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Another disappointing loss for the Blue Jays in Milwaukee.  For the fourth straight game they failed to get a hit before the 4th inning, though they did manage to pound out 10 safeties.  The double play ball came back to bite them, twice in the 9th inning.   Gregg Zaun made me look bad for hailing his defense by not closing up quickly enough on Corey Hart coming home in the 4th (though it would have been a REALLY tough play and he did hold onto the ball, at least), and then not looking Mike Cameron back to third later in the inning on Ben Sheets’ bunt, choosing instead to employ the cursory glance back, which didn’t work at all.

Zaun did show up offensively – he’s now homered in his last three starts, and he drove in three runs all told on a 2-for-3 day.

Poor Shaun Marcum, he’s now given up a total of eight runs over his last 27 innings (a nifty ERA of 2.67) and is 0-1 over the four starts.

And with the loss, the Jays have now dropped six series in a row.

But onto the good stuff.  J.P. Ricciardi once again showed up for his weekly gabfest with the fans, which he always does, win or lose, and the frustration in his voice was palpable.  He held nothing back, taking full responsibility for the failures of the team that he built and expressing his surprise and great disappointment about the way things have gone over the first 73 games of the season.

He talked about how the lack of offense was completely unexpected, calling out Lyle Overbay (22 homers, 46 doubles, 92 RBI in 2006), Vernon Wells and Alex Rios specifically.  He mentioned that some analysts had picked the Jays to be a playoff team and that no one he talked to in baseball in Spring Training told him they thought the bats would be a problem.

He said that everything has fallen apart offensively for the Jays.  He can’t believe (nor can I) that his team is hitting 35 points below the league average with runners in scoring position.  When asked about the status of his “plan”, he said that we’re supposed to be in the payoff portion right now – that they’d been hopeful of being a playoff team the last few years and that this year was supposed to be the best team they’d had.  He did add that he feels the season is salvageable, but that there’s no big move in the offing.

A couple of quotes that piqued my interest, in case you can’t listen to the whole thing below:

-”No one is more disappointed than I am.  I take full responsibility.  We’re underperforming, no excuses, we should be playing better, and if this keeps up we have to have an open mind to doing some things differently.”

I’m not sure what that last part means.  Is it replacing the manager with an experienced, more independant type?  Moving away from trying to find guys who hit home runs and focusing on a more Angelsy type of offense? Trading an established player for a shot at a lightning-in-a-bottle kid?

And, of course, his throwing Adam Dunn right under the bus, then backing it over him a couple of times.  After mentioning Dunn’s poor career batting average and propensity to strike out, he went on to say that Dunn actually doesn’t like playing baseball, and doesn’t have a passion to play.  For you hockey-reference folks, think Alexandre Daigle.  I still love Dunn’s bat myself, make no mistake, but I’ve never met the guy and am willing to defer to someone who knows guys who know him well.   That may also be why the Jays may not be players for Erik Bedard.  Still, despite the fact that Dunn doesn’t like playing baseball, he’s awfully good at the hitting home runs part, which would make him a fine addition, I think.

J.P. also mentioned that Jeremy Accardo is at least three weeks away, and that he didn’t think that the injury was what prevented him from throwing the splitter, and that we might see Travis Snider at the major-league level by late 2009.  Ricciardi again answered the question about Adam Lind’s absence from the major league line-up, though he didn’t give a specific reason, other than he likes Wilkerson (who led the club in RBIs in May) and that the fans want Lind because they haven’t seen him and therefore he’s the next big thing, and the fans always want the next big thing.

It’s worth a listen, and it’s in the hot audio section of the site, but you can also hear it here:

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Comments are encouraged, as always.  The 24/7 JaysTalk is slowly killing me, but I’ll try to get to them between dropping The Billie off at school and hitting the chiro to prep for post-Jays softball before the game tomorrow afternoon.

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    You said during the pregame JT that upper management is doing all they can to win. I’m assuming you meant JP Ricciardi, because I think it’s very clear the Rogers/Godfrey team is not committed to winning. That they won’t sign Bonds and kiss up to Selig by not going over slot is something that seriously holds the team back. But why shouldn’t Mr. Rogers be happy with JP? He keeps raising the attendance and Mr. Rogers has watched his media company grow exponentially over the last 2 years. What makes you think he isn’t satisfied with this mediocrity? It’s pretty clear to me that he is, or he would have sacked Paul Godfrey a long time ago. But Godfrey brings in the money, and that’s all that matters.

    - Ari
  2. 2.

    Don’t you see the Jays aren’t winning because they are wearing their alternate uniforms so much? Why are you all so blind? This is painful. Hang in there everyone. Hope!

    - Jim Adams
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    Hey Mike

    Let me tell you what this average fan knows about Adam Dunn. By the end of the year, Dunn will have a higher on-base percentage, more RBI’s and home runs than any player currently on the Jays roster. He may have more homers than any TWO players combined. Who cares if he does it with a smile on his face.

    This team lacks a legit 3rd & cleanup hitter (not to mention a leadoff hitter), and we have no interest in Dunn who just happens to play leftfield? JP is out of his mind, and i am now convince we have no shot at the playoffs this year.

    MW: You may be right (except for the J.P. is out of his mind part). Dunn commits left field more than he plays it, but I’ll give you that.

    - rick
  4. 4.

    Anyone who picked the Jays to be in the playoffs obviously doesn’t know anything about the Jays past under Riccardi the closest they’ve come to the playoffs is 8 games from the wildcard and 10 from the divison in 2006. And if you like big bats that strike out alot how about Willy Mo Pena.

    MW: Wily Mo and Adam Dunn are VERY different animals.

    - David Millar
  5. 5.

    Yeah Adam Dunn, who has missed a total of 12 games the last three years doesn’t have a passion for baseball.

    And why is a former member of the Billy Beane administration using batting avg (for a guy with a .400 OBP) as a viable stat? That passion is a great statistic though.

    BTW, did Adam Lind make some sort of Orlando Hudson like gaffe I’m unware of? JP didn’t exactly speak glowing of him and for a team that can’t hit it seems odd not to bring up your top AAA prospect. Maybe he just hates guys named Adam. I guess that rules out my dream outfield of Dunn, Lind, and Jones. :)

    I don’t know maybe Ozzie Guillen like histrionics are a viable way to jump start a team. It seems to have worked in Chicago.

    MW: You know, I never thought about the Adam connection with Dunn and Lind. You may be onto something!

    - Jason
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    I’ll quit posting so often after this, but I was pretty blown away by the strength of JPs words about Adam Dunn.

    It’s a theme of his GMship that he’s looked for people with the right ‘character’. We’ve also seen that JP will not tolerate anyone who breaks his rules of behavior (Shea Hillenbrand is the obvious one, but also Frank Thomas to an extent).That does make quite a bit sense in terms of a good clubhouse, but on the other side of the equation is the fact that I suspect there are a lot of awfully good jackasses in the Hall of Fame, and there have been some teams with terrible clubhouses that got to the postseason (eg the Giants in the Giants/Anaheim World Series if I remember right). You’ll not be seeing Mr Bonds signed any time soon I reckon.

    MW: Here? It won’t happen. And J.P. didn’t say that Dunn is a jackass. You’re exactly right, however, there are an awful lot of jackasses in the Hall of Fame, which is why I would still sign Barry Bonds.

    - Ben
  7. 7.

    Hey Mike,

    I was listening to the JaysTalk tonight, and I was quite surprised to hear J.P.’s candid assessment of Adam Dunn. If the Jays really do have inside information about Dunn’s attitude, and I have no doubt that they do, then I’m all for passing on him. But I just found it kinda funny when J.P. went off saying that Dunn is a career .230 hitter (not true, it’s actually .247) who hits some homeruns and strikes out a ton. Doesn’t that basically describe Wilkerson? Adam Dunn has hit 40 HR’s in each of his last four seasons and is on pace to hit 40 HR’s this season. Not bad for a guy who doesn’t like baseball. I can’t possibly see how his attitude can be any worse than AJ Burnett’s, but I digress…

    MW: I don’t have a problem with Burnett’s attitude.

    - Ernie
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    Hi there Michael of the Ballyard:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence in my coaching abilities in the blog yesterday. I figure that the moron who was yelling stuff (or at least saying it audibly) made himself look pretty silly and that the other parents who heard him came to their own less than flattering conclusions about him.

    The overall situation just irked me and I needed to vent. I’m an 18 year old with the corresponding social life and time commitments, and I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to make sure that a dozen or so little kids get a stronger skills foundation than I was ever offered at that age.

    I’ve been coached by some pretty established guys (you may recognize Rick Johnston; I’ve done clinics at his place in Mississauga) and have played under coaches who have sent more than their fair share of players to D1 schools in the states, so I would imagine that I’ve forgotten more about baseball than most of the people involved in the game the over night will ever know, combined — particularly unattractive Sunday fathers who see fit to come games only on occasion and say things about the coaches when they do.

    Right, the situation just bothered me. I never had any problems when I head coached last year and I was widely applauded for my competence, so I didn’t really appreciate having things yelled at me while I was volunteering my time to offer some young kids much better coaching and a grounding in baseball than they’d otherwise receive.

    But I suppose if John Gibbons and Marty Peavy can still sleep at night with the stuff said about them on air, I certainly can too!

    MW: You probably have to develop a thicker skin than they have, coaching kids.

    - JCL
  9. 9.


    Believe you me I was trying to get through last night for Wed. w/ JP.

    Regarding Riccardi’s point that nobody he spoke to thought the Jays wouldn’t have a good offense, I suggest he get back in touch with the Baseball Prospectus folks.

    PECOTA projection for the ’08 Jays:

    77-85 with 753 runs scored (6th in the AL but closer to 12th than to 4th)

    Or if he doesn’t feel like paying the 40 bucks for the BP subscription, he could go to Baseball Think Factory where ZiPS forecasted that “Toronto’s 2008 turning out fairly similar to 2007, with a really good, deep, pitching staff and defense and a rather disappointing lineup.”


    Of course, those projections were made before the Jays swapped Glaus for Rolen (Glaus had the better offensive projection), acquiring Scrappy and his projected 80 OPS+, signing .283/.341/.370 projected Stewart to play over .276/.326/.457 projected Lind, and dumping Frank Thomas–in short, made a bunch of moves that arguably have hurt the Jays’ offense this year.

    - Michael
  10. 10.

    Well I for one am not willing to defer to JP with regards to Adam Dunn. I’m looking at a guy with a .400 OBP and .514 SLG – I couldn’t care less if he doesn’t like to play baseball, the fact is that he’s good at it.

    JP bringing up Dunn’s batting average and the fact that Wilkerson leading this team in RBIs in May suddenly makes him good is completely laughable. If a regular caller started spouting that nonsense, you would have ripped them (or at least corrected them). Why does JP get special treatment?

    MW: Because he’s the general manager and we want him to keep coming on the program. I have to say, though, and I don’t usually, that looking at RBIs does matter a little when a team is 4th in the league in obp but dead last in hitting with RISP. It shows that there’s someone who’s not an abysmal failure. Though now that I look at it, Wilkerson only had 12 RBIs in May, Didn’t JP say 18 or 19? You can’t complain about the job Wilkerson has done in June – he’s hitting .310/.431/.452. Only 2 RBIs, though.

    - John
  11. 11.

    I’m not gonna lie, that whole “he doesn’t like playing baseball” seems kinda like something a caller would say about someone, more specifically a Jay, that doesn’t put his head down and go full out on a grounder to the shortstop.

    Adam Dunn’s low batting average is a silly argument, really. If he can get on-base, AND he can drive in runs — what’s the disadvantage of a low batting average, other than the stat card?

    Do you think J.P. might be interested in Matt Holliday? I’ve heard that Dunn and him were two possible candidates if the Jays wanted to get that “superstar bat” that the Jays apparently need.

    Wouldn’t it be a smarter idea to get a left-handed bat, if we’re going to give up as much as it’d take anyway?

    I’ll ask more questions later, thanks in advance though, Mike!

    MW: The ones you just asked were ones I’ve already answered, except the Dunn stuff. The disdvantage of low batting average vs. high OBP? Your 2008 Toronto Blue Jays. I’d still take Dunn, though.

    - Larry
  12. 12.

    Hey Mike,

    Wow, what a shocker regarding the Adam Dunn statement from JP! It would certainly explain the Jays theory of assembling a group of character guys…I suppose Dunn isn’t one of them!

    The thing that stood out the most is that you could tell JP is suffering just as much as any Jays fan is right now. And if anyone out there believes he’s not trying to improve the ball club, then that’s a shame.

    I am starting to believe though that JP is about to break away from the conventional way of building his team.

    If there was ever a time to buy low on Bedard…

    MW: Bedard – according to what I know – is not a guy you want around if you’re trying to assemble a group of character guys. Check out the article about him in the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine.

    - Lee
  13. 13.

    I think it’s time for Gibby to sit Overbay down for awhile. He looks totally awful at the plate, and if they’re not going to use him in the spot where he would seem to be best suited (leadoff), then there is no point in him batting. Overbay is a guy the team was depending on to bat in the middle of the line-up and drive in some runs by hitting a lot of doubles. There not paying him to go up there and act like Tony Phillips. And I think this whole working the count thing has a lot to do with having little to no confidence in making good contact. Anyways, I’d like to see one of Wilkerson/Barajas/Stairs play first for the time being.

    MW: Overbay is most assuredly going through it right now. After a .287/.378/.489 May with seven doubles and four homers, he’s hitting .188/.322/.250 in June with three doubles.

    - Ernie
  14. 14.

