?page=2

    - Mike
  33. 33.

    What’s faster, Usain Bolt’s 100m dash or J.P changing his mind? Answer: They both take less than 10 seconds.

    From now on whatever J.P says, I’ll expect the total opposite.

    MW: Cool. And what a horrible thing it would be to have someone in power who was incapable of changing his mind.

    - Beburg
  34. 34.

    Hello Mike,

    I’m hoping that the likley Matt Stairs trade will allow me to ask you to settle a saloon-room debate from last year. I couldn’t fathom why the Jays didn’t trade Stairs to a contender last year. A buddy told me that the Jays wouldn’t get anything for a 40-year-old free-agent-to-be. I said: his free-agent status is a plus (because of his age), and that any playoff contender would have to want a deluxe, veteran PH,1B,LF, RF off the bench. Maybe not enough to get a blue-chipper, but something. Stairs’s numbers were stellar last year. My guess is that he didn’t clear waivers, and that JP held out for something worthwhilefrom the team that claimed him (which I’m fine with); my buddy said that he had no value on the trade market (which I think is crazy).

    What do you think?

    MW: Last year? I don’t think Stairs had much value at the trade deadline, though his free-agent status was indeed a plus.

    - Evan White
  35. 35.


    I think Gene Tenace needs to sit on a different spot on the bench…I think Denbo’s negative karma is literally rubbing off on him. Seriously though, I don’t think any hitting coach could make this bunch of underachievers do any better than Denbo did. The fact of the matter is we need to inject some serious offense into this lineup for next season!

    - Bernard
  36. 36.

    I have a real beef with the complaint many fans and media members seem to have with JP around lying. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that your word is your bond but you have to also consider the circumstances. If JP says in May or June that Snider may or may not be brought up at some point he opens himself up on any number of levels, there’s simply no way to know for certain when there’s so many variables in play. any remotely astute observer should be able to recognize that and also then recognize that the alternative is a non-answer that tells the fans nothing at all, see Ferguson, John. For me, I’d take the candor of JP with the caveat of knowing that I have to read between the lines and not be totally literal over the Ferguson alternative any day. A direct answer that is truthful at the time but obviously subject to change based on host of variables is an awfully long way away from ‘lying’ as most people think of it.

    MW: I agree. Situations change all the time. The Jays are in a FAR different situation today than they were even five days ago. To be married to one thing because that’s what you said at the time is short-sighted and pretty stupid.

    - ben
  37. 37.

    What’s up with those Indians? I havent followed them closely after they fell out of contention a month ago or so. A winning streak of 10 games? What are they eatin?

    MW: Wheaties, I’d guess.

    - Beburg
  38. 38.


    I can’t believe I have to go through another long, cold Canadian winter to wait until next Spring to wipe the slate clean and hope the Blue Jays will make the playoffs. 16 winters is a lot of cold snowy days. I guess I will have to resort to my MLB video games on the PS 3 to hold me over until then. At least the Jays actually play well on there!!

    MW: Likely three straight seasons with a winning record isn’t very good.

    - Bernard
  39. 39.

    Today’s Russ Adams update — 2 for 5 in yesterday’s Double-header, with a triple and a HR (#14 for year), bringing his 2008 average up to .261.

    August figures now .402/.454/.649. With RISP (year) .286/.396/.524.

    Interestingly, if you throw out the month of June, when he went 6 for 63 (.095) in 20 games, he would be hitting .291 for the year.

    September call-up?

    MW: It wouldn’t surprise me, but I doubt it.

    - Norm
  40. 40.

    A power hitter? YES!! If he hits home runs I don’t care if he strikes out a lot. I’m hoping he becomes a better version of Jack Cust at worst.

    MW: It appears as though Snider can actually hit for average, which would make him a better bat than Cust. I don’t care about the strikeouts, either.

    - Curt
  41. 41.

    Hey Mike;

    Quite a FEW changes since wednesday, at least Snider will be brought up to shore up the hitting, I agree with you that Eckstein has not been used properly, he’s hitting .275 clip, better than the matt stairs .250 clip(I will miss Stairs for his performance last year and for the fact that he’s Canadian-best of luck to him with the Phillies) and could have been used a dh to keep johnny mac in the lineup. Riccardi is doing a fine job as g.m, he has no control over the performance or injuries of his players, although if he was more astute he could have kept reed johnson, and made a claim on edmonds/sexton for dh duties earlier in the year; fianally mikey, have to take issue with your comment of Barajas, he is a good catcher who can hit and throw out baserunners with some hr power, we should have kept Molina(look at his stats in san fran) and traded zaun last year, but Barajas and thigpen let arencibia/jorolman develop some before being brought up mid season, hopefully these rookies are of the carleton fisk mold! good show.

