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The Blue Jays have made their first trade of the Meetings, and stunningly, Alex Rios is still on the team, and none of Erik Bedard, Matt Cain or Jason Bay are set to suit up in the black, white and gun-metal gray.

The Jays picked up Buck Coats, a 25 year-old utility man, from the Reds for a player to be named or cash.

Coats is a left-handed hitter  who hit .308/.366/.439 last year in a season split between AAA Iowa in the Cubs’ organization and AAA Louisville (Reds), setting career highs in batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage and home runs (11).  He stole 20 bases in 22 tries.  Despite all those career highs, the Cubs still waived him late in the season and he was picked up by Cincy.

He has had two cups of coffee in the bigs, with the Cubs in ’06 and the Reds last year, and has hit .192/.232/.346 without having attempting a stolen base in 38 games played.

Coats has a chance to play a lot in Spring Training, and help the club out as a utility guy/25th man on the roster at some point in the season.

The move fills the 40-man roster for now, leaving the Jays out of tomorrow’s Rule 5 draft, unless they open up another spot before then.

8 Responses to “Blue Jays Trade with the Reds”
  1. 1.

    Jorge Cantu has been released by the Reds, wouldn’t he be a solid fit to be a backup 2b/3b for the Jays, joining Scutaro as an infield role player??

    - Robbie
  2. 2.

    It appears The Mets might have delayed the Boston-Minni deal for Santana, and Boston can be had with their pants down.

    One of the players coveted by Minni in the deal, and for good reason, is Jed Lowrie-Boston’s AAA short stop. This kid is the real deal and has been rated by a number of Boston’s own scouts to have more upside than Pedroia.

    I guess, thinking the deal would be done by now, Boston have left Lowrie off their 40 man roster-so lets grab this kid tommorrow.

    - Gerry
  3. 3.

    Just to clarify, Lowrie isn’t on the 40-man, but isn’t available in the Rule 5 draft. He was drafted out of college in 2005, so isn’t required to be on the 40 yet. Also, if the Red Sox were required to put him on the 40 and were stupid enough to leave him off, there’s no way he would fall to the Jays, who have the 17th pick.

    - Mike Wilner
  4. 4.

    ” guess, thinking the deal would be done by now, Boston have left Lowrie off their 40 man roster-so lets grab this kid tommorrow.”

    And here Wilner was thinking he wouldn’t have to deal with the same people he has calling in to the post-game show! Just kidding, kinda.

    - NS
  5. 5.

    What do you guys think about glaus for figgins or glaus for wilts since LAA now wants a power 3B and they didn’t get cabrera. Also if we get wilts or figgins then there is no need for johnson and we can go after bay. Although now it seems really unlikely since the bluejays haven’t done much.

    Btw who do you think is the best fit for the jays from the Rule 5. Plus why did the jays pick up Coats when he was available on the Rule 5 also?

    - Harry
  6. 6.

    Mike-thanks for your reply-too bad-I like that kid

    - Gerry
  7. 7.

    Also when do the winter meetings end?

    - Harry
  8. 8.

    So if the Twins don’t get Lowrie, would the Bluejays match up with the Red Sox better if we wanted to get him ??? What do we have that the Red Sox would want ??

    - Taves
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