    That was the quintessential Vernon Wells performance. He’s a good player, maybe even great one day. But he’s not a leader and he’s the opposite of clutch (whatever you want to call that). The team’s offence keys on Wells and he doesn’t seem comfortable with that responsibility, or maybe its something completely different. Point is, he needs to be the key offensively and he’s proven for a couple of years now that he’s not. Move Wells.

    Also good on JP for being direct and accountable.

    - Isaac C.
  15. 15.

    A Get Well Card For the Jays:

    Tuesday’s loss to the Brewers
    was pathetic. Wednesday’s loss to Milwaukee was anemic.
    Let’s hope things turn around real soon.

    MW: I wouldn’t say Wednesday was anemic – Tuesday definitely was. How will you describe Thursday, I wonder?

    - Mark
  16. 16.


    I liked J.P.’s candid interview. I can’t help feel like he assembled a playoff worthy team, yet I also can’t help feeling like he has been a failure. When a team has been underperforming for over three years you have to start questioning why it is that you think they should be better than they are. I can’t figure it out myself but then again I am not the one who is getting paid to do just that. We seam to have 100 pieces for a 100 piece puzzle, yet the peices just don’t fit together to make a complete picture.

    - Jeff
  17. 17.

    Wow, what an awesome WWJP this was. Listening to JP’s candid remarks really put things into perspective for me. It’s quite apparent when you hear him talk that JP has exceptional baseball acumen, and I think that we are very fortunate to have him around here. Like he said, this team’s primary hitters are having off years during their career prime (and the team’s complimentary hitters aren’t doing very good either), and nobody could have predicted that.

    My question to you is this, do you think that the early gut-wrenching losses set the tone for the season? If the Jays would have won the 14 inning game against Texas, or won the Rolen clutch hit return game in KC, etc., would we be seeing a different team? Maybe these guys would have started to believe that this was their year. That attitude would have possibly led to more clutch hits and comeback wins. Instead they get the Giambi homer slap in the face. I know you probably feel that there is no connection to any of it, but there does seem to be a pattern of heartbreak losses here. It must have had some kind of demoralizing effect on the players.

    MW: I’m sure the pattern of heartbreak losses definitely had some demoralizing effect on the players. But after that 14-inning game in Texas and the Rolen return, they still went 20-10 in May.

    - James
  18. 18.

    I was shocked regarding J.P.’s comments on Adam Dunn. Dunn may not ‘like baseball’ but he is still more of a threat then any other hitter the jays have. I believe he is the only hitter in baseball with 4 straight 40 homerun seasons and while he may strike out with regularity, he always is among the league leaders in walks. As you often say Mike, chemistry is VERY overrated when it comes to baseball. As long as individuals do their jobs, teams tend to win (i.e. The late 1970′s Yankees clubs) and Dunn would definitely improve this club. Perhaps J.P.’s salary cap is the real reason why he wouldn’t want Dunn because Dunn would be beyond a significant upgrade over whichever bat we are currently throwing in left field. Regarding attitude, I would take Adam Dunn’s personality over that of the narcissist A.J. Burnett anyday.

    MW: J.P.’s salary cap?

    - Dave
  19. 19.

    Hey Mike,

    I agree with the fact about Adam Lind should be brought up because how much worse could the offense do right now?? I think hes deserving of more than 19 AB’s this time around, and he’s hitting a ridiculous .448 with RISP in Syracuse, something the jays lack right now. I would get rid of Mench because he’s not hitting lefties like he should be. I also believe that Snider will be a September call-up this year and will show whats he’s capable of like Lind did in 2006 when he hit .367.

    MW: That worked out well for Lind, didn’t it? Lind was 23 when he got that call-up in ’06, Snider is 20. He will not be a September call-up this year, and may not be one next year.

    - Mike
  20. 20.

    Hey Mike
    Jays are frustrating forsure they are better than this!?!?! The players that are here now have the ability to change the direction of this ball club, but the hits aren’t falling and maybe the batters are griping the bats tight and trying to force it too much. They need a break or two. I still have hope!?!?! Mike I just want to say you are the best host ever you don’t play it soft and cheat the listener. Thank you for that, never change, because I will switch your show off. Keep up the great work and lets go Jays

    MW: Thanks!

    - Ken
  21. 21.

    Come on Mike, what the hell did I just hear? JP is selectively using stats that favor his arguments. He brought up Wilkerson’s RBI total, and said that he’s done a good job (which is like complimenting a pitcher by saying he just goes out there and wins). Then he goes on to talk about Dunn’s average, somewhere Billy Beane is shaking his head. I’ll take a 240 average, if the dude has a 400 on base. I realize you want to keep JP coming on the show, but isn’t there a civilized manner in which you can call him out on these types of things?

    MW: My job is not to call J.P. out, it’s to let you guys talk to him.

    - Terry
  22. 22.

    so i guess my phillies wont see the bjays in the world series?

    MW: Your Phillies are looking pretty good.

    - ben
  23. 23.

    So we don’t like Dunn because he doesn’t have passion or like playing the game? Has he been watching alot of his players over the last few weeks? Alot them seem not to be liking the game right now. For a guy bent on character, JP should realise that his own stubborn ways are a character flaw. If he’s not going to make a trade then bring Lind up and see if he can find his stroke at the major league level.

    MW: He answered the Lind thing on the show, too.

    - jason
  24. 24.

    I thought it was interesting how JP didn’t mention Gibbons once when a few callers brought his name and situation up. He may have just forgotten the question as he seems to get 2 or 3 questions at a time from each caller, but I thought it was weird how he didn’t defend him like he did last week. He also seemed really high on Cito (why shouldn’t he), but he couldn’t possibly be thinking about bringing him in, could he?

    MW: No, he’s not thinking about bringing Cito in. I didn’t think he sounded really high on him, just really respectful.

    - Brett
  25. 25.

    Mike, I have not been this enraged in a long long time.

    Whether J.P. hates or loves Adam Dunn, what he just did is nothing but 100% detrimental to this team. As you may or may not recall (I’m the Teix-lover), I love Dunn as well. He has the balls to talk about Adam Dunn’s average while he signs Vernon Wells and his freakin’ .330 OBP to a long-term contract. Is it that JP is completely ignorant to the sport? Is it that he’s legally ****? What is the reason for this idiocy?

    Or is it just because Dunn doesn’t have the attitude he likes? What about his LOSING attitude? His uppity, condescending attitude towards the fans? I don’t like JP’s attitude, Mike.

    He needs to be fired immeiately before I, and a lot of other die hard jays fans start giving up on this travesty.

    MW: I don’t know why some fans get their backs up because J.P.’s attitude is that he knows more about that game and the players than the fans do. He does. Like I said, though, I don’t care if Dunn cries himself to sleep every night so long as he hits his 40 bombs and gets on 38% of the time.

    - Wyatt Bailey
  26. 26.

    Here in a nutshell is your 2008 Toronto Blue Jays in a nutshell.

    In the seventh inning the jays did the following.

    single, double, homerun, two walks
    ……….drum roll………………………………
    leading to ONE run. take away the homerun and you have single, double, two walks and zero runs. this following an earlier game against the indians when they managed four hits and no runs in an inning.

    this team has singlehandedly proved the phrase “walk’s as good as a hit” to be incorrect. they have almost singelhandedly reduced the value of the stat “on base percentage”

    i wonder if there has ever been a team with such a discrepancy in OBP vs runs scored. im sure there has, since baseball has been going on for over a hundred years, but i bet there arent too many.

    to add to your comments on zaun’s defense, i also noticed on three occassions tonight when zaun went to the mound, gave the pitcher some advice, and then the next pitch was a single…what on earth was he telling them??

    MW: He was saying “this guy needs a hit, help him out.”

    - sammy
  27. 27.

    Who gives a freakin’ crap about his attitude Mike, my God, get your nose out of his a**, seriously.

    MW: Huh? I disagree with him.

    - Wyatt Bailey
  28. 28.

    My impression from JP’s take on Dunn is that Dunn is forcing an informal limited no-trade-clause after supposedly the complete-no-trade-clause expired on the 15th.

    JP must’ve called the Reds and Dunn probably said no and probably more.

    Do you think that’s a possibility?

    MW: No, I don’t think so. Dunn doesn’t have that power. The Reds can now deal him anywhere they want.

    - BK
  29. 29.

    Thanks Michael for providing evidence that many people in the media didn’t have such a rosy outlook on the Jays season. In fact many members of the media having started to openly mock his performance as GM if that’s what he uses as a point of reference in evaluating himself. The fact is that the Jays have been a fairly mediocre to downright wretched offensive team since the 2nd half of 2006 (check the number for yourselves). I think that by now, this has ceased to be some type of anomaly and has become a trend. It’s clear that JP has no idea how to dig out of this mess and I would add that this mess has no short-term fix. The farm system is poor and all the money is tied up in overpaid longterm deals. There is no hope, can JP and get the Jays a good GM (e.g. Terry Ryan or Gerry Hunsicker). Having a mediocre GM running the show just isn’t going to do it.

    MW: Gerry Hunsicker? And there’s only one of me.

    - Greg
  30. 30.

    JP Ricciardi:

    “They (the fans)have a right to be upset. I don’t hold that against them. I appreciate the fact that they are true blue Blue Jays fans. So I can relate to some of their frustration…”

    So, what do you think the odds are of this comment being recited? Written down on a piece of paper in front of him?

    As a “true blue Blue Jays fan” I would sign Adam Dunn if he was a serial rapist who took ‘roids 20 times a day in the butt, so long as he put him a .900+ OPS.

    MW: I’d have an issue with the serial rapist part. If you actually listened to the show and heard the tenor of his voice, you’d know that nothing he said could have been rehearsed. But it doesn’t matter, you’re going to disagree with everything he does and says regardless.

    - Wyatt Bailey
  31. 31.

    “He mentioned that some analysts had picked the Jays to be a playoff team”

    Wait, what? I’ve been a big JP defender throughout, but that bugs the hell out of me. Is JP hiding behind analysts? I hope they’re not the same ones Bavavai invoked when he claimed “nobody had the guts to pick us lower then second” (I may be paraphrasing).

    MW: I had the guts to pick the Mariners lower than second, check the archives from the end of March. I don’t think J.P. was hiding behind analysts, I think he was refuting the often-stated claim that “everyone knew this team couldn’t hit.”

    - paulf
  32. 32.

    It is tough to see Overbay becoming such a streaky hitter this year. He always has had such a sweet swing I assumed he wouldn’t be as prone to this episodes.

    As for the Jays previews and lack of criticism towards the bats it has to be considered that all these were written before the releases of the big hurt, who was clearly the power in the lineup last year. That was my only problem with cutting Thomas, it just didn’t seem that J.P. has a well thought out plan in replacing him. Matt Stairs at his age and platoon status is not an everyday player.

    All that being said, I really do continue to believe that Jason Bay would be an excellent addition to the club with the added bonus (and price) of not being a rental. I would think that it would be possible to complete a package without involving either Marcum or Mcgowen.

    Sorry for ranting but its hard to feel like were back in 05 or worse yet 04.

    MW: That certainly wasn’t an apology-worthy rant – well done. I’m with you on Bay. As I’ve often said, I’d prefer Dunn, but he’s obviously not an option.

    - kit
  33. 33.

    There’s really no shortage of people who have a passion for the game. I actually know one or two of them myself. Alas, there is a shortage of guys who can hit 40 home runs every year. And one of these qualities is more useful than the other.

    Adam Dunn bonus feature: he’s grounded into 2 (two!) double plays this season, and just 52 in more than 1000 career games. After two more tonight, the Jays are now on pace to hit into 186 DPs. The major league record is 174, set by the 1990 Red Sox. Those Red Sox led the AL in BAVG and OBP, were third in SLG – and ended up just 7th in runs scored.

    - Daniel McIlroy
  34. 34.

    This is the most boring baseball club ever put together. I really liked that 2003 club, they had some personalities on the team, young players – are we seriously stuck with 7 more years of Vernon Wells and Alex Rios… yawn. Wake me up everything fifth game when Halladay starts.

    MW: Yeah, great pitching sucks to watch.

    - Paul O
  35. 35.

    Shannon Stewart and Brad Wilkerson over Adam Lind.

    Matt Stairs and Kevin Mench over Frank Thomas.

    The refusal to sign Barry Bonds for reasons of clubhouse chemistry and not wanting to sell souls.

    The refusal to trade for Adam Dunn because he doesn’t like baseball. Which is ridiculous I should add…I don’t care what a player’s attitude is as long as he hits 40 HR with a .900 OPS. I’m sure he’ll take his pay check whether he likes playing or not.

    These are all failures involving the offense that JP had control over (except possibly the Bonds situation, I look towards Godfrey there). It wasn’t just the slumps of Rios, Overbay, Hill, and Wells that have led to the abysmal offense. It’s also the major mistakes that JP has refused to rectify. His excuse for Lind not being here… well I’m not sure he actually has one that makes sense anymore. I used to be in favour of letting him stay around as I considered him to be a slightly above average GM, but there are just too many nonsensical things going on in this organization. He needs to be let go.

    Anyway, knowing that what I just said isn’t very likely to happen….do you think he’ll replace Gibbons with Cito Gaston in the next days if they lose 1 or 2 more? He didn’t exactly rule out the possibility of him managing at some point point in the future, in fact he said he expected it.

    MW: I expect it, too, but in New York. And it’s not Stairs and Mench for Thomas, it was really Stewart for Thomas, because Stairs was in the line-up anyway. If Rios, Overbay, Hill and Wells were hitting as their career averages would indicate, the Jays would be fine right now.

    - Steve
  36. 36.

    Very dissapointed after what has happend since the calender turned over to June. With Randolph available he maybe a candidate to replace Denbo, who has been JPs worst hiring since Carlos Tosca. They need to been thinking more then fastball on 3-1 pitches.