    MW: There’s no way that the Jays should have kept Bengie Molina at $7.5 million. It’s disingenuous to say that Eckstein is outhitting Stairs, since Stairs is outslugging Eckstein by 37 points (sad that it’s only that much). Not sure who Sexton is. And by the way, you’re setting yourself up for a massive disappointment by hoping that Arencibia and Jeroloman turn out to be Hall of Famers. How about just hoping that they wind up being good major-league players?

    - robert s
  42. 42.

    I guess Travis was tearing it up in triple A. I don’t know his numbers but given the fact Jp has called him up at age 20, he must be putting up decent numbers in AAA. I’m not one of them JP bashers but i hope he doesn’t lie in the futur. Actually when you think about it, the dunn incident may have very well factored in his decision to stay quiet.

    MW: I hope he does lie, all the time, because he wouldn’t be doing his job is he didn’t. It’s very easy to find out what Snider was doing in AAA, seeing as you’re on the internet already. This thing is an incredible research tool. Snider hit .344/.386/.516 in 18 games in Syracuse.

    - jaysfan
  43. 43.

    What J.P. has lied again? I thought there was no way Snider was coming up to the big leagues. I am shocked…

    Another year has come and another year has gone and the Jays have not played another meaningful game late in the season. J.P. has once again given the fans of this team some of his half-truths. BTW, how is that Adam Dunn guy doing?

    Here is hoping the Jays absolutely tank the final month of the season so they do not mask what’s been a very disapointing year, but more importantly, here is hoping the Jays finally do what they should’ve done all year long and fire J.P.

    MW: You’ll have to remind me when it was that Ricciardi said there was no way Snider was coming up to the big leagues.

    - Bobby
  44. 44.

    About three years ago, weren’t Bautista, Jack Wilson, Jason Bay, and a couple other fellas, all considered a pretty impressive young hitting core for the Pirates? I don’t know anything else about Bautista but I know major league scouts know more than I do. There is a pretty long list of major league stars that were notorious for long slumps. I remember a guy named Joe Carter for one…

    MW: Nope, that’s not the case. Bautista is 0-for-his-last-22, quite obviously he’s terrible.

    - Ron E
  45. 45.

    On the subject of lying…

    “MW: And he (JP) should lie, so that he can still leave his options open for making a deal.”

    Oh, okay. So Ryan’s injury is a secret and JP now starts to try and replace him. ‘Hallo Mr Major-League GM, I’m kind of interested in that leftie you have in the bullpen. Can we do any kind of trade?’ Mr GM thinks to himself ‘Hmmm. They have a great bullpen and an exceptional closer already. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen BJ pitch recently. They’ve kind of shut him down. I wonder if they need a replacement closer…’ And the price goes up accordingly. GMs are generally bright enough to work out what’s going on. In any case, Ricciardi didn’t have to lie. All he had to do was to be non-committal.

    Like I keep telling you, Mike. His baseball instincts are reasonably good. He’s drafted some excellent picks. He’s got a great pitching staff. But he has some enormous blind spots and I think they’ve hurt the team.

    Again, I know that I’m not going to convince you and you’re not going to convince me.

    MW: You’re right about that. The Blue Jays would be so much better right now if Ricciardi (as well as the club president, manager, coaching staff, entire front office and Ryan himself) hadn’t lied about Ryan’s injury – is that what you’re saying?

    - reyes
  46. 46.

    JP said that Travis Snider won’t be a September call up, plain and simple. Travis Snider has been called up in August. I don’t understand why there are people out there that think JP owes them the truth. Why can’t the JP haters get their panties in a bunch over something reasonable. JP doesn’t eat pancakes with maple syrup, he should be fired.

    MW: He does – but he uses maple syrup from Vermont! Not Canada!

    - sweat
  47. 47.

    What is happening?
    I don’t think I have seen so many popups before. Cant they flatten their swing and stop trying for the fences which they havent had much success at anyway.
    Also is JP just trowing players at the wall to see what sticks? I am thinking of Mench and Bautista. As you suggest, maybe the Dendo influence is here to stay.

    MW: I saw five pop-ups in Thursday’s loss. I don’t think everyone is up there swinging for the fences. Mench was a good move that didn’t work out – that can happen – Bautista I don’t quite get yet.

    - Richard from AR
  48. 48.


    I would think that Snider would DH primarily, unless the Jays want to see who between Lind and Snider is the better defensive OF, and the other would be the primary DH (of course, dependant on how Snider performs throughout the rest of the season).

    May be a silly question, but who DHed last night? Isn’t Jackson a right handed pitcher? Why wouldn’t Stairs be in there, unless the wheels were already set in motion with the assignment and potential trade to the Phillies.

