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There’s your final cumulative score of the Blue Jays’ sweep of the Kansas City Royals, closing out a 5-2 homestand and getting the Jays three games over .500 for the first time this season.

I didn’t hear any “it’s only the Royals” calls after the game, which made me happy.  I was expecting some, but only because for the last few years we’ve been hearing about how the Jays can’t beat the bad teams.  This time, they not only beat a bad team, but they beat it up real good.

Shaun Marcum was his usual treeeeemendous self, despite being all fidgety with his right hand and the rosin bag.  He hit a career-high three batters, two of them in the sixth, but still only gave up one earned run.  That sixth inning was really something – after the hit batsmen, Marcum got two textbook double-play balls but no double plays.  On the first one, Marcum didn’t get his foot down on first base to take Marco Scutaro’s relay throw – stunning, because he might be the best-fielding pitcher in the league.  On the second, Joe Inglett’s flip throw to second was nowhere near Scoot.

You can’t tell me that two weeks ago, that inning doesn’t blow up and bury the Jays.  Of course, two weeks ago, it was probably a 0-0 game, not 6-0 Toronto at the time.  How things have changed.

Along those lines – did my eyes deceive me or did Lyle Overbay actually hit a “ground ball with eyes” that got through into right field for a RBI single in the second?  Might be the first one of those I’ve seen from the Jays all year.

Scutaro jumped out of his 0-for-10 nicely, with a gorgeous hit-and-run single and a solo homer.  And hey, Gregg Zaun (I think I might call him “TOYS” from now on – for Target Of Your Scorn, I don’t get why everyone seems to have so much of a hate-on for the guy) had a great day, with a two-run homer, a double and two runs scored.

Now the Jays are off on the road for three each with the A’s, Angels and Yankees.  If they wind up 5-4 on the trip, that would be spectacular.

We also get to see right away if this recent hot streak will now enable the Jays to beat left-handed starters with any kind of regularity.  They started the year 0-4 against starting southpaws, though only one of them was around for the decision.  Since then, they’re 5-4 when a lefty starts, but they haven’t faced one since Jamie Moyer beat them (well, David Purcey beat them – it’s semantics, really, and he’s a lefty, anyway) in the opener in Philly a week and a half ago.

Greg Smith starts in Oakland tomorrow night, and Dana Eveland goes Thursday afternoon.  Smith and Eveland started two of the games in the Oakland sweep at the end of the first homestand, with Smith leaving after 6 down 3-2 (the A’s scored four in the 9th off Jeremy Accardo and Brian Wolfe) and Eveland throwing 6 1/3 innings of three-hit shutout (the A’s won 3-2 in 12 on the night of Jesse Carlson’s major-league debut).

The afternoon JaysTalk was a good time, as always, and it’s right here for your listening pleasure:

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I especially enjoyed the caller who wanted to make it clear that he thinks the Jays will get swept in Oakland “because that’s what they always do”.  He wanted me to make sure that I know he KNEW it would happen so that when he calls me on Thursday after the sweep, I won’t think he’s just frustrated by three straight losses.  In retrospect, I should have suggested that he wager his house on the sweep, could make him a rich man.  Hey, if any of you know him, offer to bet pink slips!

Comments are encouraged, as always, and make sure you stay up for the 1:30 AM (Eastern) JaysTalks tomorrow and Wednesday!

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  1. 1.

    JP Riccardi is god. He can do no wrong, he knows evertyhing. They should build a statue of him outside the Rogers Center. Hell, they should rename the stadium to Riccardi Center.

    MW: Hilarious. Your wit cuts me to the core.

    - Mike Wilner
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    Hi, Mike

    Thanks for mentioning Toronto’s record of 27 & 16 when Toronto scores 2 or more runs in a game.I was listening to the post game show this afternoon. As I listen or watch a game each time Toronto scores a run I know there chances of winning that game goes up at least 10%. The comment I wanted to make today was about Brian Wolfe. Earlier this season I had determined in my mind that he was the best candidate out of the bullpen to become a starter. I do not believe at this stage anyone in AAA could step in and throw significant innings should one of the 5 Jays starters should go down with an injury. When Brian rehabs I hope the Jays allow him to stretch his arm and be a backup starter in case of injury this season. Also with AJ leaving at the end of the season I could see Brian filling that position until Casey returns.

    Do you think that there is a better candidate in the jays system then Brian Wolfe to be a back up Starter this season?

    PS Shawn Camp comes but I think he is 1 year away.


    Dave from Guelph

    MW: I don’t think Wolfe is going to get stretched out this season, because of the forearm injury, but they were talking about him eventually being a good fit as a starter. I think that John Parrish is probably the next on the list to fill in.

    - Dave
  3. 3.

    Hey Mike, obviously AJ is going to opt out after this year so what kind of money do you think he will land and what would Toronto be willing to pay, if anything. More importantly, do you think AJ wants to stay in Toronto or will he go where the money is. Thanks.

    MW: I think someone will offer A.J. $80 million or more over 5 years, might be St. Louis, might be Baltimore, might be the Yankees or the Mets. He’ll go to a combination of term/money/location, but the Jays won’t be factors in the first two, at least.

    - Jamie
  4. 4.

    Lets hope none of the Jays starters get all selfish on this roadtrip and throw a complete game shutout victory.

    MW: That’d be terrible.

    - Brett
  5. 5.

    Do you think Marcum has a chance to be at the all star game? I think so, and if he keeps this up he can definitely be a contender for the Cy young. The thing that impresses me most about him is he has a great idea of how to pitch and get hitters out. I have to say I never though he would be this good.Knowing JP’s draft picks I thought he would be some low ceiling prospect similiar to Jesse Litsch, but he clearly has better stuff than him.

    MW: Well, that’s why he was a 3rd round pick and Litsch was a 24th rounder. There were only about 725 players picked in between them.I know they were picked a year apart, but I’m sure you get what I mean. I do think that if Marcum keeps this up he has a chance to go to the all-star game, but he needs to get his profile raised somehow.

    - avi
  6. 6.

    I have to say I was fair impressed with the 4 run inning – it’s a good sign that the runs came in over several batters, including a home run. Even I can tell that this is a good sign

    MW: OK.

    - Sam McLean
  7. 7.

    Marcum can do no wrong

    “He hit a career-high three batters, two of them in the sixth”

    Im sure they deserved it.

    MW: They probably did.

    - Dave
  8. 8.

    Is there a story regarding the necklaces that some of the Jays pitchers wear? Marcum and McGowan look like they wear a couple of them at a time. I first noticed them last year and whatever they are they are working for them.

    MW: I’ve answered that question several times on this blog. They’re made by a company called Phiten.

    - Chris B
  9. 9.

    You really seem to dwell upon that which frustrates you. I suggest and request that you handle the amature calls and comments with a slightly more humbling attitude — I think it will provide you with much more deserving respect in the long run.

    Saying this, I still understand that most of the callers and comments are frustrating.

    Go Jays. Marcum is unreal.

    - Mike
  10. 10.

    Long live Gregg Zaun. Anyone who bashes him is wrong.

    - Scott
  11. 11.

    Mike, Whats the plan for Travis Snider, it seems that all he is playing in AAA is DH. Don’t you think he is better served playing either 1B or the OF just to develop his defensive skills so when he gets to the majors he can contribute something more than just offense ? or is the plan to just keep him as a DH ?

    Also i wanted to know how come they don’t pipe in noise to the rogers center if they do it in raptors games ?

    MW: Snider is in AA, and he’s had some elbow issues that prevent him from playing the outfield right now. They don’t pipe in noise because piping in noise is wrong.

    - Nath
  12. 12.

    Think the Jays will deal Burnett/Litsch for a power bat? Why not keep the stud rotation together and settle for the draft picks for AJ? In the post-steroid era, lots of power hitters have fallen off and teams should be weary when aquiring them.

    MW: I don’t think the Jays will touch their major-league rotation.

    - Brett V
  13. 13.

    Hey Mike,

    In North Bay, frustrated that half the games this series weren’t on sportsnet and had no access to a radio until today so I got my Wilner Fix at least….I remember a comment made today about Corey Hart…who is great and would look great in a jays uni…

    He’s a great talent with much potential left…give him a couple years and some light and I bet the word Gamer will be applied by callers quicker than you can say Amazin Amezaga….Because of the Matt Laporta situation along with the Braun extention, it may be too early to think it but its not crazy to think about the possibility of Hart being moved out of Mil. You mentioned that no one was on the block this early in the year, but if you were in the GM seat….hypthetically of course…how high would you try to buy him at if he became movable?

    MW: I’d give up the farm for him, just so he could walk up to the plate to “Sunglasses At Night.”

    - Ryan S.
  14. 14.

    While the Jays are playing much better lately, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Do I think the jays will be in the hunt three months from now? Yes, I do. However, let’s see if they can keep it up before we start chanting about the playoffs in the middle of May.

    MW: Better to chant about the playoffs in May than to say that the season is over in April.

    - Songofwar
  15. 15.

    Very impressive four game sweep. Since I started rewatching the Jays in 05, I dont think I’ve seen this many sweeps, well at least this early on. What do they have now 3? And two of those are four gamers. This team can frustrate the hell out of me and 24hours later make me a happy man. I guess thats why I love this sport. I also like being in a race come June too!

    MW: They’re pretty much always in a race in June. This was their 4th sweep (BOS, CHW, MINN).

    - Dave
  16. 16.

    Let me add something…not implying that I think you are “chanting about the playoffs” mike, but there are a lot of people who like to jump on the bandwagon when the team gets on a hot streak. It’s a long season.

    MW: That it is.

    - Songofwar
  17. 17.

    Billy Beane interview is up at AN

    Thanks, Mike for getting us interviews every Wednesday with “our” GM.

    - brent in Korea
  18. 18.