    MW: Willie Randolph. hitting coach?

    - HBK
  37. 37.

    the offence was very predictabl…it happened last year.

    MW: In a VERY different fashion.

    - kevin
  38. 38.

    Watching Overbay tonight, I noticed that he has a lot of movement after the pitch has been released. He starts out wide open and when the ball is released he moves to a closed position. I watched in slow mow on HD just to make sure that I was seeing what I was seeing. When he was hitting a little more consistently, he closed while the guy was in his windup. I’m not a hitting coach, but I was always taught to keep your body and hands quiet. However, I am not a doctor either, but I can tell when the patient is missing an arm.

    MW: I can, too. A lot of guys start open and close up when the pitch is on its way – helps them stride properly.

    - Bob
  39. 39.

    Hey Mike
    I would be doing better if the Jays played in a way that wouldn’t make me want pull my hair out! Anyway, comming into this year I thought we would see our patence with JP finally pay off with a team with that has 3 out of what I call the big 4 key attributes in baseball. I thought the Jays were a team with hitting, pitching, fielding, but with a little less baserunning skill. To this point I admit that I have been wrong about where I thought the Jays would be at this time. JP has put together a group of players who we thought could make the Jays more than just a spoiler team in september. I also believe he put together these players with alot of confidence. As a ture Jays fan till the end, I expect this team to compete for glory. If it ever happens again, I don’t think its going to be with JP driving this ship. I wanted to have confidence in him but after tonights Jaytalk, my confidence in his adility has sunken even lower. Maybe its not that JP is a bad GM but maybe its that Toronto is not the place for him. If the hitters he has now can’t make a season out of this then he is stuck with under achievers. I look at this lineup and I see a team that should average 5+ runs a game. In the NL I think its reasonable to believe that a team can be at an even win and loss record and still have a chance at making it, but not in the AL east. 3 games under the 500 mark already has them in last place in the division.

    MW: They still have a chance. Certainly not a good one, but a chance.

    - Matt from BC
  40. 40.

    Mike, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been jotting down some of the better “goofs” from this blog (and others), and thought I’d list them here, with (in most cases)an “editorial comment” which I hope will help clarify the point.

    I’ve tried to ignore the “typos” (although sometimes it’s hard to know for sure), and in a few cases I’ve gone back into my “memory bank” for examples from the past. Here goes:

    “He’s in the throws of a slump” (maybe a fielding problem, a la Steve Sax?)

    “He’s not filling his roll” (a real wiener!)

    “Pouring over his papers” (sure makes them soggy!)

    “Pre-madonna” (love this one!)

    “(the streak) was in tact” — (probably because no one took offense)

    “He didn’t elude to anything …” (Guess he couldn’t get out of the way)

    “Case and point” (a burglar teaching another one where to break in?)

    “They have a whole in their rotation” (he ordered a bagel, and got a do-nut)

    “pitches he wails away at” (poor baby!)

    “His bat has been waisted” (well, I guess better the waist than some other part of the anatomy)

    “He should except the fact…”
    (what, he should only listen to the non-facts?)

    “Your knowledge speaks dividends” (You should talk to your stock broker more often)

    “His time has run its coarse” (He’s no longer a smoothe operator)

    “The crowd was very quite” (so which was it, “very” or “quite”?)

    “…echoes the sediments that we have” (you’ve got to stop eating that sand!)

    “He wouldn’t wave his no-trade clause” (He wasn’t proud of it, so didn’t want anyone else to know he had it)

    “We don’t here a thing” (I guess because the “things” are all over there)

    And of course we have multiple misuses of “their”, “there” and “they’re”, of “it’s” and “its”, etc — some of which are probably typos and others just “wrongs”.

    I’m sure the next couple of weeks will provide another good list, but I’ll leave that for someone else to compile.


    MW: Wow. You really do have too much time on your hands, huh? It’s so sad what’s happening to the language.

    - Norm
  41. 41.

    I live in Dayton just outside of Cincinnati, and I’ve watched Dunn since his days in A ball. I don’t think he is the answer. He’ll hit his yearly walk-off against Cleveland, but other than that, his stats come in blowouts. The guy has never made a “productive” out in his life, and the Jays already have plenty of that going on.

    The answer was Bonds, but sadly I think it’s too late for this year. I would have loved to see what this team could have done with Barry in the middle of this lineup. Sigh….

    MW: I’m sure he’s made lots of productive outs. Weird about him and the lack of sac flies, though.

    - Chris
  42. 42.

    Mike, the one thing I took away from the segment from J.P is the end is near for John Gibbons. In the past when callers brought up firing Gibbons J.P always defended him and said firing him was not an option.

    When people brought up firing Gibbons last night J.P skillfully dodged directly answering the question and didn’t go out of his way to defend him.

    The end is nigh methinks.

    MW: Methinks so, too.

    - Chris Jones
  43. 43.

    Mike, I hope Adam Dunn doesn’t hear about J.P’s comments as the Reds will be in Toronto next week.

    Those words might come back to haunt J.P.

    MW: He’s heard ‘em. Or read them, at least.

    - Chris Jones
  44. 44.

    Mike – your blog is getting out of hand – full time job – sure is something to be proud of but a lot of extra work. Don’t know how your gonna keep it up.

    How about some stats!

    Jays Vs AL average thus far for 2008.


    AL: 328 312 .331 .407 .739
    Jays: 290 270 .337 .376 .713

    Not something we didn’t know as to runs and rbi’s – just think if we could cash em in with a better than league average OBP thus far. This will turn around!

    Jays (total average) BA and OBP from 2001-07 Vs 2008 thus far.

    BA OBP
    01-07Jays: .269 .343
    2008 Jays: .267 .337

    Comparing the above stats to those of 2006! The OBP of .338 is not far off the average of 2008.

    However the 06 team could cash em in with a .284 batting average. The killer stat going hand in hand with risp.

    Adam Dunn – I agree with JP on this guy – even Grif Jr. called him out after a game when Dunn found it humorous to go 0-3 with 3k’s! If Dunn would just shorten his swing,(choke up to hit to opposite field) change the mental attitude he could be a .300 hitter for sure – not gonna happen however!

    Speaking of averages Mike – you must be getting close to 200 a day on your blog – that’s unreal!


    - Bob
  45. 45.

    Hi Mike
    When things are bad, you hit into a double play, then hit a home run, then load the bases. Poor guys, they really are trying. Rolen’s slide into second in the ninth was great. Things will get better! Thanks for the blog and show.

    - roy hughes
  46. 46.

    Time to bring back Hillenrand. Gotta let Vernon “alls not” Wells, Lyle Overpaid, Scott “just” Rolen “out of bed” and Rod “here today Zaun tommorow” Barajas that this ship has sunk. Add Rios amigo.

    MW: How long have you been working on that?

    - Marvin
  47. 47.

    Is it just me or does JP burn bridges and dig deeper holes every time he opens his mouth? I mean I have to give him credit for continuing to show up every Wednesday and face the fans but sometimes its better to just say nothing at all. It is becoming really evident that the pressure to win is starting to get to him and I really hope he doesn’t force a trade in one last attempt to save his job. For the first time in oh say 7 years this team actually has and above average farm system with what’s looking like 2 top 20 prospects in Snider and Arencibia and another guy who may get that high in Cecil.

    Its funny how JP won’t consider trading for Dunn because of his lack of passion for the game. Yet he has no problem handing out contracts to Burnett whose goal it seems in every non-contract year is to find that first tweak that will allow him to hit the DL for a brief holiday or Alex Rios who in every at bat this season looks like he’s thinking about how he can’t wait to fly his toy helicopter after the game. Maybe if Rios showed as much ‘passion’ about baseball as he does about flying expensive toys around the stadium he might not look like an American league pitcher who hasn’t batted in 12 months.

    And speaking of this ‘passion’ for the game, there’s another guy in Texas by the name of Josh Hamilton who claimed in a recent story in SI that he doesn’t even like baseball. Never watches a game, never checks the highlights, doesn’t even read a box score. Just shows up for work and does his job. We certainly don’t want a player like him on this team. But I’ll take a ‘scrappy’ David Eckstein any day.

    MW: You do realize that Alex Rios is hitting .270/.328/.372. Disappointing to be sure, but an AL pitcher? Still, it’s good to hear that someone thinks the Jays’ farm system is above average.

    - Matt
  48. 48.

    Oh well, another tough loss but at least they got some hits this time. Unfortunately, everyone else in the AL East won their first 2 games of these interleague series and so we fell behind everyone by 2 additional games and even the struggling Tigers have brought themselves to within .5 game of the Jays.

    I can’t believe that Russell Branyan has 9 home runs (which would lead the Jays) in just 19 games this season and now Ryan Braun has 20 which is more than the top 2 Blue Jays combined. The complete lack of power on this Jays team is staggering.

    As for JP’s comments tonight, he definitely sounded upset about the situation but I didn’t get the sense that he was willing to change anything. Mike, I could almost hear a pin drop in the studio and then your jaw hit the floor when he brought up “passion” and “he doesn’t like baseball” when discussing Adam Dunn. Now not only is the bench coach talking about intangible stuff but so is the GM of the team. He must be reading this blog to use stuff like that … maybe he just wanted to get a reaction from you knowing how much you’ve been pushing Dunn’s name as part of a solution to the hitting woes.

    MW: I doubt that very much.

    - Peter B.
  49. 49.

    My glass is always half full. This offence might not be the best but it’s capable of producing enough runs to support this tremendous pitching staff. I’ll keep my optimism alive for another six weeks or so.

    Is Prince Fielder the fattest baseball player of all time? He’s OBESE. It’s amazing how he hits all those homers with that so much blubber on him.

    MW: There have been plenty of fat big leaguers.

    - Beburg
  50. 50.

    So it is no secret that the Jays cannot hit with runners in scoring position.

    I propose that during batting practice we put 2 men on base one at second and one at third. During batting practice no one is on base – players are everywhere but not on the bag as a runner – since all their practice there are no base runners this is why they cannot hit with RISP.

    If this doesn’t work we need to re-visit the uniform theory proposed yesterday.

    MW: I’m not sure which tactic will have more success.

    - Dave G
  51. 51.

    I’m impressed with a lot of the previous commentors who have quite rightly pointed out the holes in JP’s anti-Dunn remarks. Nice to see some objective stat analysis taking place.
    Anyway, yes Dunn does have a low BA, and a lot of SOs – but who cares? The dude has a career .901 OPS, and a career OPS+ of 130!
    I can’t believe I semi-defended JP yesterday. I thought he wasn’t going after Dunn because he’d be too costly in terms of the players the Jays would have to give up to get him. But he says it’s because Dunn doesn’t like baseball enough? And that he hits .230? If Ricciardi truly meant what he said, he is imcompetent for evaluating talent that way. If he didn’t, he’s massively condescending to fans for expecting us to believe it.
    His petulance is really getting old, man.

    MW: HIS petulance? Did you listen to the caller to whom he was responding?

    - Kipps Thompson
  52. 52.

    I’m not sure who JP discussed this team with at the beginning of the season because I’m sure there are 1,000 experts out there but I heard Steve Phillips, Ken Rosenthal, and Keith Law all state that the Jays playoff chances were pretty slim. I consider those guys pretty intelligent/ knowledgeable when it comes to baseball and since I’m just a casual fan of the game I had no reason not to believe them.

    MW: OK, you’ve picked three guys. Most of the people who picked the Jays to not make the playoffs did so because of the whole Yankees-Red Sox thing. Look hard, and see if you can find anyone who thought the Jays would have a losing record.

    - Peter B.
  53. 53.

    Wow, JP’s comments on Dunn have already made it to Cincinnati. Reds in town next week…JP promoting the bout ala Don King!

    Can’t wait to read/hear more fallout on this in Cincy…


    - Ryan
  54. 54.

    This offence is so bad that after the first 2 innings that they were down by 2 runs, you can just go and do somethings else that it wil not come back to win the game.How many game they win if were down by the 7 inning? I guess may be one or may be minus ten.Anyone who still believe this team can win a playoff spot must be in the other planet.Give you credit Mike for continue to sticking up for this team.But sooner or later reality will hit you.Firing the coach or manager will not save this team, but at least give the fans something to hope for.

    - Kenny
  55. 55.

    No John Gibbons job is safe, He didn’t get the vote of confidence from J.P. last night, he clearly isn’t going anywhere.

    MW: I hadn’t thought of it that way.

    - ukJay
  56. 56.

    I keep having this re-occuring nightmare that the Blue Jays hitters keep grounding into double plays when the game is on the line.
    Please help

    MW: Eventually, you’ll wake up.

    - Pat
  57. 57.

    Just read the Bedard article. Here it is for anyone else interested:

    I had heard he was Bonds-esque with the media. Didn’t know he was very stubborn and mostly uncoachable.

    So you’re saying he’d clash moreso than Lilly/Gibbons had? I would think that Arsnberg would have a decent chance at forming a working relationship with the guy (since that’s what he’s known for).

    I don’t know Mike, I’d like to have that lefty in the rotation next season.

    MW: Gibbons and Lilly were running buddies before and after the blow-up in the Oakland game.

    - Lee
  58. 58.

    Your right, moneyball is about economics and baseball. It states that walks are the most undervalued, in dollars, aspect of winning. But it presents the idea that the fiscally prudent team should go after this type of player, and is statistically proven by Bill James. For example, this is why the Jays have Overbay, not because of his .280 life time average adn 76 career hrs, Stairs, not because of his .267 life time average and 100 plus K seasons, and Wilkerson, not because of his .250 career average and massive K load of Ks.