    MW: That’s what I was thinking to explain Stairs’ absence.

    - Aaron Ker
  49. 49.

    Quote:”JP said that we will not see Travis Snider this season plain and simple. Not that I’m complaining, because I think it’s a good move, but even you have to admit Mike that it’s hard to take JP at his word. This definitely is not the first time he’s lied to us.”


    Maybe he can come on Wednesday and tell us how he is so impressed with Snider’s play that it was his idea to bring him up. Or maybe 40 year old Stairs didn’t fit in with our future plans so we decided to move him. I for one do not think this was a JP move.

    MW: Yeah, Ricciardi is just a mouthpiece now. Cito called Gillick and traded Stairs to the Phillies.

    - PW
  50. 50.

    Mike, tell me how Richard Griffin pros outweigh the cons and give specifics?

    MW: Read the column, it’s pretty apparent.

    - andrew
  51. 51.

    1.if snider shows he’s ready for the bigs where does manny fit in
    2.i thought that the 2005 b.j. were bad with shea freekin hillenbrand batting cleanup but
    after seeing last nights bot. third of the order (1 and a half for 12) i don’t know . though
    i know why there ofence sucked

    MW: I’d still rather have Manny than Snider.

    - steve
  52. 52.

    Bring on the “Snider Show”!

    I agree with JayMoney’s comments that JP sure is hard to trust. I was surprised to read that Snider was coming up, even though JP has emphatically denied it for the better part of two months now.

    Sad to see Stairs go, but I’m glad he’s being shipped off to a contender. What a class act he is, and I’m very glad I got to cheer for him as a Blue Jay these past few seasons.

    Alright, Snider, the show is yours…

    - Jeff
  53. 53.

    I don’t think Garza Magic should get a patent. However, your magic with the English language should be bottled and sold to University Students. Wilner, you should do something that allows you to write everyday.

    I was listening to PTS last week and Dan Shulman was talking about the Blue Jays for next year. He was saying that Eckstein is definitely gone, and that Stairs was likely to be let go as well.

    to my thinking the Jays 8 starters for next year are, in order of field position


    with Travis Snider as DH
    on the bench:
    Unknown second Catcher



    Who/What do you think will fil the last spot in this 25 man roster? Will it be another relief pitcher? Or will the Jays look for another big bat?

    MW: If no trades are made, that looks pretty good, though you might be able to exchange Litsch with Brett Cecil. The 25th guy is a pitcher, the Jays dig the 7-man bullpen. And don’t I write every day?

    - Sam McLean
  54. 54.

    Hello Mike

    Like you, I am surprise at the value of Diaz and puzzled with the trade that brings Bautista.

    Mike, in a few Jaystalk, you have mentioned that Hill is an excellent second base, but an OK shortstop.

    Can you tell me the difference in skillset of the two positions? To me, it seems that the skillset is about the same, you have to be able to catch and throw well and have the range


    PS – I am sad to see Stairs go, though know it is time…

    MW: Stairs wasn’t really helping this year. Great guy, but they need bats, not great people. It seems to me that a shortstop has more ground to cover, thought that may or may not be the case, and he has more responsibilities in the infield.

    - francis
  55. 55.

    This is also unrelated to this blog – I just had a question. You seem to mention a lot that J.P. Ricciardi is going to go after someone like Jason Giambi or Manny Ramirez. Well, Manny would be nice but unlikely. As for Giambi, would signing him not hinder Ricciardi’s plan for a ‘clean Toronto’? Giambi has been linked to steroids in the past. That seems to turn Ricciardi off a person. So is the best bat we’re going to get in the offseason going to be Raul Ibanez?

    MW: Gregg Zaun has been linked to steroids, he’s here, and Ricciardi went after Paul LoDuca after the Mitchell Report came out. Giambi is a “good guy” who kind of owned up to his cheating, but I don’t think that matters. It wasn’t so much about drugs as it was about Barry Bonds. And Ibanez wouldn’t be a bad consolation prize at all.

    - Brendan
  56. 56.

    This is probably the best move J.P. has made all year sad to see Matt Stairs go but at least he is going to my second favourite team the Phillies and I VERY exited to see Travis Snider!

    Who do you think is THE PLAYER TO BE NAMED LATER the jays are getting from the Phillies?

    P.S. good luck to Stairs and the Phillies Hope Them and the Jays meet in the world series

    MW: Meet in the World Series in what season? Not this year. Reports are that the PTBNL is lefty Fabio Castro.

    - Jazz
  57. 57.

