You know how sometimes you go to bed and you’re tired but not quiet tired enough to go to sleep.  So sometimes you’ll grab something to read?  Well, I’m not like that.  I go to bed…and I’m out like a light 9 times out of 10.  Christina on the other hand likes to read. 


Last night she was reading as I fell asleep.  I woke up during the night to roll over and I felt something stuck to my back.  I was in that state of mind where you don’t know what reality is and what the dream world is.  So I felt this thing on my back and as I rolled over it came with me and hit me in the face.  I got startled and somehow in my comatose brain thought that something was attacking me.  So I started trying to grab it and throw it off me.  I wasn’t sure if it was a weird animal or a person. 

As I came to my senses I realized that it was neither.  It was a glossy sticky magazine……stuck to my back.  I guess Christina fell asleep while reading the latest Whitney Houston final farewell edition of People magazine and it stayed in the bed. 


Here I am rolling around wrestling with Whitney Houston all night thinking some 3 headed dog is attacking me. 

I look in the mirror this morning and now I’ve got a tattoo of Bobby Brown on my back. 

How am I going to explain that to the Dr. this morning when I go to my appointment?


This big Bobby Brown face…”No really doctor…..I’m not that big of a fan”…….

Thank you people magazine …. I never knew tattoos came with every subscription to People. 

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