This past Saturday night Lindsay Lohan was SNL’s guest host.  Supposedly she went to Lorne Michaels and begged him to allow her to appear on the late-night show in an effort to re-launch her career.  I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of Lindsay (I could barely name more then a couple of her movies) and lord knows we’ve certainly taken a lot of jabs at her on-air.  Yet despite all that I was really rooting for her.  There have been too many sad celebrity stories as of late (Whitney, Davy Jones, just to name a couple) and I thought maybe this would be the one to end in triumph not tragedy.  I set the DVR (11:30 is far to late for me now) and headed off to bed.  Sunday morning, I grabbed my coffee and parked myself in front of the TV to see if Lilo had silenced the critics.  Ummmmmm… not so much.  She looked visibly nervous, stammered thru her lines, her timimg was way off and she seemed fixated on the teleprompter.  I was disappointed.  The Twitter-verse agreed with some caller her one of the worst hosts of all time.  But then I reminded myself, she’s been away for a while and probably a little rusty.  Heck, I do this show 5 days a week and there are days when I’m “off” too.  It just happens sometimes.  So lets not be TOO hard on Lindsay.  Hopefully this is the first step in a talented young actress getting her life back on track (hey, Drew Barrymore was able to do it).  Maybe she took on the SNL gig was too soon but better to be on a soundtsage then in a holding cell right?

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