    1. Have you ever looked at this? The report cards are amazing.


    Doc comes in at an A-, but it’s a bit misleading because he actually loses points for pitching to contact.

    b) I thought Lind looked overmatched in the bigs this year and also in his call up last year. I will pre-emptively acknowledge it is probably too early to conclude this about Lind, but aren’t there guys who can succeed all the way up to AAA but no further? And do you think League may be one of these guys?

    iii) What do you think about pitchers hitting in AL parks and DHs in NL parks for interleague play.

    Word out.

    MW: 1 – No, I haven’t looked; B – There are AAAA guys, but it’s way too early to make that assessment on Lind and League; iii – I like the idea.

    - G Man
  19. 19.

    How are ya? It’s pretty damn rude of you to rip callers for asking. You never hear a legend like Bob Mcowan do that, he probably gets asked 20 times in the hour he takes calls, and gives each of them a politte answer. When people ask you this in person do you have a throw a hissy fit then to? Respect is a great thing, learn to have it. It doesn’t matter that you don’t like it, get over it, be mature about it.

    MW: Respect is a great thing, learn to have it.

    - John
  20. 20.

    Hi Mike, i’m fine thanks, before you ask.
    Who do you think will be the next Canadian hall of famer? Secondly, what do you make of the Cubs this year? finally just to say i actually do like Gregg Zaun he’s a heart and soul type guy , he cares.
    Thanks as always

    MW: The next Canadian Hall of Famer, I hope, will be Larry Walker, but he’s very much a bubble guy. I think the Cubs are reasonable, and their division is pretty bad. I like Zaun because of the things he does that can be measured.

    - Phil Smith
  21. 21.

    Couple of things. One, I’m kinda curious why Marcum wasn’t charged with an error on the throw over to first. Of the Jays pitchers, who do you think would be selected to go the All-Star game, if the decision needed to be made right now?
    And just on a side note, do you have to put up all comments? Couldn’t you not put some in if they are as above??

    MW: If they’re exactly the same, I don’t put them up. Marcum wasn’t charged with an error because no runner advanced an extra base and you can’t assume a double play. If I were picking, I’d send Halladay, Marcum and Ryan to the all-star game, at least.

    - Matthew Fabbricino
  22. 22.

    hey mike

    great series! I kind of felt bad for KC today to be honest.

    I found it to be slightly pessimistic when I heard Litsch compared to Chacin on the pre game show yesterday.

    I don’t think Litsch will be an ace by any means, but can you think of any starts where Chacin looked even close to as dominant as Litsch did on Saturday (or a couple other starts this season)?

    I’m not saying he’s going to be an all star pitcher, but I don’t see why his very solid stats should be written off. Why do some perceive his start to be a fluke? Is it solely because he doesn’t have great ‘stuff’?

    MW: Yes, it’s solely because he doesn’t have great stuff, but lots of pitchers have succeeded without great stuff. Chacin has had a few dominating starts in his career, one against the Yankees early on, if I remember correctly.

    - James H
  23. 23.

    First off, DEWAYNE WISE IS BACK IN THE BIGS WITH THE WHITE SOX! Unreal. whose next? willy canate?

    at any rate, all this talk of trading burnett cause of his opt out clause is a bit on the ridiculous side. what kind of message would it be sending to trade what amounts to your number two starter when your team has serious post season possibilities? if he walks, he walks…take your two draft pics and enjoy. if he gets traded somehow to a west coast team though, do the limo rides still come with the contract? at 4 dollars a gallon that might be where his real leverage lies.

    so i see you are now admitting to scutaro being as good defensively as eckstein? seems like before you were still putting eck a rung above the scootmastergeneral.

    it would appear the sphincteric portion of rios season is nearing an “end” and that is just in time with all eyes turning to Big Brown this coming weekend.

    MW: The book on Scutaro has always been that he’s a poor defensive shortstop, and I bought the book. Having watched him play there for 2 1/2 weeks, he’s fine. Nothing special, but fine, just like Eckstein.

    - sammy jalalzai
  24. 24.

    JP Ricciardi is the devil. He is purposely making the team terrible. What’s the PLAN!?!? PLAN plan plan plan plan. (dealine looms) screw flanders screw flanders screw flanders screw flanders.

    MW: Why is it that people feel the need to post comments like this?

    - Gitchard Riffin
  25. 25.

    i was listening to jays talk after the royals game yesterday.
    their was alot of excitement. knowing the jays pattern, in a few weeks from now we will be talking about firing the manager and j.p and crying in our beer about how bad our jays are!!!!!

    MW: Regardless of the Jays’ pattern. They’re going to lose three in a row at some point, probably a few times, and that should be enough.

    - carmen
  26. 26.

    There should be a new stat in the boxscore called ‘luck’. It’s funny how blue jays are getting breaks now, that Overbay hit you talked about was hilarious. Earlier in the year you could see that Jays werent getting favorable bounces. What a turnaround!
    I give the AL east to Boston. Jays are like 3 games behind but let’s be realistic. With all due respect to other teams, I think Cleveland and Yankees are favorite to win the Wildcard with Jays a close third. Tampa’s luck will run out, Oakland isnt that good and Blue Jays is clearly a better team than others in the American League except the division leaders White sox and Angels.
    What’s your assessment for the wildcard?

    MW: It’s way too early, but I think that the Jays, Yankees and maybe Tigers will be the three teams in that race, with the White Sox having a shot.

    - Beburg
  27. 27.

    Only one comment so far, Mike? – that will never do. I’m really into this season now. This team’s signature is its fabulous pitching, and Marcum is at the centre of it,with his WHIP, BAA, and SLG stats on top of the league. Amazing for a guy who basically came out of nowhere.
    How will they do against the A’s? If Burnett has another good game I will really start to believe,but that’s not his track record, is it? And Litsch is pitching far above himself. So I’ll happily settle for 1 out of 3 with a win from Halladay on Wednesday in the middle. As I say, any more and we will really be on a roll.
    Frankly, I’m still not convinced about our Achilles heel which is the hitting – there have been bright spots here and there but the power numbers still aren’t much good. In your heart of heart of hearts are you seeing championship style hitting on this team?

    MW: That depends on your definition of championship-style hitting. Since they only need to score two runs to win 60% of the time, the answer is yes.

    - Gerry
  28. 28.

    Good morning Mike, hope you’re well. I haven’t been commenting lately, it’s been a busy few days, but I’ve been making time for witnessing the Jays playing good ball. And yeah, I don’t buy the “it’s only the Royals” either, wins are wins, whether it’s a 7 – 2 game against the Royals or a 4 -2 game against the Yankees, if you know what I mean. The Jays will take them, blowouts or not.
    So, I have a question about Tommy John surgery. I would guess there isn’t a single major league staff (or probably minor as well) that doesn’t have at least one guy who’s had TJ surgery. I know that BJ Ryan is atypical in terms of recovery, but not unheard of, especially lately, a year or slightly less recovery time is not as startling as it once was. There’s a lot of talk about TJ surgery becoming more prevalent due to early pitching of breaking stuff, but I’m curious as to whether the speedier recovery rates are due to both refinments in the surgery and of catching the breakdown of the ulnar ligament earlier, before it explodes, thus enabling a player to recover faster and easier. What do you think? Is that the case, or are some pitchers, like BJ Ryan, just freaks that have an unusual recovery? Thanks, Mike.

    MW: I don’t have nearly the depth of medical knowledge to even attempt to answer that.

    - kita
  29. 29.

    Love your blog Mike. Love this team right now too.

    MW: Thanks.

    - Justin
  30. 30.

    Mike, do you still think that Detroit will be there in the end?? What about baltimore losing 100 games? Don’t you think we should be worried about them A’s and Rays??

    MW: No, I don’t. Baltimore may only lose 95 now, but they still have a shot at 100. And yeah, Detroit has a big run in them. It won’t be enough, but they’ll get into a race.

    - Tom
  31. 31.

    I for one love Zaun. He is intense, he works pitchers, he runs hard and he was one of the few players to stand up to Shea Hillenbrand’s selfish antics. By the way where is Shealfish? (That is a play on the word selfish not shellfish.) History suggests that Barajas won’t maintain his current pace. Zaun has been a much more consistent hitter over the last few seasons.

    Great series against the Royals. I wish I could stay as even-keeled as you, after yesterdays game I was booking off time with the wife for playoff baseball in October. I realize it was “just” the Royals, but when you can trot out the 5 starters that we have it gives you confidence going into every game/series.

    A “big bat” would be nice, but if we continue to play well and stay healthy, won’t Vernon’s return provide us with that?

    Thanks as always.

    P.S. You said a few blogs ago “would you rather have Hill and Rolen, or Hill, Hudson and Batista” or something to that effect. I would rather have Hill and Rolen, but I would take Hill and Hudson over Hill and Glaus. I think the Rolen deal salvaged the Hudson trade, and is J.P.’s best move as Toronto GM. When Glaus was cold (which was alot) he was an automatic out. I really don’t miss him limping all over the ballpark, and hey Rolen is the best Blue Jay ever!!!

    - Rob H.
  32. 32.

    Mike, I know you think Eck is going to come back as the starting SS, but where do you think he’ll bat? Is this the time to drop him in 9th until he earns his way back to the top?

    MW: He had been dropped to 9th when he got hurt, and I assume he’ll stay there since Shannon Stewart is hitting well.

    - JW
  33. 33.

    This will be a telling road trip to wrap up a successful May and lead into June.

    I’m going to assume the day off will be between the Angels and Yanks series.

    I saw somewhere the Jays are 16-5 since Wells got hurt? He could end up being the biggest pickup at the trade deadline, assuming the wrist is completely healthy, unlike Overbay’s hand last year.

    What is the Jays RISP since leaving Cleveland, if able to compile easily?

    Nice post to start off the day!

    MW: The Jays are actually 11-5 since Vernon got hurt. They’re 33/116 (.284) with RISP since leaving Cleveland.

    - Aaron Ker
  34. 34.