    You can say it is about economics, but to me it describes a way teams like the Jays can compete with the Yankees and Red Soxs.

    Anyways, sounds to me like J.P. is going to be the new stand Pat Gillick. The only chips he has he doesn’t want to give up.

    I said in an early post that winning without hitting is more painful to watch than winning without pitching. I still stand by that.

    Did you the Jays are 7 – 26 with the opposition scores more than 4 runs? The Rangers are 20 – 34

    MW: I would say that losing without hitting is more painful to watch than losing without pitching, unless the pitching that you’re without is in the bullpen. Who remembers the 1983 Jays, August edition? You’re right about Moneyball, except that walks WERE the most undervalued at the time the book was written, that’s not necessarily the case anymore.

    - JW
  59. 59.

    I don’t understand for the life of me why people are calling for Gibby’s head. If people want Gibby fired does that mean they trust JP to hire a third coach in his seven years. JP has already fired two hitting coaches and two managers. Why would anyone trust JP to hire another manager?

    - Neil
  60. 60.

    Hi Mike,
    I don’t understand why JP called out Adam Dunn like that. He’s a solid 30+ HR hitter, and already this season he has 18 HR with 43 RBI’s this season – more than any of the Jays. To me, it seems more important to sign a big bat, than to have character players on your team (case in point Orlando Hudson and Reed Johnson).

    MW: I agree, but I want to sign Barry Bonds.

    - Ian
  61. 61.

    Your silence on my first comment is rather interesting. I equate it to JP’s silence last night in regards to the first 2 callers talking about Gibbons’ job security. Normally he’d be out there defending him, but he didn’t say a word. Something is brewing.

    MW: My silence on what comment? And yes, something is brewing. I expect that there’s a good chance Gibby doesn’t make it through the wekeend.

    - Ari
  62. 62.


    During the broadcast Jerry mentioned that the Jays are 1-21 (now 1-22) in games when they trail after the sixth inning. I heard this morning that the Orioles are something like 17-11 in come from behind wins. What can this be attributed to? Are the Jays a clubhouse full of “me” guys whose egos are all of a sudden battered and bruised and who cannot get past their own self-inflicted demons? Baltimore has no business coming from behind on any team, and yet they have been successful this year. The Jays should be, given all the reasons discussed this season, and yet they continue to wallow in the depths of ultra crapitude. There is a feeling of inevitability starting to take over this team, and it smells real bad. Guys who take pride in winning come up with clutch performances SOMETIMES!!! The only conclusion one can draw from this team is that they simply don’t care as much as the team in the other dugout on a nightly basis. If they don’t care, why should the fans?

    MW: That shouldn’t be the only conclusion you can draw, because “wanting it more” is not a factor in winning baseball games. Scoring runs is, and that’s something that the Jays don’t do well at all. That’s why they don’t come back.

    - Vava
  63. 63.

    I must say I respect the way JP handled himself last night in terms of taking responsibility for the Jays dismal season. I also respect the fact that he appreciates the frustration of the fans, and that we have every right to criticize the progress year to date (if not for us nobody with the Jays or who make a living off the Jays would have a job). I did not like his comment around Dunn’s career average (he was about 15 points off) as it sounded like you last month when you said on the air Stewart and Reed are batting “about the same” this year (and Reed was up 25 points at that time). One thing was for certain, his voice was different and he said some things that made me believe a managerial change is coming. In previous weeks all Gibby comments were responded to in some fashion. Last night he avoided a Gibby conversation like the plague. There were also no Gibby compliments to be found – rare on the JP visit.

    - Matthew
  64. 64.

    Hi Mike,

    JP spoke glowingly of Cito last night, specifically referencing his work with the team over the last few spring trainings. I personally don’t think he put his feelings about him out there to give other teams his recommendation for their managerial position.

    In your opinion, do you think JP would make this switch at manager as a last-gasp effort to turn things around?

    MW: No, I don’t.

    - Am
  65. 65.

    God Bless ‘John from Thornhill’.
    The one thing we’re all told before getting on the Wednesday call-in is, ‘get straight to the question, no speeches.’

    JP must be very comfortable with his legal representation, to make libelous statements about Adam Dunn. How the heck does JP know that Dunn isn’t passionate about playing ball and what difference does that make anyway. Twelve year old sandlot players are passionate about the game.

    For years now, you’ve reamed callers who say we don’t have players with ‘character or heart’,(passion?). Asking them, how do you know the level of heart that an individual has.
    Then you point out the positive in their statistical history. Dunn’s stat’s say he has a whole lot of what the Jays could use.

    ‘Because he’s the general manager and we want him to keep coming on the program.’
    Is a bit on the lame side. You ‘protect’ JP WAY too much, ie: the pre-call-in briefing. If he wants to be accessible to the general Jay fandom, then he should be prepared AND willing to listen to tirades and OPENLY answer the unpopular questions. Stat’s and baseball inner workings are provide more than adequatly by yourself.
    He gave one stat tonight – Wilkersons’ RBI total – and it was wrong. OR was it intentionally padded to make the only move he’s made, other than firing a future Hall-Of-Famer, look like a stroke of genius.

    Here’s a thought, next Wednesday no callers, just JP and Bob McGowan. I’d even do a pay-per view for that.

    Finally, Mr.Rogers level of involvment in anything other than raising ticket prices and keeping yesmen employed, must be starting to get to any Leaf fan who remembers Harold Ballard.

    PS. check CBC Radio’s website for an artical aired Monday about the $500 million class-action lawsuit being filed against chiropractors. Be careful when you’re on that table mate.

    MW: We don’t screen callers for unpopular questions. You’re allowed to ask whatever you want. But the speeches and tirades are out of place, even though it’s the fans’ only forum to talk directly to J.P. There are dozens of people who wait on the lines every Wednesday, and monopolizing three minutes or so to make a speech, or vent, or “put J.P. in his place” just isn’t fair to everybody else. I thought that first caller was speaking for a lot of Jays’ fans, so I let him go on his rant. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have.

    - Scott 'from North Bay'
  66. 66.

    Harsh words from JP…

    You think he’s getting sick of the Adam Dunn thing, much?

    Questions JP has listened to over and over this season:

    - Reed Johnson
    - Frank Thomas
    - Barry Bonds
    - Adam Dunn
    - AJ Burnett

    … yet he STILL goes on the air every week and takes the calls. No doubt it’s wearing on him a bit (as I’m, sure the Jays poor play of late has been), but you gotta respect the guy.

    For the haters who want to fire him, will that make sense? Our minor league system is getting better and we’ve just locked up what should be the heart of our lineup for the next 5 years with Wells, Rios and Hill all signed… would it make sense to bring a new GM in and have him potentially blow it up?

    Fickle, that’s what I think about most of the fans. When we’re winning, JP is the man, when we’re losing we want to go all “Off with his head” on him… Still lots of ball to be played… we just need to hit one…

    - Luke
  67. 67.

    I noticed something strange this year with the Blue Jays. Whenever a player comes off the DL (not counting Johnny Mac as he has only a few at bats since coming back) they go on a tear for a week or two. I cite Rolen, Eckstein, Wells and now Zaun as examples. Is this coincidence?

    MW: Yes. And also a good reason to keep sending Joe Inglett down.

    - Jay
  68. 68.

    I know you get a lot of grief from writers to this site and it goes with the territory. My question is why do you post those that say “you’re a moron, a Rogers mouthpiece” etc? There is almost never a question in there and the comments and your response add nothing to the discussion, and actually lower the overall level of discourse. Are you obligated to post everything (excluding profanity), or is it just your personal policy?

    MW: Personal policy. I don’t feel as though I should censor comments that are negative towards me.

    - Wojtek
  69. 69.

    Mike, has Griff always been on Gibbons because today he wrote a article on how John Gibbons must go. Has Bob Elliot and Jeff Blair ever called for the head of Gibbons and do they think he must go?

    MW: Griffin called for Gibbons’ firing either last year or the year before, as well (I think last year). I don’t know if Bob thinks he should be fired, but Blair predicted May 14th as Gibby’s last day back on a Spring Training pre-game we did.

    - andrew
  70. 70.

    My sincere apologies to Bob McCown for gaffing on the spelling of his name in my previous comment.

    - Scott 'from North Bay'
  71. 71.

    MIke when do u think Gibbons will be fired. Also should JP worried about his job as well. I feel his comments on Dunn are a little off hes the bat we need in the middle of the order.

    MW: I have serious doubts that we’ll see Gibby when the Jays get back from Pittsburgh, but I hope I’m wrong. I don’t think J.P. has anything to worry about yet.

    - Jeff
  72. 72.

    Hi Mike, when this season started, I thought the Jays would be really in the mix of it based on the team on paper. Unfortunately it is not working out as most of us had hoped. I don’t buy all this talk that the management is not committed to winning. ofcourse they are based on the 98 million dollar payroll. I am now more in line with the thinking that maybe it is time to rebuild. Perhaps that is what JP meant. In my opinion the Jays will not make up the games this year this year unless teams tank and the Jays play about .620. The Jays are more than one big bat away from contending. I feel we could use an updgrade at catcher, SS, LF and DH. So here goes my suggestion and I can already here the outrage but would like to know what you think. Trade Halladay and Burnett 100% and start the rebuliding process. If Tejada and Bedard can fetch about 10 prospects. I imagine the best pitcher in the league with 2 years on his contract could net a healthy return. I love Halladay as a pitcher and a team guy but I have real doubts he will want to resign coupled with the fact i think we are a number of players away from really contending.

    MW: I don’t think the Jays are out of it yet. If they are, I’m all for trading Burnett, along with guys like Eckstein, Barajas, Zaun, Stairs and even Rolen. But I wouldn’t trade Halladay unless I was overwhelmed.

    - Ken
  73. 73.

    Sounds like changes are on the way for the Jays. I don’t think we need Adam Dunn. Bring up Lind, dump Mench. Toronto should focus on youth, not expierenced washed up players. Lets hope they turn it around. Great job Mike with Wednesdays with JP, enjoyed it as usual.

    - Tom Stewart
  74. 74.

    JP’s performance last night was interesting. Dunn doesn’t like baseball? Really….wow! So that means that his power and high OBP are worthless on a team that has no power. JP can Dunn play and add something to a last place team? That’s what the fans want to hear,not that he is not a fan of the sport. You might have good clubhouse guys, but where are the results.I think that JP’s argument about good guys has landed them a last place berth right now. From what I understand, Billy Beane just looks at the stats , not the character and look at how his beer budget team is doing this year absent character guys.

    In addition, there are no lethal bats in this lineup. Who is feared in this lineup? Can you imagine both Bonds and Lofton in this lineup. It would be a 4 team race in the AL East not a 3 team race. To add insult to injury, the lowly Rays have become a force to be reckoned with whereas the Jays are falling into obscurity. Mike, unlike you I really believe that the Rays can sustain this and unlike JP , I believe that some bad guys need to be added to the mix to make the Jays more productive offensively. Provided that those bad guys can hit for power and have good RISP numbers!

    MW: But do they HAVE to be bad guys?

    - jay
  75. 75.


    Do you think JP is mad at me? Or, is he just p****d at Vernon, Alex, Lyle etc? I need an inside scoop so I can know if I should start sending out my resume to other future employers.

    MW: J.P. knows it’s not your fault.

    - Gibby
  76. 76.

    “Character” guys don’t win ball games – you’ve said this more than anyone. Talent wins games. The fact that JP is not willing to go after players that would obviously help this team is concerning to me and it should be to you too. Saying that Dunn is not a fit because he doesn’t like playing baseball is a cop out, maybe JP tried to get him already and got shot down cold and now he’s just bitter.

    And it’s not about OBP with Dunn (though I think a .400 is pretty good), it’s about his SLG and the fact that he destroys right handed pitching – something that no Jay is currently able to do.

    Again, the fact that JP acts like he can’t help this team is laughable. I’ve lost faith in this man’s ability to construct a playoff team.

    MW: I don’t think J.P. is bitter at being rebuffed by the Reds, I think he was honestly angry at the insinuation that he’s so stupid not to have realized that someone who hits like Dunn could help his team, and he lashed out.

    - John
  77. 77.


    Do you think JP will have a change of heart next week when Adam Dunn comes to town and hits 3 or 4 home runs?

    MW: Nah.

    - Bernard
  78. 78.

    What’s the difference between Adam Dunn and a guy like AJ Burnett or Shea Hillenbrand, both of whom had pretty negative reputations before the Jays acquired them?

    MW: I don’t know Dunn personally, and again, I don’t see why not liking the game matters if you’re a Crushy McCrushstein-type.

    - Andy
  79. 79.


    I think they should get rid of Hockey Central (it’s June 19th for Petes’s sake) ….You should have a 1 hour show during that timeslot in the summer months….I can never get enough of baseball talk!!!

    MW: I already have two full-time jobs, thanks.

    - Bernard
  80. 80.

    I personally liked hearing JP balk at the idea of bringing in Adam Dunn. The guy is NOT a proven hitter w/ RISP over the course of his career, and I feel that he’d only bring more frustration for the already hysterical fans. Dunn’s a one-dimensional player, though he’s tearing it up this year, I’m sure if he gets moved the price will be too high and I hope the Jays don’t throw away some prospects on a guy like that. Now Jason Bay, I think the Jays would be very well served to make a big move for a guy like that, though at this point the Pirates should be looking to deal US prospects for some pitching. Cheers Mike, great job with the show keep it up.

    - Pat in Ajax
  81. 81.

    Wow. That was a cool Wednesday with JP. Crappy game (again and obviously), but great post-game. A few thoughts:

    1. J.P. is a seriously stand-up guy. I feel sorry for him and he’s right. No one could have predicted this.

    2. The way he openly trashed Dunn and spoke candidly about other players. I thought GM’s couldn’t do that. (I’ve never heard anyone else do that.)

