The realization that you’re getting a little older can find you in different ways.  Maybe it’s thinner hair, or sore bones, or a couple new wrinkles.

On the treadmill and entering info…..I finally broke down and entered my new age on the user info panel.  I went from 43 to 44.  It’s my birthday next week and I’ve now accepted that I have to enter the new age.

I don’t feel any different and getting older doesn’t bother me but for some reason getting older on the treadmill gave me a little moment.  For the first time instead of covering the numbers when I enter my weight I was worried somebody would see how old I was. 
Why does getting a little older affect you in such a crazy way?  Do you have any advice on staying young?  (young attitude, dress younger, stay active, get a hot car)

 So other than the greying hair, the sore bones, diminishing vision, a face with more character this whole getting older thing is working out pretty good.

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    Treadmill workout is really a great exercise to incorporate in your activity. It keeps you healthy and also keeps you younger.

    - Christopher
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