    The last two series have personified the Jays season. They outscored the Redsox and the Rays 28-20 and still lost 4 of 6. Their run differential is around the same as the Rays and Angels but that hasn’t traslated into nearly as many wins. I don’t know if it’s bad luck or lack of “winningness” or whatever, but they just can’t seem to put together the pitching and hitting in the same game to score enough runs to win.

    MW: I don’t think it’s lack of winningness (victoritude?).

    - Steve from NJ
  58. 58.

    Im agree with you mike I think this is a good move to see what Snider has, what better time to make your debut than the last ever series at Yankee Stadium. I am looking so forward to see what this kid can do in the bigs since I have been following him the last few weeks in the minors (which doesn’t explain why I miss-spelled his name). Thanks as always for the great work and the quick update on the Stairs/Snider story.

    - Chris
  59. 59.

    This is really exciting news ! At this point, after losing 2 out 3 in St. Pete’s, hopefully this is the best of both worlds; Maybe Matt will have a chance to play for a World Series and we’ll get a month preview of Travis !

    - Mike
  60. 60.

    gary denbo is back???????

    MW: Seemzat way.

    - broom
  61. 61.

    I know how you seriously dislike the Quality Start stat, Mike, so here is an article I saw on SI.com, about a new method of calculating quality starts


    MW: That’s not really what it was about, but a reasonable read nonetheless.

    - Sam McLean
  62. 62.

    Wow. Snider’s here. (J.P. you fibbing scallywag!) I might actually have to watch them again.

    - pete
  63. 63.

    The Jays have a day off this Monday labour day holiday before their 3 game series against the Twins at home. The Twins also have Monday off. Couldn’t the Jays and/or MLB have worked something out to start the series a day early and have the off day Thursday instead? True, the Twins are playing in Oakland on the weekend, but it is a day game and perhaps the Monday game could have been a late afternoon start!

    MW: A Labour Day day game would have been nice, but given that the Twins would have to travel from the west coast and probably wouldn’t get to their hotel room until about 3:00 AM Toronto time at the earliest, that wouldn’t be fair. If you’re going to have a 6:00 pm game, it’s no longer really a holiday, since it’s a school/work night.

    - Shmuel Yitzchok
  64. 64.

    JP has always said “you could never have enough pitching” Do you think he still has this philosophy?

    With Ryan, Leaugue, Downs, and hopefully Jansen in the bullpen combined with the starting pitching debth, even without Burnett next year they are overloaded with pitching. Right now they have the best pitching in MLB. You can’t get better then number 1.

    My question/comments are specifically motivated with BJ Ryan. He’s been very good this year, however do you think the Jays would have been any worse this year if he didn’t pitch his 47 innings? Of the 47 innings only 27 have been save situations and perhaps 10 of the other 20 were innings pitched in close games. My point is that there’s enough pitching debth to make some signigicant moves to improve the offense. What so you think and sorry about the long post.

    MW: I think they do have enough pitching depth to deal some, specifically with Ryan. That said, while it’s true that you can’t get better than first, you can get better IN first.

    - Shmuel Yitzchok
  65. 65.

    How would you like to be Travis Snider right now? At the beginning of the season he likely didn’t think he’d get the call to the big leagues in 2008. Now, not only is he going to make his major league debut, but it will likely be at Yankee Stadium. It’s nice he gets to be able to play at the Stadium before it is torn down.

    Best of luck to Matt Stairs in Philadelphia, if that is indeed where he is destined.

    MW: I’d like to be Travis Snider right now.

    - Derek
  66. 66.

    Mike, as crowded as the infield will be in 2009, is there any chance the Jays will look at O-Dog in the winter? He has stated that he would love to come back to Toronto.
    Also, will you be doing any blogging in the off-season?

    MW: There’s a chance that the Jays look at Hudson in the off-season, but not much of one. With a healthy Aaron Hill, let’s say moving to shortstop, Hudson doesn’t give the Jays enough more than, say, Scutaro/Inglett to justify the cost. As for off-season blogging, I’ll be doing some, but WAY less. Likely one post a week outside the winter meetings.

    - Jamie - Windsor
  67. 67.

    I heard that the angels were interested in Mcdonald,Scutaro and eckstien any truth to this

    http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/toronto_blue_jays/index.html it’s the 4th paragraph

    MW: That’s the rumour. But it would be McDonald, Scutaro OR Eckstein, not and.

    - Jazz
  68. 68.


    at what point can the Yankees be charged for tampering? Hank should not be allowed to get away with saying things like this especially about Burnett who is not technically a free agent to be until he opts out (which is inevitable). If you haven’t seen what he said, follow the link below.


    Also, I don’t agree bringing Snider up at this point of his career. He is still only 20 years old, and learning the game. Age alone isn’t a reason to not bring him up, but 153 strikeouts in 484 at bats does show that he needs to continue to work on his game. He also is yet to face upper level pitching for an extended period of time. 17 games in AAA is too small of a sample size to consider his numbers. Thoughts?