    3. I agree that Gibby doesn’t deserve to go, but he probably should. Something’s got to give. It actually does ‘work’ sometimes. (Although I buy into your position on this issue as well.)

    4. Why is it that so many Jays suck after they sign big contract extensions? I don’t mean ufa’s from other teams. I mean our own guys. It’s like they stop eating their ‘wheaties’ or something after they get the guarantee….

    5. J.P. was so openly critical (for years) of the Delgado contract, but then he gave a WAY worse one to VW. I like VW, but he ain’t that kind of money. Delgado, for the most part, was. He was one of the best hitter’s in the AL for most of the time he was here. VW is good(usually), but he sho’ ain’t Carlos.

    6. I still like this team for ’09. They should start making moves for then: not a firesale, but giving playing time to Lind, Purcey, moving AJ and a acquiring a new coaching staff (for a sense of optimism if nothing else). They don’t want to ditch this season yet, but they should be playing like a team that will contemd in ’09 by finishing strong this year the right way: giving some of their future an opportunity to learn at the big league level. Honestly, I don’t think it will even cost us games now, because whatever they’re doing now ain’t working. J.P., however, seems to disagree with this.

    MW: 4. UFA’s? This isn’t hockey. 5. The Wells and Delgado deals take up VASTLY different percentages of total payroll. 6. You think guys like Brad Arnsberg, Bruce Walton and Brian Butterfield should lose their jobs?

    - pete
  82. 82.

    Additional clarification of point 4 with a more specific example: Rios got off to a good start. Then he signed for 60 million and he pretty much hasn’t hommered since.

    MW: He signed the contract three days into the season, when he had no homers. Granted, he’s only hit three since.

    - pete
  83. 83.

    The point i found most interesting with JP’s interview was the response to the Cito Gaston question. When asked whether the Jays would consider Cito for the job again, JP didn’t say no. He said he “thinks the world of him”, “sees a lot in our club”, and “thinks will manage again in the big leagues”.
    Mike, you think i’m reading too much into this? I think I’m one of many in toronto who would LOVE to get Cito back.

    MW: Then you must not remember the last four years of his managerial tenure.

    - diego
  84. 84.

    I have a baseball question. If you can’t answer it Mike, I throw it out to the other forum participants.

    I notice that a lot of major league pitchers didn’t start out their baseball careers as pitchers (high school, college…) Somebody spots a guy and says “Hey, I think we can turn this guy into a pitcher.” What is it that they see in someone that says “Pitcher!”?

    MW: Usually a good arm, and a bad bat.

    - Jayjay
  85. 85.

    J.P. Is right, Adam Dunn is not the answer. If they Jays are going to go out and get a bat, they need to get one of the best out there. (Few wich are available but a guy like Matt Holliday) Otherwise they should wait and rebuild around the young crop coming up. Travis Snider, J.P. Arencibia and company. By the time they arrive Wells, Rios, Hill will still be around, and still be good. Unload some of our older guys at the deadline for prospects to fill in around these guys. Unfourtunaly Halladay may not be around by then, its a shame to see this staff go to waste, but lock up the young guys Marcum and McGowan and hope to get something good in a trade or draft. Id hate to see this team go for a short term answer, and give up young guys. Wait it out, develop players and hopefully you can put a good season together at some point.

    MW: You can’t lock up McGowan and Marcum, though. Everybody always gets a lot worse after they sign a big contract.

    - Denny
  86. 86.


    Knowing how bad this team is.
    Would you still trade our top propects for a rent a player?

    MW: Not yet, I wouldn’t.

    - bruno
  87. 87.

    Wow is JP ever getting slammed for last night’s jays talk. Oh the blue jays are sure ever free falling.

    Baseball think factory is just ripping him up.

    Is a general manager allowed to publicly rip into someone else like that…

    Like come on JP… grow up and learn how to put together a ******** good team.

    Countless mistakes this year.

    Wilkerson and stewart over adam lind.

    Mench and stairs over thomas.

    Also Mike… Did you see the article about the two georgia high school boys who conspired to nail the umpire in the face.

    MW: Mench and Stairs over Thomas? No, Stairs was in the line-up anyway. No, I didn’t see that article.

    - Chris
  88. 88.

    I don’t know about the legitimacy of this but I got the link from DJF who are usually pretty reliable.


    Apparently Dunn wasn’t too happy about J.P.’s comments..

    - Eric
  89. 89.

    The more I hear Ricciardi, the more desperate he sounds, and the more I realize this is the sound of a desperate man who can hear the Calvary coming for him over the hill. Imagine, throwing a player under the bus to prove his point. That’s a new low for Ricci. He did not need to go the personal route. How does he know he doesn’t like baseball? He just totally defamed a person that did not provoke him. Look, I’m Italian and we protect our own, but JP needs to do the honourable thing and step down. I beleive he should be fired just on Overbay’s multitude of inning/game ending DPs. He brought the stiff in here and he needs to exit pronto for that. Take it like a man JP and go back to Oakland where they’ve become better than us since you left.

    MW: Oakland was way better than the Jays when he got here, too. You continue to be priceless, Vito.

    - Vito From Hamilton
  90. 90.

    “despite the fact that Dunn doesn’t like playing baseball”


    That was a really stupid thing JP did. Why not just say the Jays are not interested?

    Watch Dunn go 8 for 14 with 8 RBIs and 2 HRs next week.

    MW: Just two homers?

    - andrew - KW
  91. 91.

    Hey Mike

    I’m a student in university who’s also a Blue Jays fan and I just wanted to thank you for posting the Jays talk online because I do not get a chance to listen to the team or you unless I go home. You have allowed me to keep up with my favorite team. Keep up the good work.



    MW: Thanks!

    - Jon
  92. 92.

    Hi Mike
    Another way to lose a tough game.The Jays have the market covered on tough ways to lose games so far this year.2 squibblers in front of home plate and 2 runs scored.Overbay was very unlucky today but that is nothing new.Although they didn’t win something looked encouraging regarding the bats.I don’t know what it was but I hope I am not wrong about it.It seemed to me that J.P. almost went over the edge on that Dunn suggestion.I know the Jays need a bat but if people said that Glauss struck out alot Dunn is in the same category.So I agree with J.P. on that front and the fact that I think he knows what he is talking about.I guess we should reserve our selves to the fact that there will be no panic move and I think that is a good thing.I would hate to see another Loiza for Young deal.What I would like to see is perhaps give some kids a chance to fight for a job.Lind, Coats,Patton and Patterson maybe even Diaz a shot.It maybe to soon for their Development and to early to start thinking about next year but outside of that the only trade I want to see is major leagurer for major leagurer leave the kids alone.
    I was kidding about Chacin.Someone said that he could take Burnett’s spot which I thoght was hillarious.
    Go Jays!!!

    - mario
  93. 93.

    Athlon baseball also picked the Jays for 3rd without much hope of a higher finish, but they didn’t specify a hitting issue.

    If I was JP and/or John Gibbons (even Denbo), I would be holding individual meetings with each player to get their assessment of their own drop in hitting production and the other players on the team (anonymously). Then, assemble the responses and see if a pattern emerges (i.e. philosophy, coaching, etc..) and take action accordingly. It is SO painful to have arguably the best 5 man rotation and be 3 games under .500 knowing the hitting is at fault, but having no answers or strategy to confront this problem. It can’t be explained by being unlucky – this has gone on now for essentially 1.5 years.

    MW: It hasn’t, though. The people who point out this “pattern” of poor hitting always neglect to mention that three of the four hitters who were very good last year (Rios, Hill, Stairs) are now underperforming – at least Hill was before he got hurt. Wells and Overbay, who killed them last year, are having much better seasons.

    - Lorne Cohen
  94. 94.

    So if Adam Dunn doesn’t even like baseball, then why does he even play?

    The poor guy, making millions of dollars to play a game he doesn’t even like! I’m sure his dislike of the game eases twice a month when he sees his pay stubs.

    MW: Lots of people go to work and don’t enjoy themselves. Few are so well-compensated.

    - Randy
  95. 95.

    If the Jays lose tonight, John Gibbons is gone. Not that he deserves it, but he is gone. I’ve already bet the house and the kids’ RESPs….

    MW: I’m not sure anymore.

    - Zack
  96. 96.

    JP Ricciardi – I will be so happy when this incompetent goofball loses his job.

    MW: Gotta love the name-calling. It puts such punch to your well thought-out points.

    - Gary
  97. 97.

    Adam Dunn is officially my favourite player in baseball. He deserves a standing ovation when he comes to the Rogers Centre for telling the truth about Ricciardi.

    - John
  98. 98.

    I for one am happy JP doesn’t want Dunn, last thin we need is a guy who, unbelievably, can bring our team BA down. I don’t care how many HR’s he hits or how high his OBP is. I want a guy that can put the ball in play as much as possible bacause nothing else can happen on a walk but a lot can happen with a ball in play.

    It always amazes me when people say “on paper this team looks good”. What paper are these people reading? We do not have a single career .300 hitter and not a single career 30HR/yr hitter. Our 3/4 hitters have both only done it twice in thier careers. What makes this team look good on paper?

    Lastly, I know you always say the players need to take responsibility for thier play on the field and that the GM or Manager is not at fault. But what I would like to know is exactly what would it take for either Gibbons or JP to be fired if you were the boss? Because if 7 years of .500 ball, an increase of about 50mil in the payroll with little to no results and little creativity in making moves isn’t enough to fire the GM and underperforming, seemingly uninspired and boring baseball isn’t enough to fire the Manager, what would justify thier firings?

    MW: I’ve already answered that question dozens of times. About your first part – most of the things that happen when the ball is put in play involve the batter getting out. None of the things involved in walks do that.

    - Thoma
  99. 99.


    This is you typical J.P. Ricciardi year for the last seven. You have all the excuses him, Mike. We know your excuse last year. What excuse are you going to give this year, make one for next year while your at it. Do you ever get anything right? Year end you’ll look ridiculous like last.

    MW: I looked ridiculous last year? Oh, of course. That’s right, I should have foreseen that 12 Blue Jays would need surgery.

    - bruno
  100. 100.

    Hey Mike,

    I was shocked about J.P. ripping into Adam Dunn like that on the radio last night. I like Dunn’s bat as well as he gets on base at an alarming rate and is one of the better power hitters in the game.

    Here’s an article on MLB.com regarding the comments made by J.P. towards Adam Dunn:


    I can’t wait to see Jay Bruce and Joey Votto in Toronto next week. The Reds have a great young core of position players.

    Great show as always Mike! Keep up the good work!

    - Silvio
  101. 101.

    The comments made by J.P. in reference to Adam Dunn were completely unprofessional. If J.P. really didn’t want to bring Dunn here then perhaps he could have just said that he is leery of all the strikeouts. No need to accuse the guy of not liking baseball. Also, J.P. sounded extremely pious in that scenario. I mean, c’mon J.P., Dunn has a higher OBP than anyone on our team by a longshot and he has more homers than our CF, RF, 1B, and 3B combined. (yes, Rolen and Wells missed some time)

    Also, did you read/hear Dunn’s response? Should spice up an otherwise dull series when the Reds come to town.

    MW: Do you know what pious means?

    - Matt S
  102. 102.

    Mike-PS that Dunn article was compliments from Sportsnet

    - Gerry
  103. 103.

    Mike I heard you on the pregame Jays talk tell Victor from Milton that all my Analysis is wrong.

    Is that the truth or is this your fustration and hatred speaking.

    Was my analysis of

    1. The florida Marlins payroll in 2003 wrong.

    2. Was my analysis of the payrolls in the division of the florida Marlins division wrong.

    (I never heard you challenge JP with those two facts, when he was crying about payroll.)

    3. Was I wrong about my assesment of Scott Roland when I said this deal is working out more in the favour of the Cards right now. The cards in Glaus have aquired a Power bat and an RBI machine who hit 20 homeruns in limited @ bats last year, while we have aquired a guy that has strictly hit for average and has shown no signs of power and hit 8 home runs in limited @ bats last year.

    You mention that the guys that are suppose to be hitting the ball are not on the downside of their career. Wells, Rolland, Overbay, RIOS,HILL
    Fine however,

    Have we not become dependant on Matt Stairs,Wilkerson and Mench to be our power source and are they not on the downside of their career? along with Shannon Stewart and David Eckstein. When one or two of the core guys get injured do we not look to the above guys to pick up the slack.

    My point is the role players that are very important to this team are on the downside of there careers and say what you want when we lose a major bat for a long period of timewhich we have, the role players play a greater role on the team, but like I said the role players are on a rapid slide downward in their careers, so what could we expect.

    By the way funny you had no comment for me when I mentioned that the Marlins tore down a team in one year not three after a world series win and won it all again 6 years later with a signifiganly lower payroll. Pretty much the same payroll the jays had.

    MW: I did comment, in fact, to tell you that you were wrong when you said the Marlins won the World Series with baseball’s lowest payroll. You just made that up. So yes, your analysis of the Marlins’ payroll was wrong. You’re also wrong in your assessment of the Rolen/Glaus thing, though that’s opinion-based. And you have conveniently changed your “big hitters are on the downside of their careers” argument.

    - Neil
  104. 104.


    You see adam dunn’s response to JP’s comments. It’s on DJF.

    That guy has passion my friend

    - Chris
  105. 105.

    I beg to defer about all subjective people perfering Stewart to Johnson. Clearly any club could have had Stewart but only the Jays showed interest. Johnson, on the other hand, was picked up by the Cubs as soon as he was available. The Cubs could have had Stewart but showe no interest, in fact 29 teams showed no interest. Maybe speed, defense and the ability to play different positions makes up for the 18 point OBP difference.

