I just got back from a week long vacation in Florida.  We spent two full days at Disney World during spring break and in heat that was in the 30s all week.  It was my first time to Disney and I was excited to say the least.  Until I arrived and saw how many people were on site.

Now I’m not scared of crowds but what I delved into could be compared to nothing short of human cattle walking from the food kiosk to the next experience with brains turned off.  People were sweaty and crabby and when you have to wait 150 minutes in a lineup for a 2 minute ride then you know you must have your brain turned off. 

And here’s the other thing.  Not only did I voluntarily spend two entire days in a 500 acre “fun” zone with a milion sweaty whiny people but I also paid $135.00 per day to do it. 

I’m a pretty quick study when it comes to life.  And after this most recent vacation experience I can only say that suddenly Christmas with the mother in law isn’t that bad afterall.

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