    MW: I don’t think that’s tampering. As for Snider, I don’t care about his strikeouts. He had a .358 OBP at three levels of the minor leagues this year, and it increased at every stop.

    - Matt
  69. 69.

    Hi Mike, I have to disagree with you on something you said on Jays talk last night. You were trying to explain that in baseball it is much harder to make the playoffs than hockey, which is true. You also said “you have to be crappy to miss the playoffs in hockey”, this is where I disagree. 20 years ago when there were only 21 teams and 16 made the playoffs, this statement would be true, in fact I remember the Leafs were 21-49-10 and made the playoffs, but now there are many winning teams missing the playoffs. Vancouver was 39-33-10, Toronto was 36-35-11 and both missed the playoffs with winning records. These records are not great by any stretch, but they’re not “crappy” either.

    MW: Those aren’t winning records. The “10″ in Vancouver’s record and the “11″ in Toronto’s are losses, they just happened in shootouts. Vancouver won 39 and lost 43, Toronto won 36 and lost 46. Those are crappy records. Look, if you can’t finish in the top HALF of teams in your league, you’re not good.

    - Mark
  70. 70.

    Hey Mike, SNIDER IS UP! I was so happy when I heard it on the radio, I literally jumped out of my seat and hit my head on the car roof. Looks like we’ll have to pull out our Kryptonite bats the next time we face Garza. Anyways I’m asking about the Matts Stairs trade, he would most likely be a bench player right? Also, how long is Denbo going to be back for? I thought he was fired and I thought Gene Tenace was here to stay.

    Thanks for reading my post and keep up the great work you do on JaysTalk.

    MW: Matt (he’s not Swedish) Stairs will more than likely be a bench player in Philly, but he could get a few starts in the outfield. Denbo’s not back.

    - Kevin
  71. 71.

    Hey Mike,

    I heard an interesting podcast yesterday from a couple inebriated Jays Fans. They had on Jordan Bastian from MLB and the topic of Marcum being sent down was brought up a couple times. According to Bastian, Arnsberg respectfully declined to comment when asked about the temporary demotion of Marcum. Bastian brought up an interesting theory that Arnsberg might not have been consulted about the demotions of Litsch and Marcum (and followed up by stating there is no reason to assume there is a strain in the relationship between Arnsberg and Gaston).

    The insinuation made was that J.P. had sent these guys down without consulting their pitching coach. I know that GM’s don’t consult lower management on all aspects but I guess I’m always ears for finding out what type of information they pass down before making certain decisions. Unless given more information on the matter, I won’t assume it is anything more than a theory. However, I was hoping you have more insight on the matter to verify if that theory is fair or foul.

    Glad the Blog is here so I can ask you. Take care.

    MW: There’s no insinuation when Arnsberg says he wasn’t consulted. He probably should be, but even if he was, it’d likely only be as a courtesy. The decisions are made above him.

    - Ryan S.
  72. 72.

    Mike, can you please help me in understanding how trades can be made after the July 31 deadline? Thanks.

    MW: July 31st is the non-waiver deadline. Trades can be made after July 31st, but only involving players who have cleared waivers after July 31st.

    - Andrew
  73. 73.

    Garza is not a good pitcher, he recieved 80% of the help from toronto’s lineup. I just cannot believe the espn, fox, sportcasters when the give all the credit to Garza. I doubt they watched the game, and they yack on and on about Garza’s ability to dominate.
    what do you honestly think about Garza as a pitcher? I know you are a stats guy but how many hittable balls did Garza serve up? How many fastballs? Unbelievable

    MW: Garza’s actually a very good pitcher. Not 0.29 ERA good, but very good.

    - Jaysfan
  74. 74.

    Hey Mike, does the call-up of Snider before September affect the number of options the club has on him? Can you explain how that works? Thanks.

    MW: If Snider doesn’t make the team out of Spring Training next year, the Jays will have to use an option on him that they wouldn’t have had to use if they hadn’t called him up this season. If that happens, Snider would still have two option years left, and wouldn’t be out of options until the 2012 season (assuming he was optioned out at some point in 2010 and 2011 as well).

    - Matt
  75. 75.

    Mike, I’m having a debate with one of my friends of who is the better overall player: Jesse Barfield or Devon White. I think it’s Jesse Barfield, but I’ll let you decide the argument.

    MW: They were different types of players, White more a speed, defense and some power guy, Barfield a power guy. Barfield was the better hitter, and had the great arm, White was the better defender and had the fantastic wheels. That’s a really tough call, I’ll go with White by an eyelash.