    P.S. – I was impressed with Dunns dollars for loonies and toonies comment. And we sure wouldn’t want a disintereted Dunn cause then we would have an outfield full of them. I’ve never seen Dunn play, but he surely can’t be any slower to first on ground balls and pop out than Rios.

    MW: How do you know that no other team was interested in signing Stewart? Most subjective people (i.e. fans) prefer Johnson to Stewart, not the other way around. And what are you begging to defer? Please, people, don’t use words if you don’t know what they mean.

    - JW
  106. 106.

    Hi Mike,

    Great job on the blog and radio.

    I know that your consensus is that managers make very little difference to the actual playing of the team,
    As the players are the ones going up to bat and pitching etc.
    But if I use the England soccer team as an example, they brought in a new manager back in 2001 after the team had been winning 50% of the time (at best), and with basically the same players he turned the team around and their winning record went up to 70%. He stepped down as manager after 5 years and now England have reverted back to being … shockingly bad

    I’m sure the Jays all like playing for Gibbens and JP and it’s one big happy family in the clubhouse, but with a team that is (pretty good) on paper something must be sucking the life out of these guys. So many things have changed with the team over the last few years (that I have been watching) …. But the only thing that has not changed …. is the Manager and GM.

    Managers must have some effect on the players, don’t you think?

    MW: Not as much as you think. Soccer is very different from baseball, a sport in which offense and defense each get their turn, there are no “battles for the ball”, no checking, nothing like that – it’s a team sport played individually.

    - Johnny
  107. 107.

    I was ticked off at JP’s comments regarding Adam Dunn. Even if you feel that way about the player, be professional, don’t get personal about the players.

    First of all I would love to know how JP is privy to info such as “he doesn’t like baseball that much” and “he doesn’t have a passion for the game.” He certainly has enough of like and passion for the game to be one of the better power hitters in MLB the last few seasons.

    Secondly, like I asserted earlier, be a professional. Episodes like this are not doing you any favors come trade and free agency time.

    Perhaps the Jays PR department needs to schedule some PR refreshers for AJ and JP.

    - Sean Court
  108. 108.

    P.S. Thanks for the mention of the Bedard article, it was very interesting.

    MW: No problem.

    - Sean Court
  109. 109.


    Adam Dunn says J.P. is a clown. Guess what, he is. I know you don’t know and its understandable with your record, BUT HE HAS TO GO.

    - bruno
  110. 110.

    What’s going on right now seems oddly familiar to what went on with the Mets, what are the odds right now that Gibby is the first AL manager fired if this keeps up? Also what are the odds a couple coaches go with him also ala the mets?

    MW: This is nothing like what went on with the Mets.

    - Nick
  111. 111.

    6 – 0 in the 3rd right now. A.J. p**** off. I am expect some drama this afternoon….a manger tossed…or something

    - JW
  112. 112.

    6-0 Brewers 3rd inning…this ship is sinking really quick!!! Russell Branyan is a Jays KILLER!!! …Mike, don’t you wish you were covering the Yankees instead??

    MW: A week ago, they had a worse record than the Jays.

    - Bernard
  113. 113.

    Have you read Dunn’s response to the aforementioned Ricciardi Lashing?

    He is one angry man…and rightfully so, I’d say. Should make for an interesting series.

    MW: It should be fun, indeed.

    - Clay
  114. 114.

    So do you figure this loss today is rock bottom for the jays? Also, did you hear the comments from Adam Dunn in reaction to J.P. last night? Way to completely embarrass the organization J.P.!

    - David
  115. 115.

    The Jays offense is making opposing pitchers look like Cy Young or Walter Johnson. Should not hitting coach Gary Denbo be accountable. Why is there no talk of replacing him?

    MW: Because you can only fire so many hitting coaches.

    - Thom
  116. 116.

    Thank God for the opt-out.

    - Cliff
  117. 117.


    You don’t seem to be enjoying the blog, saying that it is “slowly killing you”. Then why are you doing it? They can’t be paying you that much extra, so just stop doing it and enjoy your life.

    MW: I’m enjoying it, but it’s awash in so much negativity and it’s taking a lot of my previously-free time.

    - Tom
  118. 118.

    Mike, I’ve been listening to the Jays for years and I can’t recall Jerry being so critical (and rightly so) on the Jays players before (Rios, burnett). I think you need to add some more rock bottom momemts this year.

    - Shmuel Yitzchok
  119. 119.

    I don’t think that anyone will have anything to say after watching this game today. They look like they are attending their own funerals.

    - Bob
  120. 120.

    Hey Mike,

    I saw you wrote that you are going to a “chiro”. If you think you are having back pain (the key word is think), I strongly suggest you buy the book “Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection” by Dr. John Sarno. This book will change your life, I promise you. I have given this book to over 100 people in the last 10 years since I discovered it and everyone has thanked me and told me that the book is a miracle.

    As Dr. Sarno will explain to you, you don’t really have back pain, it is all in your mind. Before you scoff, just read the book. You have nothing to lose and a life of being pain free to gain (not to mention some extra money in your pocket from not going to those chiros all the time)

    Feel free to write me back at my email and tell me if the book made a difference. Here is the Amazon.com link


    MW: I guess there’s nothing to lose by checking it out, but I guarantee you that incapacitating muscle pain isn’t all in my mind.

    - Marty
  121. 121.

    You guys suck…I can’t believe Rios let me hit an inside the park homer ……Wait till I tell my dad about this one…oh wait, he and I aren’t speaking to one another….darn!!

    MW: Very classy.

    - Prince
  122. 122.

    You said the second game of the Cleveland doubleheader was rock bottom? Well not anymore. Down 8-0 in the 5th inning and still not so much as one baserunner means this is the new rock bottom. All of this against a 2-7 pitcher no less. UGhhhh.

    MW: Wait two more innings. Then you’ll get there.

    - Jim Branscome
  123. 123.

    J.P.’s salary cap is in reference to the team imposed limit (from Ted Rodgers) that he is allowed to spend. It has been widely speculated that he mismanaged his money (i.e. The Thomas fiasco, the Reed Johnson move) and has left himself no wiggle room to add any substantial players (no offense to Mench and Wilkerson).

    - Dave
  124. 124.

    Hey Wilner, one week ago you were standing by this team sayiying it was still early in the season, and that JP shouldn’t be fired, that Gibons shouldn’t be fired. That the hitting should come around. You’ve got your nose buried so deep up these guys…. that you can’t think straight. If they don’t trade a good pitcher, don’t care who it is, Marcum, whoever for a bat, they are dumber than dumb. Haliday will be gone when his contract is up next year. He could have 3 cy youngs with a good hitting team!!

    MW: His contract is up the year after next, and good, cheap, controllable young starting pitchers are gold. Why do you think the Giants didn’t trade Tim Lincecum for Rios?

    - Greg
  125. 125.


    It’s been a brutal week for the Jays in terms of facing former players….First Reed, then Ted and today Dave Bush….boy would those 3 guys look good in a Jays uniform right about now….Where do you think Gibby will end up after he’s fired this weekend??

    MW: Bush wouldn’t look that good in a Jays’ uniform. He’d be in Syracuse.

    - Bernard
  126. 126.

    Help Uncle Ted! We’re sinking! Throw us a life line!

    Wilner will tell us that there is no reason to be quick to say this season is going in the dumper. Oh no, it’s not going that way, we’ve got a good a chance as anyone in the AL right?

    So as we speak we’re getting shut out and no-hit through 6 by an ex-Jay, Cecil’s son rounded the bases on an inside the parker, lost 6 series in a row, 3 innings before our 5th loss in a row, our so called #2 has gotten shelled for 8 runs and all the while, Boston, TB, and New York continue to win.

    Oh yeah, I’m over-reacting as well as any other Jay fans who have the same perspective as I.

    Give my more KOOL_AID my man!

    MW: Have I ever said that the season isn’t going in the dumper? I just don’t think it has made it all the way there yet.

    - Brendan
  127. 127.

    Seems to be a theme to the Blue Jays this month. As this is the 5th straight game the Jays are hitless thru 4 (& counting)!

    Just like you pointed out last month that the unassisted triple play was a “turning point”, I believe this game just might be as well.

    My reasons for this:
    1)They are currently getting no-hit by an ex-Jay that coming in had the stat line as follows (2W/7L; 5.73era; 1.37WHIP & 1.7K/BB) in THE NL!
    2)Letting a 270lb (cough-300-cough) 1B run wild for an inside-the-park HR! Who just so happens to be the son of an ex-Jay!

    I’m seeing these as the baseball gods sending a sign to fire JP or do some serious shaking up before they touch ground in the Steel City!

    - JJ
  128. 128.

    If David Bush no hits the Jays today, which he is presently 6 outs away from doing, it will be the ultimate low point for this hapless Jays club.

    I mean, we knew they were bad, but I don’t think we knew they were this bad. This is pathetic, plain and simple.

    MW: Even though he didn’t, those first seven innings were a pretty low point.

    - Cam
  129. 129.

    I don’t know if you have got around to reading about Dunn’s comments yet, but he is p****d. And I wouldn’t want a 6’6 275 pound person to be mad at me haha. I think the way the season is going, the last thing J.P. needs is more bad publicity against his name, and his comments were just immature in my opinion.

    It’s interesting how fast news travels, because the show was done late last night, and it came out this morning. I guess we have other teams fans, and media listening to your show. Thats great for you Mike.

    MW: You’re surprised how fast word got out? This is the 21st Century! There are no barriers to info any more.

    - Jon Bell
  130. 130.

    I wonder if J.P. just got himself fired with the Dunn comments. One thing about Rogers is that they are very image conscious. And whether the comments about Dunn were factual not, it was stupid to say them on air, and they will bring negative press to the Jays. With the Reds stopping by next week, this issue will take on a life of its own. See ya J.P., a change is long overdue.

    MW: I doubt it.

    - Steve
  131. 131.


    The $11 000 000 man came through again today. What the fans and other members of the media say is actually the truth. A.J. is basically a .500 pitcher. David Bush has a no-hitter going into the 7th inning, but then again the Blue Jays never hit until the late innings anyway. You really should stop being an apologist for these clowns. “They are what they are”, a second rate, classless outfit. J.P. looks like an idiot for his comments about Adam Dunn. The U.S. media will crucify him for his insensitivity and lack of professionalism. Maybe this is his way of escaping the mess that he has created. Cross your fingers maybe Ted will do everyone a favour and fire J.P. and Gibbons.

    - Brian
  132. 132.

    JP should be the first one out. I was just reading an article on mlb.com here is the quote from adam dunn:
    “If anything happens, I ain’t going to Toronto,” Dunn said. “I can eliminate one team. I’m not converting my dollars to loonies and toonies just yet.”
    so there goes Dunn, because of JP & Gibbons, we have lost players like, hillenbrand,reed,frank thomas, ted lilly etc, and he wont sign barry bonds either. i dont believe anyone would want to come here after all these blows JP & Gibbs regieme have taken…

    MW: Except David Eckstein and Scott Rolen, this past year.

    - Haroon
  133. 133.

    Another sign by the baseball gods…

    The first hit for the Jays? Was by the key guy we got in RETURN for the trade involving Dave Bush! Oh the irony :(

    - JJ
  134. 134.

    wow.. calling out Dunn might be the most ridiculous thing ever done in the history of the universe. (i say that with absolutely no hyperbole) where the heck is JP coming from? JP might be a major league GM, but when was the last time he even saw Dunn in person? Mike I go to about 25 games a year, but frankly, after watching this team play, and then listening to JP spout his hate for a 40 hr guy, I can’t possibly wear my team paraphernalia until this… as dunn aptly put it… ‘clown’ is canned.

    - Arjun
  135. 135.

    It was nice knowin ya gibby

    - Chris
  136. 136.

    Just curious, how do you think the guy who told Adam Dunn about Riccardi’s comments found out about it?

    MW: I’m sure someone heard the show, and he told two friends, and he told two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on.

    - Shmuel Yitzchok
  137. 137.

    Wilkerson was third in RBI’s in May. He had 12. Scutaro did as well. Barajas had 13 and Overbay had 14. It was also a terrible month for him- he’s been hot in June but only has 2 RBI. Yeah, they’re a dumb stat.

    I have to disagree rather strongly with the statement: “The disdvantage of low batting average vs. high OBP? Your 2008 Toronto Blue Jays”. It’s the total lack of power and RISP problems that are killing the Jays, not that they’re walking instead of hitting singles.

    MW: Walks with RISP usually don’t score runs, and hits do. The Jays’ OBP is terrific, the batting average, not so much. Even with RISP, the club OBP is almost 100 points higher than the batting average.

    - Jonathan
  138. 138.

    i think its time for JP to sign another trio of unwanted, washed up players to fix whatever the hell is wrong with this team.

    - AK
  139. 139.

    Mike, if Griffey won’t come to Toronto how about a three team deal; A. Burnett, A. Hill, B. Ryan, C. Pena, J. Gomes & E. Hinske to Cincinati. K. Griffey, A. Lind, C. Jannsen, D. Eckstien, G. Zaun, J. Accardo & L. Overbay to Tampa. C. Crawford, E. Jackson, B. Phillips, F. Cordero, J. Votto & E. Volquez or J. Cueto.

    Do you think any team would go for that?

    MW: No.

    - David Millar
  140. 140.

    i thought getting kicked out of the game last friday for heckling a Cubs fan that was jeering Jays fans was lame!
    and now this

    - slobberface
  141. 141.

    Thursday, and the Jays ALMOST come back. SIX RUNS in an inning, never mind 6 in a game. WOWEE.