    So I was a day early in calling for the sweep of the Royals (I made the embarassing error of thinking it was a three-game set instead of a four game series two days ago). However, a four game sweep against any major-league team is impressive even if said major league team is playing like a minor league team at the moment.

    MW: Correct.

    - Derek
  35. 35.

    I have a question about the 15-day DL, prompted by Eckstein’s and MacDonald’s current visits there. I know the purpose is to allow the team to bring up another body to fill the 25-man major league roster, and that the injured player has to stay on the DL for the full 15 days. But how about when the 15 days expires? Judging from Eckstein ‘s and MacDonald’s situation, it seems the team is allowed extend that 15 days somewhat.. How long can the extend it, I wonder. Presumably not indefinitely. (Until this past week, I had assumed that if the player doesn’t come off the DL, they would have to be placed on second 15-day DL stint.) Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this one, Mike!

    MW: The 15-day disabled list is at least 15 days, but could be extended indefinitely.

    - Stan
  36. 36.

    Holy Jees!! Did you see Ichiros catch against the Bo sox last night??? Freeking amazing!!!

    Mike, whats the deal with both our catchers at the end of this season???. Do they have have long term contracts??? Do the Jays continue to keep them if they carry on with such great form or do we start looking towards the minors for next season???


    MW: Both Zaun and The Captain are free agents at the end of the season.

    - Warren Owen
  37. 37.

    Do you think the Rays are going to be in the playoff picture all year? Their pitching looks like it may hold up. Did you see Ichiro’s catch last night? Unbelievable!!!

    MW: To answer the first question, you obviously haven’t read or listened to me at all this year. The second – no, I didn’t. But I’ll look it up.

    - The Chad
  38. 38.

    No Scutaro hasn’t come close to proving he’s better then little Eck, but little Eck hasn’t been too impressive this year and if im not mistaking the Jays were the only team that offered him a contract to play SS.

    again not saying Scutaro is better just saying Eck hasn’t impressed me so far anyways.

    MW: OK

    - dan m
  39. 39.

    If we started an online petition calling for the immediate reinstatement of Adam Lind in Left Field, do you think they’d listen? Brad Wilkerson was kind of a cute little experiment and I realize we’ve been winning and all, but really, enough is enough already. I was giving JP the benefit of the doubt with the whole Big Frank thing because I thought that was going to be Lind’s window. 19 at bats is not a window, it’s a mail slot.
    I’m thinking of starting a non-violent protest-march. We can all stand in front of Roger’s Centre, point longingly to the upper decks and use water pistols to shoot ourselves in the face. (O.K. Maybe that’s a little bit violent, but sort of not really.) Who’s with me?

    MW: Good luck with that.

    - pete
  40. 40.

    I liked the comparison yesterday of OMZ (Old Man Zaun) to Pat Borders. Although Barajas is hitting well of late I get pretty frustrated with his lack of focus on defense. I would always rather an excellent defensive catcher that calls a good game and hits .250 then a inconsistent defensive catcher who hits .280

    Just my thoughts, I love OMZ.

    Do you think the jays may start Zaun and Barajas 60/40 for the remainder of the year or will they continue to just play the hot hand?


    MW: I think Zaun is the #1 and gets most of the starts. Seems like Barajas gets to catch A.J., though.

    - Shannon
  41. 41.

    As you’ve stated in this blog already, coming home from this 9 game trip 5-4 would be considered a success. However, with the way that this Blue Jays pitching staff is going, I would hope that coming home 5-4 could be construed as a disappointment of sorts. Given the number of ‘tight scoring’ losses this season, and the remarkable stat regarding the Blue Jays record when they score 2 or more runs, I think that if the offense can continue on it’s recent role, coming home five or six games over .500 is not out of the question.

    Given the recent roll that this team is on, I can honestly say I haven’t felt this optimistic regarding our chances at the post-season since the home-opening series against the Red Sox. I know that it’s still early, but I really feel that if the Jays can burn up the month of June like they have May, our chances at the post-season will increase ten-fold.

    Given that I’m at the office by 8am most days, I don’t think I’ll be up to join you for the 1:30am JaysTalk editions tonight and tomorrow, but I sure am glad you have them available here on the blog for our listening pleasure.

    Thanks, Mike!

    MW: You’re welcome, but you have to lower your expectations. You’re just setting yourself up for disappointment when 5-4 would be great – look at what the Red Sox are doing out west.

    - Jeff
  42. 42.

    A quick glance at the standings shows the Jays with the longest win streak in the bigs. I wonder how long it’s been since that has happened?

    Sure, going to the west coast and facing some lefty pitching may well change that, but at the end of the day winning 11 of 14 and putting a nice streak together at home is EXACTLY what this team needed to build a little confidence before hitting the road again.

    Some of the more vocal Jays fans love to hate on management and players to the point where they would rather see them lose in order to keep the fodder coming. In the end, look at the standings and right now, TODAY, there are 29 other teams that aren’t playing as well.

    MW: I don’t know that those fans would prefer the Jays to lose, I don’t think that’s fair. They often complain when the Jays win, after all.

    - Greg K
  43. 43.

    Here’s a piece from Peter Gammons article on “other company’s website”. It’s about the trouble the Mets are having.

    “Maybe Minaya needs to blow something up, like trading Beltran, cash and pieces to a smaller media market and bringing back a package with Alex Rios and A.J. Burnett.”

    Not sure what to think of that one.

    MW: That’s not going to happen.

    - Aaron
  44. 44.

    Mike you talk about alot of streaks, how about the consecutive no playoff apperance streak after back to back championships.
    The Blue Jays continued this run of being abscent from the playoffs for 16 years after back to back championships. With the J.P regime present for six and and a half years of the streak. Florida Marlins playoff appearance didn’t even go that long after their first championship. The Jays won back to back for crying out loud. You can say what you want about the Jays and their financial conditions after the championships. Let me remind you that the florida marlins tore their team apart after the first championship in 97 and where still able to recover faster than the Jays,and also win a second world series within a shorter period of time. Arizona Diamondbacks went through major front office changes after their championship and also were still able to get back to the playoff. Therefore when you mention money in a no longer small market team like the Jays to me that’s a crock, as is division, because there is no longer only one route to the playoffs. The Jays were at least close once during the Gord Ash Era finishing 4.5 games back, They didn’t even sniff in J.P’s time thus far. If they get close this year it will be the first in J.P’s seven years. Which is abysmal. Not much different than the previous regime.
    By the way
    I think Jerry Colangelo former owner of the Pheonix Suns and Founder of the Arizona Diamondbacks, also father of Raptor GM Brian Colangelo, would be a great
    cannidate to replace Paul Godfrey if the Jays were to move in a different direction president wise. Colangelo is currently out of work.

    MW: First, the Jays have only missed the playoffs 13 times, not 16. Second, the Marlins and D-Backs both had much easier routes to the playoffs than the Jays have. Third, that Ash team that finished 4.5 games out of the wild card was 10 games back on September 1st – they were never in the race.

    - Neil
  45. 45.

    Hey Mike, just had a question that does not have much to do with your blog post. I have just returned from a 4-week trip in China and so am trying to get caught back up in the sports world. I was following up on how Canucks are doing in the major leagues, some are doing great others not so great. But I was lost when I could not find a trace of Adam Loewen. Looking around some more, I found somewhere that stated Adam “has recently resigned with the Orioles.” If this is true, why and where has he gone to?

    Another item was all this talk of Adam Dunn and Jason Bay has got me thinking. I think its safe to say that you are going to have to give up the same for either so if you were to take one, which guy would it be. (I like Dunn but I think the Canadian Kid would be the better choice. Having worked in the sports businees for a few years now, I have found that you get alot more leeway with local kids when contract negotiations and other things come around.

    Love listening to Jays talk and reading the occasional blog. Keep up the great work!

    MW: I don’t think you’d get leeway from Bay. He might be Canadian, but he’s not local – Seattle is his destination of choice. As far as Loewen, that should read that he re-signed with the Orioles.

    - Max`
  46. 46.

    I realize that Delgado isn’t hitting much, and I wasn’t a huge fan of his back in the day when he was here. However, he does have 8 hrs on the season so far–which I believe is more than any of our guys–and he does hit well in the RC. I suspect the Mets management are dying to make a trade of any one of their big underachievers to show that they are trying to do something aside from hanging Willie Randolph out to dry–that press conference they held yesterday was beyond ridiculous. Better to let him go, than keep him twisting in the wind like this. I think Delgado would do better in the AL and could make a decent DH although I realize I’m probably in a minority of 1 here!

    MW: No, I don’t think you are, but I don’t think going back to move forward is usually a good move.

    - reyes
  47. 47.

    I wonder if the scorn is comming froma couple things. He’s a older catcher (although without the mileage of some other guys). He’s efficent but not a superstar. Also we have young guys in the system that are making some folks think of Mauer, Martin, McCann and others who are strong young offensive catchers. Basically they see greener grass and they want it, well that’s what I think anyway.

    MW: Could be.

    - Nick
  48. 48.

    Hi Mike,
    This nine game road trip is huge for the Jays. I think its ridiculous for Toronto to play Monday day game, fly out to the West Coast and play a Tuesday night game. It affected the Red Sox and they lost 3 to Oakland. (not that I am complaining) When Eck comes back, who will get sent down? Luna? Also, did you check out Adam Lind’s recent stats in AAA, he is doing well.
    Thanks, Mike

    MW: Yes, Luna, and yes, Lind is, though not as well as he was before he came up.

    - Tom Stewart
  49. 49.

    Can I claim the sweep for the Jays? I want the credit for that.

    MW: Sure.

    - Iain Sutherland
  50. 50.

    I heard the Tampa Bay Rays have started a very unigue off-season program for their players. They’ve brought in a Yoga instructor. To me, that’s amazing and I feel it’s directley related to their play this season.

    MW: OK.

    - Justin H.
  51. 51.

    This series against Oakland is a big test for the Blue Jays. I just hope that an old friend isn’t too angry and motivated.