    - Ross
  76. 76.

    Was there any reason given as to why Gary Denbo was in the dugout?

    MW: Sigh.

    - JM
  77. 77.

    I guess that the series loss to the Rays was nail in the coffin, JP now realises the season is over. I don’t know why Eck and Zaun have not been traded, AJ might still fetch something now that teams can be assured he will opt out of his contract. I hope we bring up just prospects, no Mench, Adams, or Coates. This is the time to see what Ancebia, Cecil and others can do at the majors. This dead offence needs an overhaul for next year, I am hoping that some of these kids bring more to the plate then what we have seen over the last few years.

    - jason w
  78. 78.

    In your opinion, is it better for the Jays to have Wells, Rios, Lind, and Snider all on the team and rotate them all between outfield positions and D.H. with different outfielders playing different outfield positions on different nights, or would they be better off trading one for a corner infielder or a shortstop, signing a D.H. and carrying a fourth outfielder type like Coats or some free agent. Of course this assumes that Snider shows that he’s ready to play at this level.

    MW: If you can get a star corner infielder or shortstop, then one of them should be traded. Otherwise, I don’t have an issue with carrying all four.

    - Steve from NJ
  79. 79.

    I’m very impressed by the minor league stats of the 20-year old native of Kirkland, WA.

    .275/.358/.480 at 3 levels of MiLB this season including .344/.386/.516 in his first 64 AAA ABs.

    Defensively, he improved from a 2007 FP of .911 (16 errors/179 chances all in RF) to .978 this year (3 errors/134 chances.

    Correspondingly, Rotowire.com reports that Cito Gaston stated he may get some playing time in right field. If we (ahem, I mean the Blue Jays), continue to fade from contention, might we see a quasi-platoon in RF, or is this a subtle jolt to Alex Rios to shake him out of his occasional lackadaisical torpor?

    Or should I stop trying to stir up controversy where there is none and crawl back into my long-weekend cocoon?

    MW: He’ll get time in RF if Wells or Rios gets a semi-day off and serves as the DH.

    - Adrian, co-alumnus
  80. 80.

    Thanks for clarifying that Bautista thing for me (comment 6). I guess I was wrong… FIRE JP!

    - Ron E
  81. 81.

    Mike, Richard Griffin cons outweigh the pros. You disagree. Just tell me how Richard Griffin pros outweigh the cons? It’s not apparent to me.

    MW: Fine. Griff’s pros: Most familiar with organization, two years left on contract, teams have all been competitive in the AL East with exception of 2004, has built very good farm system, injuries were a factor in ’08 as they were in ’07, he’s done the job he was hired to do. Sounds good, no? Griff’s cons: hired as a budget guy but now has more money to spend, alienation of free agents and their agents will always have a negative spinoff effect (despite the fact that that’s been proven untrue by players like Burnett, Ryan, Thomas, Rolen, Wells and Halladay), if the plan is to blow up and start again then Ricciardi can’t be asked to do that (that’s not the plan, so that’s irrelevant), lost the goodwill and support of the fan base. How can you not see that the pros overwhelmingly outweigh the cons? There’s not a single thing listed among the cons that has any sort of impact at all on the state of the actual team.

    - andrew
  82. 82.

    Sorry Mike,
    I was actually being sarcastic. I was just wondering how the J.P. bashers would react if Travis doesn’t do as well as expected. I like J.P. and hope he is still here next year.

    - Kim
  83. 83.

    Oh, Michael.

    All the Jays have to do next year is have Rios, Wells, Lind hit to their ability and Hill hit… what did you say… 15 homers…? No need for another corner bat?

    Mike, I’m a stats guy, just like you, but for some reason it seems like you can’t see the value of position. You say you don’t care about the position as long as they hit, and I get it, but you seem to miss the reality of the situation. The corner infielders are the power positions. Power… remember that word? Those are the positions you get power CHEAP. CHEAP… relatively.

    It’s a bit disturbing listening to you talk like this club is ok offensively without upgrading Rolen or Overbay. Maybe you should get out of your fantasy world or something, I dunno, but at least don’t be so condescending about it.

    Also, great seeing Snider tonight. But he’s 20. Obviously, you can’t talk about him as DH next year as any type of non-miracle possibility.

    It’s time to admit it Michael, this team needs a power hitter at a “traditional” power hitting position.

    MW: Aaron Hill hit 17 homers last year, so I don’t think 15 from him in a healthy season is out of the question. I see the value of position very easily, but if the Jays have power bats at all three outfield positions, DH and catcher, why should they be desperate for an extra 10 homers at first and an extra 15 at third (presuming Rolen’s power is gone, of which I’m not sure) with the pitching they’ve got? I’m very happy with Overbay at first hitting 15-20 homers and 40 doubles with a .370 on-base. I haven’t been, and won’t be, talking about Snider as a legit answer at DH next season.

