Getting some groceries yesterday afternoon and all the debit and credit card machines went completely down across the province.  

Every single person in line was panicked because nobody had cash.  Everybody lined up at the one single bank machine in the corner to get cash out to pay.  

It wasn’t that long ago that everybody carried cash and this wasn’t a worry.  
People were getting upset, mother’s were saying how am I going to make supper without groceries, cashiers were frazzled, it was turning into a very bizarre scenario.  

All that after only 5 minutes of no technology to transfer money.  It made me think that if for some reason the electricity or technology on earth ever failed for a long period….it would not take long for society to crumble.

 Here’s what I see happening….. people would riot in the streets, cars would be turned over, fires would be lit and windows would be smashed.  And that’s just because nobody could start the coffee pots at the Tim Horton’s!

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