    In the past six games, he’s hitting .455 with four home runs. If Frank ends up having a big year and the A’s end up going to the playoffs because of it, someone in Toronto should have to pay with their job. After all, “it had nothing to do with money”.

    MW: It’s interesting, maybe someone should.

    - Jim B
  52. 52.

    Great 4 game series sweep vs. the Royals! I was at the game on Friday night watching Halladay’s gem.

    I’m going to see the Blue Jays play in New York on this road trip! Do you know where I could find a “Yankee’s Suck” t-shirt Mike? The Blue Jays shop doesn’t sell them.

    Here’s a funny Seinfeld clip that you should enjoy. It’s hilarious!


    MW: You might have to go to Boston to find that, but it won’t have an apostrophe.

    - Silvio
  53. 53.

    OK I wanted to be one of those “Its only the Royals” callers. Instead I will be a “its only the Royals” blogers. Although, its good to see them beat up on the bad teams like they haven’t in the past, lets not get too excited and see how they come out on this relatively tough road trip.

    - Shmuel
  54. 54.

    Didn’t Brian Wolfe start his career as a Starting Pitcher then converted to a Relief pitcher? I know someone talked about turning Wolfe into a SP, but I don’t think he should convert back.

    Also speaking of national coverage, the Jays were scheduled to be shown in the first two of three games in the Yankees home opener.

    First one was rained out (Dan Shulman was going to call the game), but the second game (Burnett-Mussina) was on as scheduled on ESPN2.

    They were also on TBS’ FIRST national MLB on Sunday (Buck Martinez was the commentator, Halladay vs. Beckett matchup was promoted) games against the Red Sox when Frank Thomas hit a grand slam off Delcarman.

    It was right after Hill and Rios signed extensions, so a lot of Jays talk revolved around those two and other first round picks playing.

    So 2/2 so far in nationally televised games. :)

    - BK
  55. 55.

    Hey Mike,
    What ever happened with Towers? is he still pitching in the minors or just plain out of baseball?

    MW: He was with Colorado Springs last time I checked.

    - Randy
  56. 56.


    First, I have to say I love your show and your blog, you do a great job. I would, however, like to see you take more of a personal position with respect to some of the highly opinionated Jays issues. I understand with what you do it’s in your best interest to be consistently optimistic and I don’t need to explain that. That being said, show me some onions and tell me how YOU think the Jays will finish this road trip record-wise. Also, do YOU think the Jays are on the outs of this season-long hitting slump?

    p.s. I extremely respect your baseball knowledge, which is why I’m trying to pry a little more out of you.

    MW: It would be folly for me to predict how they will do on the road trip. I have no clue. They could just as easily go 2-7 as they could 7-2, that’s what baseball is all about. Yes, I think the Jays are over the ridiculous slump. As I’ve said many times, they hit rock bottom in the 9th inning of the last game in Cleveland.

    - Greg
  57. 57.

    Hey Mike,

    Are you worried about Halliday tiring out at the end of the season? In past seasons he has run out of gas later on in the season if he pitched alot of complete games early on. Don’t you think this could happen again?

    MW: He has run out of gas in past seasons because of complete games early? I’m pretty sure that’s not true.

    - Jon
  58. 58.

    I’m going on record that the Jays will take 2 of 3 in Oakland, just so I can call in on Thursday to say “I told you so”.

    I don’t think that option got picked up by the callers yesterday.

    You’re too nice to some callers.

    MW: You’re the first to pick up that option. Still waiting on the “Jays will drop 2 of 3″.

    - Pete
  59. 59.

    Your Holy Wilnerness,

    Last week I said I’ll see you on the other side of .500, so here we are! Told ya so! :)

    This series against the A’s feels strangely like an inter-squad game.

    My Toronto Blue Jays are now 6-0 when I am at the dome, next scheduled game is vs the Cubbies!

    Get this…my wife asked me the other day:

    “If you were an MLB player would you play for the Yankees?” I felt a chill go up my spine as I said yes.

    Here’s a hypothetical: Aside from the fans, who do you think would win in a battle of Jays 2008 pitching and defense vs Jays 1993 batting?


    MW: The fans. Probably this pitching staff.

    - Aneez
  60. 60.

    You think this team is not like the maple leafs right? False, this team is like the maple leafs, they are medicore like the leafs, they have overpaid players like the leafs, etc. What’s the difference between the maple leafs and the blue jays in your mind?

    MW: WAY too much to list right here.

    - anton
  61. 61.

    Hi Mike, love your work!

    With all this success without Wells, I’d be interested to see the Jays results against the Oakland lefties. If it’s good, what about considering Wells for a move to Texas. They are deep in left hand outfield at bats, but I don’t think Bradley would be the one. I like the switch hitters for versatility. What do you think?


    MW: You’d trade Vernon Wells for Brandon Boggs???????

    - Rick
  62. 62.

    I read on rotoworld today that there is speculation that the Reds might designate Hatteberg to make room for Jay Bruce. Do you think he’d make sense for the jays? Put Stairs back in the outfield and make Hatteberg the DH, and designate Wilkerson or Mench.

    MW: It’d only be a four-week fix, until Wells gets back.

    - clint
  63. 63.


    I got some rapid fire questions for you… Dont need an explanation… Just your quick guess…

    Steve’s Super Seven!

    1. Is Texas going to be the last MLB team to give Sydney Ponson “another shot”?
    2. Which Rule 5 pick would you rather have Dan Uggla or Josh Hamilton?
    3. How many strikeouts will Jack Cust finish the season with?
    4. How long can Troy Glaus last in the bigs without the long ball?
    5. Who is more valuable to the Jays organization: The drummer outside the Rogers Centre, or the “Ice Cold Beer” guy?
    6. Will Scott Campbell ever be a starter in the jays system?
    7. Did the jays gave up on Sergio Santos too soon?

    MW: Nope. Hamilton. Tons, and it won’t matter. Six more years, at least. The drummer. You never know. No.

    - Stevie H
  64. 64.

    I agree that 5-4 might be spectacular on this trip. The Red Sox are Kansas Cityesq on the road where they own only one fewer loss (11-17). They still have 6 games left in this road trip. It’d be nice if our boys could close that 3.5 game gap even by one game. Shouting distance to Boston at minimum is really important to the mental state of this team I think.

    MW: No, it’s not.

    - Mike Bignell
  65. 65.

    Mike if the Jays are going to have money to spend next season. How much does do you think it would cost to get a really good power bat. Like Adam Dunn or mabey someone better.

    MW: I’ll bet the market for big power bats drops somewhat significantly this off-season.

    - Mike
  66. 66.

    Hi Mike
    Nice homestand.This is something we could get used to.Great start after great start and when we need the bullpen it has performed good as well.It seems the hitting is comming around,at least we don’t have to rely on one player having to come through every night.Nobody is tearing it up but we are getting big hits when we need them unlike earlier in the season.I believe the pitching is as good as it’s performing. The numbers are probably not going to be this good all year but we can depend on our pitching to keep us in every game and that is all we can ask for.Have your thoughts on the Rays changed? they are playing good baseball.What do you see as being there achilles heel.?I think it’s depth at pitching, starters and the bullpen.
    Go Jays!!!

    MW: It’s not pitching depth, it’s pitching.

    - mario
  67. 67.

    I have to give you credit Mike. slowly but surely you have won me over to your line of thinking in regard to the Blue Jays and their chances of having a successful season. Since losing 7 of the first 8 games on their late April road trip and falling to a won-loss record of 11-17, the Jays are 17-8 (that’s .680 baseball for those with poor math skills) and save for the Cleveland disaster, have been playing as well as anybody. When you look around and notice the issues other clubs are having (The Yankees and Tigers have awful pitching staffs, the Indians couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat) you start to understand that with some patience this club might not only be very good, but could gives all of us much to smile about come September and October. I am a bit nervous about the upcoming road trip as it hard for anyone to play well on the west coast and I have fears about “Big Frank” getting revenge on the club that released him. We will see how this play out. I doubt any trades are forthcming, at least not anything big, but i’m all right with that as I think that once vernon comes back the jays are good enough to win with what they have. A big power bat would be nice, but I doubt anyone will be available at the right price.

    I will however, disagree with you on one issue. The Marlins and Rays are better than you think. The Marlins stayed in contention until the last week of the season two years ago. You said Saturday on Jays talk you thought Dan Uggla was playing over his head. The guy only hit 58 home runs the last two years. Yes the youth and inexperience of their club will get them in the end, but I think they will stay around until late in the summer. The Rays remind of the Blue Jays circa 1983. Prior to ’83 the Jays had never played well either. That Toronto club led the AL east for the better part of three months before being overtaken by the eventual World Series champion Orioles. The Rays have an excellent offense and the starting pitching has finally come together. Shields, Kazmir, Sonnanstine and Jackson are four pretty good starters. Jackson was once considered “untouchable” by the Dodgers and most people I listen to think LA got ripped off when they let him go for Mark Hendrickson. It would not surprise me to see them in contention in early September. One thing is for sure, they have had the Jays number this year.

    MW: The Rays may very well be like the ’83 Blue Jays, it’s a good comparison. But the ’83 Jays weren’t in the race in September, which is pretty much what I’m saying about Tampa – they won’t be a factor in the race at the end.

    - Jim Branscome
  68. 68.

    This has all the markings of a low scoring series with the top 2 staffs in the AL going at it.

    Will this be the assumed batting order with Eckstein back in


    since I do believe a lefty is pitching for the A’s tonight?

    MW: I’ll wager that Mench will hit 5th, Barajas 6th and we might see Scoot in for Overbay at first.

    - Aaron Ker
  69. 69.

    Buston Olney says the Rays are the second best team in the AL behind Boston. Therefore, you are wrong about them.

    MW: Or – Buster is wrong, heaven forfend. But he’s entitled to his opinion, and that’s all it is. Right now, the Rays are the best team in the AL.