    Not on TV, so ‘watched’ it on Gameday. At the end of the game, the updated (I think) batting averages show Inglett at .291 leading the Jays that played today. Yep small sample size.

    I’ve said it before, I would like to see Inglett get more playing time. I know he’s not the solution BUT!!!


    - SteveW
  142. 142.

    Another great outing by that 500 pitcher.The biggest problem is the worse he does the less chance he will opt out at the end of the year.Can you imagine A.J. stealing money for another 2 years.And please Mike stop saying its a long season this team stinks they are going nowhere . And for J.P. I hope Mr. moneyball takes you back because otheerwise you will be unemployed next year i know one thing Walt Jockette wont be calling you soon

    MW: It’s a long season.

    - steve halpert
  143. 143.
  144. 144.

    Hey Mike,

    First off, keep up the good work I love reading the blog and the comments during my later shifts at work. I just got back into baseball 2-3 years ago after a long time off and while the Jays have only played 500 ball (for the most part) since I became a fan again I still enjoy watching them play every chance I get.

    Anyways, onto a serious issue and the reason they are losing – The uniforms…… Just kidding.

    Actually I wanted to chime in on the debate about more HR’s. 2 years ago this team was built to slug out the long ball and all I heard all the bloody time on call in shows and sports shows is how people wanted the Jays to play more small ball.

    Now they want the HR. Granted that most likely wouldn’t be as big of a problem if the Jays could actually play small ball right but still….

    Guess it just goes to show that no one in the GM spot/Coaching/Media can make everyone happy huh?

    Anyways like I said at the top, keep up the good work Mike and just keep brushing off the idiotic comments of some of the so called fans that say they are digusted and yet tune in everyday to read your blog.

    MW: They love to hate me, but they’re always here!

    - Johnny G
  145. 145.

    It’s true, Mike. One of the major baseball forecasters had the Jays at 76 wins for the season this year. And that looks about right so far :(

    It doesn’t make a lot of sense to shake this team up, much as I’d like to. Rios and Wells are untradable and probably (Please God!) will do better next year. I can’t see anyone going for Overbay right now, and in any case they don’t have a 1st baseman right now apart from him. There’s always Burnett and maybe Lind/Litsch/? Something might be got for them. But I don’t see even a proven hr hitter with a huge average making enough of a difference to count. One hitter can’t carry a team.

    If there’s one thing more than any other that I think has killed them this year so far, it’s the dps. OK, they don’t hit the ball over the fences, but those rally-killing dps are burying us, and the guys can’t seem to stop hitting into them.

    MW: Problem is, with such a high on-base percentage and a low slugging percentage, the opportunity to hit into DP’s wil be there a lot more than a normal-hitting team. That’s why they’re on a record pace. One of how many dozens of baseball forecasters had the Jays at 76 wins? And was it because they expected the Jays to have an historically poor offense?

    - reyes
  146. 146.

    Hey Mike I’ve got to tell you I’m pretty surprised by J.P.’s comments about Dunn. And he (Dunn) wasn’t to impressed by it either and I don’t blame him. I found the comments rather inappropriate and unprofessional. I mean Adam Dunn may be only hitting .228ba but with an obp of .396

    - Troy
  147. 147.

    I think the blunder head play by Rios on the inside the park homer by Fielder is just what the Jays needed to turn things around!

    Sounds crazy but I tell ya collectively they will look at that and realize this has to stop! Not keeping your mind on the game – thoughts elsewhere!

    I mean c’mon that is such fundamental baseball it isn’t even funny – you play the ball till the ump says otherwise. I was stunned by that play and the way Jerry and Allen described it – unbelievable indeed!

    I think it is going to be a wake up call! Hey look what happened in the 9th inning – just might be the start of something very good here!

    Yikes after hearing the clip on JP as to Adam Dunn – your right – who cares if he likes to play or not – he does hit. Eventhough I am not a big fan of his.

    You could most certainly hear the stress in JP’s voice however! Most definately a frustrated man – hence the comments. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear him say he regrets the comments. He is just fed up completely and all he needed to hear was a fan (nothing wrong with the question) come on there and start asking “what about getting this guy or that guy” – then he snapped!

    Kudos for taking full responsibility as to the players he put out there – and also kudos to him for calling the players out as to how they are hitting.

    Look out Pirates – the brooms are out!


    - Bob
  148. 148.

    Everyone is allowed to blow up now and then but what JP did yesterday was single out what a disaster of an organization this is. The fact that Adam Dunn didn’t know who he was …. speaks volumes on the lack of respect the Jays are perceived by around the league. To say you are not interested in Dunn because he doesn’t like baseball? Dunn SLG OBP and HR are better then any Jay this year. You rather have Matt Stairs then this guy? Brad Wilkerson then Dunn. If I offered you a fantasy baseball trade that took ever since stat included, and I offered you Stairs and Wilkerson for Dunn would that interest you? This is what separates good GMs from bad GMs when they can recognize talent and can acquire it. JP is not a good GM plain and simple. He is not a Jon Daniels who gambles on players like Milton Bradley and Josh Hamilton because he knows the talent might be worth the risk or a Billy Beane who raped and pillage the DBacks farm system for Dan Haren because he knows he couldnt keep him. (not saying Haren is equal to Burnett) What we need is a GM who can see talent and acquire it. If Burnett wants to go to Chicago then do it… get Vitters ( he was the 3rd overall pick in 2007 JP if you are still not sure who he was, not that its your job or anything).

    MW: J.P. knew Vitters was the Cubs’ 1st rounder, he just couldn’t remember if he was picked in ’06 or ’07. You really have to take a step back, though, if you actually believe that you know more about baseball than Ricciardi does. Also, the Cubs would never part with Vitters for A.J.

    - James
  149. 149.

    Hey Mike, you need to tone down your excitement of Julie De Barbio appearing on the show or you’re liable to make the other Vito from the other town very very jealous. Onto the game. Do the Jays always have to lose in the most painful way possible? I’d rather have been blown out than close but no cigar again. The frustration is maximum. Finally the offense wakes up albeit late in the game, but even 7 runs wasn’t enough. This team, this game…It’s the same story over and over again year in and year out. There’s only one man you can point to for this team’s butchery of a beautiful game and that’s the guy in the front office that has the crush on Dunn. It’s the same old story, same old song and dance, my friend.

    MW: I’d much rather have lost the way the Jays did today than have dropped that one 8-0 with no hits.

    - Vito From Hamilton
  150. 150.

    I love you Mike.

    In response to Dunn-Gate, you say it’s the the fans show so I don’t have to say anything or defend Dunn. Well, I thought the point of your show was to challenge assumptions.

    Here is the questions plain and simple: Do you now believe that Dunn doesn’t like baseball and doesn’t have a passion to play the game? Yes or No? Is J.P’s word gospel to you?

    Final point, I am going to be unequivocal here. You did us a service in one way tonight because J.P’s comments cost him his job tonight. He is GONE! It’s OVER! and there is no question about it anymore. You may be inadvertently responsiible for the firing of your best friend.

    MW: He’s not my best friend, we don’t hang out or anything. I don’t think that J.P.’s comments cost him his job, but the episode was definitely one that will forevermore be a part of his legacy, for sure. J.P.’s word certainly isn’t gospel, but I’m neither arrogant nor narcissistic enough to believe that I know more about the inner workings of a major-league club than he does. I’m sure he knows tons of people who work for or who have worked for the Reds, as he does every other team. The point of my show is to talk about baseball, and I enjoy the fact that challenging assumptions is often a big part of it. On Wednesdays, my job is to be the liaison between the fans and J.P.

    - Stephen
  151. 151.

    and a follow-up, is it relevant that a guy allegedly doesn’t like baseball and doesn’t have a passion for the game, if he hits 40 homers with a close to 400 OBP.

    I now hear JP is going to call Dunn to apologize, this is almost unprecedented. Are GM is an embarrassment to the city. It was bad enough when he was a horrible baseball guy but he is not embarrassing a once first rate organization. JP is going down as the worst GM is Jays history…he is never getting another GM job.

    MW: It’s an embarrassment that he’s going to apologize for an inappropriate, ill-thought-out statement?

    - Stephen
  152. 152.

    this just in:

    JP says you have a bad radio show.

    He got this information from credible sources. Hundreds of your regular listeners. JP also knows a lot about radio shows since he is on them all the time.

    Question: Does this mean you have a bad radio show?

    MW: You’re not actually comparing his knowledge of radio programming to his knowledge of major league baseball, are you?

    - Stephen
  153. 153.

    Hi Mike,

    JPs comments were classless and uncalled for. As a GM it is VERY bad form to badmouth a player from another team in public. Chalk up another reason to admit that the JP era is a total failure and move on to another GM.

    - Darren
  154. 154.

    Whoops thats the second time I’ve done this. Trust me I’m not stupid. Just not very key board coordinated I guess. Anyway continuing from post 14. Dunn has 18 home runs and 43rbi to go along with 61 walks which leads the majors. Not to mention slugging .511 and an ops of .908. I’m sorry but am I missing something here?? I could tell J.P. was sounding like he was starting to crack some (from listening to the post game show) and who could blame him. The pressure must be getting to him and thats probably what led to those comments, but there still troubling none the less. As for A.J. Burnett. I’ve defended him before but I must be honest and tell you its starting to get more and more difficult. His year to date has not been very good. And thats being healthy (as far as we know). As far as his comments are concerned I would say they lack a certain amount of intelligence. Not the man but the comments. I to like it when atheletes offer something more than the vanilla we’re used to consuming through the media. That being said, I want to caution being overly impressed by them or even being ok with the statements. Lets look at them for a second. I want to draw attention to the remarks made about his wanting to play in a baseball market first location. Was A.J. not aware of the characteristics of this market?? I don’t think its a stretch that when he was being wooed by the Jays organization that the Blue and White Giant in Toronto is not the Jays but the Leafs. This is a hockey town first and foremost and I’m ok with this. I cheer for the Jays, Leafs, and Raptors. My favorite team is of course the Leafs. That does not make me infected as a fan of professional sports contrary to popular opinion on this blog. It does not predispose me to not having the capability of understanding the game of baseball. I recognize the distinct differences between the above mentioned games and infact that is what draws me to each. I’m not interested in overly simplified arguements about which is the superior game because it is pointless and does not respect the myriad of different cultural reasons for why a specific geographic area has developed a passion for a particular past time. I for one am glad that there is a variety of passions for different sports, arts, etc. found in different regions around the globe. Toronto does not have to be a baseball first location for us to have a team. I enjoy that hockey comes first there. I also recognize that things change over time as culture changes. But as far as A.J. Burnett wishing to play in a market that eats sleeps baseball. One wonders why he signed here at all. It was never a secret as to what comes first in Toronto. I would never wish for an existence where everywhere the passion was the same. Thats what makes things interesting. Diversity. I for one do not enjoy hegemonies and fight academically to combat those very circumstances. In saying this I also especially enjoy meeting Canadians who do not like hockey. We are most certainly not all the same.

    Sorry for the long rant but I found myself getting alittle annoyed with some of the generalizations found in some of the blog responses.

    Take care Mike.

    MW: You don’t seem stupid, but definitely not keyboard co-ordinated. I’m assuming all those spelling mistakes are typos.

    - Troy
  155. 155.

    Hi Mike,

    I’ve heard a lot of people on various networks talking about JP’s Dunn tirade. You must be a damn good interviewer to make him feel comfortable enough to talk that way on the record. Very bizarre. ‘He doesn’t love baseball’?!?! If he’s basing that comment strictly on observation, I would really want to ask him about our superstar Mr. Alex Rios, because evident passion aren’t two words I would use to describe his on-field disposition.

    MW: I don’t think he would say such a thing based solely on observation, since he’s probably only seen him play live a handful of times.

    - Wong Kar Wai
  156. 156.

    PS I’ll tell you what Ricciardi can do differently: he can stop patronising the Old Thumpers’ Home For Aging Stars In Reduced Circumstances. Bring Adam Lind up and for heaven’s sake let him try out at left field! He might never hit the ball, but so what? None of the others are hitting it either so what can we lose that we haven’t already lost? If he’s going to be any part of the major-league team, he has to get some experience. Now is the time to do it.

    I called Ricciardi ‘slippery’ once, I think, and you queried me on it. Well ‘slippery’ is not owning up to the Ryan injury back in the day. And ‘slippery’ is not giving us a straight answer on Adam Lind.

    Ricciardi doesn’t have to come on the show. He can elect to stay away from the airwaves and keep all his little secrets to himself. But if he’s going to come on the show and volunteer to answer questions, then I think maybe he should answer them honestly. I haven’t heard one good reason why Lind isn’t up here, just a whole bunch of ducking and diving. If he’s done an Orlando Hudson and pissed-off the boss, well maybe the boss shouldn’t be so damn’ touchy. Because we need something going on around here, and Lind is surely killing the ball in AAA…

    MW: Again with the Ryan thing? Right. J.P. should have said in March, “Ryan has an elbow injury, and we’re concerned that he might need Tommy John surgery. Ummm, would anyone like to trade me a closer?”

    - reyes
  157. 157.

    For me, this is the moment I lose total support of J.P. It really hurts because I did like him and defended him on a regular basis. I can no longer do that.

    These comments tell me that J.P. has fallen in love with his current roster because he is now going out of his way to trash other players because of his batting average (NEVER MIND the lifetime OPS of .130). The guy who doesn’t like baseball too much also has missed something like 12 games in the past three years. Can we get some other players who hate baseball but play consistently?


    J.P. has had his moments, but this one “jumped the shark”. I have had enough of him. Time for change of perspective!

