On Saturday morning they had a sign up at the North Gate Shopping Centre Tower Court for Relay For Life.  

To bring awareness to that by having a Zhumba Flash Mob.  I was at the mall to check it out and I thought those women rocked.  They had what looked to be about 40 women….all wearing pink t-shirts and all gyrating to Zhumba.  Tons of people around watching and everybody smiling.  As I stood back watching…… something became very clear to me……… I will never put myself on display in front of an audience dancing to Zhumba.  

Unless there is a beverage cart or bar serving one ounce shots of courage….I just can’t see myself being confident enough to dance in front of a crowd.  

Don’t get me wrong….I love to dance…but it’s usually in a dark hall or pub in the middle of a crowd where nobody can really focus on me.  

I dance like a white guy…..plain and simple.  If I try to throw any special moves into the mix I end up looking like the crazy Uncle that gets drunk at the wedding and thinks he’s the man dancing the Macarena or I Knew The Bride When She Used To Rock n Roll.  
So to those ladies bringing awareness to the Relay For Life by doing a Zhumba Flash Mob…..thank you.  You did a great job…….at making me realize that the side to side dance just doesn’t cut it anymore.

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