    - Wyatt Bailey
  84. 84.







    MW: P.E.D., huh? Interesting.

    - Tom
  85. 85.

    MW: I don’t think that’s tampering.

    But then, how is this not considered tampering?

    I mean, AJ is under the contract and technically, he may decide not to become a FA (that is, under the Jays’ contract). This is obviously a different situation from that of a free agent (and I don’t even know if a front office person is allowed to speak to an FA-to-be either – the FA-to-be still is under the contract for the rest of the season).

    Does there have to be a contact between front office personnel of other teams and the player’s agent in order to be considered tampering?

    MW: Steinbrenner said “everyone will be in on Sabathia and Burnett” – it’s all but a fait accompli that A.J. is opting out. He didn’t say “we’re going to make our best efforts to sign Sabathia and/or Burnett” or “we really hope we can get one of Sabathia and Burnett”. That would be tampering.

    - Jaybird
  86. 86.

    Are Jays fans really this stupid? I’m sorry. I’m listening and can’t hold my tongue. This is horrific.

    MW: You’re going to have to be far more specific.

    - Wyatt Bailey
  87. 87.

    Why when you talk about the Cy Young do you say Cliff Lee is a lock and think Halladay will come second.
    Do you not pay attention to the West Coast. K-Rod has a very good chance of winning the Cy and should, one or two bad outings from Lee in Sept. and I will guarantee K-Rod wins.

    MW: You can’t make that guarantee. Cliff Lee will win the Cy Young unless he falls apart in September.

    - Peter
  88. 88.

    “MW: Aaron Hill hit 17 homers last year, so I don’t think 15 from him in a healthy season is out of the question. I see the value of position very easily, but if the Jays have power bats at all three outfield positions, DH and catcher, why should they be desperate for an extra 10 homers at first and an extra 15 at third (presuming Rolen’s power is gone, of which I’m not sure) with the pitching they’ve got? I’m very happy with Overbay at first hitting 15-20 homers and 40 doubles with a .370 on-base. I haven’t been, and won’t be, talking about Snider as a legit answer at DH next season”

    I’ll tell you why what you just said isn’t enough. You’re making too many ASSUMPTIONS. The downfall of this teams fans every year. Aaron Hill is coming off PCS which is one of the most questionable injuries possible. We might not ever have him back, Mike. I’d love it, but I’m a realist. Regarding Rolen – I love his D. What I don’t like is his injury history and his dicrepit power as of the last SEVERAL years.

    I adore Snider. I see Wells’ potential. Everyone can see why Wells’ potential means nothing. I love Lind. I see his potential… everyone can see why Lind’s actual production is questionable. And as for Rios… do i even need to say it?

    Mike. This team needs a POWER 1b. We need an a-rod, we need a Dunn (as DH), we need a Teixeira. We need that BIG BAT to put us over that hill of massive questions. How do we get it? That’s a different topic. But clearly, this team needs a hitter that can hit 40 at least on a coin-flip.

    MW: Honestly? No, they don’t. I mean, every team could use one, but NEED one? No, they don’t.

    - Wyatt Bailey
  89. 89.

    Also – let it be mentioned that should we get said big bat, Overbay can move to DH. (or big bat to DH)…

    MW: I’ll never understand those who think that Overbay should DH.

    - Wyatt Bailey
  90. 90.

    This team NEEDS one Mike. Or we can watch them finish 5 games over .500 until Halladay goes elsewhere and the pitching collapses.

    That’s when we sign Tex and Dunn, have a 6 ERA and finish ~drum roll~ .500 again.

    Your assumptions are unacceptable.

    MW: Your assumptions are unacceptable.

    - Wyatt Bailey
  91. 91.

    My suggestion as Overbay at DH was simply an option that the Jays have as to not use his existence as an excuse to not get a 1b who can slug higher than .416.

    .416 Mike.

    MW: So you’d rather have a DH who slugs .416? Excellent thinking.

    - Wyatt Bailey
  92. 92.

    I guess nobody can replace Stair’s .394 SLG.

    MW: Who is Stair? And Snider is slugging .667!

    - Wyatt Bailey
  93. 93.

    Jays offense losing another game…i could probably count about at least a dozen of these games…

    We needa few bats but truth be told i dont like anything that we will have a real shot of signing…i like Teixeira and Manny but we wont be able to afford them nor do i want them for 20 mil per…Only guy i like is Milton Bradley….

    Mike in Mississauga

    MW: I’ll bet you could find at least two dozen of these games, if not four. I don’t like Milton Bradley, I’d prefer Giambi or Ibanez.