    - John
  70. 70.

    Sorry about all the typo’s in my previous post (c’mon man, I worked all night). I was also considering a question you were asked over the weeknd about Jeff Kent’s Hall of Fame possibilites.

    You can’t predict the mindset of the guys who vote in the Hall of Fame balloting. I could make a case for and against Kent. Consider these numbers by comparison:

    Joe Morgan
    Noteworthy-1975 and 1976 NL MVP, Hall of Fame member

    Ryne Sandberg
    Noteworthy-1984 NL MVP, Hall of Fame member

    Roberto Alomar

    Jeff Kent
    Noteworthy-2000 NL MVP

    Kent’s numbers here are through this past Sunday’s games. I suppose the point I’m making is that if you let Sandberg in the Hall and his numbers pale in comparison to Kent, then you have to let Kent in as well. Sandberg came out of retiremnet to play two marginal years or he would not have had 2100 hits. Sandberg also had the advantage of playing everyday during his career on national television here in the USA because the Cubs games were carried by WGN out of Chicago which is on virtually every cable system in the country. The wild card here is the Hall of Fame commitee itself, which is comprised of sportswriters who hold grudges against players they did not like. Kent is hardly a guy who gives them warm and fuzzy feelings. I worked with the minor league baseball teams who came to Columbus to play the AAA Clippers from 1997 until the year 2000 and I can tell you firsthand that Jeff Kent is widely disliked by his peers.

    Yes, Jeff Kent and Roberto Alomar should both be in the Hall of Fame someday, but I have a feeling enshrinement will not come easy for either one of them. The media will hold things like Alomar’s spitting incident and Kent’s overall poor people skills against them.

    MW: I think they’ll both be first-ballot guys, even though Kent is apparently a world-class jerk.

    - Jim Branscome
  71. 71.


    Have you heard anything about the Jays’ upcoming draft? It looks like Alonso won’t slip to the Jays, but there’s always the possibility of them re-selecting Brett Wallace. That would be something.

    MW: I’m planning to talk to Jon Lalonde about the draft for Sunday’s TBJTW, but I’m sure he won’t drop any names.

    - Brent S
  72. 72.

    Hello Mike,
    Two Questions:
    1.) How do you think the roster will look when Eck & Johnny Mac get back???? Do you believe Johnny Mac will be the odd man out due to Scutaro’s hot play of late? 2.) Also, I was reading an article regarding Trot Nixon “toiling” in the minors and how nobody seems interested in his services. Why wouldn’t the Jays look at someone like Trot? He always seemed to be the one getting clutch hits for Boston when he was with the Sox, and overall I believe he’s career .285 major league hitter and can probably still handle himself in the outfield. I’m not sure what he would be asking for as far as salary is concerned, but it can’t be anymore than Wilkerson or Mench?

    MW: Nixon wouldn’t be much of an improvement over Wilkerson and Inglett, and those are the guys who will get squeezed when Wells gets back. I don’t think McDonald will be the odd man out when he gets back – he’ll get his one start a week and play defense late.

    - Tommy Scholcz
  73. 73.

    First time blogger, long time reader.

    1- When Mac comes back who goes down/gets DFA’d? IMO it should be Wilkerson. He’s been hitting well of late but the way Stew is hitting it can’t be him and Inglett has been hitting well all year. Mench is supposed to be the other half of the DH platoon so that leaves Wilks no?

    2- Do you think Litsch is the real deal or is he the next Chacin?

    MW: When Mac comes back, it’s either Wilkerson, Inglett or Shawn Camp. I wouldn’t mind seeing them drop to 11 pitchers. I think Litsch is somewhere between the two poles.

    - Mike from Montreal
  74. 74.

    I agree with the caller who called in after the sweep of KC and was anxious about the Jays following suit with getting swept in Oakland. He may be a pessemist, but there’s an old saying in the investment world and there’s a good reason for it’s existence. The trend is your friend. While nobody can speculate into the future, the trend is your best sign post for direction.

    MW: So the trend is sweep, then get swept? Out of the four times the Jays have swept a series this year, they’ve followed up by getting swept once. If that’s a trend, we need to rewrite some dictionaries.

    - Vito From Hamilton
  75. 75.

    In previous post I asked which player of any Jays era would you pull, from their prime, into the Jays 08 lineup to have the biggest impact.

    You picked Delgado… I’m wondering where he would fit into the lineup and more aptly who would you sit out?

    Obviously Overbay is not going to become a bench player, so I guess it’s the DH role that you think Delgado would slot into? Spelling Stairs?

    It’s a lot of speculation for a silly hypothetical, but I’m just surprised you didn’t pick a Jays corner outfielder of yesteryear since that seems to be the Jays weakest spot in the depth chart at the moment ..

    I’d say Jesse Barfield circa 1986 would fit better into the Jays offence as one dream pickup .. Thoughts?

    MW: Jesse of ’86 was marvelous, winning the HR title and all, but he’s another right-handed bat – even though he OPS’d .927 against righties that year. Delgado is a left-handed bat who, in his prime, was disgusting. In his age 28 season, he hit .357/.492/.727 against righties (.959 OPS against lefties). Those numbers are just stupid. He’d be my everyday DH and 3-hitter, and Shannon Stewart would lose his everyday job, falling into a platoon in LF with Stairs.

    - Cole
  76. 76.

    JP is a competant manager. I think some of the heat he takes is because he comes off very smug on television. In any other division its entirely possible he would have tasted the post season by now. Of course he’s not in any other division.

    For the Jays to compete with the lunacy that is the Red Sox-Yankees salary wars, near organizational perfection is needed. JP seems (through his media persona, which is the only place for fans to get information) resigned to the poor uncle status the Jays have slid into since New York and Boston hit the salary stratusphere.

    I just started reading this blog today, lotta JP talk. Nothing on Vernon Wells though. Clearly Mr. Wilner is a JP-guy, what of V-Dub? The man has pounds of talent but seems deficient in the ‘go-to-guy’ department. I’ve never been a fan of his and the recent hot stretch has (probably unfairly) re-inforced that view. Any chance of the Vernon Wells era coming to an earlier than expected end?

    MW: I wouldn’t imagine so.

    - Isaac C
  77. 77.

    Jays win + Happy Fans = MW Unemployed

    MW: Seems that way, huh? But The JaysTalk was on a serious roll in the late 80s/early 90s.

    - The Rat
  78. 78.

    I’m not questioning your sources Mike, but are you sure it was only one time that they were swept after sweeping a series. If yoiu say so. Seems like more often than that. Well, regardless it’s still enough to make some fans nervous. There must have been a few near sweeps at least.

    MW: Nope, not after sweeping a series. The Jays have swept five series, and other than the Oakland sweep never even faced the prospect of a sweep. Is it fun being a blind pessimist?

    - Vito From Hamilton
  79. 79.

    Allen just announced his retirement at the age of 45. It was painful to watch another oldie, Gary Roberts, last night. It looked like he’s 85. Baseball has a tonne of old guys who are way way way past their prime but are still not refusing to go away. I think there should be a retirement age in pro sports set at 37. So what’s ur thoughts on the old guys?

    MW: The beauty of pro sports is that it’s as close to a meritocracy as you can get. If you can play, you get a job. If you can’t, you don’t.

    - Beburg
  80. 80.

    Hey Mike, just wondering if you have any news on either Jeremy Accardo or Shawn Camp?

    MW: Shawn Camp? What’s up with him? Accardo is rehabbing in Florida.

    - Phil C.
  81. 81.

    Is there any chance Jays get Willits of Angels? I liked this guy a lot. He is the perfect lead off man for any team. But he is just sitting on the bench this year.
    I know that Jays want power right now. But he would be better than Stuart and can be the lead off hitter for years.

    MW: I like Willits a lot, and I think he’d be a perfect fit for the Jays as a cheap, controllable leadoff-type. I think that if they really wanted him, though, they’d have dealt for him by now.

    - DR
  82. 82.

    Can’t agree more that you keep Burnet so long as you can sniff the playoffs. If you were going to move him to make the team better you would have before the season started. Now trading one of the SS….that is another matter.

    MW: It’s not like any of Eckstein, Scutaro or McDonald would bring back massive returns.

    - JW
  83. 83.

    Mike, I love this blog! And apparently, so do others. (77 comments is pretty cool!)

    My question relates to Dustin McGowan. I’ve been to the last few games he’s pitched (and unfortunately, was there when he pitched in the Cleveland disaster) and noticed that his velocity is down. Has something happened to cause him to lose some velocity? I haven’t seen him hit 97/98 on the gun for a while. Is he trying to pull an A.J. Burnett? (or maybe he just needs to grow the lamb-chops back?)

    MW: The chops are in the process of returning. I’m thinking that maybe since he had been so wild recently, he might be sacrificing some power for control.

    - Sherry
  84. 84.

    It’s not an easy thing to prove with statistics, but my impression of Alex Rios in right field has always included the phrases “great arm”, “average range at best”, “sometimes tentative”, and “occasionally horrific”.

    Watching him play center field in Wells’ absence has therefore been a bit of a surprise – he seems to be getting better jumps and has made a few outstanding catches – and he has not once evoked the “horrific” impression.

    Do you agree with my original assessment? And if so do you have any thoughts on why he seems more sure of himself in center field? No nasty right field wall to bang into?

    MW: I actually thought he struggled quite a bit with centre his first few games, but lately he’s looked terrific. I really think it’s all about focus with him. I wonder if we looked back at the times that he’s been “sometimes tentative and occasionally horrific” as you put it, would they correspond with slumps at the plate?

    - James
  85. 85.

    Why would AJ opt out of his concract. How much money can he really get i dont see him getting more money anywhere else. He will want more money but who is going to pay 20 million or something for him. He is a maybe at best a decent number 2 option and its not worth paying 20 million or something. Plus he is injury prone.
    P.S. i want him to leave but i dont think he will. We should trade him.

    MW: No one has to give Burnett $20 million for him to opt out. All they have to do is give him more than the $24 million over two years that his current contract says he’s owed. Plenty of teams will do that.

    - Paul
  86. 86.

    How much stock do you put into runs scored stats? I put very little. If frank thomas hits first for the red socks he is going to score a lot of runs.

    If RBIs are a function of who’s in front of you. then runs scored are just a function of who’s behind you + third base coach. Further i’d say that base running is a lot easier than hitting.

    Do you know of any stats that measure runs created by runners?

    MW: Runs created once you’re already on base? No, I don’t. Cool idea, though, I’ll bet someone has done some work on it.

    - jeremy
  87. 87.

    Mike, is it possible to restructure a contract in baseball?

    MW: Sure, I guess you could tear up a contract and do another one, but it doesn’t happen.

    - andrew
  88. 88.

    I was listening to your radio show yesterday after the 4 game sweep of KC. You send that Gregg Zaun was just as good if not better than Pat Boaders. I agree with that but i still think Zaun sucks cause Pat Boarders was a converted third baseman, so its ok that he was not that great. I was wondering if Gregg Zaun was a converted player cause if he was its understandable that he sucks but if not the he just sucks.

    MW: No one in major league baseball sucks.

    - Paul
  89. 89.

    Can you check out what the Yankees record was last season at this point to the current Yankees record. I’m sure last yankees record was worse then this one. Doyou think they have one more run in them?

    MW: It was worse than one game under .500, yes. Of course they have one more run in them, more than one, probably. They’ll be right in the thick of things when it matters.

    - andrew
  90. 90.

    I’ve heard you state many times that Justin Morneau was the right choice for MVP in ’06. Well…

    Morneau: .321/.375/.559/34 HR/130 RBIs/53 BB/93 SO/140 OPS+

    Mauer: .347/.429/.507/13 HR/84 RBIs/79 BB/54 SO/144 OPS+

    Morneau wasn’t even the MVP of his team.

    MW: Because Mauer hit 21 fewer homers or because Morneau slugged 52 points higher? Sure you could make the argument for Mauer, but you could also make the argument for Derek Jeter that year.

    - Alex
  91. 91.

    Speaking of the late 80s/early 90s JaysTalk, what is Scott Ferguson up to these days?

    MW: He’s doing morning sports for the competition up the dial.

    - Zack
  92. 92.

    All this talk comparing Litsch to Chacin. Litsch has got much better control than Chacin had and he’s got the swagger. He’s not afraid to go after any hitter with any of his pitches. The mental aspect of the game in my mind, plays an almost equal role to the physical/talent aspect. (see: League, Accardo, Purcey).

    MW: I disagree, but there certainly is a mental component. I don’t think Chacin lacked any confidence.

    - Steven W.
  93. 93.

    Don’t you find it ridiculous how the Red Sox and Yankees players always dominate the all star voting. Granted, some of them deserve to be at the all star game like Youkilis and Rodriguez. But players like Varitek and Pedroia do not even deserve to be at the all star game let alone start it. Pedroia’s numbers are almost the equivalent of Hill’s. MLB needs to put a stop to this somehow. I can’t really think of any position players for the Jays that deserve to be there this year.

    MW: It’s a popularity contest, a show for the fans, so the fans get who they want. The Yankees and Red Sox get the most coverage from ESPN, and that helps a bunch.

    - avi
  94. 94.

    To Jon in 57: Halladays best month has been September over the course of his career in terms of ERA and his late season IP totals are probably what you’d expect from any pitcher.

    I really think you’re going to end up eating some crow on the D-Rays. I get the general idea that you’re placing a lot less weight on the season so far than I am, so some friendly predictions you seem to disagree with: The A’s will win atleast 80. The D-Rays will win atleast 85. The Tigers will not win 85.

    MW: Those are right on the bubble. I said yesterday the Rays might win 85, but I’ll say that they and the Tigers will both finish around 82-85 wins. I don’t think the A’s will be a .500 team when all is said and done, though.

    - Dan W
  95. 95.

    Hey Mike,

    Just wondering whats going on with John McDonald. I know Eckstein should be back tonight but I haven;t heard anything about J-Mac.

    MW: McDonald is just starting to rehab in Florida. I’d say he’s at least a week away.

    - Zwo
  96. 96.


    You know that caller that phoned and said the Jays would get swept, I totally disagree. A few reasons: They have won there last 5 and 11 out of their last 14. As well the Jays bats are also really starting to connect right now. Another reason is they have the best pitching staff in MLB right now. And that caller said they would be swept, he has got to be out of his mind! The probability of the Jays being swept after everything I have just poined out is VERY slim. I think the Jays will win at least two. What do you think and a few questions for you. Does Scutaro get the start tonight? How long will Stairs be out? Who gets the starts this series?

    P.S. Won’t be blogging for a few days. Will miss your great show because I’m going on a trip. Hopefully catch it in the mornings on the radio.

    MW: Make sure you listen in, then! Stairs isn’t out, he played yesterday, and I answered all that other stuff before. The rotation is pretty easy to look up.

    - Steven
  97. 97.

    Mike, I think a minor correction is in order.

    Twice earlier you mentioned that the Jays have 4 sweeps this year — that’s true, if you’re only counting HOME sweeps, but they also swept Texas in Texas, in 3 games in April.

    By comparison, in the first two months of last year, I believe they only had one sweep, May 14 to 16 vs Baltimore.

    Of course, sweeping or being swept matters little — it’s the overall 28 – 25 record that I like!

    (Just noticed that they finished May last year at 25 & 28 — with 5 more on the schedule this year, they will have several more games behind them on June 1 this year than last).

    MW: Yeah, this year was an earlier start and a lot fewer off-days in April and May. You’re right about the sweeps, kind of, I stand corrected – that’s what I get for trusting someone else’s info. They haven’t swept four at home, though – on the road in Texas and Minny; home against Boston, Chicago and KC.

    - Norm
  98. 98.

    Hey Mike just wondering what you think of Bartolo Colon’s resurrection in Boston. I know he’s 35 but if he can continue what he’s doing that certainly gives Boston one heck of a starting rotation. What was the injuries that caused him to descend from his Cy Young season of 2005 and his subsequent release from the Angels. How does Bostons rotation stack up against ours in your opinion??
    Thanks Mike
    Take care.

    MW: Colon was on the DL being fat for the Angels last year – also with elbow, shoulder and back problems. I don’t know if two starts in he’s been resurrected, especially since he hasn’t gotten many left-handed hitters out. I think the Jays’ rotation is better, but the Red Sox’ is plenty good.

    - Troy
  99. 99.

    Just a little correction from an earliere post, the Jays have 5 sweeps for and 3 against. You apparently forgot 1st ever @ Texas.

    When is the last time that the Jay’s starting rotation has earned 5 consecutive wins in 5 possible decisions as they have done this past week?

    MW: I did forget the Texas one, actually I trusted someone else’s info, which was a mistake. 5 straight wins in 5 straight decisions? Beginning of this month.

    - Reitz
  100. 100.

    Whooops!!! Sorry Mike I forgot you and I don’t pitch on a team against the Boston RedSox. I meant with the addition of Bartolo Colon how does the RedSox rotation measure up against the Jays?

    Thanks Mike
    Take care.

    MW: I figured, but I’m glad you saw the error of your ways.

    - Troy
  101. 101.

    Let me be the first to say that you’ve now officially UNDERsold the Jays this season.

    This was, in fact, their FIFTH sweep of the year, not their fourth. (BOS, TEX, CHI, MIN, KC).

    2 of them being 4-gamers.

    All of last year, the Jays had 7 sweeps, none of them 4-gamers, and one of them only a 2-gamer (is that even called a sweep?).

    MW: Wish you had been the first. Yeah, a two-gamer is considered a sweep, but it’s kinda cheesy.

    - mark
  102. 102.

    Hi Mike,

    I think it would be a great idea for the fans. Pitchers hit in AL parks and DH in NL parks. I think it would also make it litte more fair for the AL.

    MW: Why would that make it more fair for the A.L.?

    - bruno
  103. 103.

    Scott Hatteberg come on down!

    - Kyle
  104. 104.

    I don’t understand all these people who think the Jays need a big bat if they want to get anywhere, that they should get Dunn or Bay or whoever. No, The Jays just need to hit as well as the capabilities of the guys who they have, and they’ll win the division. They don’t have a bad lineup; on the contrary, they have a good lineup with several all-star caliber players and a bunch of better than average hitters. With their pitching staff they could be hitting at the league average with RISP and they’d probably have the best record in baseball. They’re starting to hit without Wells. This team doesn’t need another player (although they should call up Lind and get rid of the other extras); they just need time to fully regain their confidence and get on the roll they’ve been so close to getting on.

    MW: You don’t call 11-3 a roll? Other than that and the thing about confidence, though, you’re pretty much bang-on.

    - Shmuel
  105. 105.

    Trading AJ and Rios for Beltran? gammons comes up with some lame trade propositions, but that one is rancid!t how can gammons banter about trading to a smaller type market and then bring up the jays? isnt TO like the 4th largest media market in North America? how ignorant are americans of their own neighbors (let alone the rest of the world?)

    i think with two lefties going, we should see scoot in the outfield with wilkerson shining someone’s shoes. i know “he hits lefties better than righties” but hitting 200 vs 180 isnt getting me excited.

    MW: Wilkerson hasn’t done much to get people excited since he’s joined the Jays.

    - sammy jalalzai
  106. 106.

    I found my own answer, May 1 to 5th of this year through the CWS sweep. With so few extended winning streaks I didn’t think that it could have happened in the last couple of years let alone already this year. That’s the two longest winning streaks this year and 10 wins for our starters.
    (And I know that earlier doesn’t end in an “e”.)

    MW: Good work.

    - Reitz
  107. 107.


    While researching Windsor-resident infielders who played for the Detroit Tigers in the 1950s, I came across an article about Reno Bertoia in Time Magazine’s archives from which this quote: “Last week Reno explained [his hot start]. “I swallow one little white tranquilizer pill a half hour before each game. Occasionally, if things get a little tense, I’ll take the top off my bottle and take another.”"

    (If you google a section of the quote, you’ll find the full piece).

    The question: when and how did supplements become so taboo? Is Nancy Reagan to blame?

    MW: Probably. Although the trank was probably legally prescribed. It’s not that supplements are taboo, just the illegal ones.

    - bg
  108. 108.

    What would the jays have to give up for a power outfielder like a Adam Dunn

    MW: That question has been answered at least a dozen times on this blog.

    - Trent
  109. 109.

    Mike, The weaker teams in divisions have been fortunate for quite some time to be able to make a run through the wildcard. (It seems like your talking more about the wild card this year over any previous year, whereas you and J.P have been crying about the division. Just to let you know the wild cards been around for a while.)

    Therfore don’t give me this we are in a weaker division garbage. Secondly The teams in the Florida Marlins division Such as Mets and Atlanta have massive ownership groups that have tedenacies of throwing the Kind of dollars that the florida Marlins will not or cannot. However florida still manage to win twice in ten years
    , In 2003 the Mets had names such as Mike Piazza, Al, Leiter, Tom Glavine, Mo Vaughn, In later years threw a massive 125 million dollars contract at Beltran, and have Just as much support of the fans as their counter parts the New York Yankees. Atlanta for years have been known to sign quality big name free agents and groom excellent players through the farm which at one point led them to a long stretch of consecutive playoff appearances. It’s simply not true that the florida division is easy, Also If you call a division containing two teams in California an easy division
    I think that is insane. Playing in a division As Arizona, with teams that have a great fanbase and large ownership Like LA and San Fran. Does not make it easy to. compete. LA Dogers and Chicago Cubs are globally branded teams with lots of money, New York teams not far behind. The teams in Arizona have much deeper pockets than Arizona. Not to mention Arizona has always been a finacially inbalanced.

    By the way
    Have you checked out the Jays inerleague record, they are 95-101 .484 winning pct fourth worst amoung all east teams tied with Texas. (I guess that has to do with the division) Since J.P has arrived, The Jays are also 122-224 against teams in the central which includes Clevland,Kansas City and Minnesota etc. .232 winning percentage. They are 256 and 259 againt their divison in the past 7 years. Therfore Your arguement about jays not being able to compete in their division because of Boston and New York,Is not Fact. It’s all about the farm and wise free agent signings just ask the A’s, Detroit,Minnesota and Tampa

    The Jays division has had little effect on their lack of success, it’s the other divisions that plague this team. By the way.
    Do you know that you make more excuses than J.P.?

    MW: Just because the Mets, Cubs, Dodgers, etc. have a lot of money and very wealthy ownership doesn’t mean they spend that money on payroll. No one spends like the Yankees and Red Sox, period. The Jays have done well in the division and not so well elsewhere, but talking about competing with the Yanks and Sox doesn’t just mean the games you play against them head-to-head, it means the whole 162-game gamut. That’s pretty brutal that the Jays have a .232 winning percentage against the AL Central since J.P. has arrived. Actually, it would be pretty brutal if you hadn’t completely made that up. Since 2002, and not including this season, the Jays are 103-103 against the Central, which would be a .500 mark. They’re also 224-223 in the A.L. East since J.P. took over. It’s awesome when you can prove your points by creating the numbers that will support your argument.

    - Neil Daye
  110. 110.

    Mistake in previous post. I ment to say the teams in LA and Chicago have much deeper pockets.

    MW: That wasn’t your only mistake.

    - Neil Daye
  111. 111.

    Mistake: First Paragrapgh I meant to say don’t give me that, we are in a tougher division garbage.

    MW: There are FAR bigger mistakes with which you should be concerned. Unless the numbers you made up weren’t mistakes.

    - Neil Daye
  112. 112.

    The “it’s only the Royals” blogger is an impostor Shmuel. I think the Jays are looking good…

    MW: You’re right, different e-mail address – that guy has posted here before, but had always called himself Steve.

    - Shmuel
  113. 113.

    just curious if u feel that the jays may lack some club house leader ship? what i mean is some that steps up and tells his fellow players to step it up? Greg Zaun seems like the kinda guy to do that (zaun rocks).

    MW: No, I don’t feel they lack that at all. If they keep winning, we’ll hear all sorts of stories about the great leadership in the clubhouse, whether it’s true or not.

    - james
  114. 114.

    Mike. I agree with post number 19. What nerve do you have to go on the air and complain about people asking you how you are doing?

    You’re quite arrogant in my opinion and unless your only career goal is to do what you do now you better lose your attitude because great radio people do not act like you do on the radio.

    MW: You’re more than entitled to your opinion. I don’t share it.

    - Tommy
  115. 115.

    dont get on me for this but how about jays get dunn or holiday or sumthin similar and the other team gets frasor, tallet, lind, cecil, benitez

    reason im asking this is because frasor and tallet are being WAY UNDERUSED – remember frasor saved 25/30 in his rookie year i think, tallet is great but not just as good as carlsson, cecil and benitez are good prospects (i think?) and since we have inglett i think he can be our triple -A LF.

    MW: Benitez is closing in on 100 years old, he’s no prospect. Lind and Cecil might be enough to get Dunn, though. But probably not.

    - SunkenDPr0
  116. 116.

    Mike, did go on espn.com today? Because if you did, there was a section where Jerry Crainsek listed the 6 most disapointing teams this season. The 6 most diapointing teams were the Colorado Rockies, Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, San Diego Padres, New York Mets and the seattle marniers. Gave you give me a list in order on who is the most disapointing team to the least disapointing team and tell me why?

    MW: I think Detroit is the most disappointing team this season, I’m not going to list all 30 teams for you in order of disappointage, though.

    - andrew
  117. 117.

    Hi Mike
    I enjoy your show.
    I think the Jays are a better team with MacDonald at short. Eckstein hits short singles. Suppose MacDonald gets to 1 more ball every 2 games — isn’t that worth about .125 of Eckstein batting average? The first two plays tonight were scary — Eckstein dropped the first (but recovered) then made a low throw on another routine ground ball — error charged to Overbay.

    MW: I think that if the shortstop is hitting 9th, the Jays are probably better off with McDonald, but I still think that they need the offense more than they need the defense.

    - roy hughes
  118. 118.

    That echo on the A’s stadium announcer that can be heard behind Jerry is fantastic. Reminds me of, “Today (today) I consider myself (myself) to be the luckiest man on the face of the earth (the earth).”

    MW: You can thank Tom Young for that sound!

    - Matt
  119. 119.

    The A’s’ pitching staff must be shaking in fear looking at the powerful bats in the heart of the Jays’ lineup with Barajas and Mench hitting 5th and 6th. I don’t get it!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’d think Overbay never got a hit against a lefty in his life the way Gibbons treats him. One common denominator of good lineups is that the manager doesn’t turn it on its head for righties and lefties. Imagine if the Yankees did that (and don’t tell me they’re scuffling too, you know that’s for other reasons). Of course they don’t, because, for one thing – surprise – starting pitchers rarely pitch 8 innings, let alone all nine.

    MW: Well, yeah, but the starting pitchers generally throw most of the innings, which is why you should design your line-up based on that. I’d be VERY surprised if, in the Yankees line-up, Jason Giambi hits in the same place against lefties as he does against righties. Overbay is a FAR worse hitter when facing left-handed pitching, why should he be left in the same place?

    - Shmuel
  120. 120.

    Not sure if this went thru, my computer crashed…

    11-3 is “on a roll.” But I think the Jays can go on a very long winning streak, i.e. they can get even better.

    I don’t get why you don’t believe in confidence as a factor that affects players’ performance. If that were true, Roy Halladay wouldn’t have taken the career path that he took. Not to mention countless other young players, although perhaps to a lesser extreme. Yoggi Berra knew what he was talking about when he said that “90% of the game is half mental.”

    MW: I don’t think that the Jays will perform at better than an 11-4 clip for any extended period this season. I agree that a lot of the game is mental, but I also believe that circumstance and luck plays a big part in turning around a player’s confidence rightly or wrongly. I think the overwhelming majority of major leaguers are very, very tough mentally, though they all tend to have confidence issues at times.

    - Shmuel
  121. 121.

    Mike: There is a very simple solution to all this was J.P. right or wrong argument to release FT. If FT plays next year, lets first see what kind of season he has coupled with his numbers at the end of this year of course.

    One mans opinion that the only way to get a proper perspective on the release is that it will take till the end of 2009 season if FT plays.

    I have a trivia question that I’m interested in seeing if you know it off the top of your head. What’s the highest batting average ever achieved by a former Jays player?

    MW: You mean a former Jays player after he left Toronto? Good question.

    - Skip K
  122. 122.

    Can we rename the post game show to “The Mike Wilner Experience” ?

    MW: I kinda like The JaysTalk.

    - Andy
  123. 123.

    Well, I may be a “blind pessimist, Mike, but surprise of all surprises I’m looking pretty good with an Oakland 3-1 lead in the eighth where it seems the Jays have promptly reverted back to their old ways, stranding multiple men on base and wasting another good enough pitching performance. Here’s to still hoping they can pull it out, because I’m just that big about it…despite the fact that the Jays seem to save their worst baseball for these western swings, torturing me well into the night..

    MW: Yes, they lost tonight.

    - Vito From Hamilton
  124. 124.

    If you were a closer, what song would you come out to? I think this one suits you:


    MW: Spectacular song, but if I were a closer, I’d want something more faux-intimidating so that the fans would think I was tough.

    - John
  125. 125.

    …and Hill records the last out by swinging at complete garbage pitches. Disappointing, to say the least.

    MW: Every loss is disappointing. But no one wins every game.

    - Vito From Hamilton
  126. 126.


    Huh? The Rays could win 85 games, yet they won’t be a factor in the race? When you continually preach patience with the Jays partially based on the fact that just over 85 or so might be good enough for the wildcard?

    Same with the Tigers, you think they’ll end up around 85 but say ‘they won’t win the division’. It’s hardly a guarantee anyone else in the Central is going to finish with 85.

    You’re not leaving yourself with much room for error on these predictions Mike, and they’re coming off on the strong side. Seems odd for a guy who preaches the idea that no one knows what’s going to happen.

    MW: Oh, I certainly don’t know what is going to happen, these things are what I think will probably happen.

    - Dan W
  127. 127.

    Where’s that guy who pointed out that Jays win more with Barajas behind the mask?

    - Vito From Hamilton
  128. 128.

    Hey Mike do you see what Kevin Goldstein just wrote about me? do you think I’m a future stud? I mean I know you like Zaun way better then me because you think he’s hot and all but do you think one day you’ll have the same man crush on me?

    J.P. Arencibia, C, High-A Dunedin (Blue Jays)
    Matt Wieters gets a lot of attention, and rightly so, but there’s another college-sourced catcher taken in the first-round of last year’s draft who is impressing at High-A in his full-season debut. The 21st overall pick out of the University of Tennessee, Arencibia got off to a slow start in a pitcher’s league, but his has been one of the hottest bats in the minors of late, with 18 hits, four doubles, three home runs, and 16 RBI in his last 16 games to raise his overall liine to .315/.342/.530 in 43 games. He’s also showing improved defense behind the plate to accompany what has always been an above-average arm. He’s not in Wieters’ class as a prospect, but who is? Forget about that unfair comparison, and realize instead that the Blue Jays have a player in their system who projects as an above-average everyday big league catcher. Can more than half of the franchises in baseball even say that?

    MW: Actually, J.P., you might have to get in line. The Blue Jays have THREE players in their system who project as above-average everyday big league catchers. But the farm system is barren.

    - J.P Arencibia
  129. 129.

    “The Jays have done well in the division and not so well elsewhere, but talking about competing with the Yanks and Sox doesn’t just mean the games you play against them head-to-head, it means the whole 162-game gamut.”

    I don’t really understand this argument at all. The only disadvantage the Jays have that Central and West teams don’t is that the Jays have had to play 38 games against the Red Sox and Yankees. That is highly, highly mitigated by the fact that they’ve also gotten to play the Rays and Orioles 38 times.

    Since the Jays compete for the Wild Card just like all Central and West teams, they have no extra excuse unless they feel they could’ve been a 1st place team in one of those divisions.

    But, over the past 6 years of JP they have not had a season in which you could say they were better than a Central or West division winner.

    The only time it was even within shouting distance is in 2003 when the Jays won 86 and the Twins won the division with 90 and a slightly easier schedule. On my calculations, the difference in schedule strength would not have made up for the 4 game difference on a statistical probability basis, though it is quite close.

    This whole Red Sox/Yankees excuse the Jays(or rather certain fans, media members, etc..) use is one of the worst and most unfounded excuses I’ve ever seen in baseball, unless you allow every single AL team to use the excuse on the same level. You should know better than to use it Mike.

    MW: But how could you allow every single A.L. team to use that reasoning? The Jays play a vastly different schedule than all the teams against whom they compete for the wild card (save the other A.L. East teams). They’re knocking heads with the two biggest beasts, pitching staff-draining, four-hour game-playing monstrosities, while everyone else plays them 6-9 times.

    - Dan W
  130. 130.

    Mike (VA): The Jays may have the best rotation in the league – what do you think the chances are that their hitting can wake up and allow them to sneak into the playoffs? I imagine if they were to get in, they’d be a team no one wants to face with their dominant rotation.

    Nate Silver: Still relatively low, because of that division. I think you’re still looking at about 92 wins to reach the playoffs out of the AL East, and that’s tough to accomplish when you have to face the Red Sox, Rays or Yankees every other series. It’s not entirely unrealistic to contemplate the possibility that by the end of the season, we’ll be saying the four strongest teams in the American League all happen to play in the AL East.

    Agree Mike?

    MW: I think the Jays should be in that sentence with the Yankees, Rays and Red Sox.

    - Mr Hey oh
  131. 131.

    #105 Sammy: Normally when baseball writers use the word ‘market’, they’re using it in the context of a ‘baseball market’. The Jays can be considered a small baseball market by a number of measures. In some ways we should be glad that Teddy uses the team as his personal marketing device, as it allows for a larger payroll than the team is earning at the gate.(I don’t really have much to back that up, but I do remember him releasing a statement saying the team was losing about $15M a year and that he was ok with that, and it seems like a logical conclusion to me.)

    Anyways, the point is, please don’t make accusations of ignorance like that against people for reasons that are completely off-base.

    Mike, I’m not sure how offensive generalizations against entire nations don’t warrant some censorship or atleast a warning.

    Sorry for 3 straight posts and all the nit-picking, can’t sleep :)

    MW: I’m not sure that that was so offensive a generalization to be worth acting on. I didn’t really think much of it when I saw it.

    - Dan W
  132. 132.

    My bad, I mistook the statement I quoted as suggesting that the Jays had a diadvantage because two teams in their division were always ‘taking the playoff spots’, an argument I’ve heard many times over the years. That was the whole point of my post.

    I re-read and understand that you’re suggesting a declined performance in their other 124 games because of an innings/game length factor. I can’t really say that’s wrong, but I think you’d have one hell of a time proving it. I personally see that as having an extremely negligible effect. On offense I’m almost positive it would make 0 difference.

    MW: I have thought about doing an intensive study of how the pitching has performed the week after facing the Yankees or Red Sox, but that’s a pretty time-intensive project.

    - Dan W
  133. 133.

    Mike, I think your ridiculous if you think that the fans should not be irate at the Jays and how they have limped out of the Gates this season and finished in the previous seasons. You are not being a realist. What I think drives many fans crazy is when you act as though J.P has done absolutely no wrong. This team under J.P has been mediocore

    It’s off the wall to expect us to settle for medocrity, Jays fans may not make noise in the Rogers Centre, doesn’t mean we are not passionate in other ways.

    This is what I find crazy, Since J.P has been here we have finished no better than 5.0 games out of the Wild Card, We have developed only three decent roster players two of which are pitchers, which means we have only signed one J.P good hitting prospect in Aaron Hill that plays everyday, J.P has not provided any electricity that has not burned out quickly
    Lost Bobby Keilty to free agency. Offered Delgado, one of the best power hitters in the game a deniable contract.
    Troy Glaus -brought in for orlando Hudson, always injured showed some flashes of power health not consitant at all.traded for Scott Rolland. Rolland no longer hits for power,power has regressed over the years, Wilkerson signed only two home runs in about 58 at bats. Kevin Mench said to have the ability to kill lefties, have not seen anything to this point. Mench was signed over a month ago, will be let go at any time. To add salt to the wounds of this team J.P will not sign Barry Bonds. Moving foward I feel that the Jays need bring in a new GM and a president with a different set of scouts and a new vision for this ballclub. A vision that would see the Jays building this team around Vernon,Rios,Halladay, with great young hitting developed through our farm system or the farm of another team. Contrary to what you say J.P has provided the fans with mediocrity. You may want to continue in mediocrity just don’t expect the fans to, better yet don’t espect them not to be frustrated.

    MW: I don’t expect them not be frustrated, frustration and anger is fine, just don’t misdirect it. By the way, glad to see you have addressed those numbers you completely made up from your last post. Oh, wait – you didn’t. Kielty wasn’t lost to free agency, he was traded for Ted Lilly.

    - Neil Daye
  134. 134.

    Re post #109 — glad you picked up on the “major errors”, Mike, but there is also one further correction required — IF the record against the Central had been 122/224 (patently ridiculous), it would NOT have been a percentage of .232, but rather .353.

    I’m not sure how he came up with the .232 figure, but he certainly wasn’t using any kind of calculator I’ve ever seen. Maybe just another “made up” figure?

    MW: Who knows?

    - Norm
  135. 135.

    No, Mike, they did more than just lose a game last night, but they threw the first bucket of water on your refusal to admit to the almost complete predictability of this offence. If nothing else, to me, at least, the offense is predictable. You can almost bank on when they’re gonna tank again.

    MW: Let me know ahead of time when they’re going to. Every time, if they’re so predictable. We’ll see how often you’re right.

    - Vito From Hamilton
  136. 136.

    Mike! How the heck are ya? lol. I already let you know yesterday in a previous post on some other thread that they would win last night. Not to brag on ya,…well, yeah… sorta, kinda, in a very small way, but enough about me, Mike. I say the baseball Gods reward you for all the time you unselfishly share with your growing legions of baseball fans in this way-cool blog, and they stick a juicy W in your corncob pipe for you to haul on. As Vic Rauter would say: Make the final, Blue Jays 5 A’s 3 for Thursday, May 29 2008.

    - Vito From Hamilton
  137. 137.

    What, you don’t care too much for Vic Rauter, Mike? :)

    MW: Vic seems like a nice guy.

    - Vito From Hamilton
  138. 138.

    Oh I misremembered to mention that when the Jays went up 5-0 against Oakland I was feeling alittle like I had a possible career in the making of predicting not only wins but final scores, but, the Jays rudely but thankfully brought me back down to earth when they put up a convincing 12 spot, and convinced me that I’d better put on hold for awhile anyway, at least, my hopes for a future sports prognosticator career. Boohoo.

    - Vito From Hamilton
  139. 139.

    Never mind Mike. I predict that it is not Vic Rauter that you don’t too much care for, but predicitons; correct? I have a strange feeling I’m going to get an affirmative on this one, Mike!

    MW: Correct. Everyone always wants predictions, but no matter how much info anyone has, NO ONE can make a prediction that they’re sure will be accurate.

    - Vito From Hamilton
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