I went for a skate at the outdoor rink at Bill Barber facility in Callander yesterday afternoon.  It was so much fun.  There is nothing more Canadian than strapping on your blades on a bench in the snow bank, some hard rubber pucks on the ice and a small but stiff January wind blowing across your cheeks. 

You hear nothing but the blades carving out the ice as your nostrils tingle with the frigid air passing through them.  It’s a part of who we are as Canadians when you think of it.  Frozen ponds are pure Canadiana.  I posted on my facebook status when I got home that I had just skated on an outdoor rink.  One of my old hockey buddies from Vancouver Island commented that he had NEVER ever skated on an outdoor rink.  He’s always been on the island and it’s never cold enough for the ponds or outdoor rinks to freeze over. 

They have outdoor rinks but they’re all concrete bases and they use them for roller hockey all year. 
I actually felt sad for my buddy.  He’s a great hockey player and because of his geographic location he’s getting gyped.  Now…that said I’m sure you don’t feel bad for the buy because he is living on Vancouver Island….one of the most beautiful places in the world.  But I can’t help but feel he’s not fully qualified to be carrying his Canadian Citizenship papers.

The government is revamping the pension programs according to Prime Minister Harper’s announcement at the Economic Summit yesterday.  Maybe they should make amendments to Canadian Citizenship document.

Have the standard things…. Country of Origin?  Province you live in?  And have you ever skated on an outdoor rink.  Welcome to Canada!

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