    - Mike
  94. 94.

    Who else of either Zaun,Eckstein,MacDonald,AJ or other will be moving out of TO by Monday?

    MW: The only one I can see moving is Eckstein.

    - Mark
  95. 95.

    Couldnt hit Carl Pavano *shakes head*

    This lineup 1-9 is embarrassing,calling themselves professionals…We’re talking about Carl Pavano….

    MW: Actually, Pavano’s not a bad pitcher, he just gets hurt a lot. But no question, this offense has been pathetic.

    - Mike
  96. 96.

    Mike,we are off to Florida next Sat.for 6 1/2 months..
    You will be our only contact
    down there for Jays News and
    we’ll be reading you every
    day…A Couple of hopes! We
    hope you keep well and also
    the jays do something player
    wise over the off season…

    Robert & Betty Goodwin
    London, Ontario…

    MW: Thanks! Enjoy the snowbirding.

    - Robert Goodwin
  97. 97.

    So begins the “next one”..Travis Snider is J.P’s shining prospect..Perhaps the only way he can save his job..Why would he bring up a 20 year old unless he was desperate?..

    Its because there is nobody else..Russ Adams leads Syracuse in homeruns with 14 and the massive power hitting Hector Luna is second with 11..

    I bet Riccardi figures if he sticks Snider in the lineup right now it would ease the pain of another mediocre season..Maybe deflect all the criticism of his inability to aquire some kind of hitter..Now he can say ” LOOKIE LOOKIE at this guy! See I can draft! I can draft!” Unless he falls flat on his a**…Then he can say “Ahh this guy is only 20 yrs old..We though we should give him a look..He will have plenty of time to get better”..

    MW: This seems a pretty common opinion, and I have to say I don’t understand the logic at all. Did Jay Bruce get called up by the Reds in a desperate attempt by the G.M. to save his job?

    - gump
  98. 98.

    Good Lord Mike, you’re not really this daft are you? I’m saying I’d rather have a 1B or DH slug .550 and have the .410 horrid Overbay SLG move to 1B or DH, whichever isn’t taken. .550 and .410 is much better than .410 and .394. Surely you can admit that without sarcasm. And I’m sure you’ve never made a typo in your life. Stairs’. Stairs’. Better?

    MW: You expect a response?

    - Wyatt Bailey
  99. 99.

    I think the difference is that Jay Bruce was in his second season of Triple A ball and was tearing it up at the time of his callup..Travis Snider has only been in Triple A for 18 games..The Jays have a history of promoting players that just aren’t ready for the majors..Sometimes it backfires ..Just ask Gabe Gross..

    Why call up a 20yr old at a time when the team is starving for a power hitter?..

    I recall Lind played well for the Jays in 2006 then had trouble in 07′..Leading to his demotion back to Triple A..

    I don’t think that the Reds were predicted to win anything this season..I figured they would finish around .500 at best..The Jays have a much higher payroll and were expected to challenge for a playoff spot..Besides, its difficult to belive anything that comes out of Riccardi’s mouth..

    MW: I don’t understand the comparison of the expectations of the Reds and Jays. When Snider was called up, the Jays weren’t expected to challenge for a playoff spot.

    - gump
  100. 100.

    It would be nice to get a non-sarcastic response to a legitimate point. I did take the time to post here. Sometimes it seems like you’re more interested in being sarcastic and nitpicking silly things than anything else.

    We actually agree on this topic, but for some reason you’re still a jerk about it.

    MW: No, you’re a jerk.

    - Wyatt Bailey
  101. 101.

    It’s like arguing with a parrot!

    You heard it here first. TRAVIS HAFNER FOR MVP ’09!!~~

    MW: No, you’re a parrot.

    - Wyatt Bailey
  102. 102.

    So you belive the Jays actually brought up 20yr old Travis Snider, who has a massive 18 games under his belt of Triple A ball, because they felt he was worth a “look” at the major league level?..

    Ricciardi is now trying to save his a**….Hoping to cash in on the hype around Snider.. Who knows maybe Cito can channel his talents and do what he has apparently done for Adam Lind. Maybe Lefty David Purcey can keep his ADD in check and pitch like he did against Tampa Bay..Then good ol’ Riccardi can shoot-off a bunch of names and maybe blow some smoke up some corporate stiffs’ you know what and weasle his way into one more year behind the desk of yet another wishful season..

    People like you will do some cartwheels and open Riccardi’s door and thank him for a wonderful season that wasn’t and belive his stories of one more shortstop and one more bat that he hasn’t been able to get for 7 years..Sooner or later his blather will fall on deaf ears..

    MW: Not as long as there are deep thinkers like you to call him on everything.

    - gump
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