    - Jim B
  158. 158.

    Your GM is right on about Adam Dunn. I live in Cincy and have seen it for years now. There is a LOT of trade off in getting 40 HR’s. I think he does as much damage defensively and leading the clubhouse “I don’t care” attitude that is shown on the Reds. He is terrible and should be DH’ing on the Yankees, where they take all types.

    MW: Interesting. A Cincinnati perspective.

    - Rob Norris
  159. 159.

    “I take full responsibility. We’re underperforming…” Which one, J.P.? You can’t have it both ways. It can’t simultaneously be the G.M.’s fault for building a poor team and the players’ fault for underperforming. Then again, he said many times that last year’s offensive troubles were due to an unusual number of significant injuries, and yet he fired the hitting coach. Go figure.

    MW: I’m just going to let you rant.

    - Shmuel
  160. 160.

    JP is a goof

    MW: See? Here’s someone who knows how to raise the level of discourse!

    - Jeff
  161. 161.

    Who woke up the Sleeping Giant? I thought that the dormant offence was too busy wallowing…and Mighty Joe? Who would have thought?
    PTS carried on after the game, and Bobcat mentioned the snarky repartee from JP during the WWJP program. He said it was shameful for him to speak as he did about Adam Dunn, whether he thinks he knows him or not. When Adam was told, he apparently had no idea who JP was.
    I still think that 35-40 HRs
    can’t be ignored since he doesn’t have anyone on track to even come close. Who cares if he strikes out a lot? He would fit right in.
    AJ showed his immaturity nitpicking with the umpire. I thought that he would get a warning. You don’t argue balls and strikes. Period.
    This made we wonder if ANY other team would shell out a big multi-year contract to a loose cannon like him. I think he is a pariah who may be passed over because of his
    childish, arrogant behaviour. The bad may outweigh the good. I hope not, as I don’t want to be stuck with him for the balance of his contract.
    Could this happen?

    MW: Nope. And St. Louis offered him a 4-year, $44 million contract right before the Jays signed him.

    - Jack
  162. 162.

    I don’t know if you are able/willing to answer this, but what’s the clubhouse mood like? (I know they are on the road now, so I mean recently…) Cause the mood among the blogosphere is total suicide watch. I know we are borderline usually, but it’s pretty bad.

    MW: From what I’m told (not today, but the last couple of games), the mood in the clubhouse was funereal.

    - Joanna
  163. 163.

    You know…Schumaker in St.Louis would look great here in Toronto…might be just the spark we could use at the top of the order?? Also, I watched the game Wednesday where Rios fanned thrice, and there is really something wrong there. He made two of those strikeouts quite quick…what’s on the go here?


    MW: Skip Schumaker? Really?

    - Chris
  164. 164.

    I would take both Dunn and Bonds in this line up and we can hpoefully move up in the standings

    MW: One of them would have to play the outfield, though. But it’d be worth it. Not happening, though.

    - Mario
  165. 165.

    Hey Mike,

    If the Jays don’t win the upcoming series against Pittsburgh do think John Gibbons will be fired? Personally, I rather like John Gibbons, but, the way things are going now and with no end for this slump in sight I would rather the Jays fire Gibbons and at least take the chance in doing something and mixing it up. While Gibbons is not at fault for the hitting or slump don’t you agree that maybe, just maybe, bringing in a new coach with different philosophies could jump start the Jays. I’d rather see them try something because in my mind, despite the fact that we are only approaching the halfway point I just don’t see the Jays making the playoffs, especially when they are in DEAD last in the AL East. Your thoughts…

    MW: They’re called managers in baseball, and is there another kind of last place? I do think Gibbons probably doesn’t make it out of Pittsburgh unless the Jays turn things around, but I don’t think it’s the right move.

    - James R.
  166. 166.

    so mike, I am interested to hear your ideas, as opposed to us offering them up all the time – what three things would you do asap if you were the GM long enough to make it happen, and would you expect to make the post season doing it?

    MW: I’d sign Barry Bonds, call the Pirates and see if we could put something together for Jason Bay (most likely big bat to be available immediately) and buy a new, bigger house.

    - bob
  167. 167.

    It’s time.

    Hire Pete Rose as manager and Cito Gaston as hitting coach or vice-versa.

    Remove David “The Concussion Inflictor” Eckstein…play Johnny Mac.

    Bring in Barry Bonds, tell Rios to stand up straighter in the box and hit it up the middle.

    Throw Peavy out on Spadina, put Butterfield back as 3rd base coach and bring in Willie Randolph for the bench coach.

    Bunt every at bat until we score ten runs…the other team won’t expect it.

    Throw the ball at somebody…maybe Adam Dunn next week to see if he’ll charge the mound, drop kick the pitcher, start a bench clearing brawl…..do SOMETHING to shake this group up.

    What would Paul Beeston be doing right now to turn this around if he were in charge?

    It would be something….

    - DJJAY
  168. 168.

    Adam Dunn doesn’t even LIKE to play baseball?? But AJ Burnett sure does!!! Good call JP !!

    I’d rather have Dunn strikeout alot…rather than hit into rally killing double plays alot !!!

    - Andy
  169. 169.

    “MW: I’d have an issue with the serial rapist part. If you actually listened to the show and heard the tenor of his voice, you’d know that nothing he said could have been rehearsed. But it doesn’t matter, you’re going to disagree with everything he does and says regardless.”

    Being the king of sarcasm and hyperbole, I thought you’d take the serial rapist comment for what it’s worth. I listened to the show live and the part about Adam Dunn about 10 times. And you think I’m going to disagree with everything he says and does why? What have I said that would give you that opinion? I hated his comments about Adam Dunn, and talked about his comments on Adam Dunn. Therefore I’m a fairweather irrational dullard fan? Would you like a list of the things I’ve liked from JP?

    The problem is the list of bad things is much larger, especially lately.

    MW: Sorry, I guess I lumped you in with all the reactionary knee-jerkies. It’s hard to remember who said what sometimes.

    - Wyatt Bailey
  170. 170.

    And one more thing – I called you a brown-noser because of your reaction to JP’s comments. Everyone listening knew you disagreed but did you say so? No. You just reinforced him by saying the fans don’t know Dunn’s personality like he does and that he’s (paraphrased) “the GM for a reason”. There was a time I thought you spoke your mind, even if it happens to be JP Ricciardi. You should’ve bulldozed him for those comments, Mike, because us fans don’t get the chance. His JOB is not to assess the personality flaws of players that this team so desperately needs. His JOB is to fill those needs.

    MW: And yet so many people insist on building teams full of character guys, and that the Jays are losing because Wells and Rios don’t care. Again, my job is not to bulldoze Ricciardi if he says something I disagree with, at least, not if you want Wednesdays with J.P. to continue.

    - Wyatt Bailey
  171. 171.

    Scott Rolland? For someone that seemingly knows everything, he should at least know how to spell the guys name, right?

    MW: No one can seem to get his head around “Rolen”. I don’t know why.

    - Brett
  172. 172.

    Sorry to make these posts separated, I just keep thinking of things after I submit!

    Why do you think that JP is so knowledgeable? I’ve heard comments – that I can’t recall now – from him that showed he had very little baseball knowledge.

    But the BURNING QUESTION is how can you call someone knowledgable to the game when they say Dunn is a .230-.240 hitter who hits dingers now and then? This comment, while tecnically true, just bleeds ignorance. JP reads something about Dunn’s personality in the local paper and takes it as fact. How could he possibly know Adam Dunn well enough to make such comments? I don’t think JP is nearly as knowledgeble as people make him out to be. Sometimes the fans really are the most knowledgable because of the time they take to research. JP’s too busy for that. I’d be willing to bet he has no idea what Dunn’s career OPS is.

    And now, not only has Dunn come back at JP saying the Jays are scratched off his list (and even being a bit racist about it), the PR nigtmare begins. This will affect the price of Teixeira, and others. Teams like NYY will know they have no competition for Dunn from the team that needs a bat the most. What a nightmare.

    - Wyatt Bailey
  173. 173.

    Seems the only press J.P. or Gibby gets (especially from ESPN) is when the manager is getting his lip bloodied or when J.P. says something foolish without thinking (as he says).

    J.P. has been totally caught in a lie. He “***** out” the caller on the Wed. with J.P., when the caller spoke of Adam Dunn. J.P. said “I do my homework etc.. etc.. as a GM”. Buster Olney totally busted him and J.P. appears to be back-peddling like he’s in a paddle boat!

    Don’t get me wrong, I like J.P. and it’s tough being a GM of a .450 team hitting .250. But lying to the fans … shame shame.. the tears of a clown..

    Peter P.

    MW: I don’t think he’s been caught in a lie at all. Where was the lie?

    - Peter P.
  174. 174.

    Post 152:

    It doesn’t take a baseball knowledge to say someone doesn’t have passion for the game or like the game.

    This is pure hearsay and innuendo, the same way criticising your show would be.

    I don’t want a GM who embarrases the organization by discrediting an opposition player based on innuendo and hearsay.

    Being an alleged expert on baseball(whis in JP’s case is highly debatable) is not the same as being an expert on human psychology. It’s clear JP is not an expert on professionalism (which should be a basic competency for a MLB GM).

    - stephen
  175. 175.

    Scott from North Bay (#65) Libel is written…slander is spoken. Mike, I’m kind of disappointed you didn’t pick that one up! And I don’t think JP would just make up something like that. He must have some inside information most of us don’t have. Just like BJ Ryan’s back injury from last year. It’s not a lie if we know the truth…what?!?! Now I’ve confused myself!

    MW: Take a deep breath, you’ll be OK.

    - Chris - Kitchener
  176. 176.

    “MW: Do you know what pious means?”

    Yup, I sure do. From Merriam Webster’s: “marked by sham or hypocrisy”

    J.P. was “marked by hypocrisy” (or pious if you prefer) when he said he doesn’t need Adam Dunn. The guy has more homers than our 1B, CF, 3B, and RF combined. He also would lead our team in OBP by far.

    MW: He didn’t say that he didn’t need Dunn, he said he didn’t want him. I had never heard of that definition of pious before – congrats on whipping out a little-used meaning to a commonly-used word.

    - Matt S
  177. 177.

    In reference to Mike’s response in post 89:

    I don’t believe the A’s were way better than the Jays when Ricci. got here. Maybe slightly better by a few games but not WAY better. It doesn’t matter to me anyway. I don’t care what he did or didn’t do in Oakland. All I’m concerned about is what he has done here which in the last 5 years was ZIP. Dunn made him look the fool too. Exposed him for what he really is. Maybe other players feel that way about him too, who knows? Look Mike, I’m so tired of watching this crap. All I want is the POWERHOUSE team that I was promised andnot this assembly of girlie hitters JP has strung together one night while coming home drunk.

    MW: Oakland had come off consecutive playoff appearances with seasons of 91 and 102 wins when Ricciardi was hired, and they won their division the two years after he came over. They were WAY better, regardless of what you believe. Who promised you a powerhouse team?

    - Vito From Hamilton
  178. 178.

    Hey Mike thanks for responding to my post (#154). I apologize for my spelling mistakes and imperfect grammar and punctuation. There are probably many more errors in the refered passage but here are some of the spelling mistakes.
    1. there should have been they’re
    2. to should have been too
    3. atheletes should have been athletes

    Sorry about that I just write these things (blog responses) from a stream of consciousness kind of approach. I try to get it down as fast as I can so to speak because I found very early in university that if I didn’t I forgot what was in my mind to begin with. My significant other was who I depended on to proof my work because she was exceptional at spelling, sentence structure and grammar. Shes at work and probably has little to no interest in my extra curricular (not sure if I spelled that correctly) activities such as this blog.

    Take care Mike
    Oh ya hopefully the Jays can start to turn this ship around tonight in Pittsburgh.

    - Troy
  179. 179.

    Sorry Mike another spelling mistake in the post responding to spelling mistakes. I’m laughing as I WRITE this. For post #170 “right” should most certainly be WRITE. WHOOPS
    this is getting hilarious.
    HE HE

    Take Care.

    - Troy
  180. 180.

    And Mike. As long as the Jays insist on continuing to stink out Major League ballparks, I’ll continue to be “priceless”.

    - Vito From Hamilton
  181. 181.

    Gibbons is out! Holy Molly! Gibbons is out! Cito is back! Cito is back! I couldn’t believe my ears! YAHOOOO! Ricciardi FINALLY wakes up and smells the coffee. It can’t be any worse than Gibbons. I’m prepared to back off on Ricciardi until the end of the season to see how it goes. YAHOOOOO! I love you JP!

    MW: Don’t make promises you know you can’t keep, Vito.

    - Vito From Hamilton
  182. 182.

    This news just compeletely catapulted me right out of my miserable mood today. I can’t contain my joy.

    - Vito From Hamilton
  183. 183.

    Poor Croatia! And you think baseball is cruel.

    - Vito From Hamilton
  184. 184.

    “MW: He didn’t say that he didn’t need Dunn, he said he didn’t want him. I had never heard of that definition of pious before – congrats on whipping out a little-used meaning to a commonly-used word.”

    Yes, well if you weren’t so pious in your judgment of my use of American English you would have felt no need to congratulate me for using a word that I am quite familiar with.


    (Sorry, I can’t help it as I majored in English at University. And no, this doesn’t give you more credence to to correct my flawed grammar more so than others!)

    MW: Thanks for at least spelling grammar correctly!

    - Matt S
  185. 185.

    maybe brett should host the show, in posting 24 he called it cito is back, and you were so sure in denying his thoughts. great incite on his part, i guess most of us would have agreed with you at the time though.

    MW: Brett definitely managed to read between the lines – none of the rest of us could.

    - dp
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