By: David Alter

After George Mitchell, Bud Selig and Donald Fehr all spoke their piece regarding the Mitchell Report, Blue Jays President and C.E.O. Paul Godfrey addressed the media to give his two cents on the report. Well he did more than that, also addressing his reaction to Troy Glaus and Gregg Zaun being named.

In the case of Troy Glaus; “Troy Glaus has already been cleared by Major League Baseball for his participation”.

In the case of Gregg Zaun; “I think you will find that Gregg Zaun will make some statement within the next day or so with respect to his name being mentioned”.

Godfrey also says that he feels since he’s been with the Jays since 2001, he’s had a positive role on the situation to help in the attempt to clean the game up. No doubt there are still many in the Jays camp that need to be heard from, but the question remains now what effect this will have league wide, as well as here in Toronto with respect to Jays fans. Will attendance, viewer/listenership and revenue go down? Will we really see the game change in a positive fashion? This really isn’t earth-shattering news that there has been substance abuse in baseball. My feeling is not a whole lot will change. We may see some stricter testing and tougehr punishments, but professional leagues can rebound from news like this, especially when we all knew there was something wrong.

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    Thanks for your comments Mike, I have read a lot of blogs and your comments seem very level headed. I think that today is a dark day in baseball and I do hope that this report will help open up not only my eyes but the eyes of younger kids who are trying to make it into this sport and show that this is not the right way to do things because people will find out. I am disapointed in Zaun, it it will not stop me from being a fan. I love my Jays and I hope that going forward we can weed out the cheaters and fix this problem. Not only in MLB but in all sports, Baseball is not the only wrong doers. Does Clemens deserve to be in the HOF, yes, I think so.

    - Shawn Stirling
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    Hey, don’t they teach you at Western that the period goes inside the quotation mark?

    - stormsumner
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    can we go back to wilner making the posts please?

    